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BREAKING NEWS: Another serious SPLA internal rebellion in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal


May 4, 2010 (AWEIL, Northern Bahr el-Ghazal) – Another serious developing rebellion involving SPLA forces has reportedly occurred in another state. The Southern Sudan’s capital, Juba, on Tuesday woke up with yet another rebellion of SPLA forces in Northern Bahr elGhazal state.

A Brigadier General, who was suspected of supporting the recent move in Jonglei state by General George Athor, and suspected to be under the direct orders of a recently defeated independent gubernatorial candidate, General Dau Aturjong in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal state, is reported to have moved out of site with over one thousand soldiers in the state and their destination is not yet known.

They have not attacked any town or barrack and are said to be loyal to General Dau.

General Dau Aturjong, is also said to have gone to Khartoum.

Security sources also said some other forces under his command have been on the move around the North-South border.

This, if confirmed, will be the second most serious rebellion involving the SPLA forces following the rebellion in Jonglei state by the forces under Gen. George Athor.

More details are expected to emerge.


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  • 4 May 2010 15:01, by Kim Deng


    Is it still Mr. Athor vs. Kuol Manyak or independents candidates against candidates with SPLM tickets?

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    • 4 May 2010 15:33, by mikes

      We are Sorry,for the SPLA leaders who have been suffer in the bush for the last twenty two years and the are now mass up by turning the gun against their brothers. who are almost to achieve their vision,what we now been waiting for only fews months and everything will be right in south sudan,this thing could only be advantage to the enemy of the peace,tell Athor and Dau to leave their self interest power strungling and greed and you come together let the south a greet light for the fredom that you have fought for years,calm down arab are now going to involve in this thing to kills your brothers again chance in this thing that you are doing now bro leave your interest and come together for goals.you will sort out anything went wrong after indenpence of souther sudan, think big bro Lam and Riek are now behind all thing they are now coordinating with this generals we know so they are so far support this thing beacuse they don’t mind of any choas that will happen as the need power

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      • 5 May 2010 01:22, by choldit

        Yesterday or the day before a msg was posted as a advice from General Dau asking General Athor to leave his hometown for Juba.

        I volunteerly my professional advice to SPLA MI, in particular and the South Sudan in general, that what General Dau is trying to communicate is/can be an encrypted msg to General Athor. And I caution that my writing on that post should be treated as professional advice. I have no idea how serious is the SPLA MI and other protective agencies in considering or event treating this site as a possible source of info.

        This is a public website but some of the users my have ideas that can serve live since most of this people have no access to services in the GOSS and eventually thier professional knowledge will die out without being put in use but they can help us in an "out-of-band" kind of communication channel like this site.

        Now that General Dau has make the final move of his forces and himself to Khartoum then those who didn’t believe my word should if they are willing to belief in others.

        We have to work harder even to stop two Dinka Generals to destory the CPA with PB and Salva Kirr(should have intervene in the early stage of SPLM PB sign of irregularities).

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    • 4 May 2010 16:45, by MJriaksdca

      Web writers

      This is to all people who are loyal to SPLM base on tribal relation not base on educational professionalism. Now, the likes of Dinka Boys, can see that it is not Nuer any longer whom you always think to be breaking away. Now you see what it is like when one’s right is violated or previliges given through public power are taken away. Now you know the characters of SPLM’s bush government brought to real democratic world of people who understand modernity. Most SpLm leaders such as Pagan and Kiir think that we are still in the stone age and for sure they can think so because people with stone age mind, Dinka Boy as example, are still within us. SPLM’s guerilla government is not compartible with true governments lead by educated people. It is a government like an old petch being sawn on a new cloth, but then does not stick. It keeps shredding.

      SPLM leaders like Pagan Amuom and Kiir must transform and be learned people so that they can know how to manage a government using true rules of democracy. In democracy two things are dominantly at work: popularity and civil people not government. When a government choose democracy, that government must understand that it is people who rule through a few that they elect democratically. Those who are elected by people are elected base on popularity. People choose the one they think is popular and better than the one in authority already. Once People have elected and given the elect power, then they form a government that exercises people’s needs and rights.
      The worse governments are one that think they are in control not the people.
      The worse governments are governments that have not evolved with time, in other word, not learned.
      The worse government is one that does not recognize popularity but dictative power.
      The worse government is one that suits itself not followers.
      The worse government is one that has blind supporters, those who base their loyality on single fact and tribal relation.

      Now SPLM is going to face the consequeces of its own dictatorship.
      Who does not know that many independent candidates passed election. These people were robbed of power given them by people and this is why they are rebelling. It is not their own making but SPLM’s.

      People let us be open minded and try to do what is right. Let us not misuse power to suppress others. Let us try to see what is right and support it not wrong. During recent election, the right is that independent candidates such as Angelina Teny have won elections. The wrong is that people like Taban Deng have used power to snatch power from the jaws of indenpendent candidates. These people should have been announced winners.

      My concern right now is that conflicts will escalate among us. We, the southerners, not Arabs, will destroy the CPA. With all these happening unity is going to win not self-determination. I hope the independents give us a chance to reach self-determination. I support independents and I urge them to follow first peaceful ways to solve their problems and I urge SPLM to listen to independents or else confrontation will worsen the rebellions. What we all need to do is to recognize the winning of these independents candidates and urge them to calm down and wait for the next election in our own new country. There is no doubt they will win again less other people more capable than them emerge. Meanwhile, SPLM should now learn of its worse government. SPLM has failed to secure peace among our people during the last five years and has rigged the election and some blind people still give SPLM power. This is the main issue which must be dealt with. If we want to be transformed let us not rely on military power alone to lead a government which should be civilian government. Kiir’s government is a government that use military power to suppress people’s rights. That is wrong. If SPLM is to be popular it must recognize popularity and democracy. PLM needs to know this as well as its tribal supporters on this web.

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    • 4 May 2010 17:43, by Ahmed Chol

      People say it is all due to Lam Akol, but I say it is all due to Arab. Arabs don’t want peace what so ever. They are the ones that are recruiting and inciting our people against one another. Taha came up with this idea of independent candidates which they did not even apply in the North. We will be constantly at war and this country will never see a slim chance of progress. Athor wants to turn Bor Town into a battle field but Bor people will revenge. It is very sad if this happens. Atar people are viewed as brothers in Bor Town. Lam, Bashiir and all these power hungry people will eventually be gunned down by snipers in the next rallies if this going to continue. It is now clear that south Sudan will not be peaceful until Lam dies.

      Ahmed Chol

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      • 4 May 2010 18:52, by Oduho Oduho

        Ahmed Chol,

        Blaming arabs at this point won’t help anything. when people went to vote and chose a candidate of their choice there was no arab at the bulloting station to direct voters as to which candidates they should vote for.

        Blaming SPLM’s failers on Arab at this point is not a solution, even a kid will correct you. SPLM need to get their act together and act as they preach, even their own commanders who fought the war for more than 20 years are turning the same gun they used against arabs on their fellow southerners who fough with them in all those years inthe same line.

        The time of such blames is gone, SPLM have had it’s time for (5)solid years to show southerners what they have been fighting for in practicle terms, but all in all they fail in every aspect, but they still have chances to put their house in order, failer to act quickly they may blow the little chance out, and once people lost trust in them thatz the end of it, because it’s difficuilt to win back a betrayed trust.

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      • 4 May 2010 23:53, by Bialach

        Ahmed Chol,

        I just want to make slight correction on what you have just mentioned. If we don’t accept our mistake we will remain fighting till we finish oursleves. SPLM political Bureau was not form by NCP, it was SPLM I am sure you will not disagree on that point. Democratic transformation was initiated since SPLM national convention in 2008 and to make it worse those who were voted out like Taban Deng were being again assume their position to run some hiden SPLM/Dinka-Kiir project.

        NCP gave us our gudget but we mismanaged it, name of the SPLA officers were not there at the time of salary. But now their name will be in forefront even if there is no book/pen to write their name. Garbages/dirts in Juba were not brought by NCP but SPLM leadership is sick of tribalism and busy with local political and that was very reason why Salva Kiir have never spend three day in Khartoum because Dr. Riek is a threat to him. He has been advise that Riek Machar has a planned to take your position.

        Pagan, Nyadeng , Yasir and Northern opposition parties have their own agenda they want to confused everybody so that CPA will expire and we will automatically go back to war. Pagan and Yasir have realized that once South become independent, Yasir will come to the South with permission from immigration and Pagan will be sack within 18hrs. I am just want to tell you that problem is Kiir, he is the stupid.

        Remember, Dr. Riek said, let us not dismissed the independent cadidates becuase those people have their supporters on the ground but it was terribly rejected but now what happen.

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        • 5 May 2010 08:34, by Rev. Saturnino

          Dear Bialack,

          You correctly got the real point. The disowning of the independent candidates is just equal to ugly nonsense and ignorance from the PB. The PB wants to mutiply enemies that creat chaos as everybody can see now. All the independent Candidates have supporters. According to the realiable source, these independent candidates have about 40%, the other smaller parties have about 20% making all 60%. Meaning the SPLM party plus its supporters amounts to 40%. This is pure Logic that the SPLM PB should have realized. What is clearely known is that, the SPLM and most probabely those figures mentioned by Bialack are the couse to the potential war and total confusion in the South. After all they don’t care, they have houses in America, Australia, England and everywhere. All their children are peacefully eating, drinking and studying in those expensive schools in Europe, America and etc. For them, even if the war broke out, they will just leave this country to get rotten. Who will have that courage like Garang to go back to the Bush? Dr. Riak Machar is right, and beleive me or not, Machar will take over the Leadership of this Southern Sudan. He looks calm but intelligent, acts slow but sure. The Ngundeng had propesized that the final rulers of this country shall be the Nuer and the Equatorians, finish. What is your comment Ya Comrade????????

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    • 4 May 2010 23:00, by Simon Puok Nyang Tutjiek

      Dear my president,vice president, senior commanders of the SPLA!!
      Can we have amnesty kind of calling our 2 general who defect to leave us leading to the biggest enemy.
      My advise point of view, there is possibility to convince these general of SPLA to rejoin SPLA back?
      George has never defected from SPLA, now he defected because of the result of the post election in his home state of Jonglei, to me what George Athor demanded can be undertaken in his favor for the sake of our south Sudan, people of the South and eventually for the lovely upcoming referendum of our independence of the south, let have their demanded understand so that we wind their confident.
      In fact the election in Jonglei was just a symbol, have this miserable example, a man called Stephen Tut Puol won the election as preliminary result has shown in Akobo North Constituency but on the ways of the NEC personi,e Pal Choak. to Bor another man called Gatwech koryom stolen the vote of Tut Puol and gave it to his brother Deng Chol and up to date nobody talked about it and in the constituency Deng was defeated clearly witness by all the community, but I blame NEC by bringing brother to Deng who allowed vote rigged.e John Pal Choak.
      Thus SPLA should not be hurry to attacked these people, let try to bring them back through diplomatic mean of speech so that we are ready to face the enemy, if you following the speech from Bashir he has less consideration to recognized South Sudan being separated.
      And thank
      Let convince Gen George Athor and Gen Dau

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  • 4 May 2010 15:17, by voice of junubin

    thats a genuine signal to the big headed kiir who think he can dictate the south.the whole of spla should actually rebel and sent kiir home.we need a new beginniing.

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    • 4 May 2010 15:36, by ethiopia

      O my lord

      Another rebellion is expected in unity state and western Equatoria due frustration made intentionally to the revolutionaries which may lead to the collapse of the movement. Immediate intervention should take place forthwith.

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      • 4 May 2010 18:08, by Whortti Bor Manza

        The days of general Kir can now be counted. Western Equatoria is likely to follow suite especially Kiir giving orders that, Jemma Nunu should be the one to open the elected legislative assembly of the state, not Bakosoro. Poor fellow Kiir, soon you will join the dust bin of Southern history.

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    • 4 May 2010 16:19, by Ghor

      Dear readers,
      Some people want confusion and messing in south Sudan. I think they are enemies of peace. I have not heard of anything like another rebellion in NBeG. Look at how it is reported, the reporter has not even mentioned his/her name. This is an indication of confusion from enemies of peace that is a war of nervous, but God will help the people of South Sudan to achieve what our grand grand fathers have been denied for. I appeal to my fellow countrymen, the Generals who got upset for one reason or the other to respect the right of southerners. To fight at this point when we are still in the river is not a good option, better form a political party peacefully or join any existing party than SPLM.


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  • 4 May 2010 15:23, by Bill Dhieu Manyang

    Dear readers,

    I am failing to understand what is going on with you brothers who had fought and would like now to destabilized the freedom that is left only to 7 months.

    Gen. Dau Aturjong should reconsider his decision for the sake of peace and stability. He is a state man who can not act like that because it give him nothing but disgrace at all.

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  • 4 May 2010 15:28, by mohammed ali

    If this is true this is going to be very dangerous and disasterous.The communist controlled political bureau had made a mess out of the elections, which was supposed to be fair and free. Now , god forbed, the simple ,innocent and poor people are going to pay the price with their blood and loss of hope for security, peace , stability and prospority.

    It is obvious now that the P.B had forged the result of the elections in the interst of his "hand-picked loyalist" The competetors or so called independant candidates are not just ordinary leaders.They are all prominent leaders within the SPLA, with a proven track record during the war.They can not be ignored.It is better to listen their voices than hearing their bullets!

    It is stupid to deny divisions within the SPLA leadership.It is more than obvious that Salva/Machar say one thing then Pagan/Arman say quite the opposit.Pagan/Arman have no support on the ground, they are driven by greed and lust for power.Their communist ideology contradict with democracy, they believe in the dictatership of the politeriat.That is why they manupilated the electon results , the same way they did with the nomination process!

    Prudence is what is needed!Dialogue and reconcileation will put things on the right tract.Any trial to solve the problem millitarly is going to be a recipee for disaster, chaos and anarchy.

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    • 4 May 2010 15:43, by mikes

      We know that lam Akol and Riek machar are involve already.They are well known for their strungling for power within south sudan that is dull mind for such a leaders for their strungling in time of of south to get indepence and their self-interest ,if they like south sudan they always shouldn’t cited a wrong strategic that usuall turn us back to the darker side that we left for the last twenty two years.

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      • 4 May 2010 15:58, by Mr.Atok

        Dear colleagues in the diaspora,

        Please calm down a bit, otherwise the situation is being controlled. We know your really consent to see a successful South Sudan but bear with us now that all that you are hearing and reading from the Internet could either be right or wrong depending on how is people respond to it.

        The issue of Comrade Gen Athor would have been volatile but because of the keenness of teh leadership, the situation is now partly peaceful though still accompanied by stress and worries.

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      • 4 May 2010 16:11, by Gatwech


        You fool, don’t involve Dr. Riek and Lam in this madness by the two Dinka generals.

        Blame the splm for the mess.

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        • 4 May 2010 16:33, by mikes

          ’’Mike is not fool but you are fooling person’’you don’t even know what their plans are ,what happen in khartoum is usually being coordinate by lam Akol and Riek in juba together, sometime Riek pretend to be working well with the government of souther sudan but, is indirectly with khartoum regime as it’s sometime plan any event acually occurs ,but being detected on the ground and there in khartoum.

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          • 4 May 2010 17:16, by Kim Deng

            Coward Jang/Mike,

            The ringleader of self-determination for South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon knows very well how and when to give your coward/cowboy King’s gov’t its last blow. It’s a matter of South Sudan being an independent State of its own before you’re caught by surprise.

            These young coward guys (Athor & his friends) are just practicing what the King of Jungle, Dr. Riek and his group will not be worried about. Let’s wait and see if these coward guys will burn down Mading Bor or Mading Aweil as they claim it.

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            • 4 May 2010 17:38, by Gabriel Green

              Kim Deng

              Only Madiang Bor will be burneddown not Mading Aweil.
              Aweil never fought themselves and will never happen to fight.

              Iam now writting from Aweil and this stupid report is no where to talk about we are calm.

              Only the common enemy Rezigat we fight no dout.

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              • 4 May 2010 17:54, by SPLA

                Gabriel Green,

                People of Mading Bor do not fight themselves, specially after a leadership. In Bor society, we pick our leaders in a peaceful means not in a violent way. There is no power struggle among Dinka Bor people. Nobody from Dinka bor will rebell because he/she did not win the election. Dinka Bor are reasonable people. George Athor is not from Dinka Bor if you do not know that. He is a Dinka from Fangak area of Jonglei State. You will not hear any Dinka Bor general or foot soldiers rebelling against South Sudan leadership.


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                • 4 May 2010 21:14, by Gabriel Green


                  Thanks Man! i like a reasonable person like you, I thought Athor was from Dinka Bor, who doesn,t reason to solve is problems in a peaceful way.

                  However, connecting their problems with Dau Aturjong is not and will not be acceptable in Mading Aweil.

                  Athor will be caught any time, i think there are enemies within the SPLM leadership, who wants to lead like Riak Machar, Pagan Amum, Malik Agar and soforth,they thought they are clever enought to coming up with some mess in Kiirs, leadership, so that when 2011 comes, they will try to contest with Kiir, after they creat weaknesses to Kiir his leadership as they are masterminded in Political Breau.

                  But Mr Spla, DINKA Fangak should be under any type of Dinka, Like Dinka Bor,Dinka Atuot,Dinka Agar ,Dinka Malual,Dinka Rek,Dinka NGok and Soforth.


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            • 4 May 2010 19:59, by BlackLion

              It’s what you saw that you harvested. Salva Kiir and PB cliques saw the mess,and the consequences will be upon them. Confirmed from Unity State, General Kuol Cher Nyang is now pointing guns to guns with the area Commander Gatduel Nyakuach. A reinforcement army for General Kuol is on the way from Khartoun crossing the border leads by Bregedeir General Tut Rauch Gatlok. According to the source, the forces could reach 2400 with 30 Tanks and massive of heavily artileries. These soldiers are demanding that Taban Deng Gach have to vacate the governorship for Angilina Teny. Dr.Riek Machar is expected to arrive either today or tomorrow to the Unity State to calm down the situation but fear is that no body will listen to him. Peopel are saying enough is enough and let’s the CPA gone.
              More fronts are rebeling!!!!

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              • 4 May 2010 22:03, by Gabriel Green


                Thanks man for showing Riak Machar Teny, the Traitor who allows his wife to contest as an independent candidate.Is going there to Bentiu tommorow, is to plan more traintoring to south sudan people.He will be punished very soon by Ngundeng the prohpet of Nuer no daut .

                All his plans are already in his records book, the blackbook of SPLM/A.And he will never lead southerners, especially after he is a key memeber of PB and at thesame time allows his wife to cause three deaths in Unity state.God!!! what kind of a leader is Riak Machar, Who never convince a wife and he thinks, he will convince southern sudan citizens.

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                • 5 May 2010 01:39, by choldit


                  You need to be sensible in during this time. A lot of Dinkas say bad things on Dr. Riek for the sake of protecting Dinka kingdom lead by Kirr. But the reality is that this same Dinka kingdom is serve by no body than Dr. Riek Machar.

                  Dr.Riek brought us CPA, don’t listen to Garang lies that he brought in in a golden plate bcoz Garang fought for United Sudan.

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        • 4 May 2010 17:04, by MJriaksdca


          You are the worst of the worst South Sudanese. You are the very rotten onions who cause others to rebel. Yes, let us say Riek and Lam coordinate this rebellion, but what can you do about it. That is why you as Dinka SPlm cannot suceed on your own without these two men. Go a head and talk dirty, but you will continue to eat the bitter fruits of your tribal loyality.

          HOw can you be blind to the fact that Riek himself worked hard for the self-determination of southerners with your strongheaded communist Garang wanting Unity of the Sudan. You are just blind body.

          George Athor and Aturjong are Dinkas and Dinkas are the one who have been claiming to be the loyal owners of SPLM. How in your right mind would you believe Riek can involve loyal Dinkas like Dau and Athur? But I know you are confused and does not know what you are saying. That is why if the rebellion generals were all Nuers, then you would have come out strong in cursing Nuer, but even when it is not Nuer but Dinka who are rebelling you still blame Nuer. Do you really know what you thinking and saying? Why you don’t blame Salva, the man in control in south? That is pure tribalism, bro. I am sorry for such people to exist in South Sudan. I have never seen people blind to the truth like some Dinkas of Mike and Dinka Boy types.

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        • 4 May 2010 18:04, by samuel_kur@yahoo.ca

          Gartwech, what happen when i start blaming SPLM leadership? didn’t you reply for my comment by asking me"what is wrong with this leadership?" Did you think i was criticizing Reik Machar? I was not intent to blame personalities, i was reading a mistake that had occurred in current leadership.

          I mean in my criticizing SPLM leadership not because I hate them, but the way things are decided which created mess since election process have began, instead they should to appoint some people as their representative candidates to whole south, but they told people to bring REPRESENTATIVES from their area which created the current problem, but you saw me as i was defensing Pagan and Yassir Arman.

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    • 4 May 2010 15:59, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

      If a Spade was called a Spade nothing of that nature would have happened. I fear worst may be on the way. Southern people are tolerant but there is limit for every thing.

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  • 4 May 2010 17:33, by LOVER OF ORGANISMS


    Unfortunately, the claimed 21 years freedom fighter has sparked unexpected rebellion in the autonomous South due the intimidation and manipulation of election results.
    A few months ago, it was said that if Dr. Lam Akol becomes the president of the South, things would worsen and the SPLA will not respect Akol’s government. But my funny question is " Has Lam Akol won the elections now?". What do these rebellions mean to the SPLM and its acts during elections in the south?
    Just like what happen in the Central Equatoria State where Mr. Ladu Gore won the elections by scoping 56% votes against his opponents and the most competitive one Mr. Clement Wani, Ladu was announced failed despite the fact that he had 56% votes.
    Such acts are the genesis of the current situation and I hope that those who did it will not feel the effects as they shall fly to America or Europe if things become unfavorable leaving the blood shedding for the poor people of south who survived the former liberation.

    Shame on SPLM for its activities against the will of the citizens.

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  • 4 May 2010 17:50, by Kur

    Dau has gone to Khartoum. We now know the genesis of all these troubles. Lam said last time that he is going to work with independent candiates to destroy South Sudan. This iw what is happening now but we will never allow selfish, evil men derail our freedom. We can’t afford another rubbish, greedy individuals stand on our way.

    Well, Dau has gone to Khartoum to get money and guns to come to the South and kill those who have survived the war. It is going to be the battle of survival. We will fight these thugs to the bitter ends and the people of South Sudan will always be victorious. SPLA Oyee!


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    • 4 May 2010 18:56, by sudanman

      Dear ssp,
      if clsely look is not taken, the premature south sudan independent will be in jeopardy.I think it is important for the Goss to take negotiation strategy rather than using language of war against those defectors.

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      • 4 May 2010 20:16, by Gatloth Gai

        Who is the cuase roots of this rebellion?

        Sincerelly my dear southerners we had been talking of an Arab in Khartoum mistreated us those years back that cuased spla to rebel against.What is it right now ?Is there any Arab from this move? however arab may support what is ready started.

        you those who do drinks with Dr.Kiir in that bar or wherever your drinking that,tell him to come up with good solution to settle down this serious cases or otherwise this will be the last chance for him to seat in Juba.

        Those whom Kiir believe like his mother people like:Taban Deng,Kuol Manyang,Clement Wani,Kun Puoch and Pual Malong,are all coward to guard him agaionst these tap men.
        Unless using peaceful settlement otherwise we shall only remain with the word Kiir.

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  • 4 May 2010 22:26, by Diro79


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  • 4 May 2010 22:34, by samuel_kur@yahoo.ca

    Brothers. Please we are not supposed to support a suicidal activities, i don’t think this group of local army will succeed at their military operations, while south Sudan is a government even if they refuge to North government they will hundred percent loose. the better thing was suppose to do is to urge General George Author to surrender to the authority in Juba.

    I condemn any means of urging this group of military for a suicidal operations, and i am sure they will loose too much if they continue in their process of their tribal interest, as all of you know a qualification of being political is not carrying out any army activities for the loose of some one, that is why political Bureau didn’t select him for his lack of politic, and if he was selected to governorship how would he handle political problems, i am not from Jonglie state but a southerner who can see things in angle of our nation’s future and interest.

    Yes, i believe George Author is a great fighter but he is going erase his fruit of two decade struggle in one day by the name of wanting leadership, and if he think that he is a great fighter and he will not be defeated, he is lying for himself nobody could defeat the formed government at all, George Author and his followers will regret too much.


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  • 5 May 2010 00:10, by Bialach

    Dear All,

    If somebody denied you of your right which you deserve, what do you do, you do whatever you can and that is why George Athor started fighting. Besides, guys George has killed Nuer not even Dinka as you may thinks, don’t stupid enough. The point is this Dinka have realized that when South become independent they will never, ever be leaders for at least 1,000 years, that why they want to desturbe the areas so that we fight.

    Kiir has already signed a deal with Arab (Bashir) for Unity, George didn’t mean it to fight Kuol but it is Dinka plan. If he really mean to fight Kuol manyang or SPLM, he should started fighting either in Juba, Warrap or Bor town. becasue his votes were stolen from Bor with order from Juba (kiir) not Kurfulus.

    I would appreciate if Jonh Jok will attack Bor and kill all of them to compensate those Nuer guys who were kill by George Athor. Dinka Bor seem to have forgot 19991, the same Lou Nuer who slaughetered you are still there guys don’t allow kiir to confuse you, it is you who will be kill most

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    • 5 May 2010 01:30, by black man world

      look at bialiach or wat ever your name is, if the sitiuation in south is going to be like one in north, why are we seceeding for north? People are stupid just like u that why JOHN GARANG want new sudan because of you Southern have high rate of stupidity. Hope the unity a sucess./):

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    • 5 May 2010 02:55, by Dinka Boy

      Mr Bialach,

      Stupidity count less. I know you are so fools ;and therefore, you deserved it my dear. You are born empty and you will still die empty. Why not your likes restructed as was siad by Wurnyang in their tombs. If George Athor Deng was Nuer, every unemployed Nuer would be his soildiers. Every generals who never get the hiher position would coincide with him. Every Athor sectional brothers and relative would joinh him in 100%. Every unemployed SPLA would be engaging in looting civilians properties. Every Nuer who lost the election would be the first to attack the rivals. Every Nuer who have no job would be pribe and he could have gun to get food through Athor messege. I know very well that you are food lovers because the writhing and talking of Naath is laways about food and where to get food. Say A men if you are not Naath food lover and how do I know You? tell me! Naath,bialach lach mediit che lach metot.

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  • 5 May 2010 03:27, by belle gatlueng liah

    i told you folks a million times already that all these ugly rebellions are fire up by KIIR. so do not blame these important GENERALS. election have to be fair. see what had happened in UNITY STATE were three people died simply becuase of KIIR his 2% oil share. KIIR never said anythig about them. so it is frankly good to show KIIR that corruption must abolished in SOUTH SUDAN before our independent

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