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S. Sudan rebel forces negotiating reintegration amongst disquiet in Jonglei


January 4, 2012 (BOR) – Forces loyal to the late rebel leader George Athor are negotiating reintegration into the South Sudan army in Ayod county, Jonglei state officials said on Wednesday.

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South Sudan rebel chief George Athor Deng speaks during a press conference in Nairobi on November 20, 2011 (AP)

The renegade forces have met three times with Jonglei state authorities since Athor’s death in December 2011, Jonglei state minister of law enforcement, Gabriel Duop Lam told Sudan Tribune on Wednesday in Bor.

Duop described the discussion as “positive.”

Athor rebelled against the South Sudan government in his leadership of the South Sudan Democratic Movement (SSDM) after losing Jonglei state gubernatorial elections in April 2010. He was killed in Morobo county of Central Equatoria state in December 2011 by the South Sudan army, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) according to vice president Riek Machar.

“They [rebel forces] are willing to return to the SPLA and the talks we held were positive,” said Duop, explaining that the rebel force was 1,000 strong.

Jonglei state has also been facing insecurity due to a dispute between neighbouring ethnic groups – the Luo Nuer and Murle. Tens of thousands of Murle have been displaced in Pibor county.

Authorities in Pibor county say Lou Nuer youth are withdrawing from the county after over a week of fighting. Pibor county commissioner, Joshua Konyi, told Sudan Tribune by phone from Pibor town on Thursday that the attackers are fading away.

“They are moving toward their [Lou Nuer] area,” Konyi said, explaining that civilians are returning to Pibor town slowly.

Also in Jonglei, armed men dressed as police reportedly raided a Bor town suburb wounding three people on Wednesday at around 4.00pm local time.

“These are policemen because we know their faces,” a resident of Akuei, east of Bor town told the Sudan Tribune.

Police units in Bor town sent a contingent to attend the scene and heavy police were seen patrolling the area. However, the police officials declined to comment when asked about the accusation that uniformed men were involved.


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  • 6 January 2012 05:31, by NUER ONE

    Welcome brothers, join us and wait for election,war is useless.

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    • 6 January 2012 05:53, by Mi diit

      Police men raiding Bor town?

      repondre message

    • 6 January 2012 05:57, by athor deng

      This is a positive move..Now we can focus on Sudan and their thugs aka Omar Albashir and his boys...

      repondre message

      • 6 January 2012 07:13, by Lokorai

        Mr. Gabriel,

        You are doing a great job; Juba must now pick up from that hard working minister, that the mad dog called Athor is gone

        Cow boy, over to you!


        repondre message

      • 6 January 2012 07:22, by Chol A.

        well, that is the best thing to do brothers if you continued with mission support by Bashir against your southern brothers there will be no solution and it will be a long way to achieve what you are aiming for, Bashir is just using you. please brothers political within without killling is better than forcing which will be accompanied with lost of innocent life.

        repondre message

        • 6 January 2012 07:44, by Alier42

          It is a big lie.the rebellion was not for Athor a lone .yes i can understand some few individuals can give up their struggle as a result of Athor death.the men in uniform in SSDM/A were not all from Jonglei state .they come across the ten state of Ross who had different opinion toward the goverment of day.so it will quite difficult to give up simply like that,without an achievement at last.

          repondre message

          • 6 January 2012 13:03, by mosa mel


            Your rebell will come to juba very soon. Don’t just enjoy your life in western country while supporting the South Sudan desruction through rebell. They are wasting their time busy to destroy the development of their states. This government in Juba by world so, Rebels can do nothing to this govt. it is to joint to fight curroption through politics which is the easy way to get rid curroptio

            repondre message

            • 6 January 2012 20:31, by Alier42

              @ Mosa

              I am not living in the west for your information,what matter a lot is the idea .you can kill someone but you can not kill an idea,Athor had died as a person and his idea of topling the goverment of south sudan remained in his camp forever.

              repondre message

      • 6 January 2012 08:46, by NUER ONE

        @ Lokorai,
        We have more mad dogs coming from dinka tribes.Today they go to Omar albashir to get gun and money, tomorrow they kill that one.

        Another mad dog who said he will attack juba soon, let him come to die like athor.
        How can dinka fight dinka?

        repondre message

      • 6 January 2012 09:32, by Aarai Baka

        all these rebels in ROSS are visionless or no future ahead of them. they only killed their fellows brothers due to or to get a positions to join the looting. no peace talks with visionless rebels. nice try to come back with no winning of rebellion against ROSS children.

        repondre message

      • 6 January 2012 10:14, by Alan_Bard

        I have been reading on this sit for ages, I do nit rely know what call you guys, apart from uneducated shallow mind ignorant, you also surprise me with your capacity to pretend,
        that every thing go on in S.Sudan is because of BAHSER and Arab in the North let me just high lite view facts

        repondre message

        • 6 January 2012 10:24, by Alan_Bard

          1. your government is lien to you divert the attentions of international world from the Runda Like situation in the view years old that thy have created and know thy can only blame them self for helping you getting independent as you people.
          2.the problem of S.South Sudan is not the Arab of the North
          it is the S. Sudanese greedy and selfish Government, trip hatred and lack of education

          repondre message

          • 6 January 2012 10:31, by Alan_Bard

            3. the UN, NATO, and all East African country’s if not all the Continent know’s that S.Sudan is a time bomb waiting to exp load sooner or later,you gays have more trip conflicts than any other African country’s!! yet you refuse to realize that and keep blaming it on the Arab, the world is watching you and that can reflect as trouble makers in the eyes of the world.

            repondre message

            • 6 January 2012 10:42, by Alan_Bard

              4.you sounding the drums of war against the north,the world is watching you do not dream about international help as with all the economical problems in the west and the wars taking place world wide no one got time for you guys, even Israel with all Arab spring and all new Islamist governments in there regain they are seeking truth with Arabs in order to mind there own securities.

              repondre message

              • 6 January 2012 10:52, by Alan_Bard

                5. Again America has no interest in you any more since you have sold all your oil to china for decades to come, you should know better nothing is for free, you have no army you have some guys with an AK47, no will give weapon to kill each other trips and steel cows, abduct children and women to sale as slave,yet you short to recognize that fact.

                repondre message

                • 6 January 2012 11:07, by Alan_Bard

                  5. you have no army how will you fight a far much prepared army in the north, with AK47? you did win any war a against north it was a peace deal that got you where you are now not your second hand AK47, befor it was a hit and run in the bush, the rules of the game has changed North know’s where you are three fighter jets will wipe S.Sudan from the map of the world

                  repondre message

                  • 6 January 2012 11:15, by Alan_Bard

                    Bashir is war criminal and he will do it, so stop bushing the North to far, because the first gun that points at you will be from another S.Sudan man, many of them are fed up with the Gangsters in Juba sucking the money of the country and the people of the south are starving, you are the worst enemy of your self the north do not need to fight you, you will finsh each other to last one of you

                    repondre message

                    • 6 January 2012 11:24, by Alan_Bard

                      6. Stop trip crime, well that will be hard work, according the UNHCR that 86% is the level of illiteracy in S.Sudan, how are planing to resolve that problem, for sure it is not in Kiir agenda, so do you want to run a country with that level?
                      how do you want to mange natural resource with such a level of uneducated people? yet you want to fight a war that you can not afford !! wise up shit heads

                      repondre message

        • 6 January 2012 15:44, by SSLA/M Supporter

          Alan Bard

          You are daydreaming to be the most educated individual on this political forum and yet you write like a ten year old schoolboy!! What a shame!

          repondre message

        • 6 January 2012 20:31, by Elijah B. Elkan

          Mr. Alan_Bard,

          If you are going insult people "uneducated shallow mind ignorant". With all due respect sir, read your comments and see if it make any senses. Grad school child can write better than what you wrote. Al-Bashir is the world most wanted criminal and he should hang.

          repondre message

      • 6 January 2012 18:21, by Hardball

        Integration to South Sudan army (SPLA) is the only way for all insurrectionists, other way round is deadly!

        repondre message

    • 6 January 2012 10:31, by SSLA/M Supporter

      That is a very ill-advised move from the rebel to talk about integration after the murdering of its leader General George Athor by SPLA mafia! If this is because the rebel has been weakened by the death of Athor and thus can’t longer afford to continue with insurgency then it should seek alliances with different rebel factions or just melt into civilian populations rather than to...

      repondre message

      • 6 January 2012 10:37, by SSLA/M Supporter

        let down its leader who was murdered cold-bloodedly month or so ago! If that is true then the person negotiating the so-called integration with SPLA/M thugs must be the one that plotted the Athor assassination and thus Athor loyalists must hold him accountable for the death of their leader!

        repondre message

        • 6 January 2012 10:46, by SSLA/M Supporter

          because it’s mindboggling for anyone to talk about integrations just couple of weeks after the assassination of the leader! The truths circling Athor’s tragic death are starting to emerge then and sooner it will be crystal clear how Athor was killed and who was behind his homicide!
          For Lou-Nuer-Murle issue! well, I encourage the intellectuals from both sides to find peace for their people!

          repondre message

  • 6 January 2012 07:08, by Martin Kat

    Last year the president of Republic of South Sudan had declared the amnesties for every arms group operating in the South Sudan. please don’t wasting your time to ask for negotiating reintegration of your force into the SPLA.

    repondre message

  • 6 January 2012 07:20, by J P Puok

    I am against any further reintegration of rebels. They should pay for their crimes and to reward criminals by integrating and promoting their ranks. This rebellion is used to obtain higher ranks i am afraid.

    repondre message

    • 6 January 2012 08:04, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      yes rebelion as had been used to obtain higher ranks just like Riek Machar who rebeled and come to get thrid position, Polino Matip nhial used his food loving rebellion to get fake second position and so many more nure nyagateen. the only person left out is lam Akol,

      shame to power greedy nuer people.

      repondre message

      • 6 January 2012 09:36, by J P Puok

        Ignorrant! Do you know Dr Riek’s rank when he graduated in Bonga the murmur in 1985? Do you know in what rank he was when he was commanding western Upper upto Nuba mountains before he matyred your father?
        Talk sense orphan.

        repondre message

        • 6 January 2012 12:31, by ABDALLA BIN ABDALLA

          That is the culture of rebels preached to them by dr. riek. They rebel and come back to get higher position. May be Dr. riek got that position to apease nuer. If you support riek machar then you are also a nyagat. nuer killed borian’s fathers when they were liberating your asses. If Dinka Bor were not leading, We could have fuck your mothers

          repondre message

  • 6 January 2012 08:14, by Majongdulthii Anyang-majongduldit

    The issue of reintegration in South Sudan will not stop the power greedy people from rebelling let the government stop that act because there is nothing good they can bring to this nation with that melted hearts i urge the government to treat them as ’’nyageet’’ because their reintegration will trigger other rebellions in the region South Sudan will not be stable

    repondre message

    • 6 January 2012 10:06, by Makuei

      Hello Writers:

      Something is terribly wrong here on the article.
      The picture and the caption of the Late rebel chief
      have been wrong prepared and posted.

      Take the picture out.

      repondre message

  • 6 January 2012 12:35, by ABDALLA BIN ABDALLA

    Join your brothers in the south so that you can be strong again. I like unity to prevail in South Sudan. Go back to your people brothers. nuer are the greatest terrorists.

    repondre message

  • 6 January 2012 17:05, by Good Citizen

    The Nuer Wicked Army, NWA, has witnessed the biggest failure of all times! the Murle should be declared the most BRAVEST and strongest community allover the world,equal only to israel. 12,000 under reported as 6,000 ARMED combined Nuer and Dinka were dealt with by only 190 men of Murle. you can calculate the ratio yourself.also,SSNA has declared Nuer and Dinka communities as savages....

    repondre message

  • 6 January 2012 17:07, by Good Citizen

    SSNA has declared Nuer and Dinka as Savages and should isolated from the rest of peaceful south sudanese,investors have declared Dinkas and Nuer as subhuman and should not be assisted,No development etc. Greater Equatoria has declared Dinkas and Nuer as and good Equatorian,Fertit,shilluk, should associate himself/herself with them.any Equatorian giving, selling, or renting a land/ house to a Dinka

    repondre message

  • 6 January 2012 17:09, by Good Citizen

    Any Equatorian giving, selling or renting/leasing a land/house in Juba,Torit,Yambio to a Dinka/Nuer will be responsible for his/her own actions.Nuer and Dinka will regret what their savage,lawless behavior.No Nuer or Dinka will ever become the president of south sudan again because they conspire to eliminate the minor tribes through genocide....more sanctions on Nuer and Dinka are under way....

    repondre message

  • 6 January 2012 19:05, by James Maker Akok

    Oyes, thank you brothers to join South Sudan Army, come back to enjoy your homeland blood, I’m happy of you for your coming back, let we forget what was happened, let come together as nation with different good ideas. You welcome brothers.

    repondre message

  • 6 January 2012 20:54, by panom lualbil

    yes, life is so difficult out there however they should be welcome as visionless but DEMOBILIZE. taking arm against your siblings to get position or coming back and get position was seemed mistakenly. because this would encurage
    mutineers in south sudan. people without reputation like rieh machar cannot be just promoted. for what reason do we
    give position to a blurt theif?

    repondre message

  • 7 January 2012 01:45, by lick my ass

    Hey guys, do not waste your time this is just propaganda. for your information, Sudantribune recieved this information from the GOSS.

    repondre message

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