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Who is behind Jonglei attack?


By John Actually

September 21, 2009 — Jonglei state has been grapping tribal clashes between Murle, Dinka Bor and Nuer before and after the Naivasha partners signed comprehensive peace agreement in 2005.

The souring relationship between Lou and Dinka Bor came to a head in 1991 when the SPLM/A split in Nasir and Torit factions. The Nasir faction mobilized and armed Lou Nuer civilians and incited them against the defenseless civilians of Bor using tribal hate sentiments. The Bor were defendless given that youths there were committed in SPLA army. A self-proclaimed prophet called Urnyang also played a role in encouraging the Nuer in general and Lou in particular to massacre their innocent and good neighbors.

He (Urnyang) falsely prophesied that those who would die in the war would resurrect in the centre of their “luak” just a month after their death. This falsehood led the Lou to blindly fight without realizing that they too were destroying themselves. They were also heard citing messages purported to be from Ngundeng as a driving motive to wage war on Bor.

In the last two months Lou Nuers attacked three different payams in Twic East County of Jonglei, a county that does not even share any border with Uror from where the attackers come. About 43 people, including two attackers perished in the last Wernyol attack. In the first one incident, seven people died in Twic East – A Dinka Bor County. In the Baping incident six people were killed. Why should our people die in large numbers likes dogs every hour?

The recent attack of Nuer Lou on Duk County has caused political and socio-economic instability in south Sudan and Jonglei state in particular.

The militias who organized themselves under their leader named Ci-betek Mabil came and attacked administrative centers in Duk, where they killed 76 people and more than 46 people are badly maimed. This may increase the death toll beyond what I may suggest. This attack is very unique the militia group only focuses on towns and other administrative centers with the aim of controlling them unlike the last attack in the same community by Nuer when they came and assault the area only confiscate cattle. If there is no person behind these atrocities, could Nuer do it at this time when we are terribly seeking for peace in our country?

Another reason why I say that these militias are sponsored by somebody is that they always come with heavy machine guns, RPG rockets, and fire arms which are not easy to get. Their leaders (I means chiefs, MPs and others) seem to be too concern in the broadest light in convincing them which has got no ground to be proved right as a good observer could see these events happening every time. These leaders are fond of reporting falsely that those are always militias – militias in large group from one ethnic community generated even from those same bases.

To my own point of view, the militias’ activities in the state are aimless and were only designed to reduce the Dinka Bor’s population. This is because in the state government, all people are represented equally. For instant, in the Jonglei state’s government, Nuer took, the position of deputy governor as a key position. Until the position of governor turns to their side in the next round, I don’t think there doubt here. Moreover, they also head some ministries like ministry of parliamentary affairs ,ministry of social and development, ministry of information and communication.

In the Government of South Sudan, where I think the incorrigible leader of this militias could be hiding , the vice president to the GOSS ,minister for Energy and Mining and may other posts are being headed by Nuer sons. If they are not contended with what the governments have offered them, they have a right to ask for it peacefully.

So, who is backing this aimless group? Which government does Nuer when to get full representation apart from the Government of Southern Sudan?

The writer is a resident of Bor Town. johnalier@yahoo.com

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  • 22 September 2009 07:43, by James Okuk Solomon

    Is there another power than the SPLM controled government in the South? If there is, then the SPLM leadership is really in real troubles because it does not have total control of the South. If the SPLM blames the NCP every time somethign goes wrong in the South, it means that the NCP is still powerful in the South in the very face of the SPLM!!!

    When will the NCP compalain one day that the SPLM or SPLA has done such and such in the North where the NCP is in control? This means that the SPLM has no real power in the North too. It means that Mr. Yasser Arman and Mr. Pagan Amum have been making media noises for nothing.

    If this is true, then the SPLM has already lost the 2010 elections and Kiir must prepare himself to go home because he is neither in total control of the South as the GoSS President nor partial control of the North as the GoNU Vice President. What a pity!!! I hate this powerless government power!!! I hate the power that does not control and protect the citizens against each other and against enemies from neighboring countries like Uganda’s LRA!!!

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    • 22 September 2009 09:47, by Butrus Ajak.

      So you are an Arab representative? Why don’t you feel a little bit shame to take such position and talk like that to SPLA person?

      These are real Arab slave!

      Maguacwum II.

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      • 22 September 2009 19:43, by Gatwech

        I laughed when I saw the fake name of the author of this article and with this familiar but repeated article. I have never heard any name called John Actually in the Dinka community. This is simply because the writer’s true name is Zechariah Manyok Biar who is known for using multiple names under different articles on sudantribune.com and southsudannation.com. He forgot that he posted almost the same article sometime back with his true name. Well, if he is ashamed of using his true identity, then he can be forgiven and people continue to respond to his article though under false name.

        The most important is that the writer is missing the point about this Jonglei madness. This madness is being facilitated by the governor Kuol Manyang Juuk through his tribal politics of fitting tribes against one another. Until this politics is changed, Jonglei will remain mad.

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        • 22 September 2009 21:05, by Jeremiah Mach

          Gatwich, how is governor Kuol fiting tribe against tribe?

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    • 22 September 2009 13:37, by Aduol Liet

      James Okuh Solomon.

      Starting from you and your uncle big Nyagat or traitor Dr, Lam Akol a long with Nyagatians of Neur Tribe are they one to be blame for all these mess up in Southern Sudan. The blame goes to you all special Nyagat and traitorous Dr, Lam Akol but he will follow these innocent dies for nothing.

      A shame on you James Okuh Solomon.

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    • 22 September 2009 14:02, by Chol K.Thon

      Thanks Mr. John Actually for your article.But there is something lacking in your article- you do not acknowledge statements from others by maybe enclosing them with quotation marks or mentioning the the name of the person you are quoting. Most of the words in your article are from an article written by Chol K. Thon.(See southsudannation.com). There is nothing wrong with repeating the same idea or words as long as you acknowledge that you are referencing someone.

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    • 22 September 2009 17:21, by Santino Nuan

      James Okuk
      I believe from now on that it is a waste of resources for I think that your PhD programme has been sponsored by traitor Dr Lam Akol using the very resources of Southern Sudan the NCP bribes him. It doesn’t make sense to me when you say that SPLM/GOSS does not have control of the South.

      Militia is a militia and it does not mean that SPLM/GOSS has failed to control the South. Please put into your that studying PhD is not a minor capacity and you don’t need to think foolishly in a tribalistic way. SPLM/GOSS is a government govern by principles and constitutions. If SPLM/GOSS was government rule by Dictator, I think even your uncle Dr Lam Akol would have been killed when his tactic was detected by SPLM security. Dictator government crush everything in front of it without taking into consideration the consequence. Have have read it from Sadaam Hussin’s way of rule in Iraq.

      SPLM cannot just attack whoever attack who without analysing the situation as a responsible government. It is known to ever patriotic Southerners even your true Collo tribemen that NCP is the one behind all these attrocities in the South. Enough is enough to be the second class people and there is no way out to allow those who sold their freedom because they you love to eat with master (Arab) in one plate. I am not a prophet and it is true that the South Sudan will one day become a prosperous state in Africa through the victory made by SPLM/A. And I think you TRAITORS will be using common language of forgiveness and forgetfulness if are defeated with your NCP. James Okuk, please talk as you wish but don’t betray South Sudan just because your sponsor is SPLM-DC is being funded by NCP-using our OIl money. Let us seperate and it is you the PhD holder will be ministers and the so on.

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    • 23 September 2009 11:36, by bigbaby

      To the GOSS, the people of South Sudan, and to the victims in Bor Communities

      DR. Akol and DR. Machar called them Looters and moochers

      B.Attacking forces from combined Gon and Moor Lou Nuer: 4000(from Cieng Mannyang,Cieng Nyaikeny,Cieng Palker,Cieng Maikeir,Cieng Matel,Cieng Kiel,Ciengholnyang,Cieng Kuajien and Cieng Char all from Wunroor county , Cieng Yoal from Nyerol county"Gon Lou Nuer" and Western Akobo "Moor Lou Nuer" ciengs).The only Wunroor Ciengs who did not join in the attack are Cieng Dung of Chief Gatluak Thou Kuny and Cieng Buoi of Chief Isaac Ruot Lam)
      C.Casualties from the attackers not yet ascertain

      According to the victims, they were not looters or moochers! There was none to be looted, they burn down countless home, killed countless lives. They attack the administrative headquarters. In Wernyol, they killed the chief and his people, in Ngok, they killed a commissioner and his family and in Duks they torch the people in their homes.
      It was organized and who is behind the attacks? Where is the GOSS when men in government uniform are killed by the thugs, traitors such as Nuer Lou? Similar history of 1991 is not a century away; it was yesterday and the symptoms are much related? More attacks and more destruction are imminent to be seen unless the government intervenes promptly. Dinka Bor though labeled as cowardice by Nuer and other tribes, We Dinka Bor and Dinka Malual have struggled and shaded more blood than any other tribes in bringing this freedom.
      Every human being has the inherent right to life. Under the CPA provisions and agreement, we are all equal before the laws; we have prevailing rights to pursued happiness, right to protect and right to own land or property. Knowing that we are equal before the law, why are we being killed? Why the government soldiers are being killed and yet government is so quite. Is the government scared that the Nuer will or is to defects again. What does our government know? Inclusively tragedies like these are of similar symptoms of the 1991 Nassir Faction. It started with Duk padiet, followed by Duk payuel; they resisted the Nuer attacks for several days. The Twics and Bor south though it was a Dukeen problems, after dukeen let go, the Nuer over ran and Captured the entire self depend less Bor areas in less time, these areas where depend less because the Sons and daughters of Bor were waging heavy war against the Government’s troops in Juba, yes we the Dinka cannot denied the fact that our children age of 11 years and up where taken fighting the main wars, the war of self determinations when the cowardice Riak Machar with his force, cause a massacre in Bor” Blue Nile and many other places. Dinka Bor must stand before the government to end this kind of terrorist act against their citizens’ and civilians. The reasons why a peaceful act must be followed or adhere with, although short minded people like Nuer will not understands, however is to maintains peace and stability in the South, despites hoodlum like Nuer, other tribes are enjoying CPA and we the Dinka brought it to them, now we sit back and everybody else is enjoying. We the Dinka do not want to be labeled as black horse should Nuer bring failure in the South. Our hands will remain clean, clean and we will not attack any tribe. To you the small tribes, beware, the Nuer are non but hyenas who if we Bor are not here, their foot print and rigid on their shoes’ will be printed in your butts hole and every time you check as in the mirror, it will reminded you of corrupts Nuer. Waging war against Bor is not simple and will not be simple as thought. And went that time comes, we will killed the “word peace” will be eliminated in Dinka culture, after that many tribes who inclusively acting against us will indeed suffers and peace will not be possible. Be aware when Dinka get mad! You will get what you are wishing for. To the Goss, you have seen the Nuer attacking Bor, Similar attacks have proclaimed countless life of our citizens; it has not been ended and will not soon end. Decreasing the population in the south is the NCP main goals. Keeping quite is the worse you should do, the Nuer are fulfilling the NCP objectives, few days from now, they will claimed that unity is better for all Sudanese people because South cannot managed itself. We are losing our people life and you are losing your creditability. Now you are at 14500 feet in the inflated balloon, remember, there is no oxygen beyond that, which are what Riak and Lam Akol long for. The Dinka Bor in large have been fouled by the CPA and our people are being eliminates by behind bar, Nuer gangs members according to Machar. Reuters labeled them as Nuer of Lou. But why Machar called them gang members? Does he mean Lou is gangs, if as then as gang members why did he pursue leadership; can a thug like him lead the wise men? It is three stooges the Machar, Akol and their like’s gang’s members against the wise men, the wise men from the entire Southern tribes, what a fate and nightmare. Machar and Virus Akol doesn’t understand the CPA article below

      The Nuer of Lou has violated this article and they have been continually violating it at their discretions, what should the Goss do to such communities that led thugs live likes?

      Insecurity in the region
      It was Machar and his HIV Virus Lam Akol in the 1990s, at a time when Splm/A was about to re-have Sudan, they defected from the movement and become an allies to the NCP. Machar and Akol are guilty to see successful South Sudan for all. They need nobody else but they and their families and everybody else be Slums. Now the same Machar, Nuer and its virus including and not limits to Akol with the same mindset are undermining the CPA in the region. Dr. Machar, we and most of your classmates new that you were never clean whether in school uniform, your body or your mine. No wonder why your policies are so dirty as well. Knowingly and allegedly, the GOSS is no longer a movement, it allegedly a government of the people and for the people, though cannot achieve its objectives because of the two engineers of division and tribal motive. The title DR has been misused now a day, even a thugs like Machar and Akol can called themselves DR, while they are doctors that create wars and instability in the regions. Supposedly you are an engineer, Machar, a robot engineer and Architect Akol, what can two of you built in the south? Your movement a movement that occasionally fails? It was SSIM, Now Akol called SPLM DC, as long as you two named, even if you decorated with great name you can find in the dictionary, it will be attractive to non but two of you vultures and your tribes men. A man who ought to be shameful of his name, that is why you cannot be a leader, you spoiled your name so bad that you run away from it. Even if a man is called an Anus, he shouldn’t run from it, instead, he should make it attractive. On the other hands, so called Kiir is sitting in the balloon while Riak and Lam are inflating that Balloon. The man in the Balloon thinks that the ground is moving away from him, however, he in the balloon is moving away from his ground. Beware of the left seat drivers. They can be too dangerous and fateful if not well managed. Akol, Machar and Nuer like three stooges or marionette puppet s could no longer entertain any in the South. While here in juba, the news of the attacks killed me dead and I feel like why don’t the GOSS kill the attackers.

      One step toward peace stability
      Can peaceful South be achieved? In the midst of crisis, the time when CPA is at risks, the Nuer is adding more problems. Who else if not Nuer can be a collaborator? They like go for money, they like to suck and wash Arab in the ass, a life that non in the south could visualize. Now the Jallaba armed you with all the weapons of Dinka destructions’, in return of sucking and liking their asses. Furthermore, now the South will unite against those to disturbed this freedom. It will be Ngok, on one side, Murle and Dinka on the other sides, your asses will be in trouble. Riak Machar has already Married to an American women in Minneapolis Minnesota, he did that as insurance should the Nuer be eliminated by the other tribes, so his penis insurance will save his ass as usually. It is not new to hear Machar purchasing policy call penis insurance. His wife, an American woman and his two ass guards are in the following address $$$$$$$. Before was his wife from the British, now he married to an America!

      Security policy
      We the citizens of Bor must provide collaborative efforts consortium in indentifying acceptable security goals, and identifying the mechanism of achieving them. These efforts need human involvements, financial support as well as government. The architecture to draft the pivot table will create parallelism strategy, increase responsibility and accountability for all.
      Normalization and referential integrity
      As we emphasized and leverage on development and infrastructure, something else is thwarting our capability for development. We have suffers deadly series of attacks on our counties and it has cost us lives and lost of properties. We have been terrorized, victimize, and our vulnerability to encroachment and cattle rustling has post major threat to our people. Even a well organized militia attack is categorized as cattle raiders. The attacks by Nuer against Dinka Bor must be handled at the diplomat’s level, whether to wage war against each other or to pursue peace, GOSS must acknowledge us as Bor Communities. Not cowardice, we are too careful for the South and it future. We installed CPA, we will protected and we will late you enjoy. It seems thought that Nuer of Lou is guilty and shamefully of it history. They knew they have spoiled the name “Nuer “so bad, that they think their future in leadership is bleaks. Well be shamed and be quite or it will get worse. Knowing your people, the enemies you are creating, at some point, at that day when these tribes you are attacking will retaliates, you will suffer more. So many peace treaties have been signed whether between Bor and Nuer or Nuer and Murle, yet Nuer have violated every single accord. What else can be done if negotiations and other peaceful mean cannot be achieved? Nuer the notions of fouling Dinka Bor with the name of peace, yet organized attacks against Bor behind bars The GOSS as well as we the citizen must pursue peace and stability in the region. We have been thoughtful about the end-game or solution to the insecurity inevitable to the people. We must enjoy peace, freedom and prosperity like every other community liberated by CPA. In any mean possible, we must rises, we must unite, and we must protect our people in any legitimates way possible. We must be objective oriented, to stall infringement in the region. “Remember divided we fail” Talk loud no action we fail. No surprise these attacks are endless. From generation to generation, our people have been displaced and they have been continuing to migrate up to a point were we settle is the mushy swampy area, but where can we go from here? They have lost uncountable lives and property, thus now must be the end. I am personally saddened by this tragedy, it was inhumanely and sabotage that need attention from the government and Bor people as well. More to come

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  • 22 September 2009 08:10, by Kim Deng

    Coward Jaang/Slaves,

    The Might Nuer Warriors were disarmed back in 2006, but left the other ethnic groups undisarmed, as a result those coward communities received adventages like gifts. The Mighty Nuer Warriors not accept the so called "Disarmament" any more and will never stop slaughtering your coward folks until you evacuate the Eask Bank of the Nile for the other side.

    You always shamelessly claim that Naath have been getting support from the arabized Nubian govt/NIF and Dinka cannot confront the Nuer Jech-in-Bor because almost all the young men are in the army. Are you saying Nuer Warriors cannot retaliat after you elimite their sone in cowardice murder, or are you saying there were/are no young men from Nuer ethnic group who are in the Souh Sudan army/SPLA? Don’t you know one Raan = 10 Jaang? I mean if you elimite one life from Naath expect 10 lives from your side. Get it?

    Where do the same Nuer Warriors get support back in 1800s when they chased coward Jurs like Deers in those years? Your claim is baseless and doesn’t hold any H2O at all.

    Your cowardice strategy always blind you to see the difference between the civilian and political war. If you cannot defend yourselves from Mighty Nuer Warriors invasions/raids, leave the land peacefully as coward Anyuak and Burun did for Akobo and Maiwut respectively. Just as a reminder, Mayom, Fangak, Ayot, Waat, Akobo, Nasir, Maiwut, Gambella and all the surrounding villages which used to be coward Jaang/Slavesland, Anyuakland and Burunland joined the main land (Nuerland) through occupation. Jews’s occpution has been in place, then why not the Mighty Nuer Warrors’s occupation?

    The GoSS failed to disarm the civil population across the region, which mean you have to defend yourselves from any form of enemy. Otherwise, put your baseless blame on GoSS rather than wrong direction.

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    • 22 September 2009 09:30, by Pandit

      Dump woman Kim, continue to preach what you are preach your safety home after to 2011 is Ethiopa.

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    • 22 September 2009 09:38, by daniel kiir

      It’s not over yet.

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    • 22 September 2009 09:41, by choldit

      Kim, we are in real problem here and need to talk about the solution. You and I know very well that NO tribe, and I really mean it, can stand on the Nuer way should it come to tribal fight. But this no a tribe fight though many events can try to prove me wrong e.g. the lingustic frame of reference use by the media which they talk like nothing force Lou Nuer to attack if they are the one who attacked Duk. No word was mentioned by the reporter as a reason why Mr. Mabil should attack which Mabil talk to Mar Chol.

      We all heard that a SPLA col. was recently gunned down in Bor by Dinka just because he was from Nuer. Should that be one of the things that angered Lou? When the so called reporters missed the words knowingly and design the language of their reports in such away that one side will be the bad one they are actually pushing for a no solution outcome of issues.

      What is happening in the South Sudan is a very bad thing. we shouldn’t kill ourselves for the benifet of the illusive enemy before it show its color. a lost of one person is a bad outcome. remember we were broken down when we lost Garang event those he killed their families in Gajaak area in 80s.

      We have to ask our government to do something about this situation before it went beyond Lou and Bor.

      May God bless your land and its inhabitants!!

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      • 22 September 2009 09:49, by gatkuothdiew

        Anyone must not reply to this fellow named Kim Deng.
        Your reply encourage him to hurl bad words here and there.
        Don’t value him please!!!!!!!!!

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    • 22 September 2009 10:06, by Butrus Ajak.

      Mind your English please, you are talking to Dinka expert.

      Kim, do you really know what slave is? I ask such question because; I think you do not know what you bragging about. To tell you the truth, your people and you are the slaves, living example of slavery is what your people are doing currently; they are paid by their masters in Khartoum to execute the wanted task. That is clear slavery! That is what slave does, so from now on call yourself a son of slave.

      To come back to your claim, we will never leave to the other side of the Bank as you said. Get you money and come back, this is not the first time to fight some paid soldiers.

      Maguacwum II.

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      • 23 September 2009 13:16, by chol lam

        coward jaang lets prove who is who,if it comes to fihting you idios, even our women strongle to break a record of wining a war against you dogs

        repondre message

    • 22 September 2009 13:46, by John striker

      My question is. What would have happen if we all southern Sudanese join our foes in Khartoum during the civil war time, in 1991 there was one tribe who was used against their own brother and sister in the south, when they were in Khartoum their master split them once again to fight each other about leadership Pauline Matip against Mr Riak Machar and etc, this resulted into many dead in one day during 2000-2004, when they saw CPA is getting real their leader contact John Gerang for peace. Now they are making noise once again, GOSS is a Dinka ‘s government is a slogan of the day , I don’t know, is fighting without a course embedded into their culture or else, recently Murle killed 185 people and all southern Sudanese were appally about the incident. Now instead of going to Murle for revenge they turn their evil to killed innocent people in Duk Padiet.oh God,I feel they maybe lacking basic human natural laws.people like Gecwick or whatever he call himself,real support those thugs (Lou Nuer),oh Jesus,i feel these community has no basic moral that disguish between bad and good course.if they were real men why did they whole community merge to with Arabs in 1991 when victor was almost,and now they name themselvies (Mighty Nuer warriors)hahahah,this is aburd to your next generation to come if not this generation bro.Dinka Bor are coward as this online thugh puted.Dinka observe the Laws my dear,they are not Lawless community,thet are by law of the nation ok.

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    • 22 September 2009 13:47, by John striker

      My question is. What would have happen if we all southern Sudanese join our foes in Khartoum during the civil war time, in 1991 there was one tribe who was used against their own brother and sister in the south, when they were in Khartoum their master split them once again to fight each other about leadership Pauline Matip against Mr Riak Machar and etc, this resulted into many dead in one day during 2000-2004, when they saw CPA is getting real their leader contact John Gerang for peace. Now they are making noise once again, GOSS is a Dinka ‘s government is a slogan of the day , I don’t know, is fighting without a course embedded into their culture or else, recently Murle killed 185 people and all southern Sudanese were appally about the incident. Now instead of going to Murle for revenge they turn their evil to killed innocent people in Duk Padiet.oh God,I feel they maybe lacking basic human natural laws.people like Gecwick or whatever he call himself,real support those thugs (Lou Nuer),oh Jesus,i feel these community has no basic moral that disguish between bad and good course.if they were real men why did they whole community merge to with Arabs in 1991 when victor was almost,and now they name themselvies (Mighty Nuer warriors)hahahah,this is aburd to your next generation to come if not this generation bro.Dinka Bor are coward as this online thugh puted.Dinka observe the Laws my dear,they are not Lawless community,thet are by law of the nation ok.

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    • 22 September 2009 20:26, by Tony Komayiit

      To kim Deng,

      i am sorry ,don,t you know that the game is not over,you will end up watching jalaba anus as the way lou nuer were curse by ngundeng,and Arabs will still stamp your buttock for the same kilo of sugar, but if we got south independent were will you go to? lou will be our street beggars.

      shame on Arabs traitors.but no retreat for monyjang .

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    • 22 September 2009 21:28, by Jeremiah Mach

      What we are doing here on this web is just argument and counter-argument as to who has infact done more to free the people of Southern Sudan from Arabs dominance, if we want to grade the leadership of the liberation movement base on individual character or based on tribal contribution as you guys like to praise one’s own tribe, truth will be reveal in books after we get independent. history will be written by Southerners themselves, if they are bias as they are right now, they will be corrected, remember we are in a globalize World. This is 21th century, history cannot and will never be distorted.

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    • 23 September 2009 10:59, by Love your country

      it is such a shame that you people are fight one another in your little world. get out of your little boxed world and take a look around. just get out of your little boxed world and see the outside world if you do you’ll realise who you really are. no wonder why you are always the tail in everything you do. it is your generation that is out there advancing in the technologies you are embracing now and there you are fighting each other just to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goooooooooosh!!!!!!!! what a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      because of your ways of life you are messing up your country and are always crying for international help, when are you going to be international aid to others? these same people you yarn for their help are your generation who have just decided to live outside their square.
      the thing is if you keep on fighting one another you’ll only bring your heads down in shame and are breeding a generation that is dumb like you. shouldn’t your children be the same with other kids in the world??????

      I didn’t mean to talk to you like that but the truth is you guys were not created to be parasides God has given you brain just like everyone else, it is just a matter of using it. you wouldn’t go forward if you keep stepping one another’s toe and start fighting. what good is it to hate one another? the product of hatred is that your very own people are "refuging" in someone one else country. when are you going to make your country a safe place for everyone? how long will your people be refugees? i wonder why you call yourselves warriors when your very own people are refugees???????????????? it doesn’t mean that there are no disputes between people but it is a matter of putting them aside and forgiving one another.

      hope that you get my message


      repondre message

  • 22 September 2009 12:45, by Pilot Malou

    Killing of the civilian population in any form is uncivilize, unmerciful and will not be tolerated should it happen again in any part of the Southern Sudan. Rather than criticizing our leadership I have some few suggestion to offer the GOSS: First, there must be enough combination of both military and civilian intellegences in the bushes as well as the villages and they must be provided with rapid means of communication-setallite phones that will allow them to communicate any movement of the armed insurgents, attackers or militia to the SPLA Headquarterswith so that an appropriate action is taken on the timely basis.
    Secondly, once the suspecious movement of the attackers, militia or insurgents is intercepted, the SPLA Headquarters then send rapid respond forces to the concern area via Hillocopter gunship to attack and destroy those who are responsible for looting and killing of the civilian population in the shortest time posible. The gunship are not cheap, however,the lives of our people be they Nuer,Dinka, Murle or any tribe in Southern Sudan are more precious and therefore, buying the hillo-gunship will do the work better rather than transporting the reinforcement via roads. I can volunteer to fly one of them if called to do so. Finally, the GOSS should train pilots and also should provide each state with hillo-gunships particularly the states that have much problems and those states that are boadering the North must be given the top periority. The effectiveness of the hillocopters can be seen in America where they are used to identify and help the law enforcement agencies bring criminals and thugs into justice.

    repondre message

  • 22 September 2009 13:10, by Dily

    I can see why people on this forum are addicted to name calling and such. It is written in bible that "reap what you sow".
    No one among of us here in the forum, Nuer and Dinkas, who would be chocked or saddenned by these killings.

    But is how the people bring these issues up that normally cause people to be divided. If our objectives are to create a peaceful society, we need to refrain from writtings that we have engaged ourselves in.

    I pray that God will forgive those who kill these innocent lives..

    repondre message

    • 22 September 2009 16:36, by DASODIKO

      The answer for you article is: The Arab from the specially Bashir and his bandits. Yeah I passed the examination.

      repondre message

  • 22 September 2009 19:25, by thieleling

    Dear Nuer Public,

    Dinkas are always quick to cry treason, appeasing their own fears. ’BETRAYAL’! The Nuers have sold us to Arabs and stabbed us in the back. Your diatribe against the Nuers is well taken. All are baseless accusation meant for political manipulation of judicial process on public mind/opinion of south sudanese against the Nuers. But it terribly failed because it does not based on factual truth.

    But until we agree to resolve our problems with alternative dispute resolution or mediations designed to bring about Peace, the worst is yet to come in south sudan. TRUST ME!! The fact that Dinkas called Lou Nuer civilians militia is dishonest and misguided. The Lou Nuers are legit civilians like every other civilian population in South Sudan.

    Peace begins with TRUST. But our Dinkas brothers are not trusting characters. They are just poisoning the situations with more lies like Philip Thon Aleu feeding this website.

    South Sudan political future does not really look good now based on these sensless, mindless violence among the civilians. But the potential costs of Dinka lies are more apparent. Stop lies and begin conflict resolution process. Begin by honestly telling the truth. You can’t play politics of deaths. Think strategicaly people.

    John Garang killed Gai Tut, Chuol Deang, and displaced Paulino Matip, Gordon Koang Chuol and many others from Bilfam Head Quarter in Nuerland in 1983. Garang also jailed Vincent Kuany latjor and many others. So, John Garang killed, displaced or jailed the above leaders just because they were/are Nuers.

    These Nuer and south sudanese heroes were the founders of new movement before Garang robbed them of it with the help of former communist Ethiopian Dictator. When Garang’s conspiracies succeed against these Nuer heroes, he began to called them militias. He called them militias because he wanted the new SPLA forces to finish them.

    Now, Gier Chuong, Kuol Manyang, Kuol Diem Kuol began to call a legitimate Nuer civilians, the Lou Nuers as militia. They began to call our Nuer civilian population militia because Gier & the two Kuols want to finish the Nuer civilians using the SPLA forces again. They are repeating what John Garang did to Paulino Matip, Gordon Koang, Vincent Kuany, Gai Tut, Chuol Deang and others.

    Unless the Nuers in SPLA forces and GOSS are self-hating Nuers, this should NEVER repeat itself. Our Dinka brothers are not peaceful, fair and honest. The Nuers in the armed forces and Goss need to wake up. and the TIME IS NOW!! "The Nuer is a nation rooted in a history of sacrifice and achievement, and this business of dusting off Nuer reputation can only be explained in the dishonesty and divisiveness in current southern affairs. Many think the qualification of being a tribe is enough credentials to run a national affairs of Southern Sudan".

    The current dishonest leadership led by Dinkas should NOT be trusted or respected because it does not respect NUER lives. Gier Chuong and the two kuols hypocrisy shuold be enough evidence to any doubting thomas out there. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

    Don’t play with Nuer lives because of prestige positions or money in GOSS, PERIOD!! There is enough oil in Nuerland, but Nuer lives are PARAMOUNT to protect. Don’t be bought with your own Nuer oil money that comes from Nuerland. It is your land, your oil!! Please protect Nuer lives. Gier Chuong needs a close scrutiny. He seems hastily heading up for something. Be Watchful!!

    repondre message

    • 22 September 2009 20:09, by Gatwech


      Don’t worry. The Nuer and other friendly tribes are the majority in the SPLA forces. If they will smell a dead rat out of these stupid maneuvers, it will backfire. There will never be disarmament first in the Lou-Nuer like in 2006. Bor-Dinka should not be allowed to possess weapons even inside Bor town to cold bloodly kill people from other tribes by lynching them inside the town, on inter-county roads and in business centers. Let the disarmament begin in Greater Bor this time. Otherwise, it will never happen!

      To adopt the name militia, I think we should all agree to describe the tribal conflicts as "militia conflicts" if this is what GOSS and states want. It should not be based on selectivity of calling some armed civilians militias and sparing others from the name. This is a tactic to use the SPLA to kill Lou-Nuer in the name of militias. Every community of armed civilians have organized themselves and have a leader. They don’t just wake up in the morning to attack another community even in Warrap and Lakes states. They have a focal point and that is a ring leader who organizes for such attacks. So why is the so-called Chibitek Mabil of Lou-Nuer an exception?

      However, if the officials want to adopt the name militia for every fighting community then that is fine. But should not be one-sided otherwise it will show being bias on the side of Mr. Kuol Manyang Juuk and the Khorfulus Minister Gier Chuang Aluong. So the conflicts in Warrap between Dinka clans are militia forces. The one in Lakes is also militia forces. The one in Upper Nile between Dinka and Shilluk is also militia forces. The one in Jonglei is also militia forces of Dinka Bor murdering SPLA officers in the Bor town, Murle militias and Lou-Nuer militias, etc. So in this way, it can be a uniform term to describe all these widespread tribal wars in the South.

      I hope the world and the GOSS will not regret to find out later on that they have missed the real causes if they wil always blame it on the NCP. Yes, NCP has a hand and so are internal devils like Kuol Manyang.

      repondre message

      • 22 September 2009 22:10, by thieleling


        Thanks! Your superb logic is right on!! The distorted logic of Dinkas brothers calling legitimate Nuer civilians militia is pathetic. The chaotic and hypocrisy within SPLA supply an extraordinary glimpse into the back room manoeuvrings of both SPLM/A establishment.

        Jonglei is in this bad mental state because of Kuol Manyang’s tribal politics against the Nuer & Murle. The real invisible hands behind the scenes are Kuol and some SPLA intelligence services clique inciting tribal hatred as you correctly put it, Gatwech. Kuol horribly failed to govern Jonglei State. NCP is in the public domain as a public enemy in the South before CPA. But Kuol & his Dinka-Bor clique hide in the dark to incite hatreds among the tribes in Jonglei.

        Gatwech, I hope you recalled the secret meeting between Salva Kiir, Gier Chuong, George Athor And Nhial Deng where they plotted the demise of the upcoming election in the south and getting rid of some important figures in the movement before the election. Gier is on the mission to implement that ugly plot.

        Chibitek Mabil supposedly is a Lou Nuer Youth leader for youth organization. It is a well known fact in South sudan cultures that youth always have leader for organizational purposes.
        How can a youth leader becomes a militia leader? SPLA dirty tactics is bullying and black-mailing the Nuer Youth by calling their leader militia leader. This will not only backfire, but Dinkas will retreat in the face of the Nuer Youth bullying and its threat to obliterate it.

        repondre message

  • 22 September 2009 19:41, by Gatwech

    Dear readers,

    I laughed when I saw the fake name of the author of this article and with this familiar but repeated article. I have never heard any name called John Actually in the Dinka community. This is simply because the writer’s true name is Zechariah Manyok Biar who is known for using multiple names under different articles on sudantribune.com and southsudannation.com. He forgot that he posted almost the same article sometime back with his true name. Well, if he is ashamed of using his true identity, then he can be forgiven and people continue to respond to his article though under false name.

    The most important is that the writer is missing the point about this Jonglei madness. This madness is being facilitated by the governor Kuol Manyang Juuk through his tribal politics of fitting tribes against one another. Until this politics is changed, Jonglei will remain mad.

    repondre message

    • 22 September 2009 22:00, by Manyok


      If you still don’t know my style of writing at this time, then you are a very poor literary analyst. But I know what you are doing by assigning me articles that do not belong to me is attention-seeking and that is children’s behavior.

      I am happy though that you now dream about me where I do not exist. Fantastic!

      repondre message

    • 22 September 2009 22:37, by thieleling


      Manyok Biar is in hallucinations. His pychosis or impaired reality is tragically unfortunate. Manyok is too desperate to be famous. But I don’t believe his delusional disorder would win him any fame.

      Manyok’s poisonous tongue is his own worse enemy. The rests are his imaginary enemies.

      Gw, just continue your efficient and useful contribution on this site, man.

      repondre message

  • 22 September 2009 20:22, by Time1

    John i think it will be waste of time and energy to figure out who is behind this crimes,it is the NCP Arabs terrorists who are arming the tribal militias,what they do is go and spread lies aboput one tribe to another tribe and arm them then SAF officers go with the tribes to attack another tribe,this a strategy used byt he NCP intelligence for a long time,they have just stepped up this attacks they want to discredit the GOSS and to make the south look like its ungovernable and not ready for elections or referendum, their main aim is to caused mistrust hatred and rivalry between the major southern tribes so to make something close to a south-south civil war,for them this make democratic elections and referendum not viable in the region and so will reduce southsudan chance of carrying out a successful referendum,so most of the attacks are actually directly lead by SAF security forces dressed and mingled together with the tribal man. but this is a deperate effort from the Arab NCP party,this are the last kicks of a dying horse, they are doomed to failure and defeat by GOSS.

    The Arabs were defeated in the long war and now they will be defeated inthe referendum haha.

    repondre message

    • 23 September 2009 01:15, by black man world

      Gatwich preace and preace. Do you think Dinka dont have friends? Do you think all this tribe in South dont know who you guys are? THey might not know you guys because you guys were only fighting for you oil i mean your Nuer territory we are brothers remember i know you better then that Nyam-Nyam you are fooling. Listen Nuer are not good at making freindship if their friend oppose them on soming, so remember is not too long for them to understand what type of human you guys are. Lol the one in America really know what Nuer are likes they will tell the rest to their blinds one at home. I know Anyuak is not freindly with you, you kill have of their population, Equatorian ya got no respect for them as well unleast really change as Nuer to human type. My friend you guys love your self went it come to to other people you are number 1 races tribe in Sothern sudan believe. Dinka just went alil crazy because of war but they will cool down come the total freedom. Keep preacing and i know that you guys are like terrories anything you touch goes bad, so again no other tribe in SOuther sudan know you more then DInka does.

      repondre message

  • 23 September 2009 03:21, by Johnny


    Riek Machar Teny and his husband Omer al-bashir are behind this attacked, they know "Dinka Bor is the sources of Knowledge and arab hatred, we must breakup wanted or not. riek will go with his dad.

    repondre message

    • 23 September 2009 07:37, by izz eldien

      Hi Malou,

      Long time no C. how is sandiago? Good idea man but who willlisten to U? we are in a seiuos problem man but God will is alive.

      NB: my advise to you please don’t put your real name in this madness. you are dealing here with promitives.PEACE>

      repondre message

  • 23 September 2009 11:54, by Love your country

    a simple maths sudanese and their leaders are after.
    a country is torned by war. your people are flying everywhere (if I can say) and a country is lying in ruin but people are running crazily after positions and money. everyone wants to satisfy him/her self.

    repondre message

    • 23 September 2009 14:43, by okucu pa lotinokwan

      The answer for this topic who is behind the attacked of Jonglei state? simple answer NCP under the umbrella of DEVIL REK GAI from Luo Nuer.Therefore if the government of Southern Sadan fail to open thier eyes wide in this case more death will continue in Jonglei State and southern Sudan in particaler ,today at around 5.45am Antinof plane was heading to the same area , i don,t known if the southern government is ware of this movement of the plane or not please,please take action on this matter before it come chronic .Because NCP is not far from osama bin ladin

      repondre message

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