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Lakes state: Three people injured in hyena attack


By Manyang Mayom

February 7, 2011 (RUMBEK) - The commissioner of Yirol West County of Lakes state, Makur Kulang Liei, has told Sudan Tribune that three people sustained serious injuries in an attack by a wild hyena late on Friday evening at Abang payam [district] in the eastern part of the county.

The hyena attack left a small child with a head injury, as well as injuring one woman and a man. The attack occurred around midnight on Friday in the remote rural village, which has no police.

A Yirol West hospital official confirmed the reports saying “we have received three cases of hyena bite, one woman with her child and a man yesterday from Abang Payam of Yirol West County. We have two months without hyena case in the hospital and now there are three cases of hyena”.

Commissioner Kulang said that “yes, we have three people admitted in hospital with hyena bite, this is not the first time hyena attack people here in Yirol West, it happened in 1988 whereby several people reported to have been killed – also in 2010, the same hyena attack people, this is now third time hyena resume attacking civilians”.

In 2010 four people were reported to have been killed by a hyena in the same area.


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  • 8 February 2011 06:12, by kaci-banno

    So funny, May be hyena doesn’t have a copy of CPA. Yoral commissioner suppose to explain the CPA to hyena so that hyena should understand that no more fighting and is a time for every creature to live in harmony with man.

    By: Kaci-Ma-banno

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    • 8 February 2011 06:45, by Dinkanuer

      President Kiir has no times to spend and talk with local people in their counties, if this is a case.The commissioners need to take responsibility to explain the roles of CPA to their people and their neighbors such hyenas and many others

      Otherwise Human Ngundeng had came back! Let’s watch closely if he was the one. The Nuer Profit has no mercy at all!

      By Dinkanuer

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      • 8 February 2011 07:07, by manyang mawech

        woo you guys are so funny.Nuer include Nyundeng do or does not eat people i believe Dinka turn wild and eat his /her people.i heard that back in quarter of century ago that dinka eat people for example gatluak manguel came from that. state.my advise to dinka bro check yourselves it is not too.

        i never hear hyenas are eating people in nuerland especially lounuer where i was born.

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      • 8 February 2011 07:08, by maduel Anok

        hahaa. Hyenas need to sign other peace agreement with that Yirol commissioner so that people should enjoy peace there..

        Remember, the same Hyena have suffered injusties in the hands of its neigbbours and has to resort to fighting as the only option to achieving lasting peace. the commissioner even failed to address raiders’ case and the Hyena case altogether, he is indeed unable to be aleader if he doesn’t give right that Hyena deserves in its empire.

        Who knows, it could ascalate to something bigger. Quick solution is needed.

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      • 8 February 2011 10:07, by Tobiin

        anybody, this case of hyena bit is unlikely to be true. people are accusing this innocent animal for nothing. I am sure it is Dinkas who consume their own people not hyena please Mr reporter you need to correct your report.

        repondre message

    • 8 February 2011 07:13, by Nyachebe

      This must be real; Dinka-Yurul and Agaaaar eat people even during the days of the struggle in the bush. A friend of mind told me; “One day an Agaar-Dinka Ogre pretended to be hyena smeared its body with mud and attacked the village after men left for farms. But fortunately, there was sleeping a man in one of the houses, heard the crying voices and instantly got up from sleeping with his AK-47 and aimed to the tiny creature and fall dead”.

      When people around came by and examined the creature they noticed funny decayed teeth, 18 marks around the creature’s head like those marks Dinka Bhar elGazel have, and longer claws like those of birds.

      It happened on several occasions on the line of duty when food shorted Dinka-Yurul and Agaar also survived from their dead comrades at night as carnivores. I am even worried for taking the new capital city to Ramceil since so many Dinka-Yurul live around that site and the city may become where humans are soup and grilled.

      Anyway, wished those attacked a quick recovery from hospital but recommended the Commissioner should investigate his people first and check for any signs of carnivorous.

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    • 8 February 2011 11:14, by Deng Akon Mayen

      It is really so funny,you are abit right Kaci-Ma-banno,you really made my day by sayinh hyena does not know the CPA policy.I hope what Commissioner need to do is to order Game and resort personnel to get rite of wild hyena inside.

      I would like mr. commissioner to break the CPA policy with wild Hyena.Also there is a need to advise the villagers to be careful in provoking hyena.Do they not have goats and cows for hyena to feed on them, may be that hyena must be hungered for a quiet time without food.


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    • 11 February 2011 14:31, by samuel mayen

      U r mud my friend, in whole wl. u can not gives Animals papers or u can not call them to talk to u physically otherwise dont jok with those of Yirol even if u r in London they can manage to send for u that hyena to attack u in the corner u r leaving in now. although commissioner pass the massage to sudan tribune u can not gives challegese on him he knows is his home but take care and wait for your attack any time this is were u will believed hyena attack.

      Samuel Cook

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  • 8 February 2011 06:15, by Liberator

    Dear: Readers

    This is becoming a ridiculous saga in that state.
    How comes an animal like Hyena attacking human beings at will. Its the cowardice animal there is, even wielding a simple stick at them could have been enough deterrence of turning them away.
    Lake state need police present at this rural areas.

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  • 8 February 2011 06:27, by omoni Atari

    hyena attacked the people,i dont believe that.
    Must be a Ngundeng Bong who was behind this attacks.
    Hyena can never and will never attack human being. we need the truth not this useless information,.whoever report this case must insane too.
    leopard,tigers,lions can attack human being,But hyena you stated sir.

    repondre message

    • 8 February 2011 06:39, by the landlord

      You must be right body. this is attitudes of profit ngoundeng who his /her aim is to eat people.

      ahaha Do you mr omoni havs ngoundeng in your soceity or not? we don’t have one since we don’t trust some idol

      repondre message

      • 8 February 2011 06:50, by omoni Atari

        No sir,we believe in God almighty creator of heave and earth.Not devil/satan.

        repondre message

        • 8 February 2011 07:15, by Nhomlawda

          We pray those injured recover as soon as possible.

          County commissioner needs to talk to local population not to react by killing hyenas and all other dengerous animals around.
          We should refrain from injuring or killing our animals. Our people have lived with them for centuries and we have no reasons to harm or threatened their existence in that area and all areas in South Sudan. Wild animals are part of our beautiful envionment.
          No war with hyenas and all animals in South Sudan.
          That area is part of Southern National Park and commissioner should educate people to be friend with animals. Animals have rights to live there too togther with people.
          Everything including wild animals feel love and they will be friends with people if they are not threatened.
          Time for peace within us, with neighbors, people of South Sudan and time for peace with animals and trees too.

          God bless South Sudan or whatever name given.

          repondre message

          • 8 February 2011 09:54, by sunny


            You must be one of those Hyenas; why should you defend the killing of a wild animal that is eating people. In history of lakes state there are pattern of clans; there are those who are carnibal and those who are non-carnibals. These carnibal can change themselves to anything like Hyena, lion, tiger among others, to eat people even in broad day light. The commissioner must take prompt action in providing intensive security to non-carnibalic clans before they are finished up by these human hyenas.

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        • 8 February 2011 07:24, by Peter Mading

          Dear kaci-banno, dinkanuer,liberator, omoni Atari and the landlord;

          Let me tell you that what ever comments you are contributing to this article are all senseless. The article is a security report based on the environmental and wildlife harzards in Yirol West County. AS you have heard that there was such report of four killed by Hyena last year and now three are injured. It is not something new in Yirol West. In the year 1986- 1992, Cases of hyenas attacking and eating people in Yirol West County was rampant.

          The cause of brutality of coward animals was assumed that the war in South Sudan is the primary cause of hyenas rabbied. The Carcases of the South Sudanese left over during the war might be the cause. Yirol West was one of the ruote for SPLA soldiers from Northern Bar El Ghazal to Ethiopia. How many soldiers died on the way and where was their bodies burried? The hyena feed on the dead and became adicted to human flesh. These bodies of the dead led hyena to be wild towards human beings.

          It ended from that time in 1992 but now the cause for this rabby should be of the tribal conflict in the area that leaves deadly bodies with hyena to feed on.

          What is the connection with the understanding of the CPA and involvement of Prophet Ngundeng here?

          I think you could be logic to suggest what are the possible causes of hyena to be attacking civilians in one particular State like Lakes? I personnally do not know but i suggest that it is because of the tribal Conflicts in the area made hyenas to be wild. There is no political intention or any prophecy of the Ngundeng.
          Please get me right.

          repondre message

          • 8 February 2011 07:34, by omoni Atari

            peter mading,
            am from eastern Equatoria ,and we got too many animals including hyenas,but there is no day hyena can attack Human being.This kind news does not making sense at all.Unless you dont know what is hyena!!!!!!!!!!
            Hyena never attack human being,
            stop lying and defend the wrong information given to the public.

            repondre message

            • 8 February 2011 07:41, by Peter Mading

              Did you travel one time to Yirol West to confirm alledge reports? You never.If it was a ly why are you out of the track and accussed Ngundeng. Say simply that Report is a ly and fullstop.

              repondre message

            • 8 February 2011 09:29, by Malangki Martin Jueljok

              Dear Colleague from Eastern Equatoria, you are very right that you do not know the hyena cannot attack people but may from your State or county where you are because you people from Greater Equatoria you can eat anything e.g. hyenas, monkeys, rats, lazard, lions etc that is why the hyenas can fear and attack people in your states.

              i think you cannot generalised what you got before and the current situation by saying that, the lias are published to the public and i wish,if i were you, i would have gone to Yirol West County and confirm from the county authority and approve that what is on the website is a lie.

              repondre message

          • 8 February 2011 07:53, by Dinkanuer

            Hi Peter Mading!

            Are you related to NYajok Ngundeng?

            Also call Profit Ngundeng, Fish Ngundeng, Snake Ngundeng, and Human Ngundeng

            Is your mother from Lou Nuer?

            repondre message

            • 8 February 2011 08:04, by manyang mawech

              DINKA NUER i think u are from dinka bor that s why u like to joke about ngundeng all time.bear in mind yr time is near believe it or not

              cie lou ben

              repondre message

              • 8 February 2011 09:56, by Dinkanuer

                Manyang Mawech
                Are you Nyajok Ngundeng’s salve?
                Then God will punish you seriously and your days are ended

                Cie liel du dem e mac!

                By Dinkanuer!

                repondre message

            • 8 February 2011 08:29, by the landlord

              I HOPE PETER MADING IS FROM dINKA BOR who alway deffend doom ngoundeng shame on you BOR people. how could you protect some idol which has been used to killed your people by riek machar.
              shame on you peter madind bor
              I rest my case now becaused there are those Bor Dinkas who stabbed uss at the backed

              repondre message

              • 8 February 2011 09:20, by Peter Mading

                Dear brothers,
                Am filled with laughters to my brim if i read your minds and weighing your brains to be less that 1 gram. A brain of a fly which human beings should not posses and use it to talk publicly. I think you will misunderstood me. If i referred to your minds or brains am stressing the negative attitude you posses and carry it along to an Independent South Sudan.

                I thought we have just finished a longest war in Sudan Hostory as well as in Africa contenent. I did not think of that there is another war of tribalism in South Sudan when some of you are finger pointing other tribes like Nuer and Dinka and further dividing Dinka into Bor, Agar and Malual.

                You know these tribes you are pointing hands to are the hosts of this country and there will be no way the hosts will be tried of parasites that hang on to their bodies.

                I am not the person you think of to belong to Dinka Bor or Nuer or any tribes you think of negatively.

                I am a freedom fighter who offered most of my time in the bush to fight for your liberation to bring it to what you are today.

                I went along with those South tribesmen in respectives of all races of Southern Sudan who underwent similar hardship you are enjoying the fruits of few minority in the struggle today.

                Now am convinced that our country South Sudan is still in danger to eradicate tribal war among themselves.

                I did not think again to spending most of my time to educate you (idiots) on some important information. The Article to my understanding is security report on the danger of wild beast of which if some of you happen to travel to Lakes State especially Yirol West County you are made aware of the Enviromental situation with its security. It is just for the safety of the travellers.

                I thought you will figure out what might be the causes of hyenas turning wild towards human beings which some of you never suggested. What kind of people are you in this Country?

                God will punish your negative thinking. Anyway, it is always like that people are not equal in reasonning.

                repondre message

          • 8 February 2011 07:58, by manyang mawech

            i agreed with mading comment if there were dead body n hyena ate those it could be the cause. but you guys could u tell us what u mean because some of u said that misreported what u guys mean? do u think wild animal can attack human or what is really you guys mean?

            repondre message

            • 8 February 2011 08:05, by omoni Atari

              manyang mawech ,
              you dont know anything about hyena.
              Hyena is a coward animal in the world.
              whoever report that hyena attack human being is very stupid man or lady.

              repondre message

              • 8 February 2011 08:36, by manyang mawech

                my friend i don’t believe that equotoria has more cattle than nuer in general or particular where i was born lounuer.so if u don’t have cattle how come u know more about hyena i than i.however i believe u are lyer bro.every where in south who have cattle there is more hyenas but if u have hens then there is no hyenas period.

                my name was name of bull so give me yr name? i believe would be pig name there eh

                repondre message

          • 8 February 2011 10:10, by Chanson

            Please Pater Mading!! donn’t dare mantion the name of Northern Bahr Ghazal without any good reason.Because death of Northern Bahr El Ghazal heros on their way to Ethiopia got nothing to do with Hyenas attacks in that land of yirol.suck it up and leave NBGs out of this awrkward article/report.
            I,ll appreciate it if you guys can leave that region alone and get along with your no aims debate.Because it is their right time to have peace.I think you gonna get it right.

            repondre message

  • 8 February 2011 09:22, by Ochan

    I think the people who reply to articles on Sudan Tribune are not living on this world of today where information is on the fingertips.. beside, they seems to use internet without benefiting from it. otherwise how can once explain such ignorance statement like Hyena don’t attack people..

    Where are you guys from? surely you are still at Ngundeng era because that is the only information you have even after using the computer to access the internet.

    Wake up, its because of people like that is why the Arabs were insisting we are not educated to rule ourselves. shame on all of you who wrote whatever about Hyena Attack in Yirol West County in Lakes State..

    simply googling the word Hyena should have given you information about the animal Hyena and what it does.. there are thousands of reported Hyena attacks worldwide... yet you guys seems to have heard the attack in Lakes state alone..

    when you wake up from your village information, please check this report... about hyena attack in Kenya..


    you will probably now read the whole article because there is no mention of Ngundeng Buong or any other Idols of the Southern Sudanese (Nuer or Dinka or Bari)..

    repondre message

    • 8 February 2011 09:51, by Peter Mading

      You are very right and you are aware of such inccidents all over the world. I strongly discourge mentioning of any tribes at any given piece of information. I do not know how these groups will be brought to natural human beings understanding uniqueness from being in the group of wild animals or beasts. Your Positive reasoning will pay you progress. We want to have data of Newly inspire leaders of New State in this websites. We will consider mostly and assess their ability of understanding base on their comments. The bad part of them is that they will not be easily identify because of their nick names. God is not so blind to bring such people in to leaders posts. They will ruin the Country in a minute.

      repondre message

  • 8 February 2011 09:58, by Dinkanuer

    Manyang Mawech

    Are you Nyajok Ngundeng’s salve?
    Then God will punish you seriously and your days are ended

    Cie liel du dem e mac!

    By Dinkanuer!

    repondre message

  • 8 February 2011 10:08, by John Ruei

    Dear readers all your commmends are necessary, but what will be the solution for that wild hyena in Yirol west county?
    Everybody now in Southern Sudan is happy to celebrate the new independence state but people of Abang payam are worry about hyena attack.
    Let me tell the situation of people of Abang,Abang payam has got no water and ladies will be most victim for that incidence because in Abang payam women usually go to collect water at far distance where they will start their journey at night and it is a time when attack people and if they don,t go at night they will not get water because of the long waitted line and distance. Please brother stop insulting the commissioner,how a commissioner sign peace with an animal as some of you said it before and it is better to findout the soluton to rescue the situation. The commissioner is right to report the danger of the wild hyena and to let government find any idea to help the of incent peopl who have been waiting to celebrate long waited historic day like yesterday but they were been mourning for their love one who have got injured two days before official annuncement of the final results of the refernedum of Southern Sudan.

    repondre message

  • 8 February 2011 10:33, by Tambura

    Why reporting serious matter like funny joke. Under my leadership wild life animal will be in protected area where we will create park for tourism, Kenya economic depend on tourism, Those animals will be part of our economic in nearest future. Now commissioner of Yirol west have to move wild animals away from villages.

    The next president of south Sudan in future

    repondre message

  • 8 February 2011 12:40, by kuarkun

    Is it what you are going to do to Southern Sudanese when they go to Rumchiel as Southern Sudan capital?
    You Dinka you always denied that you are not an animal, who is going to deny the fact again, it is now open publicly that you are eating yourselves (Dinka), what about the time when all people come to Ramchiel you will eat as you desire. What I can advice you is that, if one Nuer is eaten 4 Dinkas will be killed in place of one person because that is NYIETH.

    repondre message

  • 8 February 2011 13:14, by Dinkanuer

    Please read this shameful things about your Profit!

    Both Bong and Nyayiel were parenting her, and those boys who brought Nyajok Ngundeng out of the river were believingly to be between seven to nine years old.
    After Fish Ngundeng changed to be Human Ngundeng, she was expected to be ninteen to twenty one years.

    The sam liars we heard from Mahamed so many years a go upto today are what your trying to applied them to brainwash people. God will punish those who are misleading his own people otherwise you have to quit telling us such a nonsense of your Profit Ngundeng. She was not a Prophet but he was a Profit.

    Hiw did the whitemen knew about your Devil? They Wrote what they heard from your people long times ago

    For those who are still using Ngundeng ideologically, please be inform! Ngundeng had shameful things to be said about him. First,

    He was not a Prophet but a profit to his royalist in Nuer.
    He had many names according to his activities in many parts of South Sudan.
    He was a Cannibal animal according to Nuer man who doesn’t need to be mentioned
    His first name was Ngundeng-meaning that he was send by God.
    After he gone wild and ran away.
    His name changed to be Gatluakmanguel in Nuer dialect.
    He ate many Nuer men and women in Nuer Land
    Dinka. His name was Manyang e Juet.
    He ate many children, animal claviers and cows’s bulls in Dinka Land.
    Equatoria with different languages including English and Arabic
    His name was Tiger

    The Nuer man who refused to be target by Ngundeng’s salves pointed out that. Ngundeng had no father or mother but the Devil who came out in the River Nile in a form of fish, when the Nuer boys want for fishing. They fish for so many hours and they caught nothing, when the boys get tied and ready to go back home. One of them told other guys that there was a fish ate his hook lastly, the boy convinced other friends to tried one more time! Shortly after he putted on snail body on the hook, he had thrown it into Nile River. Immediately, Ngundeng was caught. The boy was attempting to pull the Fish Ngundeng out in the river but it was difficult for him to do so, then he called his associates to pull Ngundeng on the shore. They brought it out and they were smile some of them were told to go and collect firewood in order for the young men to roast their fish.
    Unfortunately! The Fish Ngundeng changed into big snake! And the boys ran away from it, the boys thought that they were dreaming and they came back for the second times. The Snake Ngundeng light it body and become bright as well as electricity light. They ran home and they spread the news to the community, when the Nuer elders came to the place where Ngundeng was pulled. It was still there as snake with it light. People gather together around it and started asking question how did this happen? The Snake Ngundeng changed into human being and told people not to run away. All of them were shocking and scary to death except Human Ngundeng who perform such witchcraft. things "Come down, come down now!" The Human Ngundeng said. Who are you? The Nuer elders asked him. I am Nyajok_ which mean woman devil! The Human Ngundeng answer! She knew her own physical appearance as she is a hermaphrodite. (A person with both the organs of a man and a woman) Wow! Brothers and sisters of Nuer I am sorry for your Profit. Nyajok Ngundeng was not a Prohet? It was your profit to cheat people for his power but It was not a Prophet? It was a Satan?

    Cie liel du dem e mac!

    By Dinkanuer

    repondre message

    • 8 February 2011 16:44, by nyic rot

      Hahahah-Ngundeng was a fool and false prophet and depend his life by fooling his foolish nuer.And that is the nature of Nuer,they always cheat people

      repondre message

  • 9 February 2011 02:25, by unityfirst1

    Hyenas are crazy wild animals,they don’t fear anything especially when they get hungry,they can attack the lion instead of human being,they’re canniverious and meat lover animal,however the Lake state should search all the places around and find some ways to control those aggressive hyenas.they should do it so because of the kids and elderly folks.

    repondre message

  • 9 February 2011 14:25, by JAMES KUOI STEPHEN

    Yirol, we were been born Spiritually,in the Land that had been known by our Lord Christ Jesus Himself, we don’t have to werried by external hatred,they,we aren’t to comperating to those none prophets, who had gone without people knowledglement note to remember Ngondang.
    If you igonering your truth,they will say he had no people.
    hyenas aren’t to be blame but we should encourage our people to let them not fight each other, if you don’t care on yourself even hyenas they will not care.If you don’t love yourself, igonarance will try to make funny at you.
    Keep faith in our creator Living God Almighty who protect his people,He will maintain his blessing in us.let people glance and desive to live in Yirol, thought they brainwashed him, Yirol will have Spiritually grow continue praying that our God, don’t let unwild be wild to us, "hey are bland"! They will prosper in our land South-Sudan by the power of Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus.

    repondre message

  • 9 February 2011 14:32, by JAMES KUOI STEPHEN

    Yirol, we were been born Spiritually,in the Land that had been known by our Lord Christ Jesus Himself, we don’t have to werried by external hatred,they,we aren’t to comperating to those none prophets, who had gone without people knowledglement note to remember Ngondang.
    If you igonering your truth,they will say he had no people.
    hyenas aren’t to be blame but we should encourage our people to let them not fight each other, if you don’t care on yourself even hyenas they will not care.If you don’t love yourself, igonarance will try to make funny at you.
    Keep faith in our creator Living God Almighty who protect his people,He will maintain his blessing in us.let people glance and desive to live in Yirol, thought they brainwashed him, Yirol will have Spiritually grow continue praying that our God, don’t let unwild be wild to us, "they are bland"! They will prosper in our land South-Sudan by the power of Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus.

    repondre message

  • 9 February 2011 15:11, by unity state boy

    The time has come for the history of Nguondeng ,do not crying Dinka all over the world they know Nguondeng is the prophate .the time as come for you to leave Souh sudan ,I think you know?if you do n,t know you go to history book of Nguondeng then you will get it.

    repondre message

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