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Sudan agrees with IAEA on nuclear energy program


September 3, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — The Sudanese government announced today that it signed a framework agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on developing a nuclear energy program.

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IAEA headquarters in Vienna (AFP)

The Sudanese cabinet session headed by president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir was briefed on the details of the agreement from minister of science and technology Ibrahim Ahmed Omer.

The spokesperson of Sudan’s cabinet Omer Mohamed Saleh said the understanding between the two sides also includes using nuclear technology to improving productivity in agricultural and livestock, enhance infrastructure to treat cancer patients, uncovering drug resistant malaria, new energy sources, a study of groundwater basins and the production of medical isotopes.

The idea of nuclear energy in Sudan surfaced in 2006 when Bashir said that his country’s energy resources will not cover an expected increase in needs for electrical power in the next 25 years.

“During that period, nuclear energy comes in to fill the deficit in electrical power generation,” Al Bashir said at the time adding that they have began contacts with the IAEA on the issue.

Only last year is when the Sudanese minister of science and technology said that the IAEA received approval for developing a nuclear power programme for scientific research.

This year Sudan inaugurated the Merowe dam in the North, which is supposed to double the country’s electricity output producing 250 megawatts of electricity and to reach full capacity by November 2009 by producing 1250 megawatts.

However, up until now even the Sudanese capital continues to experience power outages sparking anger among the residents.

It is not clear who would pick the tab for a nuclear energy plant in Sudan given its strained relations with the west and increased international scrutiny for nuclear programs in third world countries.


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  • 4 September 2009 09:02, by Kur

    Nuclear plant in Sudan? The countries that have the capacity and expertise to manage nuclear programs are even considering eliminating it in their energy systems, but Sudan that cannot manage the security of its citizens is thinking of building nuclear plants. This si simply a stupid idea.


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    • 4 September 2009 11:44, by fearlessmen

      That nuclear plant in north Sudan will secret Equatorain people to let their ladies give more pussy to Arab so that there will be a relationship between north and Equatorain people spacial Logic will be the first person to give his slut mother to Arab so that he can be a good citizen of the north Sudan. Good luck logic boy make your mother to be first Arab dick sucker and you will get money in your account tomorrow well done man we DINKA refused to fuck your mother for money that is why you always have a problem with us. now you have a new business make money and became boss. my request to you logic boy is this i had allot of money with me in UK would you please get me your sister to play around with her and make sure that she don;t have HIV sickness and i will sent her back to Arab in north for more business thank you logic boy.

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      • 5 September 2009 07:23, by Peter Aarai

        To fearless. Revise the artical first before u use such a langauge toward ur southern Sudanese mother. I can’t blame oshay for our sick mind n way we use trabalism. To my understanding in this publication or artical, it said, sudan gov have been given a green light to acquire a nuclear plan for energy by IAEA n Sudan don’t really wants nuclear energy at current time due to some fanatics extremist radical in khartuom might use it in different purposes than supposed to be use in providing nuclear energy for civilians use. Second, artical didn’t mention too that Equatorian women or logic mom will be used by arab to get $$$. To defeat logic, oshay, William oduck, don’t reply to what they said or comment back to them. Plus when u said logic will give his little sister to play with u, that is called child molested, I want u to comment straight like Kur or mark who never used such langauge in public site everyone read ur comments n see how educated u use grammar. N peace up

        repondre message

        • 5 September 2009 11:44, by fearlessmen

          iback to you peter. Talking shit was not my intantion but learn from logicboy whan he inslute singer nyankol mathang a bout her returned back home in his artical saying that she want to north for business not to mantion what he said second to that not everone who is mad and if you are related to logic please tall him to change his atitude toward other peopl and talk politic not tribe THANKS FREALESS PEOPLE

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    • 5 September 2009 05:46, by julius mowanga

      Sudan as an Oil producer country,needs to establish a stable energy supply to elevate the national industries,especially petrochemical and heavy industries that started in Jiad Industrial City in Khartoum.The present power produced from El-Ruseiris’ Dam and Sinnar one,is very under the demand,even not enough to light metropolitan Khartoum.The newly built Merwi Dam and Kajjabar will secure some megawatts to the Nile State and may help eliminate the outage of power in the North,but by any merits will not be enough to feed the industrial plants,that needs stable currents of power.

      The Nuclear Power issue is the only alternative to meet the future energy demands for Sudan,sighting the unusual decrease of Nile River water,due to the Global Warming,and the plaque of the drought-desretification,rains shortages,made it an utmost choice to produce the Nuclear Energy nationally.The latest Power Agreement with Ethiopia will supply Sudan with about 10.000 Megawatts;considered a risky move,that will enfluence Ethiopia Politically over The Republic of Sudan,as what Russia did to Ukrain and Western Europe during last Winter,which intrigued the Afganistan War,that aimed to secure the Ntural Gaz supply to WesternEurope,and release the Russian political impact on Europe and the other Nato Alliens States.

      Egypt has a Nuclear Reactor producing enough power to all the country,also Algeria has one despite the political instability there,but it’s working eficiently and securely.SouthAfrica has one also,and considered the third biggest Nuclear Reactor in the World,producing half of the world Medical Isotopes,and also very safe.

      Sudan needs a stable power supply,whether being produced by Water-Falls or by Nuclear Reactors.NCP/NIF has nothing to do with the use of such Nuclear Reactor,because it will be directly under the watch of the UN-International Atomic Energy Organisation.The extremists in Khartoum can’t expolit the Nuclear Plant for any other purposes than civilian one.So,my fellow SouthSudanese calm down and consider this project as an element for the presumed Attractive Unity.!!!

      The Great Socialist Leader;Vladimir Lenin once asked about the communism??He answered promptly:It’s the electirfication of the USSR....

      Imagine that all what the USSR philosophers tried to explain and promote to the World about Communism,Lenin simplified it in one phrase...the electricity

      How many people had never seen the electric-lamb in their houses of Sout-Sudan,or how many houses has to be supplied by electricity???it’s a shame for GOSS to claim a commitment to develop SouthSudan,without electricity.Our Educational institutions,Hospitals ,Centres,Prisons,Gov.Offices are running without powerElectricity,So how can we afford developing our beloved SouthSudan with adequate power supply???Are we going to import it from our neughbouring countries and then loose it when they assert to close their borders in ourfaces like Uganda now,or keep installing a very pollutant Diesel Generators then in the longrun our newborn babies will suffer the consequences of that dirty power.

      When the BlackRiver Reactor in Ontario-Canada,shut down because of a heavy-water leak,has caused a svere outage of Medical Isotopes,which led to posponding a numerous Cancer and vascular related treatment sessions all over Canada.Sudan has a growing number and very alarming Cancer sitruation,due to alot of factors,and can’t afford the expencive bill of medical treatment abroad for its patients.

      The spread of Brain and Breast Cancer in Sudan deserves this move by GoNU,despite all the suspicious intents by the notorious regime of NCP/NIF.Our national hospitals are lacking proper Nuclear Medical Equipments due to the high cost of Isotopes,but once Sudan be able to produce the Medical Isotopes domesticaly,it will saves thousanda of lives and patients savings scarcities for treatment abroad.

      The Secession of the South-Sudan will not affect us to benifit from this Nuclear ambition,it will reduce dramaticaly,our medical bills that we pay now to South-Africa and USA for treating our Cancer afflicted patients.

      SouthSudanese People;Please unite and grab the opportunity to benefit from whatever bulit,or going to be build in our futural neughbour Northern-Sudan,once it’s available for us.

      Please Southerners abstain from vulgar language in this website,because it’s a cowardic-primitive language used by people who doesn’t care about their wellbeing,and reflect our decency...

      Peace out

      repondre message

  • 4 September 2009 09:05, by Dinka Boy

    SPLA/M is not worry about your weapons of yours( NCP).
    Before ,we resisted you but now it will be differrent case more resisted and you will burn like rate in the bush.
    I known the Coawrad who always defect will scare from the messege. my friend who always leave us( Dinka, Nuba,Blue Nile, Few equatorians, few Shilluk, few nuer, few murle) behind, dont scare, we have some and we are sure we will defeat them for sure if the problem come up.
    We all capture their weapons who worry.

    repondre message

    • 4 September 2009 11:51, by Tony Komayiit

      Dear kur,

      You are crazy,do you think Dinka and the fews you mention were they only people fought a long south war? shame on your dead words.you dinkas we will get you this round,and there is no secret on it because you people want be most superior in south! but don,t think of joining the NCP but we are the SPLA combatant during war up to now.

      repondre message

      • 4 September 2009 12:41, by fearlessmen

        I M not KUR but the answer is is yes to you tony DINKA were the people who fought for your freedom today what do you want to say a bout it like it or not you are not going to do anything a bout it. so what? take a gun and fight US

        repondre message

        • 4 September 2009 14:12, by Peter Nhiany

          Dear brother Kur and the rest of my brothers and sisters,
          I agree with those of you on the issue of nuclear develpoment in Sudan specially in the hand of serious dictator and extreme radical leader Omar Al- Bashir.

          It will increase the vulnerability of Sudan citizens because Khartoum radical regime will use it to proliferate lethal nuclear war head to do the damage before it is known by the IAEA.I do not quite understand why the IAEA gave an approval to the government who is in the list of terrorism; this sounds awkward and unreasonable decision by the IAEA.

          The IAEA must be careful with giving approval of nuclear development to Sudan under the leadership of Bashir. I have no idea why our people do not understand controversies over nuclear program in other parts of the world.

          This is all about the security of our country and allowing Sudan to develop nuclear program will increase its threat to her neighboring countries which will be rising terrorism concern in Eastern Africa. I hope it will not work out for Khartoum.

          About some of my brohers who are just blasting each other based on tribal classification, it is idiotic to view national issues in tribalistic way. How can we forget what Khartoum had done to all the South Sudanese. And now we turn our back to each other just for nothing, but for Bashir to enslave us again if we are not united and work as brothers and sisters for peace, unity for the freedom and democracy for all South Sudanes. I think we need to make acceptable moves by playing a great role in the media.

          What I’m trying to say here is that, we are all South Sudanese citizens, and must address issues that are relevant to our nation image and well being in a very positive and encouraging manner.

          It is not worthy to be well known for doing or saying bad thing, but good to be popular for thoghtful mind, mind that will safe the nation’s integrity. My position is always discouraging segregation among us, but advocate peace and unity for all and in the country that we all love. That is where I stand. We should all stand on peace, unity, freedom and democracy. Peace and unity to all in South Sudan.

          Peter Nhiany.

          repondre message

      • 4 September 2009 13:32, by Monyde Bai

        You are just dreaming, Dinkas are here to stay,and we are here to liberate the South. please quite being the enemy of the south Sudan. Being an enemy of Dinka is not a good option right now,because Dinkas here to liberate us.In Dinka there is old story that said you will never share with some one whom you have blood with. That mean, some one that you have kill his relative or he kill your relative. we know all of us why Arab is our enemy because they deny us all of us, they have kill our beloved one. Please don’t cultivate hate in our society or you will see genocide like what happen in Rwanda. Please don’t be the enemy of our people,don’t play fool of yourself. The Dinkas have home, I have my home town, I have never been in your home town. Stop that shit Please. MB

        repondre message

        • 4 September 2009 14:10, by Baaibor

          Sudan nuclear arm is absolutely not accepted in this face of earth. Aquiring this dangerous weapons by North Sudan is really beyond the human imagination. This is not time for Sudan to have those kinds of weapons, they have used them during war.

          repondre message

    • 4 September 2009 14:28, by Peter Nhiany

      Mr. Dinka Boy,

      You made a strong point. This Party (SPLA/M) is not a coward party and doesn’t grow weak despite defaction of its members. South Sudan has been strong in military combat, and would never loss any war regardless of influential nuclear war head to be possessed by the Khartoum. The only way we can defeat the regime in Khartoum new a days, is to play smart since South Sudan now has a great number of educated people than before.

      We can leave our military power as for back up, but we can surely defeat Khartoum regime through smart game. Many of us are like swimming learners on the media, because they are confuse with how the SPLA is gaming with NCP. We are in position to fight with the NCP government mentally.

      It is upto NCP to leave South Sudan alone as independent nation or invit SPLA/M for military dinner. It will tast bitter this time I gues. All I always hope for is peaceful confrontation, because I’m afriad of the innocent children and women will be caught in the cross fire. Peace to all.

      And thank you.

      Peter Nhiany.

      repondre message

      • 4 September 2009 21:15, by Sunlight

        Than why you didn’t capture Malakal, Juba, or Wau during the whole 21 years of war? Could you ever enter thses towns if it’s not because of CPA?

        Those of you who have never been to the front lines can say anything but believe me war is not good. It’s better if you are killed; but when you come out alive, you will always live with the memory of your comerades who could not make it. It’s a bad feeling indeed.

        repondre message

        • 5 September 2009 03:53, by Dinka Boy

          Mr Sunlight, I would like to tell you that Malakal, Wau, and Juba are the only Town left uncaptured in the South I agree, but my friend SPLA/M catured almost Southern Sudan apart those three towns.
          Now you see why you blame SPLA while the offer you asystem to know the rest of towns.
          My friend, there are were no weak heart individials who defect and shot us at the back in which they kill innocent women, children, oldmen in 1991 by Hynas, then Juba would be captured or Wagaa dear.
          If you are Southerner, you would know properly why SPLA withdral from Juba airport which they destroy jub bridge, major buildings.
          This was not SPLA can not capture the town,but because of Riek and Lam,and your cowar who pretend they are southerners.
          My friend you should be happy for many towns own by SPLA/M.
          If i asked you how many town in the Southern? do you think they are those three?
          Sunlight, you are number one coward in the nation, Dinka will train you how to kill or manage the enemy- Arab.
          I believed you are Southerners, that is who you commend that way.
          Shameon you dark light.
          Mr D boy

          repondre message

  • 4 September 2009 14:41, by Time1

    hahahahaha why don’t this stupid Arab-wannabe go build good drainage system around khartoum to help people drowning in stinking flood water instead of wasting money on nuclear program, if south sudan will seperate soon where will north get money and resource to carry on with nuclear program?. Arabs always think with thier A$$ instead of brains............. hahaha good luck

    repondre message

    • 5 September 2009 03:14, by MMEE

      i know why sudan looking for nuclear because of two things first: Eygption is controling the sudanese water so Gov. of sudan can not tuch it for farther devolpment in the country. Secondly, Bashir want a nuclear to use it as a wopen a gians the (CPA)and others who crying out for justce. but the Gov. of sudan forgot that it is a signe of loosing there ground from whole sudan.

      repondre message

      • 5 September 2009 08:16, by Aloor Arop

        By the time they build the nuclear pwoer southern a be gon because we are going to be a seperated country right soon thouh. By the way the Eygption are controling the sudanese water and also the Sudanese Area of Hlahiib is being controled by the Eygption, but sudan have no pwoer while Southeren are alrady seperated this is so good because they always think that they are brothers and we are the enemy in fect they can not defeat the Eygption at all without the south they all ways be under the Eygption.

        repondre message

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