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Machar condemns attack on Duk Padiet in Jonglei State


September 25, 2009 (JUBA) — The Vice President of Southern Sudan government condemned the attack on Duk Padiet in Jonglei state last Sunday by armed groups that has left over 160 people dead and more than 80 wounded according to the latest figure released by authorities in Juba on Friday.

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Riek Machar

Machar, who was in Khartoum for talks on the referendum law witha delegaion from the NCP led Second Vice-President, described the incident as "unfortunate" and said it is a result of proliferation of arms in the hands of the civil population in Southern Sudan.

He said the solution is for the government to disarm the civil population, not only in Jonglei state, but also throughout the whole of Southern Sudan and strengthen the law enforcement agencies instead of the civilians themselves taking the law into their own hands.

Southern Sudan is faced by inter and intra-tribal armed conflicts involving almost all the ten states in the region.

The upsurge of such violence worries officials in the region that it may fail the conduct of both the upcoming general elections in 2010 and the referendum in 2011.

When asked why these incidences of inter and intra-tribal fighting have been going on for years without the government taking the action to fully disarm them, Machar said the government had tried before but this could be the year for a comprehensive action.


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  • 26 September 2009 05:17, by Nile

    Dr. Machar, I think it’s the right time to take action don’t you think? more have been said about insecurity in south Sudan. if your GoSS has the capacity to stop it then do it. because we in diaspora are sick and tired of this rampant killing in south sudan..

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    • 26 September 2009 05:44, by Dengtaath

      The government of South Sudan knew it exactly that the present of fire armies in the hands of civilians giving them power to exert the government power.
      I believe the government proirity is to ensure protection before they think about the development, if the government cannot provide full protection to the people by enforcing lwas, I doubt that the Goss will develop South Sudan.

      You Machar and Salva you need to know that you are the only top official in Goss who are in full decision about the live of South Sudan people but some times you guys are talking as if you are waiting for some body who will give you order to collect every single fire army in hands of civilians.

      Please You need to implement the disarmament before another disaster occure, please Vice president we really beg you.

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      • 26 September 2009 06:31, by Gatwech

        I thank Dr. Riek Machar for coming back from Khartoum after carrying out his national duty and condemning the armed civilians attack on Duk Padiet in Jonglei state. This attack is just one of dozens of similiar deadly attacks against various communities in the region. GOSS should disarm all those armed civilians throughout the region as he said. Jonglei communities must all be disarmed irrespective of which tribe. As he said, 2009 could be the year!

        May God bless South Sudan.

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        • 26 September 2009 21:21, by Chest-out

          A fox’s talk is always terrible. Watch out!

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        • 27 September 2009 00:32, by Aduol Liet


          Please tell this Traitor or Nyagat Riak Machar Teny this is too late to say the word condeming without action from the beginning, he was not saying anythings at the time when Gok Neur, Kuach Neur and Lieer Neur were all went a cross Broder to Bhar al Ghazal and made attached to Warrap Communities on April and May this year, killing thousand people and left hundred of thousands seriously wounded, they Neurs looters loot 980,000 Cows to Bentiu Communities. We had never hear this Nyagat condeming these Bentiu Communities act. Dr. Riak Machar Teny did not say somethings to his Communities who made attaches to Warrap Communities while he himself belonging from Bentiu Community.

          For Neur people, they have to remember that, we Dinka all over in Southern Sudan and abroadly nations, we are absolutely getting tired this repeating killing Dinka innocents and if Neur people are still supporting this guy Riak Machar Teny who have fail in his own Communities to stop this Neur killing then, most Dinkas now thinks it is our time to make revenge and it is true, because we have been patiences for many years unfortunately, still Neur do not understand that living Peaceful with your neighbiorly is the key element to show your honest as a citizen. Finally, we would like to tell you guys from Neur that, we Dinka in Bhar al Ghazal Regions and some from Upper Nile are tired to see Neur making that repeating killing our people for no reason, since the Peace was signed between Neur Tribe and Dinka Tribe then, Neur should have respect that however, the Neur people have throw a way that paper by repeated this killing innocent people in Bor Community,Warrap Communities of Bhar al Ghazal Regions and we have accepted this Neur act to make revenge it whethere Salve Kiir Manyardit wanted or not we have accepted to make this revenge seriously happen so that Neur will know us very well too.

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          • 27 September 2009 13:59, by son of Lou


            You’re right, Dr. Riek should not do that because Dinkas are too dangerous to Nuer especially Lou. There should not be any word of condemnation to be said, unless Dinka refrain from their poolish acts.

            But be aware that, the raid which took place last Sunday was just a small test. And if Gier Chuang and Governor Kuol fails to refrain from condemning Lou for the causes that they know about, they will be the next target. We don’t give a danm any more, just watch out!

            No peace, no mercy.

            Son of Lou Nuer.

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            • 29 September 2009 17:16, by Liz Ja

              please talk like an educated person who know how beautifull is a peacefull life.I know you are addressing us like this because you have never been in a such terrible situation and you are even very weak to face it either.LOu people should appreciate theirs identities and where they are from and do not let themselves be used as using materials from whoever hired them.You like complaining about Dinkas for unknown reason accept "your weakeness of being a ginny-pigs".Charity begins as home just as Leadership,Leadership is more of confident,caring for your people,making your own decision as a leader but not listening to intruders.Lou to be honest leaders are not yet born in your community and your women have a task to do and if you dont have those alleles pliz borrow them from the rest of communities like others nuers though theirs are still recessive.Goss have a work to do,this community need a handfull education becoz they are still living the lives of 1890s this is a 2009 a world of discussion negotiation,no gun-fired because last year we took guns off every streets where did you get them.Lou learn how to live life and Appreciate what you have.

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    • 26 September 2009 11:26, by Dennis-the Brain

      Mr. Machar, don’t condemn what you know, this atrocities in jonglei is fuel by you and some other dignitaries in your gov’t as a claim for you to become a S.S president.

      Machar you are a fail man, In the history of politics. Political aspiration is not to be claim or done on the forceful manner, but the will and choice of the people.

      Your influential in jonglei crisis will let you down if you don’t stop it. Can’t you ashamed of yourself?

      The blood of those decease will be upon you. No single day for you become the president of S.Sudan

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    • 26 September 2009 18:35, by maburuk

      it is too late big man, to comment when the victims of the conflicts are rotten.this reveals that you were so relactent to response.
      I don’t blame you but i only blame the Stupid fools(the lou nuers) who implement your gosple and ngundeng.
      riek and arabs are working hard to empty the land of lou.
      it ia because of thier ignorance,that why couldn’t realised that they are finished by their enemies.
      aweek can not pass without any lou-nuer dead on raiding.

      naath you are finishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 26 September 2009 05:31, by murlescrewed

    Even after delaying to condemn this heinous and cowardly act perpetrated by agents of Islamic government he failed to point hand to those who are behind it. He is blaming the proliferation of arms while abundant evidence point to well organized assault on innocent civilians and the very symbol of government that he represents.

    Riek Machar is not genuine about this. He is trying to make light of what happened. This is is not the way a vice president should carry himself. No wonder people of South have never trusted him and will never sleep sound as long as he continues to hold deep tribal affiliation. He is trying to call those who did this "civilians" while even a village idiot would tell you that this senseless assault was carried out by the remnants of his failed treasonous split from righteous Movement.

    This incident will determine the future of this country. Do we want civilians to continue following laws of the land or retaliate in kind for this cowardly act. Juba has a duty to do.

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    • 26 September 2009 07:38, by Tribe


      good job brother thought i don’t prefer to call you with that name. This is an obvious dump rhetoric from Machar. i hope Nuers guys will not jump into this generalization that their messiah is preaching over here. since he Machar is blaming the issue on the weapons’ proliferation instead of condemning the insanity of his sub-community . Can he Machar asks himself of how those weapons at the first place get into the hands of his outlaw sub-clan? was it not him who firstly armed them in 1991? if he knows so , then why is he generalizing the case as if he doesn’t know where they came to exist.
      However, Machar needs to understand that the victims of his 1991 split are grown and smart enough to do anything it takes this time to safeguard their future. Machar needs to come clean this time.And by saying so, he Machar needs to go further then just condemning the situation. He needs to travel to the affected area as well as going after the culprits that are rejoicing in Lou-nuer’s realm. Thought, he has fail to bring peace between LRA and Uganda government, i still believe he still has potential to better the southern communities with his gifted gift of peace negotiating. He has to spearheaded the SPLA teams that are working to bring security to the area , and also work hard to bring the culprits to the book .This will be the only time the Bor-Dinka plus the rest of southerners would contemplate to reconcile and forgive the past back stabbing, and hopefully that would forge the better future where he will be likely to lead his VICTIMS. This things has to be realized before anybody think the past is forgiven. It’s what it....

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    • 26 September 2009 09:56, by thieleling

      Screwed logic,

      leave the visionary leader alone, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. Don’t let your tribalsim blind your judgement. Our hero Dr. Machar just came back from negotiating Referendum law on your behalf. Thanks Dr. Machar for condemning all the atrocities taking place over south sudan. The disarming strategy shall be fair and effective. Otherwise, its a waste of time.

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  • 26 September 2009 05:51, by oshay

    What would you expect when you have a dysfunctional government and a marginalized ethnic group which has been slaughtered for decades by the dominant tyrannical Southern government. Revenge will fester some how.

    These feelings are now beyond condemnation, though I wholeheartedly disapprove with their tactics, the Dinka should’ve seen this coming when Garang was butchering them and now the SPLM stealing their oil.

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    • 26 September 2009 06:27, by Gatwech


      I am sick of reading your irresponsible comments acting like a spokesman for the Nuer community. Who authorizes you as a non-Nuer to speak on behalf of the Nuer? The Nuer know what to say if there is need for them to defend their arguments.

      Any by the way, you talked of Nuer oil being looted by the Dinka and also Nuer people being butchered by John Garang. Let me tell you that most of the Nuer oil you talked of is being looted by your notorious regimes in Khartoum and most of the butchered Nuer were/are butchered by your notorious regimes in Khartoum.

      Finally, I thank Dr. Riek Machar for coming back from Khartoum after carrying out his national duties and condemning the armed civilians attack on Duk Padiet. This attack is just one of dozens of similiar attacks in the region. GOSS should disarm all those armed civilians throughout the region as he said. Jonglei must all be disarmed irrespective of immune communities. As he said, 2009 could be the year!

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      • 26 September 2009 06:58, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

        To anyone

        Oshay is just a kind of lyers people who does not
        have any single point to let our Nation go a head with progress. He is Arab a brain scanner who will never have a chance in sudan indigenous community. He has been free ocuppied with tribal subject.

        He is another Dei Chan who has PHD; but still teaching Tribal hatred, just ignore the evile man. or might Arab pretend to be a southerner; who knew. we just need to be wise; not been trick again by false propaganda writers. Dei Chan has shut up his mouth now because he is in the country.

        Now he knew what is really going on. As some other think, Dinka are bad people, if you a brother,siter,but they can beat the hell out our enemy. what would you don’t dislike them again there. This message to those who are teaching tribal hatred here on this side. let us be more positive toward our small Goverment, to grow, feed, Nourishing, make it pround what they have done.

        Thank you


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        • 27 September 2009 07:08, by Garang Tiop Ring

          Shame on you Dr. fake Riek Machar.When Tanginya attack the civilian in Malakal, you when yourself and took him back to khartoum instead arresting him. You knew is the one behind all this chaos. And you open your fucken mouth saying you condenms the attack? fuck you man. Shut your mouth and wait for more money from north opposition parties so that they can hire you to go and killed more civilian motherfucker.

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          • 28 September 2009 12:59, by Ladu Lomuding.

            Learn to respect your self first, then other peoples later.
            pls respect our leaders. what a hell are you saying such words to our leaders. you people condemned our leaders. next is you to be a leader, then people will do the same to you.
            About Malakal incident, to me What Dr.Machar did was good, why? what do you think could happen before going diplomatically to meet Tanginya. is it good to destroy or to save life of people in malakal.

            indirectly we either supporting the Arabs or the whites men to achieved their goals by not respecting all our leaders in the south sudan.
            To our leaders you should also mean to serve your people show them good example, check yourself if you hears any words that goes around you. try improve the system now before liad. may God Gives you Wisdom to see well the future of Southeren Sudan. (Sudan)

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      • 26 September 2009 07:16, by Dinka Boy

        Dear Gatwech,

        why are you shotting your brother Oshay at his back, you keep supporting him since you start using this website.

        My friend, i know you are happy about the death figure posted in this website.
        This is how you trailors are. you keep shifting positions when their is foods to eat, you heard Nuer.

        Even though Gatwech become happy for the death occuring around Dinka communities, there is time you will cased your live and know the results.

        This 160 death includded Nuer lou trailors, we don,t know that figures but Riek Machar have been told by their brothers about Nuer Lou figures which he himself added to the Duk- Padiek death.

        I hate trailors who shift from location to location.
        Sorry you are not my type in the whole Sudan.
        Born Empty and will die empty- Nuer Lou.

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        • 26 September 2009 07:36, by oshay

          Gatwech never supported me and your statements confirm my belief that the Nuer and Dinka are not brothers.

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    • 26 September 2009 06:41, by Mr. Southern Boy


      Stop saying shit you son of bitgh. I am sick of your comments blaming SPLM the liberation and the eyes of Southerners. You talk of SPLM stealing oil 1% share. What about 99% of oil revenue that up in the pocket of your idiot president, Bashir? You cann’t talk about it because you know that Bashir will hang like your idiot brothers. Garang was a man of freedom and peace to everyone inconcluding you.

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  • 26 September 2009 06:41, by Dinka Boy

    Mr Vp Riek Machar,

    its too late because your citizens have been killed by Nuer lou Militia many times.

    The disarmement is the must to Jonglei states because the state comprise of many food lovers and trailors who have no vision of Southern Sudan especially Lou Nuer- the dumeset in the world set.

    Please Machar, if you are our leaders why do you fear to mention the name of the attackers and seem you are beating about the bush.

    Start disarming Lou nuer and their militia by force.
    This time almost reach absolute zero to tribal war.
    The fools must think twice because the victims heroes are not in Khartoum, they are leading the moment/spla. If some one doubt then count them.

    Mr Machar bring Mabil C, Riek Gai, Taganyang to justice by any means because they are trailors responsible for these frequence attack of Civilians in Jonglei.

    If not then live Dinka Bor to die in peace until they will revenge at their will.

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    • 26 September 2009 08:26, by Kim Deng

      Coward Dinka Boy,

      Where were those coward boys when your Duk was burned down to ash by Mighty Nuer Warriors/Jiech-in-Bor? Oh yeah, they were hidding somewhere holding their guns between their legs or running like Deers chased by Lions/Tigers. The so called "Disarmament" must be conducted first with coward Jaang/Slaves follow by Murle and Mighty Nuer Warriors must be the last group or else.

      Mr. Reporter, for your info, greater Ayod which was taken away from coward Jaang/Slaves by Mighty Nuer Warriors in 1800s is not belong to Lou Nuer, but Gawaar Nuer.

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      • 29 September 2009 17:37, by Liz Ja

        Intelligent act of Dinkas does mean they are coward,they used theirs brains to deal with issues which is the right way of carrying out a task,if you were not coward why did you attack the innocent people in the village and not declearing it as a war in the battle field?. if nuer is not coward why do they have link with north govn all the time,we know that your Riek is behind this,we are not pools pliz you should know us by now.

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  • 26 September 2009 07:17, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    The man is back from long way to see the activities

    Your right Mr Riek, I think that the nuer people where trying to discipline those jungle giraffes, it is not an attack I disagree with those who describe the incidence as attack. I only praise nuer for disciplining those people until they have surrendered that madness. Keep up Mr Riek, Keep up bravo nuer. Teaching unforgettable lesion to the fool is the only way of brining him/her to the normal life. But for the next schedule I suggest that the nuer should do it without killing the few junglese, killing has nothing to do with peace. The gene of dinkas associated with killing should be left to them alone. Lets only have police from nuer or Equatorian into the affected counties but the junglese who are nothing but food and money lover. Am sorry that some lives where lost I hope this will never happen again.

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    • 26 September 2009 07:55, by Tribe


      I sorry to comment on your redundant piece of work. You firstly need to work on your editing before you think of commenting at this website. Though i am not a licensed doctor, you have a mental issues. you can’t really spell what is coming out of your mind. I think you may have a nerve misfiring.

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    • 26 September 2009 08:13, by Dinka Boy

      Define word "MONYJANG".
      Dinka can not be discipline by anybody that is why resist Arab while trailors defect and some when to Uganda pretending that they are ugandans, some reside in the Bush like many equatorains, and Some went to khartoum for food like NCP- Dc.
      We never been discpline, and we will ever ever ever be discipline by any body.

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      • 26 September 2009 09:24, by linno dinno

        We are tired for you by your saying the civilians are going to defuse bomb, which civilians do you meant? You are always charming about that while it doesn’t success why.
        If you want the all states to be peaceful states, try to disarm those of Murle, Lou, Dinka, and especially those who always like to overexert the people and have strength to hold up other people’s attributes and the rest who have small arms in their county with different teams with in the same month not later on.

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      • 26 September 2009 09:26, by linno dinno

        We are tired for you by your saying the civilians are going to defuse bomb, which civilians do you meant? You are always charming about that while it doesn’t success why.
        If you want the all states to be peaceful states, try to disarm those of Murle, Lou, Dinka, and especially those who always like to overexert the people and have strength to hold up other people’s attributes and the rest who have small arms in their county with different teams with in the same month not later on.

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        • 26 September 2009 10:26, by Deng John Ajang

          The Government of Southern Sudan should begin to study the political situation in Jonglei State. Killing of innocent civil population is rampant currently initiated by the most hostile and notorious tribes regardless of ages. The most suitable recommended solutions are:-
          1. Disarmament of the civil population
          2. Conduction of Peace and Reconciliation workshops at all levels of government even at cattle camps levels.
          3. Heavy deployment of pure SPLA troops every where in Southern Sudan
          4. Other political measures

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          • 26 September 2009 11:20, by Ajuscommando

            Dear Riek Machar,

            Why don’t you said the fact than to tell us zero stories about disarmament while Khartoum is the one who armed the militias who attacked Duk-padiet or because you are in Khartoum that why you fear to tell the true? Mr. Riek, you are coward leader with your Nuer tribe and to prove it, if you are brave like Dinkas than there is no need of taking each other while we have a big problem a head of us as you are present in Khartoum due to that issue. I don’t think if Nuer will be peaceful in this earth like other mankind if they will not change their life of been influence by Arabs like kids against their brothers in the South. I wish all Southereners should stop their internal conflict and look into referendum of South first.


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  • 26 September 2009 13:13, by AUGUSTINO DENG

    This brutality attack which Lou-Nuer have done to Dinka Ethnic Community of Duk Padiet is inevitable. In fact, it is very imperative to pinpoint one tribe all the time for the murder. I think this is not the first time for Lou-Nuer Ethnic Community of Jonglei State to stratify war declaration within Jonglei State. Lou-Nuer did it on 11/13/1992 when they waged the war in Poktap County of Dinka Nyarweng and all the way to Malek County of Paleek clan, Wernyiol County of Adhiok clan, Wagulei County of Awulieen clan and Gak village of Adol clan as well as Baidit of Angakuei clan and so forth. This incident that was carried by Lou-Nuer Ethnic Community lost the innocent life of 5000 people in Bor area. As we are human being and the people Southern Sudan, we should understand the value and the heritage of one another instead of practicing sarcastic things that are demoting other community from progressing. I thought that Lou-Nuer Ethnic Community of Jonglei State should refrain from playing a " Roly-poly" to the civil population in Southern Sudan.

    How many times Lou-Nuer have been accused of doing this crisises all the times? Lou-Nuer Ethnic Community have been accused of carrying an attack on Nuer Jikany last couple months ago. On August 18,2009, Lou-Nuer Community was blamed of killing 23 people in Wernyiol County. On the same month of August 23,2009, Lou-Nuer did the same thing again in which they killed 43 people in Wernyiol County. Lastly, they did it again to Dinka Nyarweng of Duk Padiet. Now, what will be the really solution to solve this problem by the way? How do Lou-Nuer Community felt when they are victimized about this massacre happening in Duk Padiet County of Dinka Nyarweng?

    Every time, Lou-Nuer Community are accused of doing the raid, but I have never heard in my life that Dinka Bor went to Lou-Nuer Community for reprisals of their lifeless people who were been killed. According to me, it show that Dinka Bor have forgiven the past events. Now, the good thing is because that, the blame go to Lou-Nuer Community rather then going or generalizing the whole Nuer Communities in the other marginalized areas. The blame is for Lou-Nuer. Whoever generalized the whole Nuer Communities, he is completely wrong and wrong.
    For your information, I’m not from Dinka Bor Community, but I’m from Dinka by Nationality. When two people fight, they should not be judged right at the same time. One might be wrong and the other one might be innocent or if both are right, then the one who assaulted the other one first must be guilty and be blamed for making an assault. Lou-Nuer Community are the indigenous people of Southern Sudan, but if they are wrong in some instance of ways, then they should be proved guilty no matter of how brave and valor they are. Mistakes have no boundaries in any human genes.
    Only thing that I know is blood which bound all human being and animals. Love, respect, integrity, enthusiasm and diversity of one culture are they norm prestige in which all the world communities need for the betterment of their communities. Lou-Nuer Community should adapt those things as a rule.

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  • 26 September 2009 13:38, by Benywut

    Riak Machar (Dark Evil of Destruction)

    Your crocodile tears condemnation is known and has not been accepted.Stop playing cheap politics and propaganda. the day of the attack you have been diverting attention of Sudanese and international community to your poorly negotiated referendum bill.

    I belame slow learners who have never known you dark-hearted as your name suggest. you are a curse to your community and entire South Sudan. Remember that wherever you go and plot against inocen lives, God is watching and you will soon see what prize God has prepared for your evil deeds.

    Gatwhich and Kim Deng, you know Machar is =dark evil+ Riak which is destruction and you know Teny mean so there is no need for me to explain
    you can now start barking as always but let me go and monitor what angel of darkeness is about to do next.

    repondre message

    • 26 September 2009 16:29, by Gatwech

      CORRECTION: You have incorrectly translated the names ’Riek Machar’. ’Riek’ in Nuer means ’pillar’ or ’shrine’. Machar means ’black bull’

      In Dinka language you have the name ’Riak’ not ’Riek’. Riak in Dinka language means destruction, but in Nuer is a name of a bird we call riak.

      I advise you to look for a Nuer teacher next time. Don’t mislead the readers with a wrong translation.

      And why are the meaning of the names more important to you than the issues?

      repondre message

      • 28 September 2009 11:40, by son of Lou

        Thanks for the Correction Gatwech. That is exactly what the word "RIAK" mean in Nuer, it is just a name of the bird which always make funny noise. But it is the prove that Dinkas can not even spell the name of Nuers right. Even our Name Nuer they some times mess it up.

        Great watch brother. Keep up the good work.

        Son of Lou Nuer.

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    • 28 September 2009 13:29, by ramiran

      Direct to Benywut,
      please stop barking like chasing dog from bones place,if you call him like what about the first evil man in south sudan who was your man ,
      by Ramiran Nath

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  • 26 September 2009 18:41, by Ali abdul rehman

    Machar or shut your mouth.
    NCP and all of us Arabized sudanese will continue to fund militias, no to south sudan independence, Islam is the answer, we live our lives to protect the president and protect islam against all invaders and conspirators. ALLAH AKBAR

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    • 26 September 2009 19:34, by Gatluak Bil

      Iam sorry Riek "pretenders are worst than murders" they had carried out your mission praise them highly for their evil performanced.Actually this is what you came for last year.The crismast you had planted"a fool find pleasure in evil conduct but a man of understanding delight in wisdom"
      Why did you claim leadership in the SPLM?Didn’t you know what you did during the moment? " a man doing some stupid thing a second time is like a dog going back to it vimit"
      Southerners don’t let him lay that he had condemns the attackers,he is praising them in other way because his December visit to certain locality in Jonglei state is successfully implemented by cleagues and enemy Bashir .

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  • 26 September 2009 23:33, by Thomas Taban

    Thank you Vice-President Dr Riek Machar Machar for your stand to come up and condemn the attack on Duk Padiet in Jonglei state last Sunday. Why did you wait a week to condemn this attack. This comes a little late after when more damage has been done. This incident happened a week ago and it takes you a week to respond. This is very shameful and poor leadership. This is the time when our leadership is tested beyond the tribal border lines. I think you need to come clean out of this and speak tirelessly. If you don’t take charge, then this kind of abuse and killings will continue between the two tribes. We need to be talking to both parties because I am very sure the relatives of the victims on the other side are not going to rest. There is going to be a revenge from the other side.
    My brothers and sisters from Duk. I know how painful it is to lose a beloved one and to be displaced from your own home. This to me is unacceptable and the GOSS needs to know this. There need to be a tough team that can be send to mediate with the two parties and this is a responsibility to the GOSS.

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    • 27 September 2009 02:36, by black man world

      Starting of Genocide from north to center and east DINKA is every were what doest Nuer wants? And i vote for SOUTHERN SUDAN because i hate killling my brother

      repondre message

      • 27 September 2009 02:47, by black man world

        I mean unity my friends sorry, why because i dont know who going to win the war if is NUER am still a lost if is DINKA am still a loser so why dont i just vote for the diveristy of SUDAN unlike some two tribes who are going to murder each other next year? Equatorian can you see please my friends this two people NUER DINKA they got a big conflict, they are brother as stated and they hate each other because one brother was smarter then other he always eat got food and take alot of cows from their, so the little one got mad and kill their dad and Run away there he became while and he love food and power, so DINKA been there for while so i am advicing you equatorian dont please vote for INDEPENDENCE vote for NEW SUDAN vision, they want southern sudan INDEPENDANCE so they can go crazy and start war and there maybe they can win and rule/slave every one in SOUTH, iam telling the blind EQuatorian who dont know how greedy this brother are, they are way greedy then you think DINK’S are, and beleive the most Equatorian up here in abroad like united state they know nuer very well, they speak to you with their language even thou you dont understand, and by the way my mother is from BARI, i love my bari people to be save in the hands of this two guys please blieve me if SOUTHERN SUDAN independence come and the power is in NUER hands, they will all come from hiding with fuck up mentality and state dictating every body and if am lieing just wait and see. The only person who dont know Nuer mentality is the one who didnt live with them and if you really want to know them go to BENTIU they will call you NYAM-NYAM and if you still dont know hat that means, good luck my friend.

        repondre message

        • 27 September 2009 03:50, by mohammed osman

          Hope all this NUER DINKA AZANDE ACHOLI BARI burn in hell forever. Arabs had enough of your foolish dirty heads. you takes your south we will take our north.

          repondre message

          • 27 September 2009 07:40, by Dengtaath

            Gatwech, man you are funny some times, you know you made me love when you correct the name Riak machar to Riek Machar.
            I just lough my self on the computer.
            Any way thanks for making me lough!

            repondre message

  • 28 September 2009 13:21, by ramiran

    that is very good king of south sudan ,that is what we like from you because you love all people.
    by Ramiran Nath

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