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Russia warns from new Somalia in South Sudan


August 26, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — Russian special envoy for Sudan, Mikhail Margelov, warned from the failure of a new state in southern Sudan and expressed fears that a new Somalia may emerge in the semi-autonomous region.

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Russian special envoy to Sudan Mikhail Margelov

Margelov made his remarks to the press after a meeting in Cairo with the Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa. The two parties discussed latest developments in Sudan particularly the upcoming referendum on self-determination to be held in January 2011.

The most important thing we are looking for is the process of building bridges and understanding among the political circles in the northern and southern Sudan, he said in statements reported by the official MENA.

"We as an international community and countries that are permanent Security Council members do not want a new Somalia in South Sudan," he stressed.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Saltanov voiced in October 2009 the support of his government to the integrity of largest African country during an international workshop organized in Moscow to discuss Sudan’s problems.

Margelov who heads the Federation Council’s Committee for International Affairs visited Sudan several times since his appointment in December 2008 and supported reelection of Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir during April elections.

Regarding Bashir’s indictment on Darfur atrocities he said "There is an emerging feeling that the ICC decision on arresting the current Sudanese president was rushed and politicized".


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  • 27 August 2010 03:49, by Wal P Muoranyar Biet

    stop your witch-hunt! Southern Sudan will never be like Somalia what so ever.

    Peace be onto Southern Sudan

    Wal Muoranyar Biet

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    • 27 August 2010 04:04, by Dr.Agany

      This is a tone from worrying Investors NOT Russian government. They are so desperate to see their business of selling arms and receiving oil flourishing. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Even Somalis are better off than slaves.

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      • 27 August 2010 06:45, by Gatwech

        When did Russians become good politicians?

        Where is the so-called Soviet Union, ya Mr. Russian? Have the dismantled states become another Somalia in your case?

        Well, if you are looking for a Somalia-like state after 2011 it will be North Sudan, not South Sudan. And particularly Khartoum will look like Mogadishu for a long period of time.

        Stay away from us. You don’t even know how South Sudan looks like.

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        • 28 August 2010 10:11, by Arochthon


          Facts and truth can not be denied. Have you ever visited Southern Sudan to see how the so called Somalis roamed in Juba? the Envoy here has not mentioned anything bad concerning Southern Sudan, he is even much worried about our security. I think it should be better if we can learn how to analyze things far beyond the politics. As far as I have analyzed, what he says is neither political interest nor economical interest but he is trying to warn the authorities concerned with the security in the Government of Southern Sudan to take security measures that would protect these vulnerable citizens of Southern Sudan.

          I have seen you wanted to extend your assumption of things to the security of Southern Sudan as most of you do in leadership but the issue of al-shabab can not be assumed, if so they will tear you in pieces. Take care and be vigilant.


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          • 29 August 2010 00:34, by Ali Musa

            this is about Russia what about America`s. and conspiracy theory in your mind? and ..... just go to this page and see??? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/29/opinion/29kristof.html

            There is a growing risk that Sudan will be the site of the world’s bloodiest war in 2011, and perhaps a new round of genocide as well. This isn’t America’s fault, but neither are we using all of our leverage to avert it.

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      • 27 August 2010 09:47, by Ajokbil

        This strong Russian, whom his thinking is not by himself but influential by either Bashir or Amr Musa, should shut up and leave us a lone. Every nation on this earth has it own problem to talk about including Russian itself.

        South Sudan is quite sure of becoming an independent Country coming January Nine 2011 and will be more stable then before, and if Russian is worry because of it’s share in rich resources esp oil, then it is up to them their relationship with Arab and be with us.

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    • 27 August 2010 10:00, by Otong

      Why we are not suprised to hear this Russian special envoy (traitor) for Sudan, we know that Russian always are after their inters.

      Lets start with their position against Iranian regime, they agreed on the UN security council to impose sanction against Iran, but at the same time they are helping Iranian to build their nuclear weapons, where is the legitimacy here? How can Russia be neutral when it’s come to South Sudan issues while they are selling weapons to enemies of South Sudan?

      To Mr. Mikhail Margelov, the issue of independent South Sudan has passed international community now, it at the hends of people of South Sudan to decide their destiny, not UN, all you can do if you are genuine with your concerns is to support the GOSS to build the security, and to governance themselves.

      Otong Otong

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  • 27 August 2010 04:08, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    We, South Sudanese are disappointed, annoyed at an irresponsible, racist statement made by Russian diplomat against the freedom of our people to decide their destiny in the coming plebiscite next year. We believe he spoke with a tongue of Egypt a prime trouble causer of all political issues in Sudan. He might be also standing for their economic interests in South Sudan. I want to say they will not succeed in their scheme because the people of that region will not give in to their cheap reasons for his statement. We are neither Arabs nor Islamists. We are Africans who are only struggling to secure peace, justice, and freedom so that our children and mothers can once again live under a secure sky where the Russian built antenov do not rain bombs for their extermination and our grasslands are not battlefields but fields for grass with which we use for constructing roofs of our huts. The insecurity in South Sudan they claim to point is their making which our people will fight to the last man to prevent their manmade schemes. They should by now they are fighting a lost battle as the people know what they want. Noone change what the people want except the people themselves. We have paid dearly for where we are now. Therefore we must achieve what intend to get.

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  • 27 August 2010 04:08, by Butrus Ajak.

    Russians shouldn’t think that Southerners are not aware of their secret deal with the ruthless regime (NCP) to deter South Secession. South knows it!!!!

    Calling an independent South Sudan a second Somalia is nothing other than political rhetoric. Such remark is an insult to Southerners Integrity and their Government.

    South has been subjected to colossal disservice by NCP several years. NCP is responsible for all commotion and havoc in the South. Given their history of terrorism!!!

    Please allows South to secede and let’s see how it will become Second Somalia.


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  • 27 August 2010 04:10, by Samani

    I think this is wishful thinking. No matter what history tells you this has nothing to do with the facts on the ground today. Many southerners especially from smaller and marginalised tribes i.e non Dinka, have already taken up arms and are rebelling against the dominated Dinka GOSS. Just because it is masked in the media does not mean it does not exist, and blaming the North or NCP does not make it go away.
    The other thing our dear author seems to forget that political stability depends on economic and social security. Till today there is no governance in South Sudan, no infrastructure, schools, hospitals, government buildings, paved roads or even a tax system. The GOSS has already wasted more than $6 Billion in the last 5 years either on military spending or sending it abroad to the US, Australia and UK on government officials, their families and luxury real estate.

    The GOSS relies almost completely on oil revenue that the government of Sudan gives it. The North controls the infrastructure, production, export and sale of oil. The UN estimates 50% of South Sudan’s population will need food assistance and repeated failures in agricultural schemes, unpredictable rain and lack of education and technology means things can only get worse. The South is expecting an influx of 3 million Southerners to return before the referendum which will add more strain to the situation. Being patriotic and passionate about an independent South is one thing, but you need to be pragmatic and realistic. Unless the issues are tackled the South will be another Somalia by this time next year and those same 3 million will return to the North again.

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    • 27 August 2010 06:08, by Martin Garang Aher

      The diplomatic warning of a Russian diplomat in Cairo, Egypt about possible Somalization of the region is by all means healthy. No one even the South Sudanese want to see Somalization of the region because of insatiable dissidence. It is a worry for all!
      However the time, place and interest in disguised during the making of the statement is dubious and serious. Honesty wasn’t the best policy at the time of the voicing of this diplomatic advice.

      There was no better place for a Russian diplomat to make a bootlicking statement if not in Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian interest in Sudan extends to South Sudan where a major resource pedestal to it survival, The Nile, picks up its alluvial soil for the food farms in Egypt. The volumetric flow of the Nile too increases in South Sudan due to frequent seasonal rains. For South Sudanese to live a decent life on earth, Egypt must forgo its major dependence on the Nile openly or clandestinely due to unavoidable developments that will characterise this great new country to be. South Sudan can never really prosper with out the Nile being at the centre whether directly or indirectly. This is a worry to Egypt. Anyone pleasing them by dissuading the world to turn a blind eye to South Sudan is an irredeemable ally. And the Russian Mikhail Margelov fits that job perfectly well.

      However, Russia should not forget that many nations that violently or peacefully split with their ruthless masters have been taunted as would-be failures if later met with security and economic quagmires; but these countries have in time surpassed such prophetic stigma. Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, etc are today vivid examples that were threatened with failures and were forced not to leave the Russian federation. Today they are thriving democracies, better than mother Russia itself. If Russia wants to view the situation in South Sudan with the same magnifying lens as it did in Chechnya,

      http://www.globalissues.org/article/100/crisis-in-chechnya, then there is a gross marginal error involved.

      Russian economic crisis is a reason for such comments from the Russian diplomat. Economic woes in Russia have been highlighted by many academics. The country needs soft place and space to swing her idle tentacles of influence. Just like in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Her great and marauding quest to find easy partners to prey on is noticeable in Sudan and other vulnerable African countries.
      Sudan had been her partner in trade for arms and a destination of her lame technology of terror for many years. Of course Southerners still evidently retain information on the Russian made Presidential helicopter that killed John Garang, his guards and Ugandan crew. Russian gunships have tormented women and children for many years in Southern Sudan. Other bombers like the Antonov, a feverish high altitude bomber, became the roaring thunders in Southern skies year in and year out for decades.


      Nobody tells the world what it already knows; that South Sudanese have never known state development and handouts since the inception of the republic of Sudan? Southerners who often flee to the North in times of crisis do so because of security concerns caused by the Northern regimes, not economic downturns.

      It is presumptuously true that Sudan owes Russia a lot of money in the purchase of arms during the war. This money will not be paid when South Sudan goes away with her bounty natural endowments. God forbids if the post referendum negotiations currently underway between the Government of South Sudan and the National Congress Party on national debt will involve tricky concessions in which South Sudanese will be bound by agreement to pay for the bombs dropped on their kids during the war!

      Ultimately, it seems the best option for Russia, Egypt and NCP to keep the South around as an Assurance of Support is concoct a thwart to its referendum vote.

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    • 27 August 2010 06:18, by Ahmed Chol


      Sudan is already Somalia. War in the west and in the East. The country has always been topping the list of failed states in the last few years.
      Your government is dependent on oil and what else?
      You Arabs think you hate us but the truth is that we hate you more than you hate us. There will be another rebellion just in the few years which will just be a replay of 1972 and 1983 if you still the referendum. Mark my words.

      Ahmed Chol, the future commander of Anya-nya III

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    • 27 August 2010 07:00, by Timdor


      mark your words for the next 7 months and you will swallow them with shame and embarrasment.

      First and foremost,it is time now to answer the Arabs as they continue to ask silly questions what really the Southerners want? We build mosques for them and open quranic schools,shouting in the name of Allah Akber,we made them mulims,militias,clash them to kill each and we bribe them to hate each other etc..but they will be answered that we need a Nation. Referendum is an attitunial test of Southerners after the long bitter and estructive war since 1952 wage by Arabs.

      Its not the question of what is SPLM or NCP doing about the unity or separation but the thing is more of Southerners and these two partners are facilitating accoriding to the wishes of Southerners and should any one divert this wish into their self interest,this is the day you will watch through TV about chanting and jubilations,ululations of Southerners about the declaration of State!

      Your doom prophency about the South being in war will never happen.About other tribes taken arms aganist Dinka,do you want to say that,LRA activities are waged by local population in Wsetern Eq? That is already a big lie...Though there are grudges within Southerners about GOSS,there is no government in this world where you will hear its citizens satisfy with but they continue answering demands of their citizens as GOSS is doing though Arabs are working very hard to make sure South fail in its administration.

      Once again,mark my words!


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    • 27 August 2010 09:42, by Kideopo Boy

      Samani Or Samaniya,

      You seem to be someone who doesn’t understand Sudan history plus troubles causers in this Country. Russians are the second weapons exporters to Khartoum regime after China. Are you telling us Southerners that Somalis are fighting because of their right or they are fighting a Religous war Jihad against their fellow muslims. The Somalis want to fulfil what they say it’s written in the Quran. That’s why they trained suicide bombers etc. to go and kill they muslims brothers. Are these the people the Russian envoy plus you are comparing with South Sudanese. Islam in South Sudan is NOT and WILL never be the same with that one you beleived and worship in Khartoum and Magadishu, Afganistan, Irag etc. Southern Sudanese muslims behave the way their Christians South Sudanese not that one you are expressing to the media. No killing of innocent people.
      And we South Sudanese will keep our eyes to those who want to come to South Sudan to preach that Islamic foundamentalism of Khartoum and Somalia Etc. and they will pay the price.
      Leave us to decide our future alone.

      repondre message

      • 27 August 2010 13:40, by visitor

        You forget that Islam means "submission" and that your lovely tame Muslims in the south will obey the imams if they gain traction in south Sudan. You have NO power over Muslims in south Sudan. They are only behaving themselves because they do not have the numbers. Even if they don’t want to turn nasty, they will if they are told to.
        As for south Sudan going the way of Somalia, it WILL if you keep letting Somalians migrate into south Sudan.
        NO PLACE is safe if Muslims gain numbers! Don’t forget this: NO PLACE is immune to Islamization, even if you have won a war! Look at the Islamization of Nubia: in the end, after fighting and treaties, it was TRADE and IMMIGRATION which caused them to become part of the helpless Islamic world.

        repondre message

    • 28 August 2010 10:25, by Arochthon


      that is a ly, who told you that Southern Sudanese rebelled against each other in South, what is in the South is only you (Arabs) who still have hope in South Sudanese to support you in your struggle of uniting Sudan for second time, I want to tell you that you are wasting you time and money which you will regret at the end after 9 January 2011when you will see Southern Sudanese have moved away and stay prosperously in their new state.

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  • 27 August 2010 04:24, by murlescrewed

    This just goes to show that the so-called Russian envoy lacks the knowledge of South Sudan. South Sudan and Somalia are very different places with unique characteristics. Somalia is not able to function because Somalis have more allegiance to their own clan than the country. South is different because it is a country of people who respect laws.

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  • 27 August 2010 04:48, by Acid

    Mikhail Margelov!!

    Russian is not different with Somalia either; so please don’t worry about South Sudan but start worrying about Russian and hers countless rivals!!

    repondre message

  • 27 August 2010 06:37, by Timdor

    Prophet of Dooms,stop from bewitching Southern Sudan into what you called New Somalia.

    You should learn from lies that you made during census and elections but nothing of such case has ever happen though you have encourage George Athor to start his Somalis activities but rebellion is not even felt in one county within Jonglei or Upper Nile states.You might want to celebrate about the LRA activities but let me assure you that,they government will bring the issue of LRA into an end once we become a nation with our own resources.

    Those who think that South is Not capable,just see the way we voted for the first time,casting 12 votes in one time in one day at the same time.....Just tell me,which part of the world such voting was done? But we manage to do it for the first time in history and it was peaceful.

    Your ill-intention wishes will be undermined by God.


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  • 27 August 2010 07:05, by Akot Deng

    what is the comparion Between Southern Sudan AND Somalia is it Letter " S " If so we shall Rename our independence state as new Sudan, otherwise these are the different country with different culture and different human spiecies and political background so i don,t see a reason that Russia should worried about the indenpendent of the South,

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      • 27 August 2010 11:16, by Otong

        Hey Smani,

        This videos is from enemies of South Sudan (North Sudan/NCP) it’s just a propaganda against the Southerners leaders. Anybody can make such a video and post it on youtube, the video does not tell which international media center posted it!! We the Southerners will prove to you that we are more civilize than you the Arabs.

        repondre message

      • 27 August 2010 16:23, by Dengtaath

        Samani, you are still going so far while you know no body wants to listen to your childish advices.
        Stop it, if you worry about south sudan peaceful nation, just move to North after independent or move now. stop you depying South south sudan.

        repondre message

      • 28 August 2010 11:46, by emmanuel adol

        whatever those are just rubbish .

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  • 27 August 2010 08:51, by Lual Garang De Lual

    To: Unworthy Diplomat
    There is an African saying which says, "If you bend down to look at someone buttocks, mind you someone is also looking at your buttocks" It is bewitching that a high profile personality is siding with the interest of their allies and forgetting his duty as stipulated in the diplomatic code of conduct. We, South Sudanese are God fearing people who know our destiny and that is why we offered 2.5 million people. No any other diplomat under the sun or above the sky to coach as about our failures. See how blindfolded the diplomat is, Sudan currently united has failed very tremendously and miserably b’se currently NISS is suppressing any form of descend by confiscating personnal property, detaining opponents incommunicado, lashing of women wearing trousers, beating innocents women brewing alcohol, not even talking of the worst atrocities of rape, kidnapping, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur by the current government whom he protrays to be the successful government.
    Shame on you Mr. Mikhail Margelov for you left the scare on your friend’s eyes and you talk of the other guy’s scare. God will judge us according to what we say, so say what you know but don’t just mislead the world to believe in your dirty game of bribe me to say this and that. Shame, shame on you. South Sudan will prevail with or without your propanganda

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  • 27 August 2010 10:30, by Gatluak Latjor

    Hahahah- Funny politics from a Russian. Do you know Mikial, because South Sudan is not a Somalia it did capture Russian Pilots pouring Mass AK 47s into South Sudan. Russains should know that Southern Sudan is not Darfur or other parts of northern Sudan (the real and present Somalia of the Sudan) where they (+Chinese) can pour any weapon, and by that they contribute in making Genocides in the north sudan. Southern Sudan has proved itself to the world in five years and now has an elected president. Is this Somalia mr Mikhail? Southern Sudan is now better by far than some independent counties in Africa (with Somalia excluded and is nothing to be compared to South Sudan), and that is before its independent. I think the world should not be confused by the liars of Nothern Sudan.

    repondre message

    • 27 August 2010 12:07, by mayom maboung marek

      that is total nonsense to this fake Rusian Envoy, he does not know his mandate as the observer than to commment badly like that

      repondre message

      • 27 August 2010 13:17, by mack waweru

        Russians are the worst people in the world and have and are still committing atrocities everywhere.
        You made Chechen, Dagustan, Ingushita and two regions of Georgia; Abkhazia and South Ossetia more hellish than Somalia.

        Regarding South Sudan, we are not Somalis and you cannot compare us with them. Mr. Marglove should know that it is his government which is arming the Arab north government with all sort of sophisticated weapons worth of several billions of dollars of Southern Sudan oil revenues against Darfuris and South Sudan and the evident was recently revealed when SPLA intelligence intercepted a Sudan copter piloted by three Russian crews moving men, and delivering weapons to Khartoum created Southern militias. Who is now transporting security chaos to South Sudan? It’s Russia and Arab northern government in Khartoum.

        Southerners are watching and those tempering with our rights would pay heavy price, be they Arabs or their paid envoys.

        Mack Awer

        repondre message

        • 27 August 2010 19:08, by ojok s. ojok

          This guy is ignorant and idiot, he forget the war in south Ossetia and Chechnya which I think is more worse than Somalia. Those Egyptians should not involve in our politics since they want water from us.

          repondre message

          • 27 August 2010 19:36, by CHOLTHEGREAT

            Shame on Russia and other Countries that are thinking that way!! Southern Sudan did not appear this time , Southern Existed before the so-called extremists and fundamentalist [ Arab- Islamic] Sudan and nothing has shown that they will be like Somalia- we fought the deadlist war with the Regime in Khartoum but that did not appear.

            Any way we are not scared by their comments because they have seen that South Sudan is gone and that is why they are using Somalia example to scare other Countries from Supporting the secession of the South.

            Dear Southerners, lets just ignore them and focus on our independence, because they are trying to divert and/ or divide our attention. The fact remains that South Sudan had never and will never be like Somalia no matter what!! and to make it more clearer we have no intention of making one, no and not at all.

            This is an insult to Somalis- and Somalis should be the once bitter about this statement.

            Southerners oyee,
            The Republic of South Sudan Oyee
            SPLM Oyee
            SPLA Oyee
            ’’ Aluta Continua’’

            repondre message

            • 27 August 2010 22:13, by John M. Atem

              This Russian man needs to be rushed to the hospital to have his dimwitted head examine. This man is truly a psycopath. He needs some medications to cool his head down. Fellow Citizens, the myopic dream of fatalistic ideology of Somalization of the South Sudan will never happen on our watch.
              The people of Southern Sudan are truly well- prepared to governing themselve no matter what these brain-hared people say about us. This man needs to understand that we have never had the opportunity before to govern ourselves. Fellow Citizens, this man’s words are only meant to scare living crap out of the people of Southern Sudan and to make us look wickedly stupid.
              Fellow Citizens, The Russians and Chinese are truly worried of newly emerging nation in the South Sudan. This is clearly the reason why this dimwitted fool is trying to negatively portrayed us as people who are totally not capable of governing ourselves.
              Russians and Chineses peoples should now know that the people of Southern Sudan who have been for long time needlessly abused, expoited, mistreated and subjugated as the second-class citizens in their rightful land of Southern Sudan will not let themselves to be wickedly fooled by these outcast, pariah and scum of humanity Jallaba-Arabs and their wicked complices nations.
              The great people of Southern Sudan are fully well aware of the enemies of their political destiny and they are fully prepared to defeat, withstand, and frustrated their enemies’ of their political destiny machinations.
              Fellow Citizens, As you all can read, these nations want to deprive us of our constitutional and God-given rigtht to self-determination. And we must not let that to happen.
              Our people of Southern Sudan have been seriously exposed to a prolonged periods of political uncertainty, violence, and economic deprivation. And the time for us to be freed is now and not later.
              The people of Southern Sudan have had enough of thugocratic Jallaba-Arabs’ cruelly dehumanizing slavery, enforced political oppression, and mismanagement for which they have been helplessly held for so many years. Finally and last, but not certainly the least, let us stop preaching down-market, outlandish and fabricated outdated primitive stone age period politics that have reduced us into the lowest common denominator in the scale of contemporary human beings. Let stop preaching politics of hatred and alienation. These are not the work of orthodox and Bible-believing Christians.
              May almight God creator of heaven and Earth bless the long-suffering people of Southern Sudan and guide the people of Southern Sudan into the promised land of freedom, liberty, respect for human dignity and social justice for all.

              repondre message

              • 28 August 2010 01:42, by visitor

                John Atem: You sound very Westernized. Watch out (please see my comments above). Your high-sounding, politically-correct ideals will get south Sudan in trouble if they are realized. "Social justice" is a term which makes my skin crawl, because I know the evil people who use these clever words to fool people. You must be tough. South Sudan has many enemies, but some of these will come as "friends", or as supplicants to your kindness, or as simple traders. Many of these people have an agenda to quietly Islamize south Sudan or to strip it of resources. Independence will mean nothing if you are not careful. I pray for south Sudan to show the world how to deal with these problems wisely. Don’t copy the West in your thinking...we in the West have got ourselves into big trouble with our silly ideas.

                repondre message

                • 28 August 2010 04:10, by John M. Atem

                  Dear brother Vistor,
                  Iam not very westinized in my political thinking. The term social justice is not a bad word to use. I truly appreciate what you said though, no offend.
                  I know dawn well evil people use this word, but Iam not an evil man. My own father was brutally killed in our liberation struggle. So, I only hope the best for the people of Southern Sudan. The only way 2.5 millions people who have graciously sacrificed their precious lives so that we can all enjoy peace, liberty, freedom, social justice, and respect for human dignity are compensated is through the realization of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
                  So, to answer you in short, Iam not an evil man and I have no devilish desires.

                  repondre message

                  • 28 August 2010 12:10, by visitor

                    John: I did not say YOU had devilish desires; I can see you are a good man. I meant OTHER people; I have heard people use the term "social justice" who are very nasty individuals with an agenda of giving away all that hard-working people make to useless people...it is a socialist or communist term. The south Sudanese must work hard to preserve what they have and make south Sudan into a beautiful place but they must be aware of the people who whine that they have rights, even when they contribute nothing or are against the State; we have this problem in the West with Muslims and you will have it too! That is why I say "Watch out!"

                    repondre message

              • 28 August 2010 02:59, by John M. Atem

                Dear Readers,
                This Russian envoy needs his dimwitted head carefully examined.
                This man is truly a psychopath. He needs some medications to relief his mental craziness.
                Fellow Citizens, the Russian envoy’s fatalistic ideology of Somalization of Southern Sudan is not going to happen. We, the people of Southern Sudan are fully well-prepared for all these challenges and are fully ready to address them. Therefore, this fatalistic ideology of Somalization of Southern Sudan is specifically designed to scare living crap out of you, the people of Southern Sudan and to make you look wickedly stupid.
                I urge all of you my dear people not to buy in to this man’s wicked, odious and absurd nonsense.
                Our people are fully prepared to not only address all these challenges and eventualities, but also to eradicate them. So, please do not lose hope. We need to have faith in ourselves, that is the only way we are going to move our people into the right direction and build more prosperous and united Southern Sudan.
                Finally and last, but not certainly the least, let us stop preaching down-market, diversionary, outlandish and fabricated primitive stone age period politics that have reduced us in to the lowest common denominator in the scale of contemporary human beings.
                Moreover, let us promote, encourage and emphasis our shared commonality and de-emphasis our long-standing political differences for the greater good of our ordinary civilians.
                Lastly, I passionately urge the orphaned political pupils of the SPLM-Torit-Mainstream to protect and safeguard the SPLM-Torit-Mainstream’s high-minded and principled vision, policy, and programs from being fundamentally distorted by bunch of inexperienced and demon-possessed thugs who have been for far too long deceptively spoon-fed with lies, falsehoods, and mythological false sense of corroding inferiority.
                In conclusion, the law of the living and natural God revealed in the fullest belief that," righteouness exalteth a nation while a sin, is a reproach to any people".
                Therefore, in this regard, I ardently urge the people of Southern Sudan to build a strong, God-fearing, and more moralistic corruption-free commonwealth Christian nation of Southern Sudan based on our foundational Judaeo-Christian values and principles.
                May almight God creator of heaven and Earth bless the long-suffering, abused, mistreated and needlessly oppressed people of Southern Sudan and guide them into the promised land of freedom, liberty, justice and equality. SPLA Oyee, New Sudan Oyee. victory to the people of Southern Sudan.
                Thank you very much.

                repondre message

                • 28 August 2010 12:18, by visitor

                  John: Where are you? Which country? I like your thinking.

                  repondre message

  • 28 August 2010 18:38, by Kur

    Shut up. We can’t be intimidated by the prophets of doom. We will prove all of you wrong.


    repondre message

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Sudan’s removal from terror list taints U.S. values 2018-11-10 08:34:32 November, 9th, 2018 The Honorable Michael Richard Pompeo Secretary of State U.S. Department of State 2201 C St NW, Washington DC 20520 USA RESPONSE BY SUDAN LIBERATION MOVEMENT (SLM/A-AW) TO (...)

R-ARCISS: A Peace that divides the signatories and non-signatories 2018-11-10 07:58:28 By Tito Awen, Juba-South Sudan I keep wondering if peace can divide or unite the partners. I am not so young nor unmindful not to have known what happened after signing of the Comprehensive (...)

U.S. Move Ignores Sudan’s Abuses Against its Own People 2018-11-09 06:56:11 U.S. Considers Lifting Sudan’s ‘Terror State’ Designation By Jehanne Henry With all eyes on mid-term elections in the United States, almost no one noticed that on the same day the US State (...)


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Progress observed at end of second month of R-ARCSS implementation 2018-10-22 06:44:02 Press Release 21 October 2018 South Sudanese government released 24 detainees in the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement said the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) (...)

4th Annual Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Forum Announced for 25th October 2018 2018-10-15 12:38:14 PRESS RELEASE OCTOBER 14, 2018 Africa’s leading entrepreneurship-focused philanthropic organisation, the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), has announced October 25, 2018, as the date for its (...)

Unity State community in Kenya supports Khartoum peace agreement 2018-08-17 08:33:21 PRESS STATMENT 14th Aug, 2018 Re: We shall Rally behind Khartoum Peace Agreement The Unity State Community Association in Kenya was established in 2010 to organize and mobilize the people of (...)


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