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Sudan’s NCP accuses opposition of seeking to topple post-election government


April 15, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) today accused opposition parties of planning a revolution against the upcoming government seeking to overthrow it.

"[The opposition groups] are not going to recognize the outcome of the elections and they are going to go to the streets and try to change the regime ... through conflict, riots," Sudan presidential assistant Nafie Ali Nafie told reporters at a briefing.

"They are giving examples of what happened in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria as if they want to convince public opinion that this is possible, but they will discover that it was merely a mirage" he added.

Several heavyweight Northern opposition parties such as the Umma Party and Sudan Communist Party (SCP) boycotted the elections claiming it cannot be held in a fair and free manner. They accused the NCP of using fraud and utilizing state resources to win the polls.

The Northern sector of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) has also boycotted all elections in the North for the same reason dealing severe credibility blow to the country’s first multi-party general elections since 1986.

The NCP leader and incumbent president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir is hoping to enforce his legitimacy to face the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against him.

Nafie quoted from what he said were opposition statements promising to mount protests, reject the newly elected administration and replace it with a "government of national unity".

"If you have any explanation for this other than chaos and trying to change the regime through popular revolution ... I don’t have any other explanation," he said.

The SPLM deputy presidential candidate Yasir Arman ,who withdrew days before the elections, has vowed to stage peaceful demonstrations in several states to protest the conduct of the elections.

The UMMA Reform and Renewal Party (URRP) leader Mubarak al-Fadil dismissed the plot accusation, saying he had assured a government delegation that he had no plans to launch protests and called for a national dialogue to address the crisis in the country.

Nafie’s remarks mark a more aggressive tone than that of his peer Ghazi Salah Al-Deen Al-Attabani who said yesterday that the NCP would like opposition to join the government ranks even those who boycotted.

"We are facing important decisions like self-determination in the south and would like to garner as much support and as much consensus as we can" Al-Attabani added.

But his offer was met by a cool reception from most opposition parties though the Umma Party did not rule it out.

Nafie qualified Al-Attabani’s remarks saying these parties must recognize the results for them to take advantage of this offer saying otherwise it would be "illogical".

Newspaper reports in Khartoum suggested that Bashir intends to replace figures which has been part of the government for 20+ years including Vice president Ali Osman Taha who may be removed in favor of a Darfuri figure such as Al-Tigani Al-Sissi who was recently appointed as head of the rebel Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM).


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  • 16 April 2010 05:55, by yazB

    Corner the cheats, push the eagles out! That should be the strategy!

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    • 16 April 2010 06:12, by Gatwech


      Arrest all those hyenas starting with Yasser Arman, Pagan Amum, Sadiq al-Mahdi and any other anti-elected government thugs.

      How come they boycotted elections and claim not to recognize results of elections they never participated in. Experiences in other countries only tell of opposition groups that participated in elections and tried to reject the results. But these hyenas have NEVER participated in the elections. What is it that they want to not recognize when they are not part of the process.

      Their plan is clear, to create chaos and harm the process to self-determination. Put them behind bars for two years so that they keep quiet.

      Last time those two communist boys (Arman and Pagan) were arrested like thieves in Khartoum for staging a notorious street boys like protest and had to beg for release like gang leaders. This time arrest any body who wants to cause chaos while they refused to participate in the elections. Let them wait for five years and conduct elections that time.

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      • 16 April 2010 06:25, by murlescrewed

        Traitor aka riek little househelp,

        So you support the NCP to engage in political detentions? This is why we Sudanese always knew Nuers to be nothing short of people with empty heads. Sudanese are not going to go quietly with their votes stolen and a criminal regime returned to power. How can a guy who has 10% approval ratings win elections? Too bad we can’t prove otherwise because the Sudanese were deprived of real choice before they had the chance.

        What Nafie and traitors like his sleeper cell agents in South are saying is a clear warning to those who will protest their democratic rights. If CPA was being implemented by an unreliable NCP, wait until it is implemented under a false regime. Things are downhill from now on.

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        • 16 April 2010 06:55, by Gatwech


          We will not allow you to resort to terrorism after refusing to participate in democratic process. You boycotted elections and want to cause terror. That is NOT acceptable. We will nib you in the bud!!!

          Keep away from making trouble, you communists.

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          • 16 April 2010 10:13, by Biden Osire

            Hi men all thye time you speak of rigging but the truth is coming out sooner than late and see him Bashir being sworn in next week but the ICC will remain on his neck till hooded out. And those who support him will witness it one day. Ocampo Oyee......

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        • 16 April 2010 16:47, by choldit


          you really need to rethink what you are doing to Nuer. NUER is not equal to Gatwech. Like wise your tribe should not be verbally abused becoz you have differing views with someone.

          Such mentality take the topics out of contact or diverses topice to tribe line in which someone like youself or Gatwech can lost support from other tribe.

          So please let us be strategic in our approach to the issues on the site. Thanks for your time.

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          • 16 April 2010 20:11, by Malakal


            You need to figure who Gatwitch is in the first place because it seems others are being forced to match Gatwitch’s comments.

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      • 16 April 2010 07:32, by Mr. Awan Awan

        Hey, Gatwich

        Shut up with your stinky ass and mouth. I am sure you know how long I stayed away from this forum. Today, you forced me to put my finger on the keyboard. I hate what you said. FU. I am ready to respond to any of your blind thought.

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      • 16 April 2010 09:42, by jalabi

        You know all the mess in the south and north because of Dinka, don’t worry we have the cure, we know how end their dominant in the south and revoke their veto in the north. We are very patients people, we can forgive but never forget and when we hit we hit very hard.

        Jalabi (Abo Jalabia)

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        • 16 April 2010 10:00, by mohammed ali


          Dinka is a very big and great tribe in south sudan,may be the biggest in africa if not Sudan.They should not and could not be ignored.They deserve our respect.Nobody could or should hit them hard or softly.Having said that I donnot support any domination or isolation on tribal bases.

          The only cure is avoidance of inciting hatred and violence!Let us avoid this belligerent language.

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          • 16 April 2010 10:31, by Gatwech

            mohammed ali,

            Don’t be deceived by the invisible numbers of Dinka claiming to be the biggest tribe. Go to their villages and you will find them empty. Where are they?

            Dinka always claim that they are very big by adding other tribes in their regions like what their incompetent tribalist census chief Isaiah Aruai did when he declared all towns of Dinka as all of Dinka population. Can you declare the whole population of Khartoum to be Jallaba or Wad Madeina to be of Mahdi tribe?

            The mystery is that Dinka villages are empy lands and yet they claim to be big in number. Where are they???

            And besides, being big in number doesn’t give one a free license to act like a terrorist against democratically elected government. Salvatore Kiir is their son, but those half Dinka want to run after their brother-in-law, Yasser Arman, who feared to run for elections. This is stupidity!!!

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            • 16 April 2010 12:06, by mohammed ali


              My point is that we should not base our judgment on tribal basis.All tribes are great .They are part of our people.We cannot condemn the white-man racism while we ourselves practice racism against our own people.

              Domination or humlation of any group people of the political life based on tribal affliation is wrong ,we should denounce it.

              However, we have to accept the simple facts of life.Humans are very complicated creatures! We are still a nation under formation, we are still more loyal to tribe than the nation.Politicians abuse this fact badly.

              For the time being we must be very cautious about any conflict between Dinka and Nuer, it is fatal.To be more direct any ;Any conflict between Machar and Salva is going to be devastating!

              Too many rapid changes are dangerous.The SPLA is still in the transtion period from a millitia to a regular army and the loyality is still divided.Let us lay down the blocks of a nation one by one, prudently.With improving of the life conditions and more communications and education, these traits wiil disappear gradually.This can happen only in an enviorment where peace prevails!

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            • 16 April 2010 15:26, by mack waweru

              Tut Gatwech,

              See how are contradicting yourself. If Dinka being a majority is a myth or mystery, how did their empty villages came into existent? Man, it’s a fact, not opinion, Dinka is the biggest tribe in Sudan and fourth in Africa. How many states out of ten in south Sudan are inhabited by Dinka people? On the eastern bank of the River Nile, they are found also in three states three. You ask, where are they. We don’t know. Can you tell us where the Dinka are?
              Get a nuclear bomb and wipe out the Dinka if you are sick of what God did to increase their numbers and be the majority.

              Mack Awer

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        • 16 April 2010 16:58, by DeltaBravo

          To Jalabia

          Dinka of SouthernSudan always say: If a man defeated with word he will not come back,but if he is defeated with strength of power he will come back some day to revenge. I think this time you will hit others tribes real hard ,but not Great Dinka and you know very well how we did it during the Civil War. so keep quiet and enoy your Beer as you are known for it. SPLA OYEE, SOUTHERN SUDAN OYEE NEW SUDAN OYEE.

          Great Southerner

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      • 16 April 2010 17:27, by A.K

        To Gatwech
        I think you are mental sick in a way that no one in the South should agree with you, you don’t known what you are writting on the website. How do you think like some one feeding on what so call N.I.F regimine in Khartum. you are not event a Nuer by tribe ,you just spoil the rest but no one will except what you think about. Those of Hon, Yasir Arman ,Hon, Pagan Amum are SPLM/A founders they will not be arrested by those you thought are your dependence from North. They will continue with their missions and q will see. close your stupid mouth and go to north and keep kissing the floor.

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    • 16 April 2010 06:46, by mohammed ali

      yazB ,

      It is quite obvious now that,the old and failed communists want to use Southerners , so that they could get out from their dim and dark corners.Trying to cheat southerners and use them for your sinster goals is neither honest nor decent.Be brave and fight your own war as they courageously fought their own war.Hiding behind innocent southerners in Khartoum is a cowardice endavour and will not succed.Hundreds of southerners in Khartoum are university studenrs and very well educated.They will not be cheated!The time for such games has gone forever!

      The develis communist conspiracy to incite chaos and anarchy will be punished severly with the will of the people.Sudan is moving towards an ever lasting peace, nobody will be allowed to stop that!

      repondre message

      • 16 April 2010 07:39, by Padiet Gagag


        Sorry to hear your unpolly words insulting leaders of Southsudan. Nuer are wise people than you. A blind man can steps on the fit because he does n’t see it, and swims straight to the river because he doesn’t know now short cut to across it.

        According to CPA caption every parts can go to vote with free and fair election before referendom, refusing one of them indecate voilation of CPA.

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    • 16 April 2010 14:44, by D.B Lotongun

      NCP, the sooner coming up government is not through a democracy but military sort of democracy all over the country.NCP shouldn’t be proud that it has won the election.Nothing call democracy yet in Sudan in hand of Bashir who is wanted by ICC.How come that you started accusing opposition before the announcement of election results?Bashir came to power through coup so he thought opposition will imitate him.

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  • 16 April 2010 06:15, by Oduck Bol

    You quit the game by youreslves and disappoined people who supported you.Then now you want to come back with "a voilence system that may cost lot of leives of innocences". It seems that you are not happy when there has been no death in this election,but then you need to creat it.

    This is not 80 century friend. If someone lost his or her love one through those who do things for their own interest; someone must go after him or her,so that he or she can sheat tears too.

    No body want to be a victim this time of self interest group.

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    • 16 April 2010 06:52, by mohammed ali




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      • 16 April 2010 06:56, by mohammed ali

        I wish these so called right group is an independant and impartial.Unfortunately they are not!About 10 million voter had voted and participitated in this elections, their voice will be heard and respected.

        It has been very obvious during the campaign that Albasheer will win this elections and there was no significant competetion.There was no need for riggiging of the elections.

        We read yesterday the senario of Arman and his communist commrade Alhaj Wrag.Their strategy was not to win the elections, it was to declare it as fraud before it’s commencement.Then stage what they would call" an orangd popular revolution" It is a poorly thought communist tactics.All the campaign was directed towards preparing people towards "the revolution" and not to practise their constituanal and human rights.The old fashion wrotten mentality of "revolutionism"’will not work .Actually it can’t work mainly because they lack the public support.

        Their conspiracy to use southerners in Khartoum as a fuel to ignite their revolution was aborted by Salva and Machar.Southerners in Khartoum should not pay their blood as a price to the futile adventures of the Jalabba communist within the SPLA, with the collaboration of Pagan and Edward Lino both are communist.If at all they are honest , they should seek their own support through an open and transparent agenda.

        Any change in Sudan after the CPA should be through the ballot box , there is no place for violence and belligrency.

        repondre message

        • 16 April 2010 07:37, by Gatwech

          Mohammed Ali,

          You are right. These two SPLM communists are a curse to the ruling party in the South. They were taught in the communist Cuba in 1980s in making bloody revolutions. Things like blood and iron, red terror, etc. are their daily vocabularies.

          I don’t think those of Sadiq al-Mahdi will allow northerners to kill themselves in the streets of Khartoum. This is why the target of Yasser Arman are the southerners in Khartoum whose he things their lives are worthless and can be easily influenced by any hyena to use them for their selfish interests.

          People like Murlescrewed (probably brother-in-law of Arman), Dinka Boy, Dinka Dominated SPLA, are among such southerners in Khartoum whose lives are characterized haunting curses.

          How come they refused to participate in the elections and now they want to make noises! No more communist revolutions of "blood and iron" or "red terror" as they describe their bloody revolutions in Cuba and former Soviet Union.

          repondre message

          • 16 April 2010 10:14, by murlescrewed

            Hahaha...Pathetic nyawitch,

            I am closer to the seat of power in Juba than you think. Look, using the stale language of communism is not going to work. Get over it. Communism collapsed in 1991 and will never be resurrected anywhere in Africa. It is only good as a political beating stick but not grounded in reality. I personally have access to traitor riek machar every single day and watch him closely as part of a team monitoring his activities (oops....I have said too much but oh well).

            At first instance of his attempt to do the encore of 1991, he will be a past tense. It is that simple. Then we will see what your traitor tribe will do and react accordingly. So we have things under control in the South. What we don’t know is the fate of the CPA. Will Kiir boycott referendum if Bashir demands that registration must meet certain stringent requirements? Will Kiir boycott referendum if Bashir decides to enact laws to prevent South from leaving unless it achieves 100.1% of the votes (mathematical impossibility)? What will Kiir do if traitor riek advices him to boycott the referendum?

            Only real thinkers would entertain those questions.

            repondre message

            • 16 April 2010 10:38, by Gatwech

              Ya slave hearted Murlescrewed,

              Stop that cowardice language of yours. You are in Khartoum licking the shoes of Arman. Don’t lie that you even know Juba. You are a traitor, half Messirya tribe.

              "Boycotting" referendum? Look at your slave hearted vocabulary. There is no vocabulary called "boycotting referendum" in Kiir/Dr. Machar’s well guided strategic leadership.

              Referendum law is already enacted. If Bashir wakes up drunk tomorrow and says something else against the conduct of referendum, there is what we called "Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI)."

              So where did you get the word "boycott" you slave hearted second class citizen?

              repondre message

              • 16 April 2010 11:31, by murlescrewed

                riek little househelp,

                I am not going to attempt to correct your glaring misinformed views and random guessing that’s just laughable and beneath the sole of my shoes. Traitor riek knows he cannot pull some trigger without his head being in the cross hairs. That is all I will reveal to you.

                UDI is useless as attempting to declare a return to war. It will not solve anything. South will be in a situation similar to that of Taiwan. But you wouldn’t know this since you are still washing dishes in Australia. Haha.

                Anyway, Kiir knows he is cornered unless he disentangle himself from a traitor. He is already planning on doing so. If not, Kiir is powerless. He can be removed quite easily and riek will also be dismissed to go and run for governor of unity. We have plan to rule South till you die. Riek is just a charity case given to nuers to make them feel like they are something important. After all nuer tribe sided with the enemy and signed KPA but failed to have it implemented. Now they are trying to bring their failures to peace achieved by the great Dr. Garang.

                repondre message

                • 16 April 2010 11:53, by Gatwech

                  Mr. Failure (slave hearted),

                  Why would I waste my time responding to empty threats from a ghost (nameless like you).

                  Yes, preach your anti-Kiir/Dr. Machar leadership treachery, but you are a failure. And you will all die trying to get to leadership. Just mark that!

                  You are all screwed up and just waiting to make your curse come true. You are just a living ghost. You will all suffer the consequences there in Khartoum or Bor town!!!

                  Mark my words!

                  repondre message

  • 16 April 2010 07:59, by okucu pa lotinokwan

    Any one coming in favour of making any violent after the anounment of the election result immediately should be arested by the security men,till do not want to stop,one of his leg should be broken.
    Dear Sudanese,and southerners in particular let your name be in record during this demoncratic election.To prove to those who thinks we can not governes ourself yet,as ashame.

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    • 16 April 2010 08:15, by Pandit

      Gatwech you show your colors. You are really big traitor. change yourself like chameleon and change your mind like dog, because dog never satified by its owner.

      repondre message

      • 16 April 2010 08:28, by Dauson Gieth

        Oh No,

        These opposition parties are playing double standards games. I am also begining to understand the essence of using Double Effect Priciple by the opposition to get power as quoted by one of my coleagues’ yesterday’s article: "Death to thousands as long as power would be the outcome"

        Come on, we can’t afford to loose a few lives inorder for an interest group to access power.

        Now is the time that all the Sudanese people from all corridors of the Country to Unite against this evil.

        If the oppositions were men enough; they could have remained in the race and then question the results’ credibility afterwards.

        Finally; I am failing to understand my favourite candidate; (Yasir) if he would be asking for a protest!!

        Southerners are politically mature and thats why Dr. Lam did not quit. He understands the game!!!

        repondre message

        • 16 April 2010 09:57, by kuminyandi

          Dear Southerners,

          Even if NCP would win the election, it’s still going to be an illegal government, because simply they toppled a truely an elected government. If do not know history, find somebody to teach you the history of Sudan. Albashir is going to be illegitimate President based on events & historical facts. Thanks


          repondre message

          • 16 April 2010 10:12, by Gatwech

            Dinka Boy (aka Kuminyandi),

            You will regret it if you want to use non-democratic means to get to power. You will be seen as terrorists who feared elections and want to cause terror. Why did you fear elections if you knew you could win the game. Shut up and wait for five years. Legitimate or illegitimate doesn’t make any difference. Most southerners and northerners voted for Bashir and to call him illigitimate would be something debatable by thugs like you.

            repondre message

            • 16 April 2010 11:27, by kuminyandi

              Gatwech(aka Slave),

              Look at you, what are you saying? yesterday you were against Albashir. Today, you are with Albashir. What kind of prostitution is that? You should be ashamed of your shadow first, and then yourself second. You do NOT have an argument. You are so politically bankrupt in this website and no body even try to waste his or her precious time with you. Look who are your allies now? Jalabi and Mohammed Ali!!! Haaaa, I’m not going to be suprise if you will nib their asses tomorrow, like what you always do. How many times you admitted that Albashir is a criminal and he needs to be arrested by ICC. Today, you are main prostitute player at Albashir camp. Please (Slave Boy) wake up because what you do to others, it will turn and somebody will do it to you. Get it!!!


              repondre message

              • 16 April 2010 12:05, by Gatwech

                Kumi (naive Dinka Boy),


                You are politically naive and should not try to compare yourself with me because you wil never understand how politics works.

                Yes, mark my words in my comments calling Bashir as "devil we know who signed CPA on self-determination" or "nice devil who has given us five years of semi-independent government in the South," etc.

                Do you have the political guts to digest what I mean? No you cannot because you are simply a political maggot suffering from inferiority complex in Khartoum and Bor town.

                Tomorrow if Bashir reneges on the final provision of CPA on referendum and North-South borders, I can still call him a criminal as I kick his butts and declare unilateral independence of the South......

                Until that time arrives, Bashir remains the best compared to all the other northern hyenas and their slaves like yourself.

                Do you really understand how politics works my small slave hearted second class citizen???

                repondre message

                • 16 April 2010 19:06, by Akim A. Gatluak

                  To Gatwich

                  You are more politically naive than any one on this forum.
                  No body knows what you mean.
                  "you are simply a political maggot suffering from inferiority complex in Khartoum and Bor town". Bortown is not inferior nor is Khartoum. If you are the only thing who is Inferior!
                  If South Sudan becomes independent with this Super Divisions, Tribalism and Hatred of yours toward people with different views, there will be a political melt-down.

                  repondre message

                  • 16 April 2010 21:06, by kuminyandi

                    Dear Akim A.Gatluak,

                    Thank you for rebuking this stooge called Gatwech, he never knew what he’s fighting for, or what he’s saying in this web. Gatwech is a sellout boy. He have no principles or morals. He just roamed around like a dog without owner. His inferior status is evident on his comments. He always tend to be given things rather than taken them. Gatwech said Albashir gave us the self determination; Look at his inferior satatement!! Gatwech, Albashir did not give us the self determination, but We As SOUTHERNERS TOOK OUR SELF DETERMINATION FROM YOUR MASTER albashir. DID YOU GET THAT, WE DONT WAIT TO BE GIVEN, BUT WE TAKE WHAT IS OURS BY ALL MEANS. So wake up from your slumber and enjoy the self determination we brought to you. Thanks


                    repondre message

                    • 16 April 2010 22:55, by Gatwech

                      It was given to you on a negotiation table, you fool. Don’t you get that!

                      repondre message

        • 16 April 2010 10:06, by Gatwech

          Dauson Gieth,

          You are 100%. Yasser Arman should have not boycotted the race if he wanted his complaint to be guinine. How can a non-participant in a process complain of results?

          We should not allow instigation of violence by opposition groups who refused to participate in the elections. They should just stay in peaceful opposition until the next elections in five years.

          No to "blood and iron". No to "red terror."

          If NCP wins in the North and SPLM wins in the South, that is it as expected. The next step should be continuing with the process to referendum. No violence, please!

          repondre message

          • 16 April 2010 18:47, by Akim A. Gatluak

            To Gatwitch

            You are a witch
            What do you do for a living?
            What is your profession?
            Here is one thing you need to know and understand, not that you have a brain to grasp it. Stop preaching division and hatred.

            repondre message

            • 16 April 2010 22:58, by Gatwech

              Stop borrowing that Nuer name, ya Dinka Boy. Shame on you. When did you become Gatluak? Stop posting in several different names but with such a shallow reasoning with very poor English.

              repondre message

          • 16 April 2010 18:52, by Akim A. Gatluak

            To Gatwitch

            You made Greater Nuer looks bad and empty because of your associations.

            repondre message

      • 16 April 2010 08:31, by Padiet Gagag


        Your are really natural fool who doesn’t know nothings about his way to go,most of you are villain whose jobe is to robber. Abele Alir still works as house keeper of Beshir. you still poised your mind with others southernes

        repondre message

        • 16 April 2010 08:46, by Pandit

          Padiet Gagag

          You will bark and running around until end your of life without recognition of being on this earth

          repondre message

  • 16 April 2010 08:35, by Albee

    Dear folks in Sudan,
    Accusing each other will not solve this problem in Sudan,you were supposed to call those who gave you PCA to solve this matter before you announce your result. Conflict will not end in Sudan unless Lord can answer Sudanese.

    repondre message

    • 16 April 2010 09:09, by Mabior Akol

      Dear readers with what ever you are talking about the five weak people are not equal to one strong with what the NCP is doing to Sudanese ,is one time one day in Sudan there will be no what is call NCP.look here they just wanted to threatening others parties as they knew that they are going to lost the ruleing in Sudan.

      repondre message

    • 16 April 2010 09:10, by mohammed ali


      Yes accusing each other will not solve anyone’s problem.Calling names and using abusive language is the language of a weak argument.It is the language of the ignorant.We should refraine from responding to such a language.

      There are no traitors here it is all difference of opinion.We can argue our opinions friendly and solve our differences amicably.

      The only traitors are those who insult our national tribal heritage whether it is dinka, neuer, shulk,nubians...etc.These are great tribes of Sudan,we are part of them and they are part of us.Only those who want to incite hatred among different tribes are the real traitors and enemies of peace,ENEMIES OF SOUTH SUDAN!

      Anyone who insults any other tribe is the real enemy of Sudan, the real enemy of South Sudan.

      repondre message

    • 16 April 2010 09:51, by david kong paul

      Any Sudanese citizen who supports the idea of protest planned by these notorious opposition parties in the north deserves to be hanged. We all have seen post-elections violence in many countries and lives lost as a result. We know how brutal it is.

      For me i better wait for the next elections,even if i am cheated,than going for chaos b/c i know this is not the end but the beginning of democracy in Sudan. Those old greedy thugs are counting their days to live on this planet, they don’t want to die with out imposing their prostitute political powers on us. That is why they fight harder to ensure that they snatch power through blood of innocent and poor sudanese sons and doughters.Let’s keep our heads up and stay a way from danger.

      Most of the things were mentioned by Gatwech, Mohammed Ali,Bol and so forth so i don’t want to talk too much on this issue but i have only one message to Sudanses youth.
      That is you guys have to watch out carefully, Those opposition will attempt to exploit you b/c you are the most energetic citizens which they will use to spearhead the violence they are planning to wage against the new goevernment after the elections. Almahadi, Elfadil, Trabie, and so on are too old to lead us and at the same time they will not lead next time in the future b/c their death is approching. However for us we have a lot of opportunities waiting a head; if you don’t lead today you will do tomorrow. So let us stay cool even if we are cheated some where in the process and let violence go to hell.



      repondre message

  • 16 April 2010 11:20, by Gatwech







    Those orphanaged communists are being monitored very closely. Stay away from them!!!

    repondre message

    • 16 April 2010 11:52, by kuminyandi

      Dear Southerners, ’MUST READ COMMENT’

      Do not be cheated by Gatwech who turned an NCP agent. This crock slave fellow is dangerous to our people. This slave boy is suffering from mental disease called MISEDUCATION of Gatwech. If you see his comments, please ignore them because his comments are meaningless, misleading, and does not make sense. Gatwech is been bought out RECENTLY by NCP. SO BEWARE OF DOG CALLED GATWECH(formerly known as Oshay).Thanks


      repondre message

    • 16 April 2010 11:57, by wang

      Gatwech! I am sure those confuses orphanaged Communists boys plus that jailed criminal calld Yassir Arman are not completely dumb. If they dare try to mess up with that elections results, most will be caught one-by-one Bro-

      repondre message

      • 16 April 2010 12:15, by Gatwech


        Thanks for rebuking those slave hearted second class citizens who are loaded in a wrong sinking ship of failed lunatics.

        Kumi (naive Dinka Boy),


        You are politically naive and should not try to compare yourself with me because you wil never understand how politics works.

        Yes, mark my words in my comments calling Bashir as "devil we know who signed CPA on self-determination" or "nice devil who has given us five years of semi-independent government in the South," etc.

        Do you have the political guts to digest what I mean? No you cannot because you are simply a political maggot suffering from inferiority complex in Khartoum and Bor town.

        Tomorrow if Bashir reneges on the final provision of CPA on referendum and North-South borders, I can still call him a criminal as I kick his butts and declare unilateral independence of the South......

        Until that time arrives, Bashir remains the best compared to all the other northern hyenas and their slaves like yourself.

        Do you really understand how politics works my small slave hearted second class citizen???

        Do you really understand the art of politics which says there is no permanent enemy or friend in politics but such friendship (partnership) is only guided by the common interest at present as you strategize for future?


        repondre message

        • 16 April 2010 14:26, by SPLA

          Nine (9) people died and more other Two (2) other wounded on Nuer attack to Twic county yesterday night.

          By: Makuach Akot Ngongdit, SPLM information officer, Warrap State/Kuajok manyaicom@yahoo.com Tel: 0925438272/0904474949

          The so called Nuer identified group of cattle raiders yesterday night attacked Twic county leaving Nine (9) people dead and wounded other Three(3) people including a child of one year of age at the cross fire. Our source online said, the identified gunmen seen were said to be wearing full military combats of the old Sudan uniforms with riffle machine guns on their hands. The attackers are said to have head the county (Twic) from the Eastern direction.

          The seven people dead, two (2) of them are women. All the dead were killed at the voting stations of which one (1) person among the dead also is the policeman patrolling the station in the places called Kuech, Abayok and Maker-diong which are just ten (miles) from Turalei county HQ.

          The raiders (Nuer) raided more than sixty (60) thousand head of cattle including goats and sheep over the area. The situation currently is devastating in the hand of those whose properties are looted and those whose brothers, colleagues and friends are dead in the attack in Twic county specially in the three (3) areas above.

          repondre message

          • 16 April 2010 15:06, by Gatwech

            SPLA (Dinka Boy),

            You are a liar. It is your Dinka sections attacking themselves after the withdrawal of Bona Malual from the race in the state.

            Please stop lying about Nuer when it is a known fact that you have internal problems now between sections.

            Such self-proclaimed reporters should first learn the ethics of reporting. It is not about shifting blame to others.

            Where is Bona Malual?

            repondre message

            • 16 April 2010 15:12, by Gatwech

              Dinka Boy (SPLA),

              Where are you liar?

              Please read this reliable report from ’Miraya fm radio’ website. It did not say it was Nuer that attacked. It could be Bona Malual’s group. Read it below please:

              Seven people have been killed and six wounded during a cattle raid by unknown armed men in Koj Amiol in Torli County of Warrab State on Thursday morning. Radio Miraya’s correspondent in Warrab, Anthony Garang, said that tens of citizens have fled from the tense area and polling stations were forced to close. Accordingly to the county police inspector, fighting is still on going and a polling officer and policeman cannot be accounted for.

              The injured, who are in critical condition, have been admitted for treatment at Mother Theresa’s General Hospital in Torli. A man at the hospital told Radio Miraya that his wife was killed in the incident and his two and a half year old child has been injured. The man further added that his two sons, Abdul and Abu, are missing.

              repondre message

  • 16 April 2010 16:49, by Time1

    After loosing the elections the oppositon parties should prepare to either disolve thier parties or create new parties which include he younger generation, no one wants to be ruled by this dinasaurs. also where will they find the power and money to cltivate a revolution, who will support them? revolution cannot be launch by shouting but by being patriotic. referendum is coming after that am sure the opposition will shut up for good as they will have no one to hide behind. Sudanese oppositon parties have betraye their supporters by withdrawing from the elections, even candidates in the northern sector were very disappointed with Armans unilateral action to withdrawn from parliamentary and governorship, does the northern sector think people have to wait untill after 5 years to come to government again? tat is why the betrayed their supporters.

    repondre message

    • 16 April 2010 18:49, by mack waweru

      Many commentators debating on this website are just competing who should be the champion of ignorance and since they are political novices,the end result would be stupidity.

      Mack Awer

      repondre message

      • 16 April 2010 23:02, by Gatwech

        Mack Awer,

        And so you have won ignorance as I could see from your comment. Good luck!

        repondre message

        • 17 April 2010 22:49, by mack waweru


          You revealed yourself then? I am confident of myself as reflected by the comments I posted here and you can judge that fairly if you are sincere.

          Mack Awer

          repondre message

      • 17 April 2010 00:21, by Machingela gai

        Hey guys,

        Some of you do know how to swim well and they can go as far as they want into the river like they know swimming, but some are actually swimming on a shallow shore, for they don’t know how to swim. Most you know the plan of NCP and some don’t.

        How come that you failed to understand NCP tricks against the opposition parties, including SPLM?
        To kill a rate, there are many ways of doing that. Here are the ways to do so:

        The government caused opposition parties of toppling because it is about time to tie up security in the country, and making sure that the rest are under the control. The government also is willing, politically, to bring African nations and the world closer than ever and lebel opposition parties as bad ones.
        The government wants to show that to the international community is no longer a dictatorship ruling party; the party won election and the reason is so to believe.
        The irony of that comes with corporation, acceptency and as a party that lays milestone for democratic ruling.
        This is their hope and a green light to keep power in their hands and to the unity of Sudan, you might assume.

        Where were the opposition parties during the rush politics hour when Bashir was accused of Crimes? Where were they during twenty years of Bashir’s reign? Why now and not then?

        Nafali and NCP are covering this up for political extension.
        It is a lie and no one will take this evil known trick.

        Therefore, where is the future here for SPLM and the opposition Parties?

        The fate is awaiting if not careful to tune up their positions.
        The SPLM must show its rarity standing in order to maintain orders of promising freedom we have been waiting.
        Don’t let government bullying you, you make a bully!

        The government is trying to underscut those parties to make it clear as the won election no one is near claiming power in the eyes of international community.
        And you will see many things to come in weeks and months ahead. Political war is intense now than ever and it needs sharp minds for it.

        Do you all think SPLM will be able to put off these raising temptations?

        repondre message

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