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SSRC acknowledges that 10 counties in South Sudan had more votes than voters


January 23, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – The South Sudan Referendum Commission (SSRC) on Sunday admitted that vote count revealed some parts of the semi-autonomous region had a voter turnout that exceeded 100% of the registered voters.

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A priest at Juba’s cathedral shows signs reading ’Unity’ and ’Separation’ during Sunday mass on January 16, 2011 (AFP)

An analysis done by Associated Press (AP) showed several of these cases occuring in 10 of the south’s 79 counties using information available on SSRC’s website.

In Jonglei state’s Bor County, the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters by 720, AP said.

International observers who monitored the vote which concluded last week said the process was credible.

Justice Chan Reec Madut, who heads the southern bureau of the SSRC, said results from stations that recorded more than 105 percent turnout would be quarantined.

But Madut said that even if the commission throws out votes from counties where over-votes were recorded, "the trend is clear," meaning that the south has voted for secession.

The SSRC official said investigations into the quarantined results from 33 polling stations are underway. There were more than 2,600 polling stations across Sudan.

"There will be no problem I think, [but] we want to do work that satisfies our own conscience," Madut said.

The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) despite earlier threats that only a transparent and credible voting will get their recognition, decided this week that they will not object to the outcome after reviewing the process.

SSRC was working under a very tight timeline because of delay in adopting referendum law and later because of disagreement between North and South on the commission’s composition.


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  • 24 January 2011 06:25, by Liberator

    To: All Readers
    Dinka populated counties inflated votes turn out..what a shame greed on otherwise credible referendum!!

    Mon, 24 Jan 2011 11:47a.m.

    By Maggie Fick

    Preliminary results from Southern Sudan’s independence referendum indicate a landslide vote for secession, but turnout exceeded 100 percent in several areas, and a top election official say some results are being quarantined.

    Voter turnout exceeded 100 percent in 10 of the south’s 79 counties, according to an analysis done by The Associated Press using information on the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission’s website. In Jonglei state’s Bor County, the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters by 720.

    The Southern Sudan Referendum Commission reported on its website that with almost all of the votes counted, 98.8 percent of voters who cast ballots in the January 9-15 independence referendum voted for secession.

    Though that result is overwhelming, international officials have predicted for months that the south would vote to secede, and even officials from northern Sudan have acknowledged the south would vote to break away.

    The number of over-votes in the 10 counties ranged from three to 720, the AP analysis found.

    Justice Chan Reec Madut, who heads the southern bureau of the referendum commission, said results from stations that recorded more than 105 percent turnout would be quarantined. But he said that even if the commission throws out votes from counties where over-votes were recorded, "the trend is clear," meaning that the south has voted for secession.

    International observers of the referendum from the Arab League to the US-based Carter Centre have generally lauded the referendum process, calling it credible, up to international standards and representative of the will of the people.

    Madut said investigations into the quarantined results from 33 polling stations are under way. There were more than 2,600 polling stations across Sudan.

    "There will be no problem I think, (but) we want to do work that satisfies our own conscience," Madut said.

    Southern Sudan is likely to become the world’s newest country in July if the referendum process stays on track. Issues like oil rights, border demarcation and citizenship rights still have to be worked out between the north and south.

    Final results from the referendum were scheduled to be announced in February.

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    • 24 January 2011 06:50, by Gatwech

      Dear readers,

      The desperate tiny Dinka Bor will always inflate any thing. Where did they come up with more than 700 ghost voters?

      My Bor county compatriots, this is not about dividing a cake or rationing food in Itand or Kakuma. Even the current small Dinka Bor population can vote as it is, and there would be no problem at all.

      You inflated your populations during census, which was understandable, but this should not have been the case with referendum.

      Shame, now your 700 votes will be thrown into a trash bin. Do you like that?

      Thanks Mr. European reporter for exposing our little brothers and sisters in Bor county.

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      • 24 January 2011 07:08, by Gai Sam

        Ya nyegat, that is what you wrote to sudantribune when it is you who did it. Great people of Bor are highly civilized and smarter. this is just a work of nyegat. where you did your so-called european reporter obtained his figures when the state SSRC reported in a stamped paper that total number of register in Bor County is 68903 and total number of those who voted to be 68621. do the math nyegat! your stupidity compaign of making this smart and intelligence people look like you brainless is nyegats is going nowhere. Bor will always be a place of intelligence people.

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        • 24 January 2011 07:43, by Gatwech


          I can feel your pain, brother. But take it easy because it is your greed and dishonesty which is culturally in your blood.

          Now your little guess has concluded that I am the European reporter. What a little mind that concludes prematurely. Don’t you trust Sudan Tribune to give you the source of that reporter, or can’t you wait?

          What a little community!!!

          Now you call me nyegat? Do you think it is an insult? No my friend it is just a perception that it is an insult.

          Nyegat originates from the Ethiopian word negade, which was borrowed the by the communist John Garang in Ethiopia in 1983. It means trader or business person or capitalist, which socialist hated at that time when SPLM/A was a socialist movement. They equated traders (nyegats) with burgeoissie. That is all my little one.

          I know you will not know the origin of the word. It is not in Dinka language, nor in Arabic or any other tribe’s language. You just took it for granted as an insult, my little one. What a mistake!!!

          And next time stop inflating your tiny population which naturally refuses to grow like a cursed one!!!

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          • 24 January 2011 11:47, by Nhomlawda


            You are a fool. Words do not go by original meanings but meanings assign to them by people who use them. That is the reason why you get one English word with more than one meaning.
            If nyagats means visionless rebels in South Sudan, it may mean different thing in Ehtiopia.
            So, you are anyagats by South Sudan term.
            Bor is a hotspot of Sudan history and politics and anybody who wants to sell a lot of papers has to create those arugments.

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      • 24 January 2011 07:16, by Gai Sam

        son of nyegat and brainless traitor, read this link to you see with your own brainless eyes.


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      • 24 January 2011 07:43, by Logwanga

        attention to Gatwech
        I think you need to stop uncivilised writing, why do you always engage in tribal writing, the acknowledgement by SSRC has nothing to do with Dinka-Bor County. Or if even Dinka Bor County has a large number of voters turn-out, then what is wrong with that? There was no physical prize that Dinka Bor will gain to inflate their number of voters turn out, but freedom and patriotism might have envisaged their turn out, however, the person heading SSRC is not from Dinka Bor County, how Dinka Bor County jump and inflate the figure of their voters. Please you need to grow up brother.

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        • 24 January 2011 07:54, by Gatwech


          Of course, I know that Dinka Bor community is among all the communities that lost during the war. You lost so many including our late leader John Garang who died in that helicopter crash. No body is going to deny that!

          But my brother, that loss doesn’t give you the right to inflate your populations in ordr to compensate the dead ones. It doesn’t work like that in the whole world, okay?

          It is not good because it can now bring a big problem to the credibility of the referendum John Garang had died for. Do you understand, as an intelligent community, that this can be serious and ruin the referendum outcome in your county. Or is your intellect you claim falling short of that understanding?

          Now your seven hundred votes will be trashed. Do you like that?

          Now you ignorantly ask how could that reporter unearth the fraud after the votes were sealed by SSRC officials. Well, what you may not know is that the votes casted are always rechecked. If you guy gave a wrong figure on the phone, then the papers will contradict surely.

          My brothers, accept blame when your are wrong. You cannot be wrong and insist that you are right. That is not intelligence!

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          • 24 January 2011 20:22, by Biggy K

            Dear Gatwech,
            I am sorry to say that you are nothing short of a controversial dog who likes barking day in day out about Dinka. This only depicts your stupidity and backwardness. I don’t know if you’re sure of whether you’re a human or a homo habilis. To me, you are still an early man whose deeds are guided by nothing other that greed, contempt, tribal affiliations among others. If Bor forgave your asses for the 1991 masscare, why on earth would you not like them? It only shows that Dinka Nuer are bloody dogs who only want their stomachs to be full. Riek tried and he could not get it. Besides, a bone that was not cracked by a lion can never be carcked by a cheap dog like you Gatwech.
            You are always talking about baseless things just to arouse the anger of Dinkas? How many setbacks did your fucking Nuer tribe do during the war? Your Doctor of blood and murder, Riek Machar orchestrated a massacre when SPLA was at a brink of winning in Juba. Last but not the least, let it come to your mind that had it not for that mass killing, Bor’s population would have surpassed Dinka Nuer’s. Intellectually speaking, comparing Bor to Nuer is like comapring humans to insects. You guys are just epitomes of the most DUMB soceity in Sudan, a society that doesn’t know its bearing. KISS OUR ASSES YA DINKA NUER.

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      • 24 January 2011 08:12, by Dengcol malual


        for your information since you don’t have basic education, Bor county is one out of 10 counties. so where are the other 9 counties? According to the UK National Daily news, Telegraph(European), Foxnews(USA), Kampala Monitor and many others have also mentioned Koch county with 641, Nyirol county with 511, Leer county with 522 so what can you say about those counties or you blamed those on Dinka Bor and Bor county? all these information came from the same European reporters you claimed or you have given credit.

        i don’t see hatred as a way forward,

        Nevertheless, Dinka Bor and Bor county are not the same, so don’t let the hatred toward Dinka Bor preoccupied your thought.

        anyway good luck

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        • 24 January 2011 08:24, by Gatwech

          Dengcol Malual,

          Thanks for your other part of story which has relieved me from not being the European reporter. Now can you convince your other Bor colleagues that the European reporter has included the Nuer counties, and because of that the reporter is not Gatwech? Thanks.

          Now coming to the source of your new counties, can you provide the link (website).

          And why the European reporter mentioned Bor county in particular? Could it be because it is the most inflated county, or what?

          Tell me the link my little friend because it is difficult to trust your likes. You people take pride in lying!

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          • 24 January 2011 08:41, by Liberator


            Don’t bother with those figures provided by Dencol Malual, those are fabricated figures and non-of the news organizations he mentioned has any published said article.
            This guy named ’’Dencol Malual is a congenial liar’’ don’t paid attention to any of his responses.

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          • 24 January 2011 09:17, by Dengcol malual


            i have mentioned the sources and if you don’t have access to their newspapers then go to their website and click on international news or world news section and then Sudan.

            Davis White reported 10 counties and he listed them in his report and Bor county on top and the last one has 189.

            you just overreacted and it seems like you don’t even know the different between Bor county and Dinka Bor.

            By the way i am not from Bor county and i don’t see it as a big problem either because human error is always there. it happens in many elections. for example in washington state governor race in 2008, King county got more voters than the actual number of register voters.

            how come you haven’t mentioned anything about other 9 counties? however, hatred will make all of us losers and i hope the majority of southerners are smarters than tribalists and haters. it is time to be united and move on with our new nation.

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          • 24 January 2011 14:24, by Kolnyang youth


            You are really traumatized about Dinka bor people who have nothing to do with you .

            reporters should take care in writing political events it may lead to political insubordination.

            how can those had not registered vote want even they have no voting card am in doubt about statement of Chairperson of SSRC.


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      • 24 January 2011 08:20, by Bol Deng


        who will listen to this bias?There are primitive community who want to try to mumble around Bor county if not Dinka Bor in general thinking that Jonglei is for Dinka Bor.

        Check this out!
        If 54 vote for unity, 68,497 vote for separation,27 invalid, and 43 unmarked, and the total vote is 68,621 then can you proved that they are inflating the numbers?
        There are spoilers around but they will not do anything to Dinka in general. I am not from Bor county but it seems that there is wrong element. Add them and calculate the president.

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        • 24 January 2011 08:32, by Gatwech

          Bol Deng,

          No body said that Jonglei is for Dinka Bor. It is your new claim you are trying to insert in a different way.

          How can a tiny community that not growing naturally, tries to increase its population through inflation, own a big state like Jonglei state.

          Please understand that there is a big difference between being in power through greed and being a big community or majority in the state.

          The Nuer are the majority in Jonglei state by far. Even one of the Nuer several sections in Jonglei cannot be equal to the whole Greater Bor tiny community.

          Yes, you are in power in Jonglei becaue of governor Kuol. But do you know why the majority allow you to be in power.

          When you want to take a reluctant goat a cross the river on a boat, you put some good green grass inside the boat and pull it by the horn to follow you to the grasses. You row the boat safely without disturbing you inside the boat because it will focus on eating the grass not caring about where the boat leads to.

          But now we have reached the shore of independence South and the Bor has been successfully taken from the lost vision of new united sudan vision to independence boat using Kuol Manyang.

          Is that what you want to claim as Jonglei belongs to Bor. You will soon find out that it is not the case my friend. It will soon be for all of us!

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          • 24 January 2011 12:16, by Nhomlawda


            Are you drank or naturally mad? Why do you mix issues. Power, natural growth and referendum vote turn out. I really don’t think you will be of any help to Nuer community in independent South Sudan if you do not change the way you approach issues. You need to wake up and differentitate issues. one at a time.
            On Natural growth, of course Dinka Bor might not be growing because of Nuer and Arabs. Nuer masacred civilians of Dinka Bor in 1991 when their sons, and other Dinkas were launching attacks on Juba. Killing of Dinka Bor civilians is what Nuer claim to be their history of fighting for South Sudan independence.
            On referendum issue, There are a lot of Nuer communities in Bor Town and if any result is disputed from Bor County than blame goes to people of Jonglei not Dinka Bor alone as Dengcol mentioned.
            On power issue, Kuol Manyang is ruling in Jonglei because he is popular not because he is a Dinka Bor.
            Differentiate issues my brother or otherwise you will remain a fool forever.

            repondre message

      • 24 January 2011 15:14, by Ezekiel Dau

        That is not untrue, Bor County can not bring that confusion, that reporter need to be investigated where did he/she got that detail from? Below are correct.
        BOR COUNTY
        UNITY VOTES 54,VOTES FOR SECESSION 68497,INVALID BALLOT 27,UNMARKED BALLOT 43,TOTAL VOTES CASTED 68621,TOTAL REGISTERED VOTES 68903,% OF UNITY VOTES 0.O786931,% OF SECESSION 99.819297 % VOTES TURN OUT 100. ashame on you if you are after Bor or Dinka people no time man hahahahahaha
        Dinka oyeeeeeeeeeeeee
        Bor County oyeeeeeeeee

        repondre message

      • 24 January 2011 15:53, by Gathoth Gai

        Dear all,

        This is my first time participate on this web.Brothers and sisters its my preasure to all of you to calm down and wait fore the result instead of insulting eachothers.Furthermore,forget about the pass lets form new United Southern Sudan no matter who your are before.Therefore,now we needed to form a good Government that could brough us togathers and ruls its people.Please guys consider this,there is no South Sudan without Dinka, Nuer,the same to other tribes too.

        Thanks you all so much and Happy New Year,lets us enjoyed our newborn with the happier hearts.

        Gathoth Gai

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      • 24 January 2011 16:16, by Manyieldit

        Dear Getwic, It was written that 10 counties have more then 100 percent turnout then the registered voters. If Bor county was one of them then there is still 9 others counties who have more turnout then resisted voters. So pliz we need not to preamp and start using an abusive words for no reason every thing need more analysis before the final conclusion. your county may be one of them you never know as the whole list of ten is yet out. those who may have inflate have no ill-intention but they lack civic education about the voting procedures as u know not every one who knows how to read and write. So my brother I may advice u not to use an insult to those whose names will appear among the counties with errs in voters coasted this was not their foul but to those who was charge to educate people.

        Otherwise lets pray that this is not going to have effect on the out come.


        repondre message

    • 24 January 2011 18:31, by LL Reuben

      Traitor Nya-witch, the grandson of witchcraft Ngundeng,

      Who cares what your slave community think about Dinka Bor. For almost a century your community has been following orders from Khartoum destructing suceesses in the South, and you clearly know the brain behind the South sucees comes from the tiny Bor as you belittle us with your half-animal like thinking.

      Without our courage and wisdom, you and your Riek machar would be still Arab ass-wipers as he was an assistant to Umar Bashir when he defected from us in the 90s, what can I say about you slave-hearted food loving sub-humans.

      I have always insisted on not generalizing you idiots but now I have realized that no one in your community is willing to restrain you, so I assumed that you shares the same stupid ideologies with them.

      Shame on your foolish community, who always create an unecessasry excusese when the time are tough. Who does not understand you in the South and in the North. Bashir knows you people as chaotic and irrelevant to human decency that is why he tricked your messiah, devil warshipper Riek Machar in the 90s. Bashir knew he will win you easily because of your lack of attention to details and weak-hearts unfit for withstanding real challenges.

      I would not be surprise if your greedy community create the next civil war in the South, as it has already been initiated by Riek Machar puppet sub-human Galwak Gai, who is running around foolishily with guns as if they were toys.

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    • 25 January 2011 04:03, by the landlord

      shame on you nyagat

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  • 24 January 2011 06:25, by Ito

    thanks for the reports, indeed it is wise to update our minds through out the process. I would just like to say that there will always be an error in anything done by humanbeing. We are not perfect. But the results should be judge by our conscience, and to me it indicated separation as far as I am concern. though this numbers exceeded the number of registered voters, still south sudan is gone it does not matter which formula you employ to determine.

    So, there is no need to investigate. furthermore, there were lots of people who could not come to register due to transportation reasons, they might have arrived late and maybe someone register them. This should not be a problem as the late registration may have been considered under extra-ordinary circumstances. I hope those who do it do not carry it with bad faith. We will not tolerate those who try to bring confusion to reverse the results. We all know this matter as a minor one and which could be corrected amicably.

    May God bless southsudan

    May God bless south sudan

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  • 24 January 2011 06:44, by Gai Sam

    This report is nothing but a work of nyegats who try to shine their culture of corruption and stupidity to highly organized and disciplined people of Greater Bor County, the home of patriots. Where the hell did he get those figure while according to state commission head who happened to be son of nyegat, stated that total number of those registered in Greater Bor County is 68903 and total number of those who voted is 68621. A thorough analysis of the vote revealed that all those who voted unity are nyegats from nyegat infested counties who tried to make Bor look like them. This a foolish attempt which will not help your nyegatism roots.

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    • 24 January 2011 07:21, by DOOR


      Respect our Bor brothers for they are always the architects of any progress in the South.
      You may disagree with them but know that they are your back shield in time of need.
      Who does not want to fight his fare war when it comes to ballots.
      South Darfur voted illegally for unity why then not try their trick.
      I don’t blame my Bor people at all.

      repondre message

      • 24 January 2011 08:02, by Gatwech


        Of course our little community of Bor should be allowed to corrupt or inflate figures as long as they do it in good faith. I do understand you, man.

        But they should do it in a smart way like in Darfur unity vote. And that is making sure that the voters number match the votes casted, and not by exceeding 100% by 700 ghost votes. That is a foolish way of liberation!

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  • 24 January 2011 07:30, by omoni Atari

    Bor town or people are sudanese problem,just like last year election,Kuol manyang juuk produced his own ballot papers.
    lets behave like human being.

    repondre message

    • 24 January 2011 08:16, by Gatwech


      You are right. We have a problem with this tiny community who always think that they are intelligent even when they are at the highest moment of foolishness. They always want to be right even when they are 90% wrong!

      As you recalled, Kuol Manyang printed his own ballot papers in Bor during elections. But to Bor that was a right thing to do. What a sick logic!

      May be the Bor county figure was revealed by the state commission itself after scrutiny of the actual turnout and the votes cast. Some of them reported figures by telephones but after confirmation, the discrepancies can occur.

      But look at their proclaimed defenders how they reason. They emotionally attack the whole community instead of responding the commentator. The guy who has just attacked the head of referendum committee in Jonglei state is from Nuer. He wants to insult him using the word ngegat which the community has used without even knowing its meaning. They just assume that it is an insult until those they insult borrow it to be an insult. Is that not misleading by intellectuals?

      Look again, he asserted that the whole Nuer counties (nyegats counties) in Jonglei state voted for unity. If the Nuer counties that constitute over 70% of Jonglei population had voted for unity as his intellect believes, than how come the overall votes of Jonglei state reach 99.89% as reported by his home reporter.

      Do you see the unreasonable people we are dealing with? They are always emotional, arrogant and unreasonable!

      What a situation!

      repondre message

      • 24 January 2011 11:17, by danbaziel

        Hey fool (Gatwech & co),
        Don’t you know that Dinka Bor is a part of a wider Dinka community? The fact that you Nuers massacred them in 90s without intervention from the rest of dinka communities seems to have warranted you a right of singling them out everytime there is an issue at hand.Dinka will never be divided by the likes of Nuer

        Does it mean Dinka Bor is feared by wider Nuer in Jonglei or what? Because anything that involvs Bor community seems to make you guys nervous to the extent of finding yourselves preaching hatred against them. Until you tell us why you think the other 9 counties donot matter, you remain a coward whose mssion is ganging up others against a peaceloving community.

        Bor is tiny yes! compare to who? the wider Nuer or each of Gawer, gajak, lou etc? Thats why anyone around here will not hisitate to call you names because your useless brains donot understand logics other than food. your reasoning ability is geared towards food and violent.

        At this time when all southerners need eachother, all you nuers could think of is hatred. Grow up people you are unfit to even rule, thats why dinka will rule forever because nobody in the south trusts your judgement not even Equatorians who have never been your neighbours. If you are given power, I believe that all you could think of is killing all Dinka bor and the rest of southerners so that you can have abundant of food (your favorite. My humble advice to you nuers is to learn how to co-exist with others peacefully and you will still get your food.

        repondre message

        • 24 January 2011 11:35, by Gatwech


          Don’t have mentality of victimizing yourselves as Dinka Bor. No body singled you out, but yourselves. You hate others and their leaders which is truly witnessed by your usual comments on this website.

          Will you deny it?

          I thought you read the head of SSRC, Chan Reec Madut in the report, but you people do not read carefully. You instead blame others. Go back to the report and read it again.

          repondre message

          • 24 January 2011 11:47, by danbaziel

            Did Chan said it was one county or community? By the way I am a native dinka not necessarily Dinka bor but I know you are just filled with hatred and jalousy because you can’t match up with them. Of course it is natural that those who are incapable of shining resort to jalousy and hatred as a tool of hitting back at their counterparts unfortunately, you are doom to fail because no single Southerner is willing to buy your wicked judgement.

            repondre message

    • 24 January 2011 08:25, by Dengcol malual


      Bor county is only one county and the report said 10 counties in the south. so why one county got you out of control and the other 9 counties are not the problems? Furthermore, 10 counties are not in Dinka Bor communities.

      hatred toward that small community will never bring you salvation.

      so anything with Dinka Bor is the problem, but not the actual problem itself.

      good luck and say whatever you want, but your words will be a corn dropped into the ocean

      repondre message

  • 24 January 2011 08:18, by Mango

    These Bor people should be very careful, and know how to conduct issue that are of national interest. Surely, if all people present voter’s card before a bollot paper is issued, how did these huge number of voters cast their votes without the notice of polling agents? The credibility of the referendum is now questionable.
    I can now see some sense in what Gen. Athor rejected. Our brothers in the 10 counties should learn how to rig elections!

    repondre message

    • 24 January 2011 11:39, by danbaziel

      Hey Mango
      Just Think a litlle bit and you will understand why it happens. You are right preliminery investigation shows that the problems is with SSRC’s registration process. Some of the names failed to show up in the registry final list even though they were legaly registered and issued with voting cards. So, those return officers in the polling stations let them vote anyway because they are holding valid cards. Another scenario is, fewer voters during last hours tend to vote in the nearest polling station instead of the counties where they were registered plus many other errors. Blaming this on dinka bor while leaving out the rest of 9 counties raises eyebrow to whether you are doing deservice to the country or servicing it. Do not be primitive in your thoughts atleast by now you should be thinking civilly because you have learned why white man proper!Peace

      repondre message

  • 24 January 2011 09:28, by mohammed ali

    South Sudan is a seperate state since 2005 with or without referendum.The SPLA is ruling the south ALONE..ALONE , on top of that they are ruling us and they can contess for all the jobs in the north while we can contess for NONE in the south!They could rule the whole Sudan but we can never rule the south nor we could have the slightest influence on it’s government!Yet nobody see that unity is attractive!

    Why should such unity be attractive to us ! Should we invite the incompetent SPLA to rule us to make unity attractive!They even can not conduct the forgery in a proper way! They were complaining that the NCP might rig the referundum. What a shame!

    It is neither Dinka nor Neuer who manipulated the referundum and it is very stupid to talk about in the that silly and retarded way.This was discovered in all the 10 centers which were checked.It simply showes how stupidly the SPLA is conducting business in the south! It is a big shame.

    It is the SPLA who forged and manipulated the whole process.There was wide spread intimidation and threats and this referundum can not be said to be free and fair. Even if it was recognized by international organistions!

    Having said that , I have no problem with secession, and it was widly seen that the northerners were not influenced by the results and southerners living in the north were not touched or threatened to vote for unity!And the government and the NCP to recognize these results as soon as possible!

    The NCP would probably accept the result, simply because northerners are fed up with wars accusation and Pahan!,.People in the north are no longer interested in unity as long as they could get peace.

    The problem , is the SPLA !Yesterday they said the minister of finance is investigating 2.8 billion Sudanese pound"$ 1.4 billions" contracted for sorghum , and no sorghum had ever reached the poor marginalized southerner , who are suffering from starvation and famime affecting almost 50% of the population and more than 90% of childrens.This will eventually lead to disaster in the south , conflicts and wars within the south and the jalabba will still be accused!
    The manupulated referundum will also raise some problems within the south, and again the jalabba will be accused!Southerners who were intimidated to go to the south are coming back again , and if any tribal wars started there many will come to the north!

    The SPLA had manupulated the referundum as it did for the elections and the census and all of these will creat problems within the south and again this will spill over!

    I personaly support the government to recognize the results without any delay, not because I want secession, as I don’t, but because it the responsibility of Southerners intellectuals to sort out their problems and then whatever a strong and stable government comes in the south we can deal with amicasbly and friendly.The worries of the international observers are not without basis. The situation is not reassuring and it is not the jallaba who said that southerners cannot govern themselves! Southerners can govern themselves, but the SPLA cannot govern the south and it had proved that beyound any doubt!How on earth could a government loose $ 2 billions without being accounted for! This not a government, these are punch of looters!

    Never-the-less let us hope for peace, and if peace prevails we will prevail!

    repondre message

  • 25 January 2011 04:56, by ak-47

    please the citizens of the brand new country. these are all lies. believe me. never such a thing has happened.
    love u all

    repondre message

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