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SPLM-North warns against attempting to omit diversity from Sudan constitution


December 22, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – The Northern sector of Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) warned on Wednesday the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) against any move aimed at removing the clauses in the constitution that recognizes the cultural and ethnic diversity of the country.

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Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) governor of Blue Nile state Malik Agar and Yasir Arman, SPLM North sector chief, speaks during joint news conference in Khartoum December 22, 2010 (Reuters)

The deputy governor of Southern Kordofan and the leading SPLM figure Abdel-Aziz Al-Hilu said at a press conference in Khartoum that no amendments can be made "without the consent and participation of [South] Kordofan and the Blue Nile and Northern political powers".

"No one can cancel diversity in Sudan," Al-Hilu said.

Last Sunday, the Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir declared that the North will change the constitution after the South’s secession reinforce Islamic Sharia’a law and make Arabic the official language.

The current constitution recognizes the "multi-ethnic," "multi-cultural" and "multi-faith" status of the Sudanese state, and is based on both Shari’a, or Islamic law, and the "consensus" of the population.

“But the opaque talk [about] the Sudanese people I don’t know what…is multi-racial and multi-religious, the [Islamic] Shari’a will be the main source for lawmaking….and Arabic language will the official language of the state as will be stipulated in the upcoming constitution,” Bashir added.

In 16 days, the people of South Sudan will head to the polling station to decide whether they want to remain united with the North or establish their own state. The latter option is believed to be the likely vote by most Southerners.

The governor of the Blue Nile state and SPLM deputy chairman Malik Agar said at the same press conference, which was also joined by the head of the SPLM Northern sector Yasir Arman, that "diversity will be the basis of the new state in the North [after the South separates]".

In 2011, residents of Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan states will hold a popular consultation forum to get more autonomy on issues related to the local identity, culture and control of the land but they will nonetheless remain part of northern Sudan.

Agar and Al-Hilu stressed that they will not allow the NCP to take away the "gains" acquired through the protocols related to the popular consultation law.

They also threatened to call for self-determination in the two regions should the NCP not honor the agreement.

The former southern rebel group, is the ruling party in south Sudan and is overall the country’s second-largest party. It has supporters in the north, particularly in the border regions of Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountains area of Southern Kordofan.

Arman said that should the South secedes, the SPLM’s Northern sector would become an independent organization.

"It is going to be a political force to be reckoned with ... The north is a very diverse place. It is a place that needs democratic transformation. It is a place that needs different policies from Khartoum to the different regions of Sudan."

He also echoed sentiments of Al-Hilu and Agar on the issue of diversity.

"If we travel this road, which we have traveled before ... it will incite hatred ...It is not about religion it is about dictatorship," said Arman, a northerner who was the SPLM’s challenger to Bashir in April presidential elections before boycotting the race citing fraud.

"There will only be stability and development if there is recognition of diversity and social justice and democracy."

Arman said the party would initially keep the SPLM name but remain independent from the party in the south.

"It will be like the relations between the green parties in Norway and in Britain. They are in different countries but they share the same vision

The Blue Nile governor called on Darfur rebels fighting in a separate conflict in Western Sudan to join the new SPLM party in the North.

"If they wish to be part of this, they will have to ... renounce their arms. We are for a political means, for a political mechanism."


Arman also said that while fading there is hope for unity if the North agrees to undertake radical changes to its policies.

He proposed "a rotating presidency [between the North and South], fair split of oil, keeping two armies [in North and South]".

"This offer helps raise the ceiling of unity and may form the seed to revive unity again and this is what we are working on even if the South separates" Arman said.

But a senior NCP official rejected the offer made by the SPLM.

“He also said that, if the north wants unity, the SPLM and the NCP should work together not to adopt the Islamic laws. This is an offer which is not considered to come from the SPLM’s leader because we only have one channel. Either such offer should come from Salva Kiir Mayardit, who is the chairman or through the presidential institution” Rabie Abdel-Aati who heads the NCP information bureau told Voice of America (VOA).

This month the Sudanese president said that the North will let the South take the entire revenue from the country’s oil wealth in return for a unity vote in the referendum.

However, the SPLM brushed aside the offer saying it is not enough to warrant a change in separatist mood.


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  • 23 December 2010 08:24, by Anyang

    You’ve to fight to the death,no mercy, no let’s up untill you are recognizes.

    repondre message

    • 23 December 2010 10:46, by Gatwech

      Of course!!!

      North Sudan shall split further and SPLM-North shall be declared illegal by the NCP’s ruling party. Those of Arman may face jail sentences and his members would melt into other northern opposition parties, especially when there will be a violent separation between North and South.

      Dear readers,

      The vision of disintegrated Sudan whether into two or more independent states is the most realistic and carefully thought of strategic move for Sudan. It was not based on imaginations that Sudan will one day remain united and secular. Those words borrowed from Martin Luther of US (during civil right movement) do not apply in the chronic mentally sick and cursed Sudan.

      Our late leader, Dr. John Garang thought it was easy to just change Sudan to socialist state (from 1983-1991) or to secular state (1992-2005) and keep it united. Others could not buy his argument and took it as an imagination from a leader who did not know Arabized northerners very well because he did not go to school in Sudan or barely write and speak classical Arabic in order to have understood them well. They think he thought by just sloganeering and importing the Western style of democracy, Sudan would be okay and remain united.

      Those who went to school in Khartoum and had their first degrees in Khartoum university before they could join Western universities for doctorates knew the Arabs very well from inside out. Their strategies were not simply based on imaginations but on realistic visions.

      Yes, our late leader Dr. John Garang said Sudan would not remain the same again, thinking that it would change to secular united Sudan. Well, his prediction has come true, but in a different way he did not mean. Sudan will not be the same again now because it will break up into many states, if not into South and North as championed or predicted by separatist visionary leaders.

      Bashir is so panicking and he will definitely lose East and West after the South goes away in 18 days (God bless secession).

      Forcing North Sudan to be islamic state like that of Taliban is creation of more secessionist movements in the country. And that will happen by the way because Sudan is destined to disintegrate. Darfur was not part of Sudan anyway until 1916. Eastern Sudan also more associated with Eritrea.

      Long live the realistic vision of self-determination to form an independent country with true and recognizable identity of our people.

      Down with the so-called united Sudan at the expense of the peripheries.

      The "Creeping Revolution" shall continue to further disintegrate the North!!!

      repondre message

      • 23 December 2010 19:19, by LL Reuben


        Dr. Garang and his SPLM/A are the sole fathers of the self-determination vote that will take place in this coming January 2011.

        Those of 1991 you alluded to are just pathetic figure-heads, their struggle has nothing to do with liberating the south as you claim shamelessly,instead, it has more to do with liberating their own stomachs.

        If you disagree with me on this, then how do you explain why Riek’s signature does not appears in the CPA papers, and what happened to KPA that he signed while sitting on Bashir’s Lap. Why is Lam Akol still a Khartoum stooge? Or is it fine to reap what you didn’t sow as usual with no shame whatsoever

        Your so-called evelish or "creeping" revolution is in deeds creepy in nature. How can it not be, when its started with a magician who proclaimed himself having spiritual powers,(Ngundeng or Wurnyang) and ended up splashed into Bashir toilet.

        This is what you called a vision, did anyone ever taught you about what the word means. Vision does not die away easily like that my friend. True vision preservere obstacles and that is why NEW SUDAN VISION opened the way to self-determination for the South, and your evelish or "creeping vision ended up in the toilets only to remain in the mind of foolish morons.

        Had I said enough to boost up your frozen brain, or how about I download some freakish news about Riek when he was an assistant president to Bashier, assistant president, how does that sound to you Gatwech or born in the cattle camp boy. Aren’t you happy now that the South refer to Riek as vice president, or which one do you like better?

        repondre message

        • 24 December 2010 05:42, by padiit gaga

          Hey LL Reuben.

          you are aliar this is not Dr.Garang vision, his vision is new sudan which mean Unity but it deos not work. this vision is belong to Dr. lam and Dr.Riek, their vision is southsudan or separation not New sudan which is unity of sudan with new constitution.
          we do not need sudan unity even though the sharia laws is change, we know that the do not mean it but is just for movement to decieve people to accept unity after that they will enforce it again.

          repondre message

          • 25 December 2010 18:52, by LL Reuben


            You think cleaning Bashir toilet for years could lead to achievement of self-determination by Riek and Lam? What have Riek and Lam done to achieve self-determination other than stabbing the SPLM at the back,and killing of innocent civilians? Why is Riek still operating under SPLM leadership and vision and not his SSIM if you think Riek is anything? The bottom line is that you folks don’t undertand what NEW SUDAN VISION MEANS, and instead you tried to claim what he Riek Machar has never even talked about because he knows he will be in a marinas trench if he ever claim anything to himself.

            repondre message

    • 23 December 2010 13:32, by Peter Mading

      Of Course Dr. John Garang had made a very strong vision. A vision of "The New Sudan". This type of seed shall not died or wield just like that. It is the type of seed or crop with deep roots and open leaves and it will get water through capillary and from the Nile Water. North Sudan is going to split more and more until the islamic ideology is dropped or returned to the East where Nemeri got it from. Keep up Mr. Yasir and Malik. You are the next future leaders of the North.

      repondre message

  • 23 December 2010 09:01, by Aleu

    I think the problem here of these Two States was, because people were a touching themselves very wrongful to North Sudan but in real sense they are not actually belong to North Sudan region. Southern Kordofan State and South Blue Nile State are not parts of Northern Sudan. The reason why both States were a touching themselves to the North Sudan simply because the North Sudanese were dominating the whole Sudan nation which have now result to about 2.5 million human beings have losts their lives during two decades of the SPLA/SPLM Civil war with Sudan government.

    Malik Aggar Eyre and others Nubian figures have to thinks twice not merely because of the message from indictment Omar al Bashir but also the lesson of Darfurian people being murdering by Khartoum government even if they don’t pass that Islamic State of Shariah law, still the North Sudan’s government would probably continues get ride as usual and I am sure they will do it on others none Arab ethnic in Northern Sudan later on. Nubian people and Blue Nile people as well as the Darfuian people please my brothers and sisters mark my word and you will see it if you guys decides poorly to join Noth Sudan government.

    repondre message

    • 23 December 2010 12:53, by Kur William

      Thank you Mr Aleu for your vision and frankness on they currents matters which are interacting between these two states with Arabs and are very difficult to understand by isolated people therefore Iam convined for the message you have sent to our brothers in these states of Blue Nile and Great Nuba mountain to realise their backward and conclude their sight thoroughly before dreaming to joining North. Kur

      repondre message

      • 23 December 2010 17:31, by Ito

        First and foremost, I congratulate CDRs.Yasir Arman and Malik Agar for their firm stand against the radical islamic regime in the North. Please fight this law until it is kill and buried for good. I even encourage you to mobilized your people and connect them with those of west and east to bring this stupid regime down by military means.

        How can you omit diversity from the constitution and you Bashir knows very well that the North even without the south is a multi-faith, multi ethnic and multi-cultural country. Please refer to constituional amendment of 1998 in which you yourself sign.

        South will go no matter what. Agar, tell your people to make the right decision when your time for population consulation comes. You either find a way to join other northern forces opposed to this regime like the Darfur or just joined South Sudan.

        Blessings and May God bless the people of South Sudan.

        repondre message

  • 23 December 2010 17:23, by kaci-banno

    People of southern blue Nile and southern Kordofan have to understand that the choice is left with them. Separation of southern Sudan can not make them disappointed because CPA is the only key for all solutions. They have to use that opportunity wisely to decide for their destiny. SPLM or people of southern Sudan will never forget about the struggle we struggle together to transform Sudan in to democratic country but we found that is not working, is better for us to separate. The people of Southern Blue Nile and Kordofan have to think twice about Bashir proposal over economic situations after South secession, Bashir said agriculture will be the source of economic power in Northern part when south separate and the question is which states in Northern part contain fertilizer land for agriculture? It is Blue Nile and Kordofan. Which means Bashir is going to stick on this two states to sustain the economic situations in the north.

    By Kaci-Ma-banno

    repondre message

    • 24 December 2010 02:22, by saban John

      Agar and araman are pretending to be good people. haha. I hope they don’t full us southerners. They are the one who implemented sharia law and it work for everyone as it comes from intelligent minds from north.

      I advise you to reverse your opposition to sharia, otherwise you will have no food and no one to each you how to governed and lived in this shaky world... thanks

      repondre message

      • 24 December 2010 04:49, by kaci-banno

        Hey Saban John
        When I read some of your articles, real you don’t know what you are about to say. Agar and Araman are not pretending as you said, they are the very people stand with the people of Southern Sudan during the struggle more than you to transform Sudan in to democratic nation, that’s why you don’t know them. shut up! don’t talk like foolish person, mark my words after referendum you will be a beggar at juba streets or run back to Uganda claim to be a Acholi Uganda.


        repondre message

      • 24 December 2010 07:15, by Udukcana.J

        To saban.

        It is not over yet,as you know now nothing is smooth on our way to the promise land.We never know, things may go one way or anothor.As stated by Dr.garang "don’t deny yourself allies".What you are saying is you are already on the top of the hill looking down upon the promise land and you begin to deny your self allies before you reach the land.

        yes, Malik ager at some points had been calling for sudan to stay united,but that doesn’t mean the whole blue nile citizens agree on that.There are people,particularly southern blue nile who would not want to be associate with the north,but becuase they are out numbered by the other arabanized brothers in the region, they may still be out numbered by those who choose to stay with the north in this popular consultation process.

        There is still one minute to go,so stop rushing to omit your own strong allies.


        repondre message

  • 24 December 2010 04:03, by Deng E. Manyuon

    Malik Agar, Yasir Arman and Abdul-Aziz Adam your hoesty during the struggle will be remebered by the people of Southern Sudan. You have been true nationalists. You are full of sense of belonging and nationalism.

    Diversity should be respected. It is the God will to create everyone different from another. It is even, if I am not mistaken, mention in the Holy Quran el Karim-the book of Islam that "we have created you as diversed nations and tribes such as to know each other"!! I wonder from where did Bashir and Saban John who pretends to be a Southerner get this idea of having one ethnicity and one religion?


    repondre message

    • 24 December 2010 23:27, by homeboy

      Dear Deng,

      True the late Dr knew our diversity is our strength,as for Bashir and the NCP idea of imposing an alien culture that is based on their own morally corrupt racist narrow minded interpetation of religion will one day prove to be wishfull thinking.Ur comment above nailed it right on the left side,keep the good work up brother.

      repondre message

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