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Darfur rebels slam UNAMID for medevacking government soldiers


November 12, 2012 (KHARTOUM) – The faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement rebel group led by Mini Minawwi (SLM-MM) has strongly criticized the UN-AU Peacekeeping Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) for airlifting government soldiers who were wounded in a battle last week, a charge peacekeepers admitted but contended that it falls under their mandate.

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FILE - A handout photo shows Nigerian soldiers serving with the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) stand during an inspection visit by General Martin Luther Agwai, overall commander of UNAMID, to the El Daean Team Group Site in south Darfur March 10, 2008. REUTERS/Stuart Price/Albany Associates/Handout

In a press release extended to Sudan Tribune on Monday, SLM-MM’s official spokesperson Abdulla Mursal strongly condemned UNAMID for medevacking Sudanese government soldiers who were injured in a battle his group claims to have won near Shangil Tobaya area in North Darfur on 9 November.

In the battle, SLM-MM claimed that their forces killed and injured more than 100 soldiers of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), and that the rest of the ambushed force fled the area leaving behind the majority of their military equipment.

Mursal said that following the battle, UNAMID responded to a request by the government to airlift injured soldiers and used two of its helicopters to accomplish the mission. The rebel official said that his group condemns in the strongest terms what he described as UNAMID’s negligence of its mandated duty of protecting civilians and monitoring the situation in favor of protecting the regime’s forces and providing all sorts of support to them.

“This action is not befitting of the mission’s mandate and code of duty” Mursal said.

He recalled that his group previously condemned several instances in which UNAMID assisted the Sudanese army. He also alleged that the mission previously used its trucks to transport fuel and military supplies to the Sudanese army. “We warned UNAMID before against going too far in supporting forces of the regime and allowing it to use the mission to serve its purposes and agendas” the statement said.

SLM-MM said it wishes to convey a strong message to the UN Security Council, the African Union, the Arab League, the European Union and all international and regional actors that it is necessary to take action against the failings of the mission and its lack of impartiality in order to prevent it from becoming a part of the conflict should it continues to support the Sudanese army.

In response, UNAMID confirmed that it airlifted injured government soldiers from the battlefield to the capital of North Darfur State, Al-Fashir, to receive medical assistance but argued that the action is in line with its mandate.

A press release issued by UNAMID said that it airlifted, upon request, injured combatants from its Rwanbatt team site to Al-Fasher for further treatment. “The provision of medical assistance to wounded combatants is a core requirement of international humanitarian law, which falls under UNAMID’s mandate.”

The mission said that in the past it has provided such medical assistance to wounded combatants from both sides of the conflict “with due respect to the principles of neutrality and impartiality”.

UNAMID also warned against the escalation of violence in Darfur saying it has become a matter of grave concern to the UN and AU. The mission’s Acting Joint Special Representative Aichatou Mindaoudou called on the government as well as armed movements to accept that further violence “is a dead end that only harms the people of Darfur.”

The peacekeeping official urged all sides to cease hostilities immediately, respect international human rights and humanitarian law, and engage fully in the peaceful settlement of Darfur conflict.

The Darfur conflict has largely receded in recent years from its pinnacle of 2003-2004 but violence resurged in recent months especially in some areas of north Darfur where government-backed militias have committed a number of atrocities against particular ethnic populations.

UNAMID is mandated under the UN chapter seven to protect civilians in Darfur and support the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur, an agreement signed last year between the government and one rebel group to end the 9-year conflict which the UN says it has led to the death of 300,000 people and displacement of more than 2.7 million.


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  • 13 November 2012 09:00, by Abugua

    We know UN is favoring Khartoum regime. even during North South war they airlifted supplies including tanks to besieged Juba from Khartoum. The UN should be a target in Darfur

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    • 13 November 2012 09:12, by Michael Angelo

      Siding with the regime will make this called UNAMID pay a big price in the future should they continue helping government soldiers in the battle field. SRF should accelerated their operation in every corner in order to weaken this regime. Instead of solving problem peacefully then they prefer war which is a dead end and cause lots of suffering to people especially innocent civilians.

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    • 13 November 2012 10:25, by Robot

      Very controversial indeed!!!!, the head of the Justice Party was also killed in the ambush, why can’t you ST put it in the news??, UN has been very biased and this clearly indicates that they have different mission and mandate. BIG QUESTION IS, CAN HILDE JOHNSON COME FORTH ENDORSING THIS COWARDLY ACT OF PROTECTING THE SAF AS MANDATORY TO THEM?????

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  • 13 November 2012 09:01, by Mapuor

    This mission which comprises Nigerians who are well known for corruption will never respect its mandate.Those devils should go back to Nigeria to practice corruption there.

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  • 13 November 2012 09:25, by JOON

    it is the mistake for UNAMID to do as such,their mandate is to observe and learn rather than physical involvement,should they be wounded, the will not blame the movement who is dealing with criminals against, they are forgiven and it should not repeat itself otherwise!!

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    • 13 November 2012 10:07, by Xeno

      Shoot them down those helicopters.....best lesson to show those peacekeeping idiots that interfering in the frontline business is bad.

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  • 13 November 2012 13:27, by 4Justice

    Lucifer Rising - The UN’s One World Agenda

    In her book, `The Secret Doctrine` Blavatsky, widely regarded as the high priestess of the modern New Age Movement wrote, “Lucifer represents life, thought, progress, civilisation, liberty, independence. Lucifer is the Logos, the Serpent, the Saviour” and “It is Lucifer who is the God of our planet and the only God”, and she continues, “The celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time, for she is the ever loving beneficent deity, but in antiquity and reality, Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is the divine and terrestrial light, the Holy Ghost and Satan at one and the same time”.

    The Luciferian New Age of Aquarius is here right now and mankind has joined in rebellion against it’s creator. We are giving to people, who now publicly exclaim their worship of God and man’s greatest and original adversary, free reign to lead us into hell on earth in the shape of a diabolical One World tyrannical state, and the United Nations is the international temple at which humanity, through it’s political and religious leaders pays homage to him, the Light Bearer – Lucifer.

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  • 13 November 2012 13:40, by 4Justice

    Hitler And The Vril. It was Neo-Paganism that helped create the conditions which paved the way for the totalitarian collectivism of the Third Reich. The Nazi high priesthood – Hitler, Himmler, Rahn, Rosenberg, Hess, Feder, Sebot, et al. were all ardent theosophists, and their esoteric societies (the Thule, Vril, Seekers of the Grail) were steeped in the same occultism and pantheism so prevalent in today’s New Age and environmental movements

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  • 13 November 2012 13:44, by 4Justice

    The Solar Logos. Throughout the Ancient World, the Sun was worshipped in many guises as God. In Babylon it was Nimrod, in Egypt- Osiris, the Canaanites worshipped Baal and in Greece, it was Apollo. The New Age Sun God is called the `Solar Logos` or `The Word` thereby blasphemously counterfeiting the Biblical Jesus Christ. In her book, `Rays and Initiations`, Alice Bailey reveals this Solar Logos as Lucifer himself. Today, as in millenia past, the Sun God is being worshipped by the New Age as divine.

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    • 13 November 2012 14:18, by Peacocktail

      I completely lost hope this blue money Guard calls UNAMID. they came and camp up in Major Towns in Darfur refusing to abide by the mission policy of 100% "CIVILIAN PROTECTION" Not to participation with regime branded by UNSC as "Terror" Rwandian and Nigerian have one common"MONEY" and Philosophy of Genocidal regime.No see darfur suffering as an opportunity to gain wealth frm de West and Arab, GOD

      repondre message

      • 13 November 2012 14:24, by Peacocktail

        No, I can’t understand the Mission strategies, even UNMISS which consist of mostly coward guards call Soldiers get terrify in Abyei seizing are now 50% better than UNAMID, South Sudan never kill and detained one UNMISS comrade unlike in Darfur Mission where they are dying like frog without quesitioning the regime in Khartuom. UNAMID enjoy death amongst their Men and Darfurian. Big Shame on Money L

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  • 13 November 2012 16:34, by panchol

    If UNMISS came as their mandate is to support any of the army and not to protect civilians then UNMISS forces must be confronted as from today onwards.

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  • 13 November 2012 17:10, by Ahajlai

    AU and UNAMID are doing useless things in the region just for thesake of getting money.

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  • 13 November 2012 20:50, by Kalo

    UNMID,AU or UN are all useless because when UNMIS were in Sudan,they help the popular defending forces and SAF to killed the UN staff from Nuba in Kadugli town Un compound during out break of war in S.Kordofun,they transport SAF military equipment and troops in Tolodi,they are just for dollars not for action shame on you,better go back,leave us alone.

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  • 14 November 2012 03:13, by 4Justice

    The Lucifer Trust was originally founded in London, in 1923. The name was changed from Lucifer Trust to Lucis Trust to make the nature of the organization less obvious. The Lucis Trust Publishing Company and their many fronts and organizations worship an “Externalized Hierarchy” of “Ascended Masters,” who carry out the work of a Luciferian “master plan” for the establishment of a permanent “Age of Aquarius” ruled
    by one “SANAT Kumara,” (notice the name SATAN has been rearranged, just as SANTA) the “Lord of the World.”

    Prominent front-organizations sponsored by the Lucis Trust, include:

    The Theosophical Order of Service (founded by Annie Besant in1908)
    The Theosophical Society (founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in 1875)
    The United Nations Association
    Greenpeace International
    Greenpeace USA
    The World Wildlife Fund UK (WWF)
    Amnesty International
    The Anthroposophs of Rudolf Steiner
    The Rudolf Steiner Schools
    The Findhorn Foundation
    The Nicholas Roerich Society (chief connection to Russian mysticism)
    The American Friends Service Committee

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  • 14 November 2012 03:26, by 4Justice

    THE AGE OF AQUARIUS - (Age Of Evil)

    The "Age of Aquarius," or "New Age," is the generic name adopted by the modern Satanist movement. The best-publicized among the founders of the Age of Aquarius movement include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Friedrich Nietzsche, Alex Muenthe (of Capri notoriety), and Aleister Crowley. Most Aquarians trace the origins of modern Satanism to Nietzsche and Crowley.

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  • 14 November 2012 04:32, by 4Justice

    The problem is that Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, and Alice Bailey – those whose principles are the foundation of the United Nations and its One World Religion, were all worshippers of Satan. Here is an excerpt – more claptrap – from Alice Bailey’s book,Initiation, Human and Solar, pp 43-44.

    “The World Teacher is that Great Being Whom the Christian calls the Christ. He is known also in the Orient as the Bodhisattva, and as the Lord Maitreya, and is the One looked for by the devout Mohammedan, under the name of the Iman Madhi. He it is Who presided over the destinies of life since about 600 B.C. and He it is Who has come out among men before, and Who is again looked for. He is the great Lord of Love and of Compassion,just as his predecessor, the Buddha, was the Lord of Wisdom. Through Him flows the energy of the second aspect, reaching Him direct from the heart centre of the Planetary Logos via the heart of SANAT Kumara.

    To Him all seekers are known, and though they may remain unaware of Him, the light which He pours forth stimulates their desire, fosters the spark of struggling life and spurs on the aspirant until the momentous day dawns when they stand face to face with the One Who being “lifted up” (occultly understood) is drawing all men unto Himself as the Initiator of the sacred mysteries.”

    Obviously these Satanic organizations have taken the above quotes right out of the Bible, quotes meant for Jesus Christ, and have applied them to the “New Age False Christ – the Anti-Christ. This pretentious silliness is so absurd that one has a hard time taking it seriously. However, we must understand that these people are deadly serious – and they will do great harm to those who refuse to submit to their philosophy.

    repondre message

  • 14 November 2012 06:30, by 4Justice

    The Luciferian Initiation:

    Options in the Plan: Initiation or Death / Initiation and Death

    All who wish to enter the New Age must undergo an "energy activation" or "rebirth", usually marked by a subjective trance-induced "light experience" where one meets either a "spirit guide" or one’s "higher self" (no difference since all is one). The resulting "altered state of consciousness" will eventually lead to a "Luciferic initiation" into the "new humanity", or a submission to Lucifer as the leading divinity representing the Logos. This event is anticipated and discussed by many NA leaders; following are examples.

    NA celebrity Barbara Marx Hubbard, one-time member of the Presidential Committee of National Curriculum and Democratic nominee for Vice President (1984) writes that the chosen elite (that is, the 10-20% of earth’s population who are judged fit to remain) will know they have received Initiation when they "instantly feel a subtle change of electricity in their bodies," and when "I (an unidentified entity, presumably the Initiator, Lucifer) will be enabled to contact all of you at once." ("The Revelation", p.235-6)

    repondre message

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