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Uganda’s Kony may have moved to Darfur, Musevini says


March 12, 2010 (KAMPALA) — The notorious leader of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) Joseph Kony may have relocated to Sudan’s Western of Darfur, the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni said at a press conference in Kampala today.

"Central African republic allowed our troops to operate there. Our troops have been successfully hunting the LRA rebels and a good number of them have been killed. The rebels have been operating there in three small groups. The Ugandan troops operating there have told me that the group comprising Kony has fled into Darfur," Museveni according to local media.

The Ugandan leader further said that he is not concerned if the intel turns out to be true because it means that the LRA figures have settled in Darfur far away from his country and sparing it the havoc they are known to create.

The fugitive LRA leader has been on the run since December 2008 when regional states launched a hunt to nab him after he refused to sign a peace deal with Kampala.

Since the operation, remnant LRA fighters have been moving in the jungles of northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, south Sudan and the Central African Republic (CAR).

Kony and two of his lieutenants have been charged with atrocities in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, which under international law requires they be turned over immediately upon capture or surrender. Past attempts to ink a peace deal between LRA and Kampala has failed primarily because the rebels wanted to persuade the Hague based court to drop the case.

The Ugandan president vowed today that he would see that Kony gets hanged once he is captured despite a legal obligation as an ICC member to send him to the Hague.

"If our troops get a chance of capturing Kony, he will be tried here and be hanged. We will not take him to ICC court in Hague court because there they take such people in hotels. Here, we will hang him" Musevini said.

He also did not rule out the possibility that LRA are receiving support from Khartoum as the case was in the past during the civil war years between North and South Sudan.

"If the Sudanese want to accommodate him in Darfur, that makes no difference to us" Musevini said.

"It makes no difference because they supported him much more in the past but whatever they gave him, we captured," he added.

Earlier this week, the Washington-based Enough Project said today that a contingent of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has taken refuge in areas of South Darfur controlled by the Government of Sudan.

Accordingly, an LRA reconnaissance team in late 2009 sought to make contact with the Sudanese army at their base in Kafia Kingi, near south Darfur’s border with CAR, according to Enough Project. Now, based on field research and interviews with government and United Nations officials in several countries, Enough says that it can "confirm that LRA units have reached south Darfur."

A similar claim was voiced by the official spokesman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, who asserted last year that LRA leader Joseph Kony himself was in Darfur. This was denied by Salah Gosh, presidential advisor and ex-chief of the intelligence and security service.

However, senior members of the rebel group’s political wing in the Kenyan capital Nairobi dismissed the claims.

"This is part of continued fabrications and guesswork about LRA whereabouts and we would like to dismiss this baseless report with all the contempt it deserves," Colonel Michael Anywar, who acted as LRA military liaison, told Alertnet in Nairobi.

"It’s true that Khartoum once supported LRA but that kind of support stopped in 2002 after which we chose cut those ties," said Justine Labeja, who said he is the head of LRA peace delegation.

Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir is also wanted by the ICC for war crimes he allegedly masterminded in Darfur.

According to the U.N. refugees agency, the LRA caused most of the displacement in central Africa in 2009 with hundreds of thousands uprooted.

The rebels have looted, killed civilians and abducted children from three countries, forcing many to flee their homes, according to a report by Human Rights Watch.


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  • 13 March 2010 06:10, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    I think Museveni is probably right, Konyi is heading northward to join his criminal counterpart Mr Al abshir. How about if his friends loses power where will they be? For Bashir, I suggest that other arab countries will offer him a room to move for exile, how about the ten criminal commandments behind Konyi?

    10 commandments of Lord Resistant Army

    Cutting ears

    Cutting of lips

    Cutting of breast





    child soldier

    Assault of civilians

    Trespass international border

    repondre message

  • 13 March 2010 08:26, by murlescrewed

    Museveni is the truest of African leaders who believed in self-dignity for Africans. Many of today’s leaders would sell their mothers for measly oil from Arab countries. But Museveni has seen what Arabs can do when left unchallenged. That is why he supported his university friend Dr. Garang in his fight to prevent the spread of Islamists from reaching Africa’s hinterland.

    There is nothing useful that Kony can do for the Khartoum government. It would be in their interest to apprehend him and send him back to Uganda to stand for trials. Hosting Kony amounts to harboring terrorist and Sudan has a long history of supporting and hosting unsavory characters.

    repondre message

    • 13 March 2010 09:56, by mohammed ali

      Musevini is the biggest lier in Africa.Southerners specially should know very well that he is a big lier !!!He is plotting some conspiracy with the so called NGO’S to have some permenant presence in the south.This what he tried to do in the Kongo and Rwanda.He wants to expand.

      Koni can never reach Darfur.He will never be capable of reaching Darfur.Even Mousevini’s army cannot reach Darfur that easily.It is more than 1000 km in the Jungles!

      repondre message

      • 13 March 2010 10:18, by DASODIKO

        Yeah Joseph Kony was seen in Al Genena in West Darfur State. The Problem of Jalabas is that they can’t confront their enenmy but fight a proxy war as it happen in South Sudan where they used poor Arab nomads named Murakeel, In Darfur they also used the poor Arab Janjaweeds and they have seen the truth to turn their wepons against the Jalaba in Khartoum they sought discord among the Janjaweeds and today they are fighting each other instead of the master mind who created them.

        Bashir when he lost the sympathy of the Janjaweeds he brought Kony to Darfur to accomplish their mission of the Genocide against the innocent civilians of Darfur and also fight on the side of the National Congress Party in the South and Darfur if NCP lose elections.
        what a sad news, Musseveni;this is your wanted man please send troops to Sudan to arrest him and the wanted Bashir, then we will nominate you as king of all Africa, instead of the current king of money. Viva Africa Viva Africa

        repondre message

        • 13 March 2010 11:20, by mohammed ali

          DASODIKO ,

          This excately what MOUSEVINI wants ,to send troops in Sudan!He knows very well he cannot fight against the SAF.He will be smashed within hours.

          His main aim is to keep his troops stationed in the South, like what he tried to do in the Congo and Rwanda.He is not going to do it now, he knows we will punish him if he dare to do so now.His long term plan is to do it after 2011!After 2011 if there is any moron who wants to invite him to his country that his right.But if he dares to send a single man to the north he will be severly punished!

          repondre message

          • 13 March 2010 11:57, by Gatluak Latjor

            This pagan Joseph Kony failed to listen to southern Sudanese.
            Southern Sudan and Uganda will search him every where, even in the northern Sudan by applying some tactics. It killed inocent southern Sudanese and Ugandans. Kir Should use his authority in the north to catch this international Ugandan criminal.

            repondre message

          • 13 March 2010 13:15, by Taban Yei

            You can afford bleeding those unfound facts since you work on second hand information. let me asume you are a civilian paid to carry on the mind games.
            Garang once said, "there some people who beat drums of war in khartoum but never get into the front line them seves" I can now confirm his word are true.
            On level ground, with no arab support, and pure arab fighters aganist the blacks, you are nothing, completely nothing when it come to combats. this is the bitter pill you must swallow. And Museveni will teach you a lession. he is not only a war hero but a cunning leader.

            repondre message

            • 13 March 2010 13:43, by james nyoma


              Do not tell liars to people just because you people may believe. The LRA can reached Darfur and even beyond.

              I went from the South here in 1991 to Darfur on foot and from Darfur to C.A.R. on foot.

              Let me tell you that you can fool some people some times but you cann’t fool all people all times.

              repondre message

              • 13 March 2010 14:41, by mohammed ali

                Taban, James,

                I know very well that Mousevini is a cunning leader, actually very cunning leader, no doubt about that. He is so cunning to te degree that he could offer you his malfunctioning car to have a ride on , on a bad weather at night in the jungle!But where is the unfounded allegations here? I have refuted the unfounded allegations of Mousvini.The drums of war are been beaten by these allegations!

                You can say that you went to the moon, that is your business .I am not disputing that!But an army with weapons and amunitions can never cross 1000 km without on foot without logistic support.It is stupid and foolish to believe something opposite to this simple fact!

                Facts tells us that Mousevini is expansionist.He fought a war and occupied land both in the Cong and Rwanda, untill he was ordered to leave the country by UN.He is not stupid to fight a war with the Sudan in Darfur with a supply line more than 1000km in the jungles of a foreign country.He could instead ask to be close to his boreders.The only way to do this is to have a presence in the South .

                I can’t fool anybody, even if I want.Those who want to be foold, can only fool themselves!

                We are not nothing, we are Sudanese and we are Black Africans.We are very much proud of our colour.We fought to liberate Africa from the white-man hegmony more than anyone.The first passport used by Mandella was a SUDANESE PASPORT, AS WAS THE FIRST FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

                Arabs mixed with all of africans pariculary east africans,.They didn’t colonize them and they didn’t build apartheid systems and enslaved the local populations, they mixed with them as human to human!Untill the white man came to enslave All Africans , and sow the seeds of supremacy, hatered and division.

                repondre message

          • 14 March 2010 03:28, by Mr man

            KONY, is gold digger he can join the Durfurians’ rebels, becoz JEM, not is happy with his fellow Muslims in Khartuom,

            You gota take a good looking mr president.


            repondre message

      • 13 March 2010 21:16, by murlescrewed


        Stop debating this so-called mohammed ali. He is beneath our shoe soles and is a worshiper of false and violent prophet.

        repondre message

        • 13 March 2010 22:32, by mohammed ali

          murlescrewed ,

          And you expect me to respond to your filthy language! You will wait for very long!

          repondre message

  • 13 March 2010 13:44, by Akuma

    Mr. Kony is another terror now in Sudan if Sudanese government and it’s militias operation in Darfur will cause Incumbent Bashir to face international Criminal court (ICC) or Traditional Community court (TCC).

    The rebellion of mr. kony is hopeless and ground baseless, how come for him to fail fighting and peace negotiation as Madhorou is engaging in peace talk.
    Kony will dy like Osama Bin Laden

    Dr. Akuma,
    Chicago USA

    repondre message

    • 13 March 2010 14:01, by Hillary B.M.L,M

      Ha,Ha, Ha Mohamed Ali,

      See how you was brought to zero , now defend yourself man.
      Or collect your remains and move to Merowe.

      repondre message

      • 13 March 2010 14:52, by mohammed ali

        Hi Hillary,

        Count on me Hillary.Marawi was the first civilization on Earh.

        repondre message

        • 13 March 2010 15:49, by Kuany Dak

          Ugandan president, Yewere Musevine said Joseph kony is in the Darfur, Sudan. Musevine claim that LRA leader, Joseph Kony is hidingout in the southern Darfur, statement that need verification if it were true.

          Aid agencies operating in the Darfur region and including south sudan spokeman said, Kony is expected to be in the Darfur region. Sudan government knows whereabout LRA leaders and his lieutinents who were indicted by ICC, now they are on run because ICC is hunting them.

          Sudan president, Hussein Al Bashir is also indicted by the similar court since he accused of masterminding Darfur genocide from 2000 to 2005.

          Possibly, Al bashir one day will be caught and site in the jail cell in Africa or in the Hague. Two weeks ago, Al Bashir avoided regional summit, IGAD summit on sudan peace pact implementation that signed between NCP and SPLM in 2005.

          Kony and Al bashir are criminals. How Sudanese people will elect him democratically in April election? As president of nation, he is representing people not stones, so he must think freely than being captive in minds. Al Bashir will face so many challenges in the April election. Contestant including SPLM candidate, Yaser Arman is believed to lead in poll right in Sudan.

          Thank you,

          kuany Dak

          repondre message

          • 13 March 2010 17:38, by mohammed ali


            Arman is not and will not lead the poll even in the South!Salva is camagining with Albasheer ,this happened in Juba and in WAWOU.Arman is camagining alone. Did you hear Salva mentioning his name in Bor or anywhere he campgained?

            repondre message

            • 13 March 2010 21:05, by Kuany Dak

              Mohammed Ali,
              I do not know why you think such a way. Saliva Kiir and SPLM political bureau nominated Yasir Arman a month ago as the party candidate for presidency. Arman is lower officer in the SPLM political hierachy, but he was nominated because he had a vision to unite the rest of Sudan if the south choose to go independent in 2010 referendum.

              I know Kiir and Al bashir converged in the Northern Bar El-gazal and western Equatoria this month, but they were there for difference purposes.

              Yeah, I know Al bashir was there for political campaign, than Saliva Kiir was. I would understand the implication of this April election, but with assurance to you, Arman will win in the south, if you believe it or not, it is upto you. I am not sure whether he is going to win in the North, or presidency. Let,s hope time will tell us next month.

              I know that Arman is viewed differently in the north than in the south. He is a liberator in the south and freedom seeker, something that he will continues to do in the whole sudan. I think, if Arman were elected, there be permanent peace in Sudan.

              South Sudan will go independent and rest of the whole north including marginalize regions such Darfur, Blue Nile and southern Kordafan (Nuban Mountain) shall remain in peace.

              repondre message

              • 13 March 2010 22:47, by mohammed ali


                I am not inventing things.I say what I see and hear.I think Salva is inteligent enough to know that when he goes with Basheer that means he is supporting him!On the other hand up to now he didn’t go with Arman or called in support for his election; at least I haven’t heard him , did you?

                To be honest,regardless of the political difference; I can feel that the two men hold great respect to each other. That is good thing.

                repondre message

        • 13 March 2010 20:26, by Dikoritimelo


          repondre message

  • 13 March 2010 16:58, by Time1

    president Museveni is correct, LRA leader Joseph Kony is in Darfur, but also Kony will be Hanged alive if captured, there will be no ICC, if we look at the scale of the crimes and devastation cost by LRA in Uganda, Congo, south sudan and C.A.R, there is no more need to peace or even ICC, Kony will be hanged on national TV for all the victims to see justice done, Also those mercenaries who have been helping the LRA, and some of this NGOs, let them think their calculations right because Konys behavior could results in them being punished severely. ICC should investigate their cases, otherwise ICC cannot go on with the case if it ignore the involvement of foreign elements,.

    repondre message

    • 13 March 2010 17:26, by mohammed ali

      Time ,

      You mean Koni had crossed along baha al jabal,west equatoria,lakes then warab and after that he reached Darfur.Then where is the SPLA? Can’t they defend their border or their country!How much time they would be able to cross all this distance?

      The only possibility that he could cross all that distance ,is that he is getting logistical support and a blind eye within the South!This a very remote possibility!

      repondre message

      • 13 March 2010 17:55, by Time1

        Mohammed Ali

        I think this are questions you should direct to those of Salah Gosh, he has had a long connections with LRA, even thought he connect might have reduced but he still has his connections to key LRA actors. But Salah Gosh might also not have enough information about the other part of LRA which is funded and supported by European NGOs and mercenary groups.

        As Museveni said there is Three groups of LRA, one of the groups might have some connections with Gosh and the others have connection with European groups which are supporting the LRA.

        Now LRA moved to Darfur through Central Africa republic, They took advantage of the relaxed security around that area and slipped through south Sudan to Darfur, the problem is the exact mission of LRA there is not clear, but most likely some group either the SAF or the European groups want to use them for some sort of laverage there.

        For your information LRA is being feed information by NGO working int he region, LRA does not know Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Central Africa and Darfur maps, unless LRA is some sort of special forces equipt with modern military equiptment and have widespread intelligence ont he ground, so how do they cross all this borders everyday without being traced? they are being supported by European organisations to work as churches, NGOs , Charity and so on, they give them information and also hide them sometimes in their cars or homes, that is how LRA has reached Darfur without a trace, but SPLA nd UPDF warned about this long time ago last year thet LRA was on the border region near Raga and Kafia Kingi region, they were near south Darfur.

        However the big question remain, which group of the LRA is this one? the one with connection to SAF or the one with connection to Eruopean organisations?

        You know mohammed you northerners are very naive and some very evil minded, you have done alot of stupid things here in Sudan and now you have lost control of the country and different groups have taken advantages of this situation, the reality is that Sudan will never be the same again. Can you believe SAF and those of Gosh used foriegn rebels like the LRA to come and kill Sudanese? even until now the security has refused to cooperate with GOSS to to give information about LRA or say what they knew in the past, even when they claim they want Sudan to be one country, is that not a sign that Sudan cannot be one country or work together? and now they do not even know how the LRA reached Darfur? northern government has always made wrong decisions and resulted in bad results every time, is this not betrayal and lost of totally vision for the strong country? this LRA group is now going to give headache to SAF in Darfur , believe me unless they do something quick, it is not wether SPLA could have stopped them or not, SPLA cannot stop them meanwhile SAF is helping militia groups to fight south sudan indirectly in other regions, so you see the issue is more complecated that you think , many actors are involved so it is now out of control of Sudanese, but the blame should go to Sudanese government in the first place for letting it come to this, it is luck of vision.

        repondre message

        • 13 March 2010 23:18, by Machingela gai

          Konyi and LRA in the region of Darfur is just more than a plain twist.
          The pesident of Uganda has linked Darfur rebels with his warring oppotent internationally wanted criminal in order to label Darfur as terorists.

          For one thing, this is a conspiracy made by Sudan government and Uganda to turn international help away from supporting Darfur people and their cause. They want to deflect peace intiative going on between two, and the fear of Konyi in the region will allow the world’s army and sudan’s army forces to search for Konyi; however, they will weep out Darfur rebels indirectly, with the help and approval of international community. In addition to that, all African countries are trying to solve Sorth-North peace in a hurry so that Bashir land safely on the ground they have prepared for him and his government. What a trick!

          Therefore, they do see Darfur issue as a road block for the North to defeat the South.
          I don’t know what things Maseveni will get out of this. He is very complicated than he is. Let us wait and see the allegation. Maseveni is a big international voice in Africa, and that matters with the move and his plan.

          repondre message

          • 13 March 2010 23:50, by mohammed ali


            I agree it is very complicated ,but Mousevini is not doing it for the interest of neither the north nor the south.It is for his own interest!The north doesn’t want to defeat the south, it is not in his interest the south to be defeated, with or without secession.

            The the west had advanced the question of Darfur much more it’s limits.Now they almost turning a blind eye when A/Wahid forces were attacked! In the past they will raise their voice to a single bullet coming from the SAF. Why this has changed? The question , here is for us to understand the dimentions of the foregin powers agenda! Do you think A/wahid, will say no to the Americans without the support of France? They are all fighting their wars in our land with our own blood, in their cometition over our resources.This is the bottom line.It is not and has never been north versus south!

            repondre message

        • 13 March 2010 23:31, by mohammed ali

          Time 1,

          I agree that some NGO’S might have abused the situation, but this would with recognition of Mousevini.NGO’S will benifit from the situation, as they had made a lot of money for themselves and to advance the political agenda of their countries.Again their presence in Darfur will be easily spotted and they would be easily eliminated as they wouldn’t have a stable supply line.

          We all did mistake , all these wars were mistakes, southerners or northerners.Those who financed the war in the south wanted to finance it in Darfur, mainly to their benifit.Now tell me how much money come to the South? Fraction of what was during the war.Remember "The life line" dropping food from air.I know only a fraction of what was been donated, reached to the people.

          Again, northerners or southerners are not one thing, the good and bad are present everywhere.I do not think it is wise to eye Mousevini with "naivity" with or without secession.He is very dangerous and he has his plans for the south.

          I think things will settel down .The Americans are pushing very hard.Some people say this is Gration.This not a third world cuontry policy! The question remains, why is this change? Obviously there is growing interest in Sudan, from Russia, China, USA and others , even Egyptians(our brothers! who discovered only recently that there is a country on their south borders!)What is the reason for this interest? We are the last to know, unfortunately!But this interest is definitely not for the sake of human rights, democracy, south sudan, and bla...bla...It is only for their own interest!

          repondre message

          • 28 April 2010 11:31, by kardelen133

            A Stupid man like Beshir saç ekimi saç ekimi beleives that his terrorist religion has taken a
            total control saç ekimi of Sudan,but i want to warn that soon nor later if Sudan comes
            to its orgines saç ekimi some will cry with green tears instead of white,such crazy
            politics of an ankara evden eve ankara evden eve idiotic man like Beshir will never get to rest 1000 of years,
            just let him do ankara nakliye
            because a stupid child born by stupid parents always act like
            his background this is saç ekimi
            open that a chicken saç ekimi
            cannot produce a duck or a ankara evden eve nakliyat
            goat to
            sheep.Should Beshir keep evden eve nakliyat
            adding more fuel as the backet is full already,the consqueneces
            will be more worst than ever.just lets ankara evden eve nakliyat
            live and GOD is great to all our long suffering.
            because i never see a fucking son of bitch spending 250 million against his people simple
            a single man,while thousand are ankara evden eve nakliyat
            starving,dying lack of medicines and etc.Saç ekimi ve evden eve nakliyat ankara üzerine bilgiler.

            repondre message

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