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Vote for Al Bashir not Arman


By Isaiah Abraham

March 2, 2010 — The President of the Republic, Field Marshall (Retired) Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir visit to Juba and Torit towns on the same Monday sends an un-coded message of desperation for Southerners to vote for him. His rally in Juba National Stadium was full to the capacity, the very rally that was largely avoided by SPLM tops. His message in Juba and in Torit Freedom Square was emphatic: “vote for me”. I don’t know though whether something has changed in his favor from these rallies, but one thing is clear: the SPLM nomination of Yasser Saeed Arman as party presidential torch bearer in the upcoming April Elections has complicated things for the National Congress Party (NCP) and its president (Mr. Omar Al Bashir).
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As far Southern future is concerned, the SPLM party made unnecessary gamble to nominate Mr. Yasser in this election. Everyone expects the SPLM to respect the wishes and aspirations of the people of Southern Sudan by nominating none, for the sake of continuity in the implementation of the CPA, since their partnership with the NCP still stand. Mr. Yasser isn’t going to win after all, and indeed no one will win this election outright. There will be aftermath bruises to everyon. This nomination in fact will take the elections to its second round where Mr. Yasser votes (Southern votes) will determine the winner. There is no magic in numbers for anyone at the moment, even if the air is suspect to be in favor of the NCP (eespicially in the North). Statistics smack facts on our face. Numbers don’t lie. President Al Bashir advisors know this fact: unless Yasser automatic votes are spoiled, the future for the NCP coming back to power through democratic means hangs in the balance.

At this junction therefore, Southerners holds the key to this elections. Their votes count. But if I were them, they got to vote wisely because their future isn’t in the book (constitution) or in Mr. Yasser as others have made it their songs to advance this kind of politics. For the sake of Referendum ahead of us, President Al Bashir at the moment needs Southern supports (votes), not Mr. Yasser Arman. This is why: if he (Yasser) wins that election miraculously it will put the SPLM party (people of the South) into awkward and in a collusion course with the international community, the very body that have made the unity option their declared choice over separation. Why would the South go separate when they have attained power, people will whisper and wheeze ridicules against the party post shifting policies. I have to stop there, in relations to reasons why Arman choice is dangerous.

Politicians from the SPLM party however have their own interpretation on this matter. To them, the outcome of Referendum won’t be affected irrespective of anyone coming up in Khartoum seat, they claim. That is fallacy! The outcome would be affected fundamentally. Yasser manifesto is glazed with beautiful ideas we have been hearing them often but Southerners don’t have courage yet to jump to bed with the North on impetuous of a small clique at the Political Bureau. I wanted my people to shun Yasser and vote overwhelmingly for President Al Bashir. Mr. Al Bashir will recognize us first and shall remain our first neighbor. He speaks no bubbles, and once he says it, his hearts never goes the opposite.

Some among us have the habits of looking down on facts on the ground and only interested in what is out there. My friend, that is not the case. Let’s rally behind Al Bashir as Southern Sudanese from all corners of our land, to give him the support he needs. Of course for Southern Presidency, we need Kiir/Machar to finish the job they have started together. A minute, what happens if we don’t (vote for Al Bashir)? This is what I think will happen: The North shall unite (conspire) against the South to vote out President Al Bashir in the second round. This will have a severe impact on the implementation of the CPA, due to the new arrangement in Khartoum, that will likely to be made, by heavy touches on the constitution. Our 28% votes can’t stop any changes in the National Assembly in Khartoum, so does our self- proclaimed friends from outside for possible more machine guns. We will be in crisis. We must be extra careful at this stage unless we eternally lose to win the war of liberation at its zero hour.

That is where our unity comes in. We need unity of our political parties. SPLM factions should unite and give President Al Bashir backing; the very person who brought the South to this standard. Let’s take firm steps at this important political junction for the sake of millions that perish for the cause of Southern Sudan . Mr. Arman might be innocent and the question isn’t about him as an individual, but about big picture beyond his nomination/support. This isn’t time for us to chase after euphoria, but time to calculate our steps and take the route that leads to total liberation of our people. Even if it means burying our differences as political parties this hour, why not do it! President Kiir and his running mate (Dr. Machar Teny) require true friends of Southern Sudan , for them to complete the journey. We don’t need problems of transition; smooth one will come from Mr. Bashir not Yasser Saeed Arman. No right mind Southerner moreover can easily forget Arab wily character.

Oh no! May be I have said many things above. But the reality remains: no CPA future without CPA authors. Constitution or constitutions aren’t guarantors of this document, so to speak, but political will. We live in a third world, someone must understand. There are elements within the North elites who made no secret to do away with what they called ’bilateral arrangement’ (CPA) between the NCP and the SPLM. If they come to power, what will stop them from changing the constitution to accommodate Darfur and other political forces in the country? Look, neighbors are pushing their agenda through other political forces and this should have worried us much in the South right now. Political Bureau (PB) decision can be thrown out of the window if we refuse to elect its choice in the Arman. Vote for Arman is vote for unity. Yes to Al Bashir!

Isaiah Abraham, lives in Juba ; he’s on Isaiah_abraham@yahoo.co.uk

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  • 3 March 2010 04:26, by Oduck Bol

    I do not see any defferent between Omar Al-Bashir and Yasser Arman. Both of them are from north and musilam;but you if say that ,you are voting for Al-Bashir; they talk shits.

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    • 3 March 2010 04:39, by Deng Thiak Adut

      This is very good article and I am glad that you have some of conservative views I already held. I am happy to hear that, there are such people like you around who painted the exact picture of reality. Keep up good work... salute

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      • 3 March 2010 16:11, by Freedom Fighter

        Isaiah Abraham,


        ??? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??????

        Secondly, Yasir Arman is not a northerner but a true southerner who made great sacrifies in interest of your people. He is even more southerner than yourself. Please be smart. Just eat Albashir’s money without hurting your people.

        Freedom fighter

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        • 4 March 2010 10:18, by Hillary B.M.L,M

          This Isaac Abraham is against Bari Community.

          He wrote somewhere his total jealousy against Bari people unknowing that Bari dislike the current Government because of its malpractice.

          Different Comment, not on the above Topic.

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    • 3 March 2010 06:59, by Aturjok

      Even the blind can see the different between Bashir and Arman.

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      • 4 March 2010 00:02, by Oduck Bol

        What different do you see? can you explain few of differents you see?

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  • 3 March 2010 05:35, by Dinka Boy

    Isaiah Abraham,

    First of all, you embarked writing the articles similar to the one of your initial writing that i knew years back.

    I disagree with you when you forced unwanted food in the mouth of South Sudanese,while that rotten food contain poisonous substances in it.

    I supported my South Sudanese to case their vote to our hero Yassir Arman in the upcoming election because that will bear benefits and harms.

    In fact, when Arman become our president in the year of 2010, we Southerners will be free to chose our destiny- South independent without any other intimidation awaiting us. We all know that Bashier government rules Sudan in dictatorship way and indeed, he has no interest to permit the South to be independent due to wealth, debit, border democrat, and many others. This is not theory in which people predict the hypothesis test,but the Bashier presidency will be an automatic denial of our right no matter what in the country.

    Yes, we Southerners and others like Abraham/ Bashier Supporters does not know the uncertainty of choosing Bashier as our president. We have to know that CPA was just an agreement that people like Bashier and the agents can violate like 1972 agreement just simply like piece of cake,but Arman president can listen to the voice of South Sudanese because he has passed through those difficulties.

    Mr Abraham, you don,t know Bashier then you think,and you have know right to think that Southerners should vote for Bashier unless you want another war that will take another lives. Please stop supporting your wish because it more harmful than beneficial to Southerners. We must vote for Arman to make our path easy and pleasant to 2011.
    I encouraged South Sudanese to vote for Yassir Arman because he will guarantee the South interest than Bashier. He can not dictate our stakes 100% because he is our hero who fought for the same mistreatment. I don,t know why people like you and others related Bashier with Arman while Bashier was known as our killer and aggressors in hos management for decades.

    You article has no value and it’s more dangerous to digested because no one in the South can think that the another Bashier’s presidency will just allow the independent South like you guys think.Please stop creating promotion of Bashier presidency because he is waiting you to cause major trouble in 2011.
    YASSIR ARMAN OYEEE for South to be free.

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    • 3 March 2010 09:20, by mohammed ali

      ((His rally in Juba National Stadium was full to the capacity, the very rally that was largely avoided by SPLM tops))

      Compare this with what Sudan tribune initial reports.He mentioned that the rception was poor!

      There 3 groups of population in Juba ,now.

      1- SPLA members and fighters, who came from outside Sudan after the CPA.This group holds the guns,money and all the power in it’s hand!

      2-Residents of Juba, who remained there during the war.This group is suffering under the new commers,as they lost their security, jobs,properties and even land.They do not get good treatment and shunned as Arab lovers, and humilated on daily basis!

      3-Those who were transfered to Juba, mostly educated people , judges,lawyers,doctors,teachers,civil sevants,who had got their education in the North.This is the most frustrated group.They were not allowed to do their jobs,and do not get the respect they were getting from the Jalabba.They have to get orders from SPLA patriots, who are much less educated than them and had far less experience!They are shunned as Arab kids or boys!

      These two last groups are not able to express their viwes freely ,as the SPLA armed soldiers and security apparatus were not giving any chance!Their only chance is to express their view secretly at the ballot box.They will not vote for the SPLA, but they will not say it openly!They mostly dislike northerners in the SPLA,as they know that they are just opportunists.The consider them as the cause of their plight.A great number of them support Lam Akol, particulary the last group.They will not vote for Arman, being in Khartoum they know his past communist and "’suspected!"criminal record!

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    • 3 March 2010 12:04, by Rev. Saturnino

      Dear Brother Dinka Boy,

      I truly appreciated your wise comment on who to vote as president of the Republic at this particular moment. Yes, many can say Arman is still an Arab and a Muslim at the same time. That is true, yet politically he belongs to the junubin side i.e SPLM. Even if i never experience his administration before, yet our big Heros including the Late Dr. Garang approved of him. Meaning that, we should respect the vision, purpose and the choice of our Leaders. Arman will never turn against the Junubin because of the promise he made infornt of the marginalized. Let’s try him inorder to claim the whole Country. Some of those plans are BIG beyond our normal discussion here and now. Hence, let us allow Arman to handle this position inorder to understand the darker tricks of Jalabas behind the screen. This does not mean that the Junubin cannot handle the Presidency, wole Ya-Sabi. Things are under way, infact the whole Sudan belongs to the Junubin, the rest are visitors and will not be abandoned. Did you read that book, "Coming of the Arabs into the Sudan" ? Most of those books got burn by the same Arabs inorder to make things new. Yet, history has gone far even the chickens knows and have the copies of every single document that talks of history (Sudan History). LET’S VOTE FOR ARMAN HERE AND NOW.

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      • 3 March 2010 15:04, by mohammed ali


        I am a Sudanese, I am a mixture of Arabs and nubians.I am very proud of this mixture.I will be very much interested in showing me any book of history which showes that the nylotic ever exsisted in the north.All books of history and ancient maps on Earth show very clearly that the nubian has got the old history in Earth which dates 7500 BC.They lived in north and central Sudan.No historical or archeological eveidece which suggest that the Junugiin haD ever lived in northern or central Sudan.This is the information era , no book will be burned.Even books can be misleading,if they come from diShonest writers.But the archeolgical evidence which are abondon in north and central Sudan, written in the same language which we still do speak, have no relationship what-so-ever with the nylotic tribes.This is the strongest evidence that we are no visitors to this land.These archeological eveidence has no simillarties in the south.Nothing look them.Any claim that the junubin existed in the North is a fallacy and a very big, big lie.

        Arabs are not far away from Africa and in particular not very far away from Sudan.They didn’t enslave African’s or built apartheid system.They mixed with Africans in every single country they entered, before the white man came and with his supremacy mentality stopped this wonderful human to human interaction.Infact Arabs came to Sudan centuries before Islam.The Blemmyes, the Beja of today are of Arabic origin and they are in Sudan since the first century AD.:You can see this site , instead of talking about burnt books, which never exisisted:


        You can see ,also this map of the world at the year 500 AD, and tell me where did the Junubin exsisted:


        One would expect from you,Father to preach peace at the time when everybody is looking towards a peacful life in the whole Sudan, with or without seperation.You came out with a fallcy which you do not know its dangerous dimentions.Or may be you know and’you do not care about what blood path such a call will be driving our people and country into.

        We are quite aware of such elements who have BIG,BIG hateful and malacious plans.We know the source of these plans,which is by no means is an African source.It is not neither in the interest of Africans or South Sudanese.People in Sudan and in particulary in South Sudan ,are looking earnestly for peace.They do not care about your bloody dreams and they do not them.They do not care about Arabs or non Arabs,they have been living and mixing side by side for centuries.Untill the white-man came with old dictum of divide to conqure!

        I appeal to the majority of peace loving Sudanese,at a time when we are moving steadily towards peace to shun these dangerous,destructive,malacious and bloody SMALL PLANS.They are not coming from Africa, they are coming from those who colonised and enslaved Africans for centuries and built theire aparthid system on a path of African blood and skulls,albeit under religous banners!The dreams of the return of the colonial system is resonating now-a-days in different quarteres.Let us stop them now!

        At the end let me tell you father , may be you do not know what they driving you to do:

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        • 4 March 2010 01:59, by Time1

          Wikepidia is not a reliable or genuine source with an inclusive academic and scientific work, based on proper research work and evidence, it weas just created by people like you putting false information without evidence together to serve their own ends.

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        • 4 March 2010 12:10, by Rev. Saturnino

          Dear Brother Mohammed,

          I thank you so much for your constructive argument supported by some historical facts. I will agree with you that the colonialists left Sudan administration in disarray. So many writters came up talking about our own history which may be erronious as you put it.
          Yet, we need to admit some facts that includes testimonies of our Grand Grand Fathers (Junubin). Most of our colleaques have given enough inputs with proves. Imagine ya Muhammed, there was a book newly written entittle: "DUKUL AL-NAS FIL-SUDAN" to purposely contradict the famous book ever since majorly entittle: "THE ENTRANCE OF THE ARABS INTO THE SUDAN". According to the newly designed book, all Sudanese were coming from I don’t know where. How about the original inhabitants? who were they?
          I beleieve the whole discussion here is not to deny the existence of the Arabs in the Sudan, but rather to know that they came through several roots entering into the Sudan. This is History. The meaning of Sudan alone means " SUD" Black, the Black Man is the Landlord. Iam happy that most of the comments are truly teacheable from matured people. For me, I don’t blame the junubin nor Arabs, but the colonialists who left chaos, hatred and suffering upto this present moment. Otherwise, the CPA has brough a lot of change, understanding and possibly stability in this country. I never study arabic myself, but some of my friends who are from Arabic pattern can tell you a lot of things contrary to the reality. Even talking in Arabic, it contains alot of philosophies and have ready made fallacies.So I know Bro most of the sayings against the Junubin and so forth. I completed in Khartoum myself. We don’t need to reach there but truly utter all those bad experiences for a true reconciliation and peace. Do you learn of the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa"? that should be done here in Sudan after the Referendam INSHA-ALLAH. Our President has already sweared that nobody will go back to war. The war is over, it’s time to revise and if possible to see the Sudan War films. The same MOZUNGUS will avail all those records so that our future children will not forget.

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      • 3 March 2010 19:16, by AAMA

        The North of Sudan has a proven history of thousands of years and is still evident in the daily life of northerners today. Northerners mainly lost conections with their original language due to the fact of embracing Islam in the first place. The nubian traditions and costumes found in north sudan is unique to the northern part of sudan and they include thier food, wedding customes, costumes and household material .... ((sham al naseem which has nothing to do with easter as many peole think), Kisra, Mulah, angarib, bambar, kakar, mirig, tokul ...). No evidence what so ever for this civilization is witnesed or found in the South. Southerners are clean blooded african tribes who kept minimal contact with the outside world for melenia and hence kept their traditions and culture more intact that the cosmopolitan north. (Something that they should be proud of more than pretending the northern civilisations belongs to the south).


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        • 4 March 2010 01:55, by Time1

          AAMA and mohammed Ali

          I do not want to disappoint northerners since history cannot reverse itself, but northerners are a mixture of the Axumite (Ethiopian/Amharis/ some who by the way originate from Yemen region) mix with Arabs who came to Sudan through Egypt know as the Awlad al balad, this is a group of early Arabs who came to Sudan long time through Egypt when they fleed the Arabian region, this happen around 700-1300 AD, this is the period the demographic of north Sudan start to changed from blacks to the current Arab mix chracter. (This is what later become known in the early history books as the coming of the Arabs into Sudan, this is a known fact, that the northerners are a mixture of Arabs and Africans (Ethipian Axumites Yemenis) but also some northern Arabs mixed with blacks from south and west in later stages.

          Basically historic records shows that the Arabs who tookover the Mukiria/Alodia/Nobatia Kingomd became Arabised and Islamized to form today north sudanese, there capital was Dongola, which by the way is not a Nubian word as many claim, it is drived from Arabic word of Dunqulah.

          The mixture of Awlad and bilad and Ethiopian gave rise to present day northern Sudanese muslims , they were known as the nobaian from the nobatia kingdoms, but later that was wrongly translated as Nubia fromt he word nobatia, this people they were never the original inhabitants of Sudan, Why do you think north SUdanese look very much like ethiopians of amhari and eritreans but the difference is they are muslims? this is because the Awlad el bilad who mixed with the nobatia kingdom of Axum spread Islam with help from Egypt and they become the stronger force so they rule the nobaita kingdom, but they were never the original inhabitants, when they came to Sudan, Sudan already had black inhabitants who now live in south sudan (the nilotics groupsd they are the ones who originate in north Sudan, that is why even today we can find traces and villages that is named after southern tribes or southerners who have lived in the north since day one and have never seen the south before, but as i said history cannot go back and Northern Arabs cannot go anywhere, but just to set the records straight they originate from Arabia and they mix with Ethiopians to formt he present day north Sudan, this is your origins if you want to know.

          The northern Sudan area which was known as nobatia/makuria later became Arabized and Islamized by the Arabs who came in and mixed with the Axumite who settled int he region, as the Auxumite were very weak at the time. Give me your emails, I will bring you a full reseach work done into the origins of north sudanese, they are not the original inhabitants of that area, because if you look at the make up of the region you will see that north sudanese are sandawished between the Arab Egyptians in the north the blacks in the south and west and some part of east, how is that possible?

          I will put the article here but this is not a discussion forum, its a news website.

          I would ask northerners to refer to the writting and work of IBN KHALDUM, were he write about the mixture of Arabs with local blacks who mixed with the Ethiopian Axumites earlier known as the and the invasion of the region by bedoiun (Awlad Al belad or AWLAD EL KENZ) this people mixed to form today north sudanese.

          The word Nubia never existed before, it was only created so it will be possible to identify the region after the Arabization and Islamization occured, Nubia was created fromt he Nobiin (also nobatia kingdom) this was created late after the ArabsAWLAD EL KENZ and Axumites( entered Sudan, so Nubia is a new word not old as many think, the blacks who inhabit Sudan laterally the black nioltics as known today, they never called themselves Nubia.

          Also very important, the Nubia language many north Sudanese claim is their prove that they are the so called poriginal Nubia, the Nunia language is not an original language, it is a mixture of Greek and Coptic language, the archealogist blended the two languages to create this imaginary Nubian language, is is not the same as the Ancient Egyptian langauge of the pharoahs or pyramids which is teh same as the language of original blacks of Sudan. All this changes happened around 700AD to 1400 AD.

          You need to do more research my friends. do not be mislead by fake archeological work from Europe.

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          • 4 March 2010 02:20, by Time1

            However, now Sudan belong to all the Sudanese not to any one group who is trying to be dictatorial, north to north, south to south, east to east and weast to west all making up Sudan, no one will be asking anyone to leave Sudan or try and claim Sudan, but we have to recognise and respect the rights of all Sudanese and accept a free voluntary unity which is asserted by the peoples free will through a free and fair referendum, so the results of referendum will decide wether Sudan unite or seperate for good. If Sudan seperate we can still unite through the apparatus of the African Union.

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            • 4 March 2010 13:21, by AAMA

              Dear Time,

              Thanks for the info but some point you have mentioned are not completely accurate. Arabs never took anything over from local populations of the north. There was never an Arabic empire or an Arabic sultan in Sudan. In fact, Arabs tried to invade the north and failed. The Arab migrants slowly mixed and blended in together with the existing population who in the same time has been mixing with populations from al the areas around for centuries (Including the south between dinka and the Arabic speaking tribe of gaalyeen at a later stage of history for instance). North Sudan is a mixing pot, but the Nubian culture is the most dominate one in the north if you exclude the Arabic language which is totally different from being Arab ethnically, even though, many northerners have Arab blood but not to the extent of making them Arab immigrants and not original people (the north that I talk about extends from the Nubba mountains and Blue Nile up to Egypt).

              Regarding what you mentioned on Sudan as a home for all of us, for me this is not an issue of debate, this is a fact that everyone should point out as the most important aspect of being Sudanese. Nobody is trying to force anything also on the south. The North should in fact try to identify the problem of the southerners, and why they still hate the north collectively after all of these years, and find out what’s the problem with the south. Unfortunately, no body so far managed to fix this problem, because with this amount of hate that I see today, keeping the country united without knowing and fixing the root of the problem is a bigger problem than separation. Even though I strongly believe that the problem is fixable, but there are two obstacles, the first is the lack of the political will from both SPLM of the post Garang era and NCP to fix the root of the problem. The second obstacle is that there is no time left to do that.


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          • 4 March 2010 09:06, by mohammed ali

            You mentioned very intersting things.The most important is that Sudan belongs to all of us, we like it or not.

            Second, nobody has the right to claim Sudan as his and the rest are visitors, it is stupid.

            Third you brought up alot of data here.But let me refer you to two books written by Derek A. Welsby who was a field archeologist in Sudan since 1982.I think now he is the assistance manager of the british museum: 1-The Kingdom of Kush ,the Napatan and Meroitic EMPIRES.ISBN0-7141-0986-X 2-Mediveal Kingdom of Nubia isbn 0-7141-1947-4.Unfortunately our history is written by Europeans and Arabs, if you have any other source you can supply me.

            Fourth,most of the name of towns in Sudan is Nubina Shendi ,Meroi,Burri,Karrari, Wawisi,Kalogi, Talodi,Kadogli,Korti,Alti,Kosti,Tandalti,Tutti..and you can see the rhythem.If you have any any name of Southern origin I woild love to see that.

            Fifth, the nubian language which is spoken up to now in northern Sudan has up to 60% conformity with the nubian language of the nubal mountain language.They have connection with Medob and Birgid languages who live in north Nyala.But they do not have connection with nilotic tibes languages.

            I will come back to you!At least those who talk about history known by chickens ,will be enlighted!This doesn’t that anyone is suprior or inferior,we are all from Adam and Adam is from Turab(eart) Adam was a black mean , and this the meaning of the word in Arabic!

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            • 4 March 2010 18:35, by Time1


              First of all the British museum is behind most of the false information being circulated about Sudan history, Nubians and so on, they have been make falsification of African history for sometime, so i will not look at their books as a genuine sources of reference to Sudan history, if you want the real balance and neutral writing, then refer tot he Professor Chieik Doup of senegal, Africa the mother of civilizations, the destruction of black civilization, this books will give you more insight into who are the owners of Sudan and Egypt before Arabs and other came and took the land, he is a honest muslims man who carried out genuine research without being a RACISTS, i do not see any reason why he will lie since he is a committed muslim himself.

              Now about eh Nubian language, it is a fake language, the westerners scholar who are excavating the pyramids in Egypt and Sudan, they put the Greek and Coptic language together to formt he so called Nubian language, in reality the Nubian does not even refer to current Arab mix north Sudanese, it was meant to refer to the Coptics as being the Nubians, but many northern Sudanese still do not know this facts. The Nubia which the western scholar created was to refer to Nubia as a sub-Coptic region, so no black or even the mix Arabs in Sudan cannot claim the great civilization, however their plan did not work because Coptics are actually not Africans in origin, they are a mix of Assyrians and greek/Turks, they came to Egypt and Sudan more recent during the christian era which is more recent in the AD, that is why they say by the British books that the Nubian kingdom was a christian kingdom before it was later Islamized,The only christians who existed in Sudan were the Coptic who were brought by the Ottoman turks and Alexandras occupation of Egypt, so the Coptic will serve as a buffer zone between black Sudan and Egypt which was being Whitenized.
              Now blacks. The ancient Egyptian of black Sudanes never called themselves Nubian, they Europeans scholar just made that name up very recently to mislead everyone.

              As for Nuba mountain, they are completely different from the mix north Arabs, Nuba are more closely related with the Darfur people than with the northerners who are more a mix of Arabs/blacks and Axumite who enter Sudan from Ethiopian/Yemen side when their kingdom collapse.

              Dongola is name after the Arabs who entered Sudan from Arabia through Egypt, it is Dungulah in Arabic, it is not Nubian word as many want to believe.

              The town of Tutti for example comes from southern name of Tut which, soba also is a southern name, even Khartoum was converted from a southern chief name, the list goes one my friend.go to areas of merum, heglig this are all southern names converted to Arabic names. You said the name of Kosti , Kadugli and others are in Nubian? you are wrong, they are names mostly from Western and central people of Nuba and Darfur, i will be happy if you can tell us what those names of the towns mean in the so claimed Nubian language. the blacks who build pyramids in Sudan never called themselves Nubian, this name was aonly created by Europeans to mislead the world.

              What happened hapened but we have to stop using flase information and living on false foundations, This is the reason why many northerners still do not understand were their origins are some say they are Arabs, some say they are mix black and Arabs, some say they are Nobiin and so on but they are just co nfused, you northerners you are the distance cousin of southerners, Arabs and Ethiopians mix.

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              • 4 March 2010 18:37, by Time1

                basically northerners are Africans/Arabs who are Arabized and Islamized. you people should just be proud to be African and be proud of your Arab inherited culture.

                repondre message

                • 4 March 2010 19:46, by mohammed ali


                  I will come back to you. KHARTOUM WAS NOT KHARTOUM. It’s name was KHORKOUTTI after the Arabs it became Kharoum-tutti.KHORLOTTI MEANS (TEAN) OR RIVER MUD, TUTI ,TI MEANS COW AND TUTTI MEANS THE BRAEST OF THE COW.

                  No pyramids in the south, no temples in south like those in the north.If you go to dongla or halfa or badeen they do not talk in Arabic, the speak only nubian language.Some of us learned Arabic in the scool.You could ask Mohamed Wardi to sing for you in nubian language!

                  Yes arabs may have come from west africa to sudan.will come back to you

                  repondre message

                  • 4 March 2010 20:21, by Time1


                    I am telling you and you still do not believe it, go and research into the Nubian language, its origin, it is not an original language of the ancient pharoahs or pyramids, it is the nobiin which by the way are not the Nubian people claim from the ancient times, nobiin are of bedouin origin (Arab who entered through egypt), they were only taught the language during the alexandra turkish era, before the formation of the first Makuria kingdom (which is the first nobiin, Arab kingdom in Sudan) that was around 1100AD, The so called Nubian language is a mixture of Greek-Coptic alphabet langauge which was put together by European scholar working in the archeological field, it is different from the Nobiin language or the Nuba or central Sudan. The so called Nubian language is completly different from what you see on the walls of pyramids, otherwise the Europeans who were trying to excavate they would have just brought one of the so called Nubian to translate the whole egyptian book of the dead and also expalin all the writtings on the walls, the ancient writing on the walls of pyramid in Sudan and Egypt was only discoered by the french archeologists, because the real speakers where not known or available, Yes the people in Dongola speak the Nubian language but am telling you that this language they speak is not the language of the pyramids and pharoahs, it is a greek-coptic language that hthey were taught, am sure if i bring you to the pyramids you will not be able to read one word of the writings on the walls. so get your understanding straight do not decieve yourself.can you read the writing on the pyramid walls? can nayone in dongola do it?

                    Can you tell me TUTTI means cow in which language? Dongola is an Arab name not Nubian name, Halfa is an Arab name not Nubian names, am i right? this names were established after Arabs entered Sudan and get their settlements mixting with local blacks.

                    Those who came from west Africa are the nobiin not Arabs, Arabs come from Arabia not from west Africa, there is no Arab reservoir in west Africa, the nobiin are the ones who came from west africa, they later mixed with the Arabs (bedouin or Awlad al Kenz) who came from Arabia through egypt and also mix with those who came from Ethiopia/yemen side, this created the present day north sudanese, why do you think northerners look more like ethiopian, yemenis than Egyptian or syrian or coptic? you never ask youself this questions? present day egyptians fall more into the Arab mix with syrian greek turkish category, northerners fall in the arab mix with -blacks ethiopian/ yemeni/ group. Northerners only found themselves in that place and claimed the history but they are not the original inhabitants, however now they are the inhabitants.

                    To conclude,

                    1-Nubian language is not an original language, it is a greek-cotic language, was adopted by a small group around Dongola town of north sudan , not even most northerners know it.

                    2-ancient sudanese or egyptians of the past of the pharoah/pyramid era never called themselves Nubians, they also n ever called themselves egyptians (greek name), this are all recent names given by scholars, they called themselves khemet (blacks).

                    4-Dongola is not a ancient town of the pharoahs, it is named by Arabs fromt eh word Dungulah,

                    5- present day north sudanese are not direct decendents of the ancient egyptians, they are only indirectly related to them through some mixing not even much mixing,

                    6- blacks of Sudan (central and south) are the original inhabiants from the ancient time.

                    7- finally all Sudanese today living in Sudan are Sudanese regardless of their background or religion.

                    repondre message

                    • 4 March 2010 20:57, by AAMA

                      oh no, here we go again in an endless argument. To rap this up Time, where ever the north people come from or whatever thier ancestor history, the north is thier land of origin and they are living there since the begining of the recorded history.


                      repondre message

                      • 5 March 2010 02:23, by Time1


                        You are right, the north is now the land of northerners, so i am not going to urgue about that, i was only stating the facts from history which many do not know, but the land now belongs to northerners, westerners and easterners without any disputes.

                        repondre message

                • 4 March 2010 19:48, by mohammed ali


                  We are very much proud of our Nubian,Black African origin, we are proud we are Sudanese.No doubt about that!

                  repondre message

                • 4 March 2010 20:51, by AAMA


                  This time you are right, northeners are proud of who they are, but they should utilise this level of uniqueness to help both groups they relate to, and act as a bridge and not to create hostilities against both ways.

                  repondre message

                  • 5 March 2010 02:26, by Time1


                    The north was in a unique position to benefits from borth African and Arab experience but they misused that gift from their allah, they disregarded allah and used oppression,l lies and disregard to human life and human rights, they destroyed their own dreams and destroyed the whole Sudanese peoples dream, am afriad they will live with the mistakes of the past (breaking of Sudan if it happens), but we will try to be optimistic even at the last minutes.

                    repondre message

              • 4 March 2010 21:35, by AAMA

                Also, regarding chiek Anta Diop, i am not a historian, but i know that he was trying to say that Ancient Egypt was a black civilisation, no one was arguing about the nubian/kushitic empires, neithier cheik nor the west.

                repondre message

                • 4 March 2010 22:47, by mohammed ali


                  YOU ARE NOT GIVEN ME TIME!

                  Most of the Arab influence was in central Sudan.The central Sudan adopted the Arabic and Islam before the North.The north does not speak Arabic language untill now!

                  Influence most probably came from Mauritania for the following:

                  1- dress is simillar to Mauritanian.

                  2-Religous sect. Sudan is Maliky like Mauritania, south Moroco and Algeria. While Egypt is Shafi.

                  3- Names,until recently we the word "wad"for son, for example Mohammed wad Ali ,this only occurs in Mauritania.

                  4-Music, we the same rhyth of music in these areas, not like the Egyptian music.

                  5-The SOFI way or sects like tigania which exist Moroco and west Africa and not in Egypt.

                  Regarding the Nubian origion, forget about Dongula or Dungulah"which is not an Arabic word" What about Soba or Alowa or Alodia?it existes from7500 bc up to 1005 AD,and the language is nubian as proved in the Archeological scripts!New archeological findings show that the nubian civilisation predates the one the north.This suggest that the nubian orginated in Algazera area and spread to the north.But in the north they still speak the nubian language,people used to think the origion is there.

                  The heriglophic language and coptic language is not nubian language!The nubian is still preserved ,the writing is only simillar to coptic script.The nuba mountain language has 60 to be exactely 56% conformity with the northern sudan nubian language.Related to it is the Meidob and Birgid languages in Darfur.

                  The first Arabic and Islamic state in Sudan was established by the Funj in Sinnar after destroying Soba in 1005 AD.The Funj is tribe Mlik Agar!The Arab themselves didn’t establish any state of their own.The Funj themselves are strictly africans, although they have their connections with the Arabs!

                  repondre message

                  • 5 March 2010 03:04, by Time1


                    I am glad you realise that north Sudan is actually more similar to the Muaritanian, who themselves originate from the Arabia, The Nubian which you are talking about are the nobiin (look at the spelling between Nubian and Nobiin), Nobiin have been mistook by many northerners as being Nubian which is completely two seperate issue, Nubian is just the area or region, it was made of many different groups. Nobiin have connection in Arabia, they came from aljazeera , they are the group you claim as Nubian, but they are Nobiin, they were first settled in Mauritania then they moved to Sudan from Mauritania, this are the people who are talked about in Sudan as Arab who came fromt he west africa, there is no Arab in west Africa who look like northerners except the Mauritania, so that is that group of Nobiin who came from westafrica (Muaritania) but they are originally from aljazeera Arabian region. The you have the Awlad and Kenz (bedoiun groups) who came through Egypt, then you have the Axumite/Yemen group who came through Ethiopia/Eritrea (notice people in both countries also have similarities with north Sudan). Alodia is just a name for southerners who at that time still occupied most of central Sudan(mostly Shilluk, Nuer and Dinka but there were other small groups or mixed groups), Alodia was actually the original Nubian kingdom rules by southerners,some of this groups later mixed with some of the Arabs group who came from the north part of Sudan they became muslims and form the Funj kingdom in senner region in central Sudan. Alowa was the group of black who mixed with the Axumite who came through ethiopia (Mainly known as Beja group), they were weak and assimilated into the Nobiin group but some remain seperate till today, the Funj kingdom was strongest and was later extended to include soba in Khartoum when the Nobiin dominated the Funj Kingdom and took over its leadership from the natives of the senner (Funj is basically the present day mixture of north and south groups.The nobatae are just Coptics who settled in Sudan and had the first christian kingdoms in the area but they were later defeated by the Arabs who came through Egypt and were assimilated into the Arab/black kingdom of Makuria(a black a frican kingdom in early Sudan) which later was conquered by the Arabs around 1300AD. Sudan history is more complex than many think.

                    Remember all this we are talking about it all happened from 500AD afterwards. But the ancient egyptians and sudanese of the pharoahs and pyramids live about 4000years before that time, because mixing in Sudan only started at a later time after the ancient egyptians and sudanese black had already fleed and their kingdoms were destroyed or occupied by greeks-turks and later Arabs.

                    So if northerners are mix with Arabs,nobiin and blacks, the mixture in Sudan only happened about 700AD to 1500 AD that is long time after BC, so how can they be the black african Nubians who were living in the BC era about 4000BC? It is not possible.

                    But i will tell you one thing, north Sudan is a very mixed society compared to nay other society in Sudan, they cannot claim to be solely one group, but the most certain thing is that the Arab and Islamic culture dominated their lifes, they were extensively Arabized and Islamized that is that history tells us and that effect remained untill today.

                    repondre message

                    • 5 March 2010 07:34, by mohammed ali

                      YOU ARE NOT GIVING ME TIME!

                      NUBIA is how the British pronounce it, Nubiin or Noubion is how it is prounounced in Arabic.Nubiin is just like Junbiin.or nigriin for nigerian,or Marutaniin for Mauretanians,Philpiniin for philipinians or Chadiin for Chadianor, Camareniin for Camernian.It is simple Arabic pronounciation.

                      Soba is strictly nubian or nubiin or nubion.They speak the same language as the north nubians,they worship the same gods as the north,they had the same pottery and sclupture,they use the same writtings,the same temples .Before Islam they were Christians, even before the British, while in the South Christianity was only known recently,after the British invaded Africa.Soba was destroyed in 1005 AD, and they were christians before that!One would expect southerners to be christians long time ago ,if they were ever in Soba and driven back by the Arabs as some people falsly claim so!But they adopted the Arab language before the north( not Arabized or Islamsized as the european are trying to imply that was enforced)The north speak the nubian language.There was no Arab state or Arab Army to enforce Arabic or Islam.The first Islamic state in Sudan is Sennar which is strictly African,and Darfur Sultante in Darfur again strictly Africans.

                      The Axoumite attacked Algazera area(Madani are not algazera alarabia as you mis understood) but thet didn’t mix or stayed in the present Sudan.There language is total different from the NUBIAN language.The Amhari&tTigri are semetic language while the Nubian is hametic.Their language is more related to Arabic ,even now there are many who speak Arabic in Ereteria and Ethiopia as their first language!

                      All this academic

                      repondre message

                      • 5 March 2010 15:59, by Time1


                        Lets leave it here for now and continue another day, this will never end soon.

                        repondre message

            • 8 March 2010 07:57, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

              To Mohamed Ali

              Nillotic does not Mean Dinka,Collo,Naath,Nuba,and Apuny only.
              it is a combination of many sundanese Tribe living a long the Nile. But is not theirs Realy name the Indigenous people relay on their names. It is a foreign given name to people they found a long the Nile. The old rallic you saw north in Egypt,North Sudan were built by many Kingdom of African tribes, not Arab.

              The perenant Kingdoms suffered due to Cattle worrors harders following the agreenland for their Cattle and bad kings Rulers. That why the Nubian and Jewish suffer defeat from Greek,Masidonia,Roman,Asrian and combine of european and Arab Invision.

              Because PanDeng people were moving to central or southern sudan. some names still bear old statutes. Like (Chandit)Chendi,Kirtuom jieng meaning,Mandiin/Gaatdarep Naath meaning,Makuar,Rebek jieng meaning,Ajopic jieng(Egypt,Pan Rib). All bear African tribes. All those Tribes in south have link with Nuba descandant. And several Nubian,Puny Towns there.

              Dinka call themselves Koch, which bear might bear that they from Kuch people. Their Original they at the delta of Red sea Gulf Eden. They call it Pandeng.,place whre they were create by God.

              Most of southern Tribes who believe in Deng their great grantfather are Call Padeng,eg.Loou,Jieng,Naath,and some related
              southern tribe who believe Deng are original from Wider North sudan incuding Egypt before Invision. All sudanese people are children of great Kuch who lead into deep Egypt before it turn to desert. All north Africa is not Arab land.

              Thank you

              Nguetbuny de Luelping

              repondre message

  • 3 March 2010 15:32, by Akuma

    Bashir can not lead sudan again, since his tyme has elapse. we can’t be like libya who bow down for their Maumar Gadaffi.
    we need different leader not Bashir even though he is not convicted by ICC, we should bothered for his tyme, how long will he lead sudan?
    we need change.

    Dr. Akuma. Chicago USA

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  • 3 March 2010 18:53, by AAMA

    Sometimes I don’t understand these article writers, they pretend to be sensible but they are not.
    Arman probably messed up Al Bashir calculations, so whats the problem if Arman won the election even after a second round ?. And whats the problem if the winner is a northerner who represents a southern party ?. And whats the problem if Sudan remains united underconditions favorable to southerners "isn’t the SPLM a unionist party as it claims ?".
    I think its the first time in the history of the country that the south gets the chance can to make the difference in who will lead Sudan and with backing of many many northerners, who for the first time have the same goal.


    repondre message

    • 3 March 2010 20:43, by mohammed ali


      I think it is dangerous to be naive or pretends to be so.You read somebody who says((in fact the whole Sudan belongs to Junubin,the rest are visitors...The are big plans under way and it is not the time talk about it)) and you really get worried.This is the mentality of ignorance combinded with advetnrurous and conspiratory intent.What about other ethinicities, like the funj,fur,burti,beja and many others..all of these are not Sudanese?Let us suppose that,we are 100% Arabs who settled 100’s of years in Sudan , how could somebody who is mentally sound could call us vistors and call this fact? This means we tell American to get out of AMERICA; the spanish to get out of south America,though they didn’t mix with local populations like the Arabs did in Africa.

      Mentality, of that we are visitors, and there are secret plans going on!!Underway.Nobody in the south or in the north is interested in these plan.People want to live in peace!But it seems that some people were fed with fallacious ideas, to commit sinister activities in Sudan, which are not in the best interst of any Sudanese.Hate and war-mongers will not stop in their quest for more blood and more destruction and more wars.The biggest looser will be the simple,ordinary and peaceful southerner!

      Let us all stand against hate and war-mongers.At the end of the day we are working towards peace and if peace is to prevail,and it will prvail, we will prevail.

      repondre message

      • 4 March 2010 00:43, by R. TOOL

        Mr. Ali,

        This is coded language "The biggest looser will be the simple,ordinary and peaceful southerner!". Have you for got what the north did in the south since Sudan Independence?. As a matter of facts, northern Sudan had been supported by the middle east for a long time. Do you remember Middle East had rename Sudan as "Middle East Bread Basket"?. All southerns should remember that !!!.

        Here in the western world, we’re following the event in Sudan. Mr. Ali, I appreciated your writing, however, you use a coded language all the time in favor of the north. Don’t feel sorry for people of the south ... if they did not disappeared by now, they are not going anywhere. South will have it’s Independence regardless what you people in the north think .... they will be free.

        repondre message

        • 4 March 2010 07:07, by Aduol Liet

          MR, Isaiah Abraham.

          First of all I knew you are from Southern Sudan automatically and I think you are too Idiot man I have never seen in my life, but look I feel sorry my friend when you made this such unprofound statement. I took time to read your article carefully and correctly. I am asking myself what gose wrong to this eduacted man unfortunately, I don’t get it what real motive you to throw away the person who have been fighting for your rights, but in the last of your stupid article, I found what we always mention that, money can talk. I can simply see that, your statement is showing you are indeed being given a bribe even more than what I knew so far you are actual part of collaboration group of Khartoum led by Dr, Traitor Lam Akol Ajawin. What goes around MR, Isaiah Abraham still will come around to you, though you guys you have been trying everything to sell out this beautiful Southern Sudan and Sudan itself as a way of getting rich while committed crimes with your uncle Omar al Bashir and denying the fact that, people do need to have right than a gimick rules.

          Even if you are a group agent of Dr, Traitor Lam Akol Ajawin, you should know this MR, Yasir Arman very well that, he was been in the SPLA/SPLM/Movement for the longer time fighting, because of all these mess up by Omar al Bashir and I should tell you that, you have lack of generalizing rememberable things like the short term and the long term. Few examples of your inability to make a good judgement is that, you said, if Southern Sudanese don’t vote for Omar al Bashir then, the Northern Sudanese will unite conspire against Omar al Bashir to vote out and then, there will be severely impact on the implementation process. Well, I got enough experience in these six years under indictment killer Omar al Bashir but frankly speaking, you don’t even care how many have been killed in Abyei, Malakal and I don’t think Southern Sudanese people will have any doubt that, Bashir typically, he was trying every best he can in order to destroying the CPA, which you are fearing about fortunately, the SPLA/SPLM/Movement is much bigger than Joseph Lagu’s Movement one. Again, you said, let us rallies to support Omar al Bashir instead of saying, I will support Omar al Bashir just yourself, but fooling others Southern Sudanese at this time to follow your word is a every big mistake and it is a shameful to you

          Another example for your inability to make a good determination when comparing things like that. You foolishly miss it and saying, Omar al Bashir will recognized us first or Southern Sudan again, when you look to Sudan’s history then, you will never see more million people lots their lives from the recently leadership even Jaafar al Nimiery, but in Omar al Bashir leadership oh my God, we Southern Sudanese have losts a greater numbers that have never happening in the Sudan history. At this poin of view I don’t think what make you feel happy to endores this killer and most wanted criminal in Africa history. I also know that, argumentation is some time assume to be the part of our every day life however, you are absolutely out of touch and I just call you as a one of Southern Sudan’s group collaboration dump have nothing to offer to Southern Sudanese people and narrow minding people. There are many realistically stories apparently, you can learn from the emiricalism if you are a wise person beyond than your friendship with Omar al Bashir killer.

          You said, if elected Yasir Arman then, the Sudan nation will be awkard collusion course with International Community. Is Sudan nation in a good shape now with International.? As Dr, Martin Luther King said, the right delay is the right deny. Why we deny someone like Yasir Arman who saw injustice and fought for the rights of the Sudanese people and for you does it make sense to you when saying, we want to elected killer Omar al Bashir to kills more people again for what.? It is very hard to tell someone like you so that, you can real understand it. You also said, SPLM faction should unite behind Omar al Bashir and I am fully understood you are one of Dr, Traitor Lam Akol Ajawin and there is no surprise because this is not new for all of us.

          Final, you might not be listening to my opinion I said, but that is okay. Basically, my opinion is reminding you that, we can not longer accepted fear we Southern Sudanese people, because there is nothing difficulty than the million lives which we have lost and plus two decades years struggle and in addition to that, we Black African Tribes in Sudan have a 61% the Sudan national population and these Arab have got 38% Sudan national population and 1% is for other Imigrant from different Countries and I don’t see any reason for you to antail on to support killer Omar al Bashir otherwise, I might consider you as a genteel guy and before that, I think you need to know whose the bad snake between Omar al Bashir killer and Yasir Arman who stood up injustice togethr with us in the SPLA/SPLM/Movement. Any way, I will remember your statement for years and maybe this your foolishly article will back fire to you in term of your political future in Southern Sudan. Remember Yasir Arman is part of Southern Sudan and we can not run a way or throw him a way just because of money talks this is not going to happen.

          repondre message

        • 4 March 2010 07:36, by mohammed ali

          If a war errupted again the southerners will suffer much more than the northerners.What codes are embeded here.All Sudan had suffered from the war in the South,in a way or another , but the south had suffered much more.Tell me if I am wrong.

          If Garang joined the elections of 1985, and it was free and fair, we could have avoided 20 years of war.Now after 20 years we are coming to square one, to the elections.He could have asked for self-rule as this was passed as a resolution by the first parliment,and was not applied.But it is the dangerous mentality of"’in fact all Sudan belongs to Junubin and the rest are visitors...and there are big palns to reclaim it!"These are the coded message loaded with haterd and malacious intents.They will simply cause more blood and wars.They will never, ever succeed.

          Nobody is against secession.Referundum is coming and you are most welcome to choose whatever you want.We wish you sicerely to achieve your inspiration and live as prosporous as possible.We will be your best neighbouers ,if so you wish.

          repondre message

          • 4 March 2010 07:59, by mohammed ali

            R. TOO,

            Sorry for writting your name incorrectly.I am aware of the slogans of"Sudan is the bread basket of the Arab World" and sometimes the whole world.This happec when we can’t feed our own people.But should that offend you? If any person want to invest ,he is most welcome or do you think we are going to feed him for free.

            Not the middle east wo was supportin Sudan in the war.It was even the Americans and the west during the cold war who used to supply Numeri with Arms, when Garang was supported the communist Mngesto and Sovit Union .Many northen communists like Yasir Arman joined the SPLA at that time.Many of them got their training in Cuba.Gadafi was supplying Arms to Garang.Basically all of them were fighting their wars in our country and with our blood!

            If at all I am talking in favour of the north, I am defending ourselves against the flood if haterd which you yourself not practising, but it is abondon here.

            repondre message

            • 4 March 2010 10:32, by Hillary B.M.L,M

              But Mohammed please! Your comments are good sometime.

              why do U call yourselves Arabs ? Tell the World here ? Just because of Islamic Religion? Indonesia , Senega, Iran, Bosnia, Somalia, to mention few, some 100% Muslims but remain as they were and are, and why did U claimed Descendants of Mohamed’s Uncle Abass while you were and are mixture and blended ?

              repondre message

              • 4 March 2010 19:53, by mohammed ali

                Who said we call us Arabs, we are basically Africans, have some elements of Arabic culture, only in our own way,.

                But Hillary ,what is you problem with Arabs?

                repondre message

                • 4 March 2010 21:04, by AAMA


                  It shouldn’t matter really, Arab, African or both if we had a healthy country. Are country today is divide on both minor and major racial ground in a really primitive and uncivilized way.


                  repondre message

                  • 4 March 2010 21:46, by mohammed ali


                    I agree, but we are locked in this racial non-sense.It is just academic, to me at least.But you get worried when somebody gets he owns the country, and the rest are visitors!or when somebody say 61% are black,!I donnot know why is the "one"is it so important to be so accurate? Anyway, I wish to see those 39% white!

                    repondre message

                    • 4 March 2010 22:06, by AAMA

                      loooool, i guess people just act in a bias way against the others groups, and even say strange things without any proof. And it is not moraly right to tell people you are wrong unless you are 100% sure that you are telling facts that sometimes require academic research level to prove them wrong.

                      repondre message

                  • 5 March 2010 02:10, by Time1

                    I agree with you, the country is so divided, since independents, alot of chances has been lost to unite the country and redefine a united identity for Sudan based on its people, but some groups were mislead by the Ango-Arab rule of Egypt which was based on racism superiority and pure racism, this lead to the wrong way for ruling Sudan only resulting in a desaster, that is hwy it is sometime good to listen and evaluate your wrongs and rights, but if you always ignore and keep going, one day you will reach a dead end just like what is happening here in Sudan today.

                    repondre message

              • 5 March 2010 02:19, by Time1


                some groups in north Sudan actually have a mixture of Arabs in them, they are not pure Arab but Arabs who came from Arabia they mixed with the locals which was by then the Axumite and also some blacks who remain in the land. There are Arabs groups in Sudan but they are not pure Arabs, they have mixed since long time ago, because the Arab who came to Sudan where to groups, Awlad and Kenz, then the bedouin, this groups mixed witht he nobiin who came from northwest Africa. but most northerns to be precise are a mixture of Arabs and ethiopian/yemen and also blacks, like al mahdi family is mixed with blacks from the south, i think madhis great grandfather married from dinka, this is the kind of mixture we are talking about which happened in whole of north Sudan, Arabs mixing with black or mixing with ethiopian but they were Arabized and Islamized. The groups that have Arab mixture are the one who continued to rule Sudan, as the egyptians-british rule favored them and handed the power to them after the independence because Arabs in egypt wanted someone to relate with them to rule Sudan, so they concluded that those Arabs who are mixed and are muslims are more close to them than the southerners.

                repondre message

                • 5 March 2010 20:20, by visitor

                  This "mixing" you talk about sounds very innocent, but there is a story behind it of long-term slavery and exploitation. The biggest problem in Sudan is Arab supremacism and its tool, Islamization. What are all these Arabs doing in the south anyway? Everyone here talks about the terrible British and their evil colonialism, but what was happening before they came? All just lovely, peaceful "mixing"?

                  repondre message

                  • 6 March 2010 13:44, by Time1


                    British just came and made the situation even worst with their RACISM ideology.

                    repondre message

  • 4 March 2010 09:40, by Biden Osire

    He is playing with the minds of southerners so take care but be sure we are going to separate in 2010 january come

    repondre message

  • 4 March 2010 09:56, by BENSON

    I do absolutely appreciate Mr AL Bashire for his coming to Southern Sudan for his campaign as president of Sudan.We always like to voter any individuals that will take care of civilians but not person be to proud of presidency.... on my points of views you get some voters on food lovers people i.e Nuer,Murle as aimless society that i had ever seen in future....

    So food lovers for that stupid person but we as S Sudan future community we do care for our reputation...

    repondre message

  • 4 March 2010 11:07, by Al Noor

    Why must one vote for President al-Bashir, and bring his ruthless NCP cronies (Turabi, Ghazi, Naffie and Salah Gosh) back to power? The NCP had arrested and summarily executed hundreds of innocent civilians in Juba between 1990 and 1993, allegedly for conspiring with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A). The Juba killings were replicated by the NCP killing machine in other Southern Sudanese towns and villages all over. There was no remorse by any of the NCP thugs in Khartoum and their stooges in Juba, Wau and Malakal, while this killing machine was busy scorching the villages of Southern Sudan. Turabi and company know this, and so does Ghazi, who has a deep hatred of the people of Southern Sudan, regardless of their political orientations.

    While the SPLA had thousands of prisoners of war, the NCP government of Omer al-Bashir had none at all, because any one they suspected of sympathizing with some or all of the ideals of the movement disappeared and was never to be seen by relatives again.

    President al-Bashir now fondly speaks of the war on poverty and under-development in Southern Sudan as though he has just been in power. The NCP has been in power since June 1989, and what have they done to the people of Southern Sudan, Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile all these years, apart from the bombs, bullets and mujahadeen they’d sent to these regions?

    Why must one vote for al-Bashir’s presidency when he and company continue to publicly say there will be no compromise when it comes to implementing Sharia law in the country? How many times must one be flogged for choosing to drink? The President speaks of his "war" on poverty, but how many poor women are languishing in jails in Khartoum for brewing alcohol in order to feed their children? How many more women and girls must be flogged summarily by the notorious "Public Order Police" for wearing ’indecent’ clothes?

    Neither the NCP, nor its offshoots or political soul mates are good for Sudan, and especially for the people and future of southern Sudan. The myth by some southern Sudanese that it is only the NCP, and more specifically al-Bashir’s presidency, that will see the full implementation of the CPA is a ludicrous lack of vision, and self worth. For the NCP and al-Bashir did not sign the CPA because they so love the people of southern Sudan; the inconvenient truth for all the die-hard sycophants of the NCP in the South is that Bashir and his party were forced by circumstances to negotiate the CPA. That’s why it has been easy to cheat the people of Southern Sudan and Southern Kordofan in power and wealth-sharing arrangements, census and more; that also explains why it is taking forever to demarcate the North-South and Abyei borders.

    Calling for Southern Sudanese to vote for another NCP presidential term would be like calling a man (husband/father) who abuses and batters his wife and children a saint; blaming the children and their battered mother for not standing by such an abusive man when the police come calling is irresponsible, insensitive and recklessly dangerous for the family minus the man.

    Get up and stand up for your rights, you people of Southern Sudan! 21 years of NCP-engineered abuse, insults, death, destruction and terrorism are enough to inform one about the intentions and plans of the people in this party.

    repondre message

  • 5 March 2010 07:54, by joseph kuir

    mocke all over,dear islamic hired,that is why people mocke you , i told you on brown Horse Al Beach visit to Equatoria were planed to pay you money,he knows that those of islamic group are in Juba ,you don,t know how much CDE Arman suffered along with us because you were sucking southerners blood, this we term to be short angle of you,some body who open his big month through big dilated anus,money will murder you very soon before elections ,we all know where you are living ,the man you chosed is the one who killed dozen of people in Juba during 1992-2005 ,but ask your mother who was in juba that time what happened to her if you don,t remember ,take care please do not divert people in to wrong directions of money

    repondre message

    • 6 March 2010 07:22, by Angelo Ajiech Manyuat

      Dear Isaiah Abraham,

      Did you really mean Southerners should vote for Yasser Arman instead of Beshir or you really mean to persaude Southerners to vote for Basher? Mr. Isaiah, I always appreciate some of your articles because they’re meaningful and not pointless, but this is the worst article I have ever read from you. As a matter of fact, Hon. Yasser Arman is a true Southerners based on what we Southerners know. In reality, I don’t really know man what motivated you to pour those nasty words against our hero and trustworthy guy. Mr. Isaiah, what can you tell us your criminal-Bashir will do to Sudanese while he is a criminal waiting to be hang anytime because of the attrocities he committed in Darfur. Anyway, I thought you will support other Candidate instead of Bashir simply because of what you can see in your onwn eyes. In fact, I strongly believe that even a blind men and deafs cannot support president Bashir because he is no good to Sudanese any more.

      repondre message

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