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Sudan’s ruling NCP says close to agreement with SPLM


November 3, 2009 (KHARTOUM) – The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) announced it nearing a deal with Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) on disputed items of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), a senior NCP official said today.

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Ibrahim Gandour (SUNA)

The political Secretary General of the NCP Ibrahim Gandour was quoted by Sudan official news agency (SUNA) as saying that the joint committees of both parties have reached agreement on issues including referendum law that will be announced within two days.

Gandour accused the SPLM of backtracking on the referendum agreements reached few weeks back between SPLM Vice President Riek Machar and Sudanese 2nd Vice President Ali Osman Taha.

The two main peace partners had reportedly agreed the vote in 2011 referendum will require 51% simple majority votes to declare Southern Sudan an independent country as long as two-thirds of voters takes part.

However, later the South Sudan government refused to endorse the deal struck by Machar with Taha.

Gandour downplayed the extent of the deteriorating relations between his party and the SPLM saying that there are “positive meetings” held.

Machar said that the US special envoy Scott Gration has expressed concern over the growing political tension between the two sides disclosing that he proposed that the SPLM and NCP meet somewhere between 62 percent and 66 percent for the turnout rate.

As of yesterday the NCP refused adamantly to move below the 66% but Taha indicated willingness to extend the voting period by seven days to provide more opportunity for voters to show up.

The SPLM is currently boycotting the parliament accusing the NCP of stalling a bill that would restrict the powers of the National Intelligence and Security Bureau (NISS), something the NCP rejects.


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  • 4 November 2009 07:22, by Lado

    Mythology and History(Nuer and Dinka),

    The Naath rose as a separate people (from the Dinka) in Bull area at the beginning of the 18th century under circumstances that continue to inform today their mutual prejudices and relations with the Jieng. The myth, which has several variants, runs that both Naath and Jieng were sons of the same man, who had promised that he would give the cow to Jieng and its young calf to Naath. Jieng because of his cunning and intelligence deceived their father and took the calf instead of the cow therefore provokingl Naath’s perpetual contempt and disregard for the Jieng up to today.

    repondre message

    • 4 November 2009 08:09, by murlescrewed

      HAhAHAHHAHAHA....Seriously? We Dinka are known for our intelligence and civilized manners but to attribute this to some sort of calf incident is laughable. If were from the same father, why would we speak different languages?

      DINKA and Nuer have intermarried for ages and have adopted a number of words that both share. But we are distinctly different people.

      repondre message

      • 5 November 2009 10:10, by James Tut Biel

        I think the two of you here donot know exactly the history. So i advise you read books or consult some one who will elaborate more for you.

        the second point here is that there is no connection between Dinka and Nuer history plus NCP comming to close agreement with SPLM on turnout votes for 2011 election. They are completly very different and very far.

        James Tut.

        repondre message

    • 4 November 2009 08:42, by Khent

      Your post is immaterial to this thread. This leaves us with your use of an irrelevant and laughable myth- which is completely irrelevant to this news reporting.

      Your rant is thus essentially worthless.

      As far as I am concerned, we are one tribe, with one culture, and speak virtually the same language, however, this is still inconsequential.

      repondre message

      • 4 November 2009 08:58, by Dinka Boy

        This turnout 66% and even the extension of the days should be rejected by SPLM.
        51% majority rules works and that is what we are after it.
        This Riek Machar want to bring confusion to the South. The the NCP 66% turnout is aconfusion and we must totally reject that.
        Mr Khlent, there is Dinka is wiser then Nuer because the see thing behind the wall,but not on the forehead. I gree sir.

        repondre message

        • 4 November 2009 09:06, by Kim Deng

          Cowar Jang/Slave (Dinka Boy),

          Are you for 62%, 60%, 50% or what % since both parties must agree on something rather than nothing at all as you shamelessly whis?

          repondre message

          • 4 November 2009 09:18, by johnmaker

            Kim Deng,

            I hate your gut man.You always miss the direction and come up with your silly talk of coward Jang.If Jang were coward they wouldn’t sign the CPA.Tere is no one single nuer signatory in that CPA bOOKLET.Used your common sense to comment constructively,otherwise you are fool born curse.Your devil Riek is negotiating under something no one is working on it.He just a food lover want show himself in buffet food industries.Fuck you with him.

            repondre message

          • 4 November 2009 09:34, by Aduol Liet

            Kim Deng.

            This is not a Khartoum agreement between your uncle traitor Riak Machar Teny, Lam Akol and Omar al Bashir. It is the agreement process that was been accepted by Bashir to signed in the agreement which have brought many others world to be witness at that time. Neur people love rushing unpatience for something and later they will run a way from it and leave the case unsolvable, this Nyagat Riak Machar Teny must quit now raan be amock thou very soon. He had murdered hundred of thousands people including Dr, Akoon Dhor Ariik son of the chief in Warrap community and William Nyuon Bany, Kerubino Kuanyin Bol and 100 SPLA officials from only Dinkas in Nassir.

            repondre message

            • 4 November 2009 23:35, by kulea

              hey Mr Aduol

              this game is not a game between Nuer and Dinka community, you know very well if that its between Nuer and Dinka I don’t think Dinka would talks like that without brake hold,because this issue concerned the whole of Southerness that is why you Dinkas young politician talks like flood flow out of the ocean against Nuer Community,

              Dr Machar is not a leader of Nuer Community like the way you think could be, he a leader to everybody in South Sudan including yourself he is not like your leader Dinka who just led threw your "Ass",
              Machar is a future leader without tribalism,

              his vision throughout all the Southerness who have had a hope to have their ownland nor under Arabian ruling colonization that was about more than 50 yrs ruling our presenting yearly up to nowaday, without those leaders of Upper Nile and Equatoria,
              how could to walk out from Arabian his colony victory against South

              repondre message

              • 5 November 2009 01:21, by Aduol Liet


                Riak Machar Teny is the killer man who had murdered Dr, Akoon Dhor Ariik, the son of chief in Warrap. Riak Machar Teny murdered William Nyuon Bany from his own Neur, Riak Machar Teny send Peter Gatde to Mayom Neur to killed Kerubino Kuanyin Bol. Riak Machar went to Bor and his defection SPLA Nassir and they started killing Dinka Bor civilians mostly children and women, Riak Machar Teny can not and will not be a leader if Salve Kiir Manyardit did not welcome him back and appointed him as a deputy chairman which is a wrongful done by Salve Kiir Manyardit and I do not blame you guys from Neur who are always want to show us your Idiots arrogant, because there is no reason for Salve Kiir to appointed some one guilty committed crimes who did too much damaged to the SPLA/SPLM Movement. We do know that, there are many good men with good records in the SPLA/SPLM Movement and they are quailfies to be appointed for vice president rather than bringing that guilty man Riak Machar Teny, Riak Machar Teny must be remove now.

                Please don’t tell me your Nyagat or traitor Riak Machar Teny’s future of traitor man and if I met with him I will let the people fucken his ass, following our great late leader John Garang who die innocent.

                I would like to see him die, because he had murders hundred of thousands Southern Sudanese civilians during his defaction known as SPLM Nassir for Naath only. I hate Riak Machar Teny not because he is Neur guy, but because the stupidness he was been doing against his brothers in the SPLA/SPLM Movement of Southern Sudan and now he say, he want to lead parents which he had killed their sons in the SPLM Nassir. We would like to see him dead as well as a revenge that, he had murdered William Nyuon Bany, Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, Dr, Akoon Dhor Ariik and 100 SPLA officials in Dinkas who were in Upper Nile and he told his soldiers in Nassir to fire these 100 SPLA officials of Dinka to death, do you think that person will be a future leader if you are not Idiot like him and I will fuck him in Southern Sudan very soon.

                repondre message

          • 5 November 2009 02:38, by TUR-ANGON

            hahahaha, mr. kim i was yearning for this particular moment having loss my pasword for months. i never knew that you were such a thick-headed person. do you remember when argue that THE MOST INTELIGENT REPORTER IN BORTOWN ’THON ALEU’ has miss converting 600000m2. you argue that ’thon’ got it wrong when he put(convert) it to 0.6km2. that day marked you one of the great fool ever in this bussiness. you are just an empty headed loud-mouth.

            repondre message

          • 5 November 2009 10:35, by James Tut Biel

            I think what we will do as inteligent writers is to leave Dinka boy alone because he is just a small boy who is beginning to learn how poeple write or post comments on website. Immagine all his comments are of abuses. if today he abusses Nuer, next will be Equatoria.



            repondre message

    • 4 November 2009 15:40, by Majoor Atem Deng

      We should not backoff from our position regarding rejecting the turnout percentage needed for referendum. The NCP has a calculated political objective behind this, they already have scenarios to sabotage the process of referendum based on the census and others tools. The idea of the referndum according to the CPA was based on the will of the people of southern Sudan to shoose voluntary between unity or separation, so 50% plus any thing express the will of the people being unity or separation. Allowing the NCP to dictate southerns through condition of reaching 66%,62% or even 60% is against simple majority which the NCP agreed to, it also undermine the idea of voluntary choice of unity or separation. It should stand in the agreed 50% plus who ever above,Separatists or Unionists. That is the experation of the will of the people, that is voluntary, other than that is a political game that the SPLM should not buy

      repondre message

      • 4 November 2009 18:26, by Judge Kor

        You guys need to think, for those who agree on 51% turn out and not 62%. you should just reject the 2011 all together. If 62% can not turn out in those 7 days; than we have nothing to talk about because 50% will not even turn anyway.

        Judge Kor

        repondre message

    • 5 November 2009 02:55, by Dengtaath

      Lado, I don’t see any point why are you interesting in the history of Nuer and Dinka leaving the main discussion article. Why are you defusing the mind of the forum’s participants?
      If you know the history of Naath and Jieng, please compose a well informed article, not just that 50 words above.

      repondre message

  • 4 November 2009 07:37, by Gadingo

    The national congress party this time has no where to go. However, SPLM/A should understand that NCP is looking for a loop hole to sneak in and cause havoic situation to ruin all that has been achieved by the Spla/m. So, watch out this evil Bashit is still at large.

    repondre message

    • 4 November 2009 07:50, by mohammed ali

      any way the american are asking the NCP to give some cookies 62%-66% to make the SPLA happy .What a huge difference!!The SPLA is playing games like small childrens.Funny politics.It is a shame!

      Does these 4% make our first VP feel like IST CLASS CITIZEN!

      repondre message

      • 4 November 2009 07:59, by Gatbentiu

        Congratulation to the people of Sudan,if that agreement will be put into practice by both parties.
        Continue negotiating until everything is settled,I am hopping a just and honorable agreement.

        Congratulation Gatmachar without you NCP will not accept all these deals,as most of our people have no good negotiation strategy,I know you will do more for S. Sudan.


        repondre message

        • 4 November 2009 08:47, by Tribe

          Impossible is not one of the vocabulary to our patriotic sec-general Pagan Mum. His continuity to keep tearing that wall of NCP is now in progress. Give him a time and he will bring the comprehensive referendum bill to southerns in a golden plate same way he did in the CPA’s negotiation.We the authentics SPLA/SPLM will never settle for less. We could have not wage this longest war if we were wicked to such extent. we could have easily succumbed to our enemy and ran to khartoum like that of Riek.

          KPA(khartoum peace agreement)= Dr Riek

          CPA(Comprehensive Peace Agreement)= SPLA/SPLM

          Therefore,it’s the real spla/splm to turn the last stone, not the outsider/traitor.

          repondre message

          • 5 November 2009 05:52, by Dengtaath

            Time, watch your words, you are nearly by passing the line in which the real men are firmely standing. Interesting in the past politics is an invitation of fresh debates,there were a lots of things happened in this struggle but it seemed people recorded in their minds only the Khartoum agreement.
            Please stay far from hatred.

            repondre message

            • 5 November 2009 05:59, by Dengtaath

              Sorry is not ’’Time’’ is TRIBE.

              repondre message

        • 4 November 2009 09:09, by peter gatdet


          You r absolutely hypocrite to say, without Gatmachar NCP would not accept all the deals,let me ask u,What please NCP to accepted all the protocolsin the CPA while Dr Riek was not there in the talks?

          repondre message

      • 4 November 2009 08:22, by Abraham Chol Marial

        Dear Muhamed Ali,
        You have completely mised the point of view of our 1st VP when he talk of 1st class and second class because of the history in Sudan where by the FOREIGNERS (Arab)entered into Suan by late century and the orignal of this Sud where Southern Sudanese and it happen for the Arab to control the northern part of the country and they pretend to be the origin of this place but the fact is Sud is for the black people as you know the facts.
        Please into this juncture you have known what he mean by the first class and therefore it is the right for all the Southerners to choose their independence State rather than the Unity which is imbalance in term of power and development compare to the current state of Sudan in general.
        Dear Muhameds Ali you should stop this childish respons to our 1st VP and 62% is still higher and we should even resquest 50% instead of 62% or 66%.
        I hope you got enough respon to your short minded comments.

        repondre message

        • 4 November 2009 09:14, by Master

          The point is clear --- THE SPLM CANT BE TRUSTED

          The Americans have advised you on the 66% -> which is the standard requirement under international agreement. The obvious problem is the SPLM does not speak as a PARTY united, but as tribes separated. Thus the inconsistency in your decision making. When one tribe tries to decide for and dictate to a nation. This can only be seen as their self interest and struggle for domination. So ’known for our intelligence and civilized manners’ is BULL.

          If it was not for the Dinka’s insistence on remaining in power and control wether in a Unified Sudan or better a separate South Sudan. Then there would have been peace in Sudan years ago. Your mentality has to change (not the Northerners or NCP), for there be some level of cooperation. But this inferiority-complex you carry next to the huge chip on your shoulders is the main issue. This constant enforcement of the the idea that you are victims and the North is the ’Devil on horseback’, is a Hollywood western. We are constantly bombarded by your melancholy melodramas ! What Sudan needs are real men from the South to take lead. Sit down with all parties in Sudan (if they are serious) and talk like modern, ’civilized’ people they claim to be.

          repondre message

      • 4 November 2009 12:43, by Abyei

        Dear Mohammed Ali

        The Sudan government says it does not need to stick to the internationally recognised standards for decommissioning seen in other peace processes or secession.
        Let them do as they say. If they don’t ? Then, We will bust pipelines
        "We have our own way of doing things here," Mr Mohammed Ali the presidential adviser on the amnesty and spy such person like you,

        "As to whether we have the international standards for collection for those arms Militian, we don’t do them here. We don’t know about them."

        That failure to observe international standards for decommissioning worries the government’s critics.

        In the past, other amnesties have been abused. Corrupt officials have sold weapons on and guns have found their way back into the hands of criminal gangs.
        Mr Gadour insists it will not end like that this time around.
        "Those weapons will not find their way back. The South Sudan military have the structures in place to destroy you all in 2011,"

        "The military are taking them back. You saw them, that’s transparency."

        But for the people of the Upper Nile estate, it is a lot to take on trust.

        And trust is what everything hinges on at present.

        There are now thousands of young men, accustomed to life as guerrilla fighters, effectively unemployed.

        There are still thousands of people willing to continue fighting in the creeks

        Bashir Until now,You have lived in militant camps Darfur, carrying out kidnappings, blowing up oil pipelines and stealing massive amounts of crude oil into China.

        What happens to these type of you NCP! now is crucial to the future of the North. I hope we shall be in first class in 2011.and we see!!!!!

        repondre message

  • 4 November 2009 09:03, by kush Man

    Mr.Lado and Murlesscrewn, [Motherfuckers or Juba vultures.]

    Let me bestowing you my virtuous and accurate advice, please don’t proud yourselves, since your intelligent-ness is based on the money and where there is a delicious food.

    Let me ask you, fore instant now ‘‘if the is a war which break out, amount you, you our grand mothers who will go in front of war’’?
    No body among you only mayors and warriors Nuer, you are always like the road which was found by the owners. There is time will coming you will put on your daughter’s vaginas on your necks.

    Don’t you know that, by the coming time the first people would be the last and the last people would be the first?

    repondre message

    • 4 November 2009 09:22, by Gatbentiu

      Dear Peter Gatdet.

      If you think that Gatmachar was not there during peace negotiation,then you are wrong.
      The main people who were there during peace negotiation were the two Drs, Gatmachar and comrade John Garang,the new Dr was in Yei and knows nothing about it.
      I doubt your name is not Peter Gatdet,the real Peter Gatdet can not wrote what you wrote.

      Watch out Gatmachar for presidency!!!!!!!!!


      repondre message

      • 4 November 2009 12:40, by DASODIKO

        Nothing called closer; in fact they are very far from each other like South pole and north pole. You know why they say that we are close because of Kiir Statement. Now they started to believe that South has gone not just going. Congratulations young men! I will work hard to dismantle Sudan until only Shandi is left for the Jaleen and Shaigiya tribes, then I will declare of my own, to unite the dismantled parts to live as Confederate states as long as they claim to be Africans not other people who has nothing to do with the continent of Africa.

        repondre message

      • 4 November 2009 12:44, by okucu pa lotinokwan

        NCP Party or members don,t talk like a drank person in giving promise under the influnence of drankness,but when asked on the promise the next day he/she can not agree on.If you the NCP, this an habit try to reform from otherwise the whole world are monitoring your tricky behavoiur.The effect will be seriously,talk on something and implement it.

        repondre message

        • 4 November 2009 14:20, by telfajbago

          the regime’s hard core members already prepared their plans to sabotage CPA,while calf snakes like Gandour was given the task of making such statement to the media,in order to deceive the public.

          repondre message

  • 4 November 2009 15:32, by Majoor Atem Deng

    We should not backoff from our position regarding rejecting the turnout percentage needed for referendum. The NCP has a calculated political objective behind this, they already have scenarios to sabotage the process of referendum based on the census and others tools. The idea of the referndum according to the CPA was based on the will of the people of southern Sudan to shoose voluntary between unity or separation, so 50% plus any thing express the will of the people being unity or separation. Allowing the NCP to dictate southerns through condition of reaching 66%,62% or even 60% is against simple majority which the NCP agreed to, it also undermine the idea of voluntary choice of unity or separation. It should stand in the agreed 50% plus who ever above,Separatists or Unionists. That is the experation of the will of the people, that is voluntary, other than that is a political game that the SPLM should not buy.

    repondre message

  • 4 November 2009 16:01, by Monykong Arop

    the NCP need not to playing a key role on the SPLA/M because discuses of the National affairs is a joking term.
    Says: by Monkong Arop

    repondre message

    • 5 November 2009 05:28, by Gatwech

      While Dr. Riek Machar is busy negotiating the referendum bill for the South, Pagan Amum is busy touring Europe looking for the best liquor and ladies.

      repondre message

      • 5 November 2009 11:53, by okucu pa lotinokwan

        Mr Gatwech you are really very funcy guy,and i don,t know what i can compare you with or you are among the lost boys,my dear gatwech Pagan Anum is still the living Dr John Garang in all his speeches but don,t take me the speaker as a Shilluk by tribe,for both of them Dr Riek Macher and Mr Pagan Anum all are doing well in the government of south sudan for you what is your contribution in the GOSS?,or you are with the death party splm-dc of mr lam akol.Try to reform in writting comments don,t abuse in your writing specail to your leaders.

        repondre message

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