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No divisions in South Sudan government, minister says


October 29, 2010 (JUBA) — Marial Benjamin Bill, a minister of information and broadcasting services in the government of south Sudan on Friday dismissed claims that leaders of the regional government are divided and that they have started forming tribal establishments, months into referendum vote.

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Salva Kiir interviewed by Al-Sudani journalist Rofayda Yassen (photo Al-Sudani)

The minister, who called for press conference to respond to the publication made by Khartoum based Al Sudani newspaper, said there is no divisions among political leaders and in the government of southern Sudan.

According to Al-Sudani, Salva Kiir Sudan’s First Vice President and President of southern Sudan government, in a long interview with him conducted during his presence in capital, accused Riek Machar of working to strengthen his weight inside the government of the semi-autonomous region.

"There are no divisions among political leaders in South Sudan in general let alone allegations that there is division in the government and people of Southern Sudan. Political leaders, both in and outside the government are united and moving together towards the referendum with one purpose: self-determination," said Marial.

"I want would like to inform you ladies and gentlemen of the press that the president was quoted out of context on a number of issues following an interview with journalists in Khartoum recently,” said the minister.

Marial, however, confirmed that the interview did take place but said he wanted to set the record straight on a number of issues on which the President was misquoted.

Al Sudani alleged that there is disunity within ranks and files of the government of south Sudan leadership, especially between president Kiir and his vice President Riek Machar Teny. Al Sudani claimed to have heard about this division from "the streets". Which streets and why pick on reports from the streets instead of coming to the relevant authorities for verification and clarifications, asked the minister.

He asserted that government of south Sudan with the people are currently more united than any than time in the past and that the Vice-President is unequivocal in his support of the government and the President.. He explained that vice president Machar has been working together with the other leaders to cement this unity as exemplified by his leadership role during the recent South-South dialogue. "We are united and are moving together as one body," said Marial.


The minister further added that the same Al Sudan alleged that President Kiir declared that South Sudan would establish diplomatic relations with Israel if it becomes an independent state after the referendum.

According to the daily newspaper Kiir said Israel is the enemy of Palestinians and not Southerners, so when the southern Sudan proclaims its independence it would establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

"This is not correct. This is not the president has said. What the president said was that South Sudan has no enemies and will be free to form mutually-beneficial relations with any nation in the interest of its people. The president did not mention anything to do with Israel. He never uttered name "Israel" while being interviewed, clarified minister Marial.

The statements allegedly attributed to Salva Kiir were extensively echoed by the Arab media outlets which denounced the pro-Israeli position of the southern Sudanese leader.

Denying another report by Al-Rai Al-Aam daily claiming that Israeli intelligence (Mossad) is training the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), the minister wondered how a foreign intelligence agency can train what he termed as "national army" in reference to the SPLA.

He said that these reports seem to be aimed at portraying Southern Sudan as a possible hostile state which will give Israel a pedestal from which to infiltrate the Arab world.

He, however, explained that South Sudan will be free to establish diplomatic relations with any country in the world if it secedes from rest of the Sudan in the upcoming vote self determination for people of the region.

If South Sudan becomes independence state, Juba "will be free to establish diplomatic relations as it deems fit," said minister Marial, wondering why some people seem concerned with the possibility of a new state having diplomatic relations with Israel yet several other countries in the region and even in the Arab world.

Arab world countries like Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco just to name a few, have established strong ties and relations with Israel. "What is special about South Sudan if it decides to establish diplomatic relations with her if the relationship would be for interest of the people of south Sudan," he asked.

Urging media to uphold the tenets of professional journalism, he said his government will not take any punitive actions against Al Sudani because it guarantees freedom of expression.

The minister who also urged journalists, both local and international, to follow the right procedures and respect protocols when seeking audience with leaders, explained that the said interview should have been conducted by the Editor-in-Chief and not a junior reporter as it was the case of Al-Sudani journalist.


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  • 30 October 2010 05:23, by Luke Chuol

    To Reader

    I am wondering where is Mr President and what is he is saying now after all this? No supprise to me though to see Dr Salva Kirr coming very strong criticize Dr Riek who works days and nights to make sure that self-determination will take place.

    Why Marial? to come out and explained about what has been said? where is Mr, Dr Kirr? Let him clarified his mess he is the one who was interviewed and he knows what he said and what he did not said

    O.M. G but no supprise


    repondre message

    • 30 October 2010 05:44, by Jayo

      This is another false propaganda from Jallaba to creat discord among Southerners at the time when Southerners are trying their best to stand united.I am sure our people will not fall for this stupid trick.

      President Kiir and Dr Riek Machar worked their hearts out just last week to unite all Southern political voices.Now you see what Khartoum media propaganda is comming up with.Isn’t the same media that pronounced General Paulino Matip dead more than several times?Wasn’t the same media that alleged in 2008 that Rebecca Nyandeng and Gen Oyai were planning a coup on Kiir’s government?Wasn’t the same media that was taken to court by Dr Riek Machar because they accused him of corruption?

      NCP should know that South Sudan is long gone,and the dirty tricks they play now are just last kicks of a dying horse.

      repondre message

      • 30 October 2010 06:58, by Gatwech

        Al Sudani should be taken to court unless minister Dr. Marial fears that the recorded facts of the interview will be revealed in court by Al Sudani.

        This is a very serious accusation involving the top leadership, Minister!

        Why fear taking the paper to court of law?

        repondre message

        • 30 October 2010 08:04, by Ahmed Chol


          In that newspaper is driven by NCP. The NCP is responsible for its content.

          The news was published to achieve two things.
          1) to show that there is a strong dispute between Machar and Kiir about the direction of south and everybody in the south knows that this is not the case.
          2) The Arab world is being urged to unite and work against the independence of South Sudan because it will be a new home to Israel and America as they are being told. This is all nonsensical. In the Arab countries, everybody is brain washed since childhood that anything that goes wrong in his/her life including a mosquito bite is always Israel’s fault. This Israel-phobia won’t work in South Sudan. In fact if the Arab world hates what the Palestinians are going through then they should support us because our situations is worse than theirs because we have lost more than land, our oil has been robbed from us.

          repondre message

        • 30 October 2010 08:06, by Simon Peter Wal


          how come a newspaper be taken to court just because it tells the truth?. we the southners living in khartuom were really shoked by H:E interview and we are 100% sure that what the paper had gone to is correct before it could say that it has a detailed recorded interview with the president.. this incident justifies only one thing, that mr.President does not trust his vice and is fearing him..a gain it Justifies that kiir is Pretending to the peoples of Southern Sudan for he can’t be a die hard separatist in Juba while pointing to his vice as the real separatist when in khartuom.
          President’s advisors must draw a map to H:E so that not to mix up things..they said politics is a dirty game and not every body knows to play it.

          repondre message

        • 30 October 2010 09:37, by Dengcol malual

          Gatwech and Luke

          you are those southerners who are still listening to Arabs’ propaganda because you don’t pay attention to their report. take them to court under what law? and why don’t you read their report by yourself in which Al sudani claimed it was not from the president but from street geors.

          The Al sudani said that the reporter is a junior journalist who pick up the news/story on the street. why do you want them in court and Al Sudani is a liar press.

          However, did we took the Al sudani to court when they reported the death of Matip or Dr. Riek wanted to replace Taban with his wife, or when the reported that Oyai and Nyandeng wanted to overthrow the government of Southern Sudan, and many lies. you still trust Arabs that they will tell us the truth? they want to destroy southern Sudan in any way possible.

          can you read the report again?

          repondre message

          • 30 October 2010 20:33, by Gatwech

            it was not Al-Sudani who did all those you have said. It was Al-Intibah and it was taken to court by Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Riek won the court case and cleared the allegations.

            Ask Nyandeng and Oyai why they did not take it to court.

            Similarly Salva Kiir should take Al-Sudani to court for such a very serious allegation.

            repondre message

        • 31 October 2010 03:16, by Ajiech M. Chol

          Why you’re so concern anyway while Dr. Riak, the one who is supposed to be follow up that statement is quiet? What else do you want SPLM to do while they reacted publicly?

          repondre message

  • 30 October 2010 05:31, by Anyang

    No doubt, some like Mr hyena-Vp are working day and night to clinched to power to feed their babies instead of working for the interest of the yet to be born nation and they should be stop soon rather than later.

    To Mr president,keep your eye open and keep doing the good jobs for our people and you will definitly be honoured come the day.

    Any agent of confusion, who dare to stire-up chaos,unrest and the likelihood of back to square one for the sake of their own selfishness will surely be brought to a complete halts once for for all.

    repondre message

    • 30 October 2010 06:04, by Jayo

      I feel very sorrowful for people like Anyang and Luke Chuol who accept this propaganda as their God-sent truth and start condemning their leaders who are most likely inocent in the case.The years when Southerners fall for cheap propaganda like this are past.

      I ask you two brothers and all other readers to wise up,or wait for further proof of this issue.For the last two days,I have never heard or read of this news reported by a media that is not NCP controlled.Why is it never mentioned in any foreign-based media if it is true?Not AP,not Aljezeera,bbc etc.

      Even if there was a wrangle between the two leaders (let’s say),I don’t see a case where President Kiir would go to complain to a NCP controlled media.

      repondre message

      • 30 October 2010 06:40, by Anyang

        Idiocy is n,t logic, you are awful to do fingerpointing in this case.

        repondre message

    • 30 October 2010 06:20, by Achiek Alier Jr

      Dear Southern brothers,

      Lets pull out what belong to us, the South Sudan. We will talk Politics later.

      repondre message

      • 30 October 2010 06:52, by MIMAMA

        As the saying goes that " there is no smoke without fire", the media might be right.
        Riek machar’s greed for power made him has no qualm on the right channel followed to ascend to power.
        It has been rumuored many times that Riek has given out positions and lands to Equatorians meant to build up this political ambition.
        Kiir should open his eyes widely and see what the Riek’s political build up may bring.

        repondre message

        • 30 October 2010 07:09, by Gatwech

          Alier, you are one of NCP agent "in the streets" trying to divide us.

          GOSS should take Al Sudani to court to make the matter clear.

          repondre message

          • 30 October 2010 10:05, by Dengcol malual


            so you called Alier " NCP agent" so what make that rubbish report so important to you than the referendum? Alier wanted the southerners to pay attention to the referendum process than NCP cheap politic? so anybody who want the southerners to pay attention to the referendum process than lie from Khartoum’s government is " a NCP agent"? wow!? can you read it again? NCP wanted to avert the attention away from the referendum process to something useless because they know that Southern Sudanese will overwhelmingly favored independent and they want to divide southerners through lie and some of you are still trust the media under the NCP. they delayed the referendum already, but it didn’t changed anything, so now they are trying division and i hope they will not go anywhere with it either.

            repondre message

            • 30 October 2010 20:35, by Gatwech

              So you foolishly think that allowing such allegations to go unchallenged is giving attention to referendum. What a poor reasoning. I can now understand why Kiir will continue to be misquoted.

              repondre message

        • 30 October 2010 07:16, by Achuil Manyuat Tong

          These are false information.they are rubbish u should not even listen to them.they are frustrated by the current unity of southerners.

          repondre message

    • 30 October 2010 14:10, by Spla Commando

      Whether Dr.Salva Kiir have said this or not, what is more importance Mr.Benjamin Marial is that our top leadership should remain united to pave the way for our one and only destiny ’’ Self-Determination’’ for the people of Southern Sudan and the Abyei Region.

      This is more important than our inner political wrangling and personal grudges.

      SPLA Commando, is currently roaming the street of Khartoum looking for would-be- potentials palace and places to be bombard should North deny the outcome of Referendum if Southerners voted for ’Separation’ in January 9,2011.

      repondre message

      • 30 October 2010 18:03, by Ahmed Chol

        To Everybody and Spla commando,

        Gen. Salva is not a doctor. You are disgracing him in front of the world by calling him doctor when he is not. He only given a honorary degree and that doesn’t make him a doctor. To be a doctor, you have to do a substantial amount of work in school, write and defend a dissertation (almost a book) and Gen. Salva is not there yet. Keep things straight. He is educated but not a doctor yet. We value his great commitment to the moment and to the southerners and that is good enough to make him our leader. Calling him a doctor is lying and lying is not good.

        Ahmed Chol, the future commander of Anya-nya III if the joins the south joins the north

        repondre message

  • 30 October 2010 07:24, by Bol Bol

    Both Kiir and Riek have other crucial issues to focus on. The fact that Marial has already to respond to this allegation should be enough.

    repondre message

  • 30 October 2010 10:27, by Sudan virus

    Do worry readers.

    This is the habit of the Arab journalist.They are known world wide of changing statements and even pictures on the media.

    Shame on the Al Sudan news paper.

    The paper deserve to be sue to court.

    repondre message

  • 30 October 2010 10:29, by Sudan virus

    Point of correction!

    I meant ,do not worry readers.

    repondre message

  • 30 October 2010 11:02, by unity state boy

    The bottle can injure the person ,but if you ask it ,it can not tell you the reasson why injure the person ,because it did not hearing and understtand.
    This accussation is very painfull to me,but nothing happen, but the court should there .

    Thank by AAAMEN
    IN UK

    repondre message

  • 30 October 2010 15:26, by Luke Chuol


    You just a another Hidden of the fact somewhere. Where is Dr Kirr himself? why doesn’t he come out and tell us the truth? You just jump on by saying something that has nothing to do with this article or what-so-over

    Go back and talk to Kirr before jumping up and down


    repondre message

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