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Maiwut County, Upper Nile state has voted 100% for secession


January 18, 2011 (JUBA) – Maiwut county of Upper Nile state has voted 100% for
secession, according to the official result released by the Southern Sudan
Referendum Commission.

Ruei Yoh Yat, the Chairman of the Maiwut county sub-committee of the referendum
commission told Sudan Tribune that results released on Tuesday from all the centres in the county show the vote distribution as, 0% for unity and 100% for secession.

Yoh said during the vote counting, conducted in the presence of observers and party agents, that 57,549 people cast their votes – everyone with a voter registration card.

Maiwut county is located in the extreme eastern part of Upper Nile state
bordering with Ethiopia and has no access roads to the north.


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  • 19 January 2011 05:20, by padiit gaga

    Thank you Maiwut peopl in upper nile state for what you have done my beloved eastern Jikang clan of naath of naath(Nuer) we know you have no link with north sudan only your land southsudan we approciat your welbeing as we know Bilpam is your village which the SPLA established here camp in. Iam so glad for your remembering your mother land southsudan.

    God bless south sudan (people of south).

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    • 19 January 2011 05:28, by Chuker

      Good Job Maiwut county for delivering promise of our great leader. Nuer community love you for standing behind Dr. Riek machar and his vision of Self-determination.

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      • 19 January 2011 05:41, by DOOR


        It is indeed a shame that Nuer attribute self-determination to Riek machar.
        What about the people themselves don’t they have their own hearts and mind to decide what is best for them?
        To me i believe they have.

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    • 19 January 2011 05:45, by Gatwech

      Bravo Maiwut for scoring the 100% separatist vote!

      This community born the brunt of the war for 50 years. Anya-nya II was formed in their land, Bilpam, in 1975 which was also joined by the SPLM/A in 1983.

      The first SPLM/A bullet against Khartoum was fired in Maiwut county at one of its Payams called Jekou.

      It would be a miracle to find a single unionist in this community because they are historical separatists. Even their cattle and dogs are separatists.

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      • 19 January 2011 06:03, by Abionmur!


        The first SPLA bullet was fired on 16 may 1983 at Bor.
        It would be a robbing of history to attribute it to Jekou of Maiwut.
        A bullet can not be fired without an object it is aimed at.
        Sadly there were NO arabs in maiwut territory to fire a bullet at.
        As for the Bilpam, it was created in 1983 by SPLM no other party were inhabiting it in 1975 as you faultly put it.
        Well you can be writing nonsenses on the web but when it come to writing Southsudan history of independent, the onus lie on our very hands, who faced the enemy and die in large numbers before and after you joined Jalaba.

        It is a shame that your dent in history of southsudan will follow you to the grave.

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        • 19 January 2011 06:17, by Tong-Tong

          May 16 bullet was fired by 105 betallion, not SPLA. Gatwech was right. Your vision is dead together with your stupid cold-blooder. Ask and people will tell you the real separation’s visioners. We are talking about South Sudan Indpendent, not not your fake New Sudan which God destroyed in the daylight.

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        • 19 January 2011 06:24, by Chuker

          Dictator John Garang who never cature a single town will be as a worst Dictator who misleaded southerner for USELESS VISION OF NEW SUDAN.

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          • 20 January 2011 05:58, by Marco A. Wek

            Chucker, you should say big thank you to late Dr. John Garang de Mabior and his SPLA/SPLM for their scarifies and non-changing will to liberate their people. The fruit you, Gat wich, Maiwut and South Sudanese are enjoying today is because of late Dr. John Garang leadership. This was a man that gave his life away even before his actual departure of this life. Our hero Dr. John Garang died a happy man knowing that he achieved 95% of what his people want.

            You and other low minded people who are blinded by tribalism and who have hunger for their tribal success always try to change history from its actual settings but let me tell brother you and your like are easting your time on history that has already been written. I in fact, do not blame you and some other brothers who want to credit our referendum to Dr. Riek Machar because you and those other brothers did not know Dr. John was playing highest political games with Northern Sudanese and the international community unlike Dr. Riek who after failing on his rebellion turned to the very enemy of South Sudanese where he was given time wasting of fake referendum. As a Dr. he should have known under no circumstances, could North Sudan willingly give South referendum.
            Even during the 21 years of the North/South war, Dr. Garang said more then one occasion WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT.

            What our brother Dr. Riek didn’t know is that, in today’s world, if openly declare yourself a separatist, no one is going to side with you in this world and that is why Riek movement failed because no one wants to support a separatist movement. But wise Garang wanted separation but used his political tactics to even get support from Arabs and Muslims. Yes he was not perfect but he achieved what we South Sudanese people will remember him for generations to come. Garang is our George Washington if you will whether you like it or not.

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        • 19 January 2011 12:05, by choldit

          "Sadly there were NO arabs in maiwut territory ..."

          Whatever your name is, you have to check your source that say there were no Arab in Maiwut and Lungachuk. You can’t remember the capturing of Jokou in June 1987.

          You may have watched Nyuon Bany video clips when capuring Jokou coze they popular but you don’t remember that at the time your write your note else your put you in a different position with politicians.

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      • 19 January 2011 06:41, by Muorter Majok

        "Even their cattle and dogs are separatists".

        Ha ha ha!!!!

        That’s funny.

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      • 19 January 2011 09:51, by Dhiew Nhial

        It is not a surprise to see them voting 100% because they tend to have fashion in everything, for example, in 1983-84 they overwhelming joined the group of guandit Kuotem (Akuot Atem) and Samuel Gai Tut to sabotage the HISTORIC MOVEMENT which later came to Bring about Self-Determination. Again in 1991 they came to partner with devil worshipers Wurnyang, Riek Machar and Lam Akol who unsuccessfully overthrew the mighty SPLM/A with its GREAT LEADERS DR. JOHN GARANG DeMABIOR and SALVA KIIR MAYARDIT.

        Now that the referendum has come, the Southern Sudanese would come and appreciate these IRRATIONAL THINKERS and BACK-STABBERS called Nuer; because their influx into anything new to them is going to help us achieve our goal this time rather than distroying us like it did in the pass.

        Another point is that you claim that the first bullet was fired at Jekou, to what battalion did you give credit to, and who was commanding this battalion at Jekou? And when was this mutiny took place? The only Nuer towns of which the battle occured prior to formation of SPLM/A were Akobo in 1975 under the command of Vincent Kuany and Ayod in June 6, 1983 under the late CDR William Nyuon.

        For your comments to make sense to your readers, you need to learn how to write stories the way they happen and give credits to the rightful individuals regardless of where they descent.

        For your advise, Riek Will not rule the South meredong or after the grand child of one of his 1991 victims.

        repondre message

    • 19 January 2011 06:18, by omoni Atari

      Good job maiwut county residents,you did your part,now let us hear from other states,couties and payam,
      I need Bor people to show something wonderful with 101% vote for secession like maiwut resident.
      Because they always claim that Bor town is the historical beginning of the strunggling of south sudan independent.

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      • 19 January 2011 07:23, by Ezekiel Dau

        Great thanks to residents of Maiwut County keep that spirit.
        Twice East in Jonglei State has 99.2791% if you are after Bor people and wait for Bor county.

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      • 19 January 2011 12:40, by Nhomlawda


        You cannot expect Bor County to vote for seperation 100% because it is not made up of Dinkas alone. There are other tribes such as Nuer, Anyuak, Murle, Mundari, Aliap, citizens from Western Bahr-el-Gazal tribes and many Equatoria tribes represented in Bor County especially Bor Town. Bor Town is not a racist town and you don’t expect people there to be 100% pro-SPLA/M. Hardcore anyagats from Nuer and Murle tribes plus other tribes are there and they all have freedom to decide for themselves not Dinka Bor deciding for them.

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    • 19 January 2011 06:53, by Nyachebe


      Well enough for voting 100% though since 2005 Juba has done nothing to you in terms of giving you a single minister. If I am correct, I have never heard of any ministry portfolio GoSS had offered you. It’s good to be patient and humble since the cause of South Sudan is not about getting rich but bigger than that. It’s all of securing its fullest independency.

      You have fed the movement since day one with all your resources such as your fertile land, livestock, crops, and even your girls were rapped yet your contribution was enormous and unshaken till to very this day. History will remember your good deeds……………………, and hoped then, president Kiir and his deputy Dr. Riek Machar will do something for you and is not too late to conclude.

      South Sudan Independent Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      repondre message

      • 19 January 2011 07:03, by Bol Deng


        You are complaining about ministry position and you forget that James Hoth Mai is from Gajaak. This is why i said we need to be careful about those who are power greed other thing will be nasty in the future. You are one of them and you need to be careful before the end of the day. Thanks

        repondre message

        • 19 January 2011 07:36, by Nyachebe

          Silly Bol Deng:

          FYI: James Hoth Mai is from Ulang county formerly called "Nasir", and is from Gajiok not Gajaak differentiate or know it today my friend, What are you talking about?

          The problem most of the time is when dealing with dogs/slaves/jiengs. You have been tried with meat yet not satisfied. You have been tried with bones yet not satisfied and for vice president to think for the real development is become a headache to your skulls. What else in this world do you want?

          The problem with my uncle, “Dinka”, is that they don’t sit and asses their leadership if balance is taking place. All, they think of is to control power, steal, rope and full their bellies. They never said; “Wetke”, “People”, are we leading or dividing the bread in a rightfully proportion? Oh, lord has a mercy upon them!

          It was the lack of development, marginalization we took arm struggle to fight Mundukurats (Northern), so is it bad to predict the needs for the Southerners after independent?

          If you and some portion of elites in Juba are resting their heads on pillows full of money, then Dr. Riek and mass of the population are not, and that call of highly expectation is what the orphans, widows and widowers, disabled people and all the poor is hoping for.

          It’s not a power struggle/greedy as you liked but a genuine call to uplifting the total suffering of the masses. I don’t care whether Salva Kiir remains president, all that people need is to give them development, period!!!!

          South Sudan Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

          repondre message

          • 19 January 2011 08:14, by omoni Atari

            To all southerners,
            Why two tribes are only one affecting the climate of East Africa?
            Dinka Nuer problem is not south sudan problem.
            Forget about the past and lets head to the future.
            Let south sudan unite us.

            repondre message

            • 19 January 2011 08:54, by Stephen kuach

              Nuer and the Dinka are known as peaceful tribes along with the rest of Southern tribes,the reason why you always see them in the target spot,it’s because they always like to care about the minority tribes.

              repondre message

        • 19 January 2011 09:09, by Rambang Deng

          Bol Deng

          Yes you are right. Maiwut, Longechuk, Ulang and Nasir are all Greater Nasir inhabitated by The great Nuer clan of Eastern Jikany.
          We other Nuers know this fact. The current chief of staff James Hoth and GOSS minister of Culture and Heritage Changson Lew Chaang are from eastern Jikany clan of Gajiok Section who are among the few clans in South Sudan with good number of intellectuals. As for Bilpam which means ’Rocky Hills’ in Thok-naath was established in 1975 by Gordon Kong Chuol, Vicent Kuany Latjor and a Shilluk man call Bol Kur after they resist a conspiracy against them by a Dinka Bor guy call Capt Abel Kon who sided with Jalaba and want to arrest top officers at the base in Akobo. Nuer tribe alone has 10 clans. Most Nuer clans, Dinka clans and other tribes in South Sudan did not get a single minister, while Eastern Jikany Clan, including Gajaak, have two ministers at GOSS level.

          repondre message

  • 19 January 2011 08:34, by Stephen kuach

    Thanks to the people of Maiwut,you have fulfilled the historical moment to the people of the Southern Sudan.your names will always be remembered in many generations to come.Sobat oyeeeeee, South Sudan oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    King Tiger from (Wech" KurJak> aka Banglai:your neighbor and brothers in laws.Han chaw Nya Naath,so Nasir E Chieng Tueide gaare.

    repondre message

    • 19 January 2011 08:43, by Victory

      Greater upper nile oyyee.
      Malakal city oyyee.

      repondre message

  • 19 January 2011 09:01, by Mango

    This is very surprising. How can an illiterated community vote 100% for secession. Any way this report is not explicit. The report should have told us the voter turn-up for to enable people guage the assertation of mr Gadwich.

    repondre message

  • 19 January 2011 09:03, by Mango

    This is very surprising. How can an illiterated community vote 100% for secession. Any way this report is not explicit. The report should have told us the voter turn-up to enable people guage the claim put into this discussion by mr Gadwich.

    repondre message

    • 19 January 2011 09:10, by Bol Deng

      Dear Mango,

      If Unity State vote for 100% then Maiwut will do the same thing. Are you not knowing them that they always have cattle wrestling competition, food competition, power greed competition,and other distribution. Why waste your time with someting that we all know. Thanks

      repondre message

  • 19 January 2011 09:45, by Rambang Deng

    Bol Deng,

    You are not from unity state, but from crazy greedy kid sellers of Bor.
    Your hatred against Nuers whom you provoke in1991 and kick your greedy lazy coward ass really hard will not take you anywhere.
    Bark like dogs, but your days are numbered now and we are coming soon after we done with Jalaba and kick your lazy coward butts.

    repondre message

    • 19 January 2011 12:56, by Nhomlawda


      When you talk this way, you will make us to harden our position against Nuer and if you don’t repent, you be the most backward community in South Sudan in 100 years to come.
      South Sudan will marginalize you if you are becoming too stuborn and you will either decide to be militias usual and remain backward forever or repent and be helped.
      The choice is absolutely yours.

      repondre message

      • 19 January 2011 13:15, by Rambang Deng

        Lazy coward dogs like Dinka cannot marginalise a great society like Nuer.

        repondre message

        • 19 January 2011 14:00, by Nhomlawda


          Nuer and Arabs fought Dinka from 1991 to 2000 and Dinka defeated all of them from all the fronts. Imagine how it would be like without Arabs backing Nuer in the fight. Nuer will all be defeated and made slaves if Dinka wants it that way. But Dinka considers Nuer to be mentally disordered and killing Nuer does not help Dinka. Instead Dinka will keep training Nuer to be good people so that South Sudan can appreciate their existence. With long history of being mercenaries and hardcore anyagats, Nuer are too wild to live with others. Therefore, Dinkas need to double their training efforts to tame Nuer so that Nuer can fit in society otherwise South Sudan will reject them forever.

          repondre message

          • 19 January 2011 15:00, by mawic

            Bravo people of Maiwut,South Sudan will not forgot your accomudations and contributions to our movement but people like Nhomliel or Nhomlada will die in vain like his visionless uncle Garang.Training Nuer for what, you are objectiveless people compared to Naath.you are feather-brained Dinkas who does not know what is taking place on the ground.

            repondre message

        • 19 January 2011 14:11, by Kolnyang youth

          Guys :

          bravo,bravo .Keep that heart of nationalist of South Sudan.

          let me celebrate with Maiwut county because they are people of my choice so allowed thanks them a lot that its spirit South Sudan want to be like that .

          Some of you will hate my comment but Am not a tribal man ,i like any good thing done by any community of South Sudan.


          repondre message

  • 19 January 2011 17:43, by Kim Deng

    Coward Jaang/Slaves,

    How many coward Jaang were taken as captives by Mighty Nuer Warriors since 1800s?

    Persons of the coward Jaang/Slaves decent form probably at least half the population of most [Nuer] sub-tribes. These Jaang/Slaves are either children of captives or immigrants who have been brought up as Nuer, or are themselves captives and immigrants who are residing permanently among Nuer. They are "Jaang-Nath," "Dinka-Nuer," and, it is said, "caa Naath," "they have become Nuer."

    How many young women and children let alone cattle were taken by Mighty Nuer Warriors after they smashed down Duk Padiet, Kongor, Twic East, Mading Bor and and all the surrounding villages in 1991?

    The discipline of Nuer forces is also demonstrated by a remarkable capacity of continues to press and assault while sustaining very heavy casualties. When, the Eastern Jikany Nuer Warriors (Nasir, Ulang, Longechuk, Maiwut & Gambella) were attacked early in 1912 by a heavy armed Ethiopian force of Gala/Oromo and Amhara, intent of taking slaves, the Nuer Warriors lost over 100 men in the course of overrunning the invaders’ machine gun emplacement.

    The invaders’ mission was not only failed, but also lost over 300 soldiers and 50 missing. The Eastern Jikany Nuer Warriors made a number of concerted attacks on fortified goverment posts. In one instance in which a Nuer raiding party was intercepted by a government patrol, the Nuer Warriors lost 85 men in the initial engagement but nevertheless counterattacked the same night and again the following day before withrawing to home territory.

    Had the Mighty Nuer Warriors wished to occupy the whole greater Upper Nile, from Renk to Mading Bor and from Ruweng/Abiemnon to Buma-Gambella, it seems unlikely the other coward Jurs (Jaang, Bar, Chai, Koma...) could have stopped them.

    repondre message

    • 20 January 2011 00:47, by Dhiew Nhial

      Kim Deng:

      You deserve to be proud of 1991 Bor genocide but remember it will keep you as 2nd class citizens in your own country for life.

      repondre message

  • 19 January 2011 21:21, by Dil Machar Dil Acuil

    Kudos to you folks of Maiwut County.You did made a historic statement that will never vanish in the history of our belove Nation-to-be.
    You deserve unwavering respect from me and others who may be nesting the same opinion as I`m.
    And to the fellows who are grabbling of who is the best,it is a premature act.We are all equal before each other.This is not the right time and the right saga to best ourselves.They country is still in its critical moments.Lets all mantain calm and stillness for the betterment of our Country.

    repondre message

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