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SPLM should nominate Gov Malik Agar for Sudan presidency


By Yong Deng

August 20, 2009 — Eight months from now Sudan will hold a national election and SPLM as one of the main national political parties is expected to provide a candidate for the president of the republic. For the last two years the topic of who SPLM should nominate as a national presidential candidate has been gaining intense speculation among the SPLM supporters. A lot of ordinary citizens who have voiced their opinions on the issue differed very sharply. Some argue that president Salva Kiir as a party chairman is the de facto presidential candidate for the SPLM party. Others like me suggest that, because of several reasons that will be outlined later in this paper, the SPLM can have a different presidential candidate.

An attempt to nominate the candidate by the top leadership of the party since the time of the 2nd national convention last year has not been forthcoming. Senior SPLM officials have been giving incoherent and sometime contradictory statements about the issue. Several closed door meetings that have been convened by the political bureau to settle the issue have always ended without a communiqué. Though I will not indulge in allegations and hearsay about what happens in those meetings, it is certain that there is some disagreement among the political bureau members over the issue. So why is it very difficult for the SPLM leadership to decide on who the presidential candidate should be?

The conditions surrounding the SPLM presidential candidature for 2010 election are very complex and involving a very critical political risk. The main prevailing reality is the uncertain post referendum status of the country. The chairman and his two Southern deputies (Riek and Wani), aware of the fact that about 90% of South Sudanese have resolved to vote for an independent South Sudan comes 2011, do not see their political future best served when they contest a seat for the president of the soon-to-be former Sudan. For instance, if President Kiir contests for presidency, it will mean that he either wins and become the president of the republic for eight month (May-December 2010) or he loses and become the head of opposition group in the Sudan parliament for the same eight months. Either way, he would still resign and come back to the South as an ordinary citizen after January 2011.The same case applies to both Dr Riek and Hon. James Wani.

The power sharing protocol of the CPA and both the interim constitutions of South Sudan and that of the whole Sudan do not allow any candidate to run for two offices. Therefore, President Kiir cannot run for the presidency of the whole Sudan and that of the Government of South Sudan at the same time. Neither can President Kiir run for the post of the president of the whole Sudan and still be appointed the first vice president in case he lose. According to article 2.3.7 of the CPA protocol on power sharing, the post of the first vice president will automatically go to the elected president of South Sudan:

2.3.7 The President shall be elected in national elections, the timing of which shall be subject to the agreement of the two parties. The President elect shall appoint two Vice Presidents, one from the South and the other from the North. If the President-elect is from the North, the position of the First Vice President shall be filled by the person who has been elected to the post of President of the Government of Southern Sudan, as the President’s appointee to the said position. In the event that a person from the South wins the Presidential elections, the President-elect shall appoint the First Vice President from the North. All the other provisions in this agreement relating to the presidency shall continue to apply.

It is therefore evident that running for the presidency of the whole Sudan will involve a huge sacrifice of one’s post in the GOSS on the part of our big three Southern leaders (Kiir, Riek and Wani).That political sacrifice will definitely be preceded by unwillingness on the part of whoever will be asked to do so. As witnessed during the two-day standoff prior to the 2nd SPLM national convention in Juba when there were allegations that two of the three positions of vice chairperson would be scrapped, these leaders are disinclined to relinquish their current positions, both in the party and in the GOSS, for less. None of them will be willing to risk either a defeat in the presidential contest in 2010 or a resignation from the seat of the president (in case SPLM wins) in 2011 when South Sudanese choose separation. Any attempt by the party to force one to make that sacrifice will likely result in a political discord that we Southerners are not prepared for at this critical moment. If we want to sustain the current state of harmony in the SPLM and in the GOSS until 2011, a compromise that preserves the current leadership arrangement must always be sought as in the case of the 2nd convention.

On the other hand, SPLM has a very great following in the North. The Nuba Mountain, the Southern Blue Nile, people from the east, Nubians, Darfur: in short all the marginalised people in the North look to SPLM to bring them freedom and equality that it promises in its manifesto. SPLM cannot therefore dare to dishonour its commitment to them and throw its support on the NCP candidate on the pretext of the so-called CPA partners as some people allege. Although the SPLM Southern sector does not have high stake in the 2010 national election because of the fact that Southerners will have the alternative of voting for a separate state in 2011, SPLM must provide a competent contender to challenge Bashir in the North. I therefore strongly feel that his Excellency Malik Agar Eyare, the Governor of Blue Nile state and the vice chairman of SPLM is the best SPLM candidate to challenge Omar Bashir in the North. He can also sweep all the Southern votes.

Comrade Malik Agar is a dedicated hero who has proved throughout our liberation struggle that he is ready to fight for the right of the marginalised people, both in the South and North. Since the time he decided to interrupt his doctoral thesis in 1980s in order to join the SPLA, he has never wavered even when his entire region of Blue Nile was lost to the enemy in early 1990s.Whatever the result of Southern referendum will be in 2011, I am confident Mr Agar will continue to champion the cause of the marginalised people in the North. Cde Malik Agar is best suited to lead the SPLM in 2010 national election because of the following reasons among others:

First, Gov Malik Agar is from Southern Blue Nile, one of the marginalised areas in the North. Entrusting him with SPLM presidential candidature will reassure millions of SPLM supporters in the North who felt frustrated that SPLM has abandoned their cause and is only advocating for Southern cause (referendum).By nominating one of their own leaders as a presidential contender on behave of SPLM, the marginalised people in Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain will feel honoured and they will vote in large numbers for SPLM in the parliamentary seats and in that of the president. It is only when SPLM win a majority in state parliaments of both Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain (South Kordofan) that a better deal can be made for those areas in the popular consultation.

Second, many SPLM members in the North who are concerned of voting for a Southerner in 2010 election (because they expect the South will separate in 2011) will have their fear relieved by nominating Cde Malik Agar as the candidate. If SPLM lost the election and the South Sudan vote for separation, Mr Agar will remain the head of official opposition party (SPLM) in the Northern parliament. He will then continue to fight for the right of the marginalised people in the North. He will also be a possible challenger to the NCP candidates in the subsequent elections.

In the event that SPLM win the elections, Mr Agar will become the president of the republic and appoint the elected president of GOSS as his first vice president as agreed in the CPA provision. He can then implement the SPLM vision in the North and still grant Southerners their right to peaceful and friendly separation when they choose to do so in 2011. In this scenario, the two SPLM parties with the same vision will be in power in the two neighbouring countries.

It may sound elusive but SPLM winning cannot be written off especially if the elections are free and fair. I can see a possibility of SPLM wining at least 35% votes from both North and South. The NCP can win 40% which will mostly be from the North. The other Northern oppositions combined can wins 25%.In this case there will be a rerun for the presidential seat by the NCP and SPLM candidates for the winner to reach the 50% +1.With endorsement of anti-NCP oppositions in the North, the SPLM candidate can finally reach that wining threshold.

Third, the current rant among the NCP cadres and their proxies that SPLM has squandered $6 billion and therefore is unfit to rule will not be used effectively against Cde Malik Agar in the presidential campaigns. He is a governor of Blue Nile and therefore is not responsible for 50% oil share. His state currently experiences relative peace and he has succeeded in the disarmament, demobilisation and rehabilitation in the state. Moreover, he will without question sweep the votes in all the Southern states, Kordofan and his home state of Blue Nile.

Fourth, many people in the Nuba Mountain and the Southern Blue Nile do not understand the CPA protocol on Nuba Mountain and the Southern Blue Nile. They are not aware of what the “popular consultation” means to them. In her testimony to the US senate foreign relation committee on July 30, Susan D. Page, NDI (National Democratic Institute) Regional Director for southern and east Africa, underscored the gravity of this misinformation among the people NDI interviewed in both states as follows:

“Misinformation is widespread, including the number of positions for which people will be voting; in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile, a number of people believe erroneously that they will also vote in a referendum. Without this option, a number of participants claimed they would ‘join the South, declare independence, or go back to war.’”

If Gov Malik Agar is nominated as the SPLM candidate for 2010 election, the surge of election aids, election observers, national and international media which will flock the region will help educate the people about elections and the stake in popular consultation. Voters in the Nuba Mountain and Southern Blue Nile need to be informed before the elections that it is not them but their elected representatives who will determine their fate in the popular consultation. They will therefore have to elect the right representatives who will represent their legitimate views when the popular consultation comes.

In addition to that, Gov Agar’s candidacy will bring intense media scrutiny and the presence of large number of election observers to the two states since they will be his power base. The spot light that will surround elections there will make it hard for NCP to rig them. This will facilitate a large win by the SPLM there.

In conclusion, a lot of people from Nuba Mountain and Southern Blue Nile feel that they did not get a fair deal in the CPA. They feel that they are deceived by the SPLM Southern sector. I was almost in tears when I read the following comment from a SPLA veteran from the Nuba Mountain who expressed that frustration:


We joined the SPLM/A because we had the same grievances, we hoped we would achieve exactly what they (South) have achieved: freedom and equality. But unfortunately when the peace was signed in Naivaisha, they gave us the so-called ‘Popular Consultation’ and took for themselves a right to independence by voting in 2011. We expect them to cooperate with us for the development of the Nuba, but it seems they have turned deaf ears. Nuba therefore does not need to worry because they (South) have not yet crossed the river. If their boats begin to sink again, then help from the Nuba Mountains will also be absent. Some of us who fought and have got all our bodies filled with wounds are still shocked and crying in our hearts for the cheating that was done by our leaders in the south. Their selfishness will not be forgotten by the Nuba. South Sudan, we are still in the river swimming together. Do not rejoice. The crocodile (NCP) is still pushing the boat”.

Despite this bitter frustration, many people from that region still genuinely believe only the SPLM carries their last hope. The mammoth and emotional welcome they endowed to President Kiir during his visit to Kordofan in July and to Blue Nile this month is a proof of their timeless unwavering support for the party. “He is our sign of hope,” one tearful supporter of SPLM was reported to have said about President Kiir during his visit to Blue Nile. “I believe there is hope in our country and comrade Kiir and the SPLM will bring it”, added the supporter.

At this critical moment, just 16 months before the Southern referendum and eight months before the elections, SPLM in general and the Southern sector in particular must do all it can to help the marginalised people in the North (particularly the people in the two contested areas) to fulfil their hopes. Strengthening the SPLM Northern sector through these forthcoming elections to champion their cause (even after the South separate) is the best way to help them at the moment. I therefore feel that this can best be achieved if their tested hero, Comrade Malik Agar Eyare, is nominated to lead the SPLM in the presidential elections.

The author is a Sudanese living in Canada. he can be reched at yongd2007@yahoo.com

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  • 21 August 2009 07:38, by Mabior Ayuen Dengajok

    Well done Yong, you have captured my attention.

    your article is well researched and I thanks you as a son of Southerner, keeps on writings.

    repondre message

    • 21 August 2009 16:58, by Moses Kur Akech

      It would be good if SPLM nominates Yasir Arman or Malik for presidency in the forth coming elections.

      repondre message

    • 21 August 2009 18:32, by Sunlight

      Brother Yong,

      Superficially, your argument looks articulated and convincing, but don’t you think you are a little bit opportunistic?

      Pushing Cdr. Agar for the presidency for the sake of those three leaders unlimitted urge and thirst for power seems disrespectful and opportunistic. Which I think will only add more fruatration to the already fruastrated people of Southern Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains as you have stated.

      Besides, what shall be the fate of Cdr. Malik Agar should SPLM fail to win the elections? Don’t you realize you are trying to save your three chosen thugs by sacrificng an innocent man on the alter of uncertainity?

      Salva Kiir must assume his responsibilty as the Chairman of SPLM and be man-enough to face the forthcoming elections as SPLM nominee, otherwise, he must step down and go to his village.

      Again, reserving these politician for the coming elections at GOSS level will only fuel depression and hoplessness among Southerners. The past four years are enough to cast them vote of no convidence.

      Finally, I wonder whether SPLM is only the three leaders. what about Nhial Deng, Pagan Amoum, and the rest? are they not fit eoungh to take the task?!

      Remain blessed

      repondre message

    • 21 August 2009 23:40, by Aduol Liet

      Yong Deng.

      I think you are misinterpreting the Blue Nile Region, first of all there are four Regions that, are really North Sudan but naming Blue to be Northern Sudan is unwise mind and do not repeated again that is the way they are fooling Black natives majority in Sudan. Original this Blue Nile Region is part of Southern Sudan even South Kordfan is part of Southern Sudan too. Remember when we talk about separation of Southern Sudan it does not mean Ten States only. Look in Sudan Country, we have South-North obviously, and we have Western-Eastern whic is known also perhaps, there is a Central Sudan Region which is combining some part of the Nuba Mountains and some part of it belong to Southern Sudan but the Arab are using the word Northern Sudan to controls many Regions of Black natives later neglected them for example Darfuri Regions and Nuba Mountains.

      Your article is not bad anyway, but I am trying to correct you and many others; ’Authors of Southern Sudanese who have been always fail to understand that, there are real four Regions in Northern Sudan, but naming those Regions not parts of North mean 39% Arab population in the Sudan want to controls 60 percents majority Black native. As we all knowing the remaining this i% in Sudan’s population might be immgrant from South Asia, Indians and the North Europe, clearly, the real Arab population in Sudan is 39 percent and so be smart my friend these Arab Idiots want to control most Regions that are not particular part of its.

      repondre message

  • 21 August 2009 07:41, by murlescrewed

    Malik was a brilliant zonal commander and will make a fine candidate for presidency. However, he could be a good choice for vp instead of that corrupt ethnocentric Riek Machar.

    repondre message

  • 21 August 2009 12:12, by Akol Liai Mager

    Yong Deng secured my support too to Mr Malik Agar. This green man, Mr Agar has all abilities, experiences, skills and on top of that; the love of the Sudanese people across political beliefs as well as cultural borders.

    Malik Agar capabilities and his physical appearance remind me of what Egyptian Al-Arham Newspaper editor-in chief said a week after Dr Garang left Cairo for his first official visit to Egypt mid nineties. Al-Arham editor said I quote; "John Garang is too green due to his blackness, but he has brightest teeth and mind".

    That’s Mr Agar descriptions too. Malik will not only be a SPLM great candidate, he will be a nation great candidate as well, and that will eliminate doubtness in some Jallaba minds about SPLM being qualified to top the list of national parties if there is second to it.

    My pologies to those who may think I have insulted Mr Agar for describing him as green or black. I am just proud of him and I am just out of right words to describe him.

    Yes, Malik Agar will bridge all the gaps between North-South, North-West North-East, Males-Females, Poor-Rich and Social Barriers will disappear.

    I am sorry to re-use article writer’s words, but let me repeat that; Malik Agar is a man of initiatives and therefore, he is qualifed enough to accomplish the mission.

    I just want Mr Agar to use his powers for the release of NIF-DC members allegedily reported to have been arrested in Blue Nile State, or send them to the court, charge and let them defend themselves in the court.

    I am calling for this for the sake of democracy and freedom of expression culture which SPLM is trying to establish in New Sudan. If they are armed, evidences should be forwared to public prescutors to do their job.

    repondre message

    • 21 August 2009 12:44, by lulang Olivian

      Dear Friend,


      As I am current in the south many people have surely lost hope in the SPLM/A government because of the poor leadership,Kiir is completely uncapable to lead and is the one killing the SPLM/A

      Many southerners are current proposing that Riek Machar should be the one appointed to run for the position.

      But The southerner or SPLA’s are divided because they have lost hope in Riik because he seems to be a conditional leader as someone puts it.

      You have real given us a right direction to unit us-Malik Agar is real the suitable candidate for the presidency.

      Thanks for good job I real advice the SPLM/A to support your idea.

      I am a strong SPLM/A supporter and solider but I have lost hope and spirit of comradeship because of the current leadership


      repondre message

      • 21 August 2009 13:51, by mayiik Albino.

        Dear lulang Olivian YOU ARE ABSOLUTLY HAVING POINT AND Abriliant idea of supporting our second disput vice president of southern sudan. Gov of Blue nile but the one think you have forgett brother Splm have the same political objective therefor who ever come up to be nomintate as we expresing our view Gov Agar hav the same objective as President kiir why don t we support kiir for sak that we should not confuse our again thank bro l love your idea is not too personal

        repondre message

  • 21 August 2009 13:18, by Freedom Fighter

    Not only the presidentcy seat will be secured, but all problems of the SPLM/A will go away as well. malik Agar will likely fire up the frustrated SPLM’s bases and renew public trust in party. I believe the whole Sudan will give him hard look as an alternative for Omer Albashir. He got so many advantages over other top comrades Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar, and Wani Igga. He has skills of public speech, very bright in Arabic, and overwheming appearance on the Television. above all he is from Bule Nile and a committed visionary SPLM leader. SPLM should not rely on the army (SPLA) in its fight for achieving freedom to the Sudanese people, but good politics is the big weapon these days.

    repondre message

  • 21 August 2009 16:07, by Africano

    This is a dinka plan to push Malik Agar to contest for presidency in order for Kiir the bushman to remain as President in the south. Malik Agar will fail the elections which do not matter since he will go back to his Blue Nile State. These tricks will never help SPLM. They are already loosing in all aspects. The behavior of Dinka is always to exploit others for their selfish interest.

    repondre message

    • 21 August 2009 16:42, by Abednego Majack Macharial

      Dear Africano, don’t just jump to your dirty conclusion without first reading and understand the content of the articlie. Yong Deng is not a Dinka as you put it, if you are really a South Sudanese who knows tribal name. The write has clearly eloborate a point of national concern for all of us who want SPLM to lead this country. Infact I personally appreciate Mr. Yong for his wise and undisputed article. H.E Comerade Malik Agar Ayar is the most preferred candidate of all SPLM supporters and if an opinion polls is conducted in the South, many will see that the prefer Agar due to his chrismatic leadership style. I know that some people in the South who are power hungery will block that move should that really happen as desire by many in Sudan. This time, Sudanese and SPLM supporters in particular are not after who wanted to lead from my tribe, but who will do the wills of SPLM and carry on the vision of "justice, equality and progress" Thank Mr. Yong for that right suggestion. You have really capture our thoughts. Let all SPLM go for Malik Agar for meaningful change in Sudan

      repondre message

    • 23 August 2009 03:12, by Dr millennium

      I am happy to see all good citizens participation in a forum which mean a lot to all Southerners and Sudanese in general. We, the young generation, will change Sudan whether United or separated Sudan.

      You think that Mr. Yong’s opinion is a trick. According to me and those who have participated in this discussion, it is not a trick, Malik Agar is a good leader who can present our views both in the North and the South. who will win the election does not matter a lot but referendum will determine where South Sudan will go. They are campaigning for "the Unity of Sudan" but you and I will vote for what we think is best for South Sudan.

      All the comments here are good and it is your right to give your opinion. Therefore all positive and negative comments are correct.

      - Kuol-

      repondre message

  • 21 August 2009 23:05, by James Okuk Solomon

    I don’t support failures. This article is supporting a failed house that needs to be renovated and reconstructed, the SPLM House of Politcs.

    Mr. Malik Aggar is too weak to pass the democratic post of Sudan Presidency. He might be big in body but I doubt whether he is big in the mind and heart to face this big responsibility of leading a whole complex nations like Sudan. Let him lie in peace as the governor of the Blue Nile State.

    May be it will be better for Mr. Malik Aggar to contest for governorship of Blue Nile State but nothing above that because this will be beyond his leadership capacities. I am not against his citizenship right to contest the presidential elections but I am afraid he will fail miserably; and that is why Dr. Salva Kiir want to push him for that fall. If I were Mr. Aggar, I will decline the push even if I am dismissed from the SPLM. Let Mr. Salva Kiir or Mr. Pagan Amum go for the fall themselves.

    Mr. President Al Bashir is already a head of them in terms of campaigns and support, especially in Northern Sudan. The SPLM has not started to campaign yet to test its real weight and confidence of the people on the ground. It is not good to assume when it comes to democracy; it is better to act and be sure before you contest. If Kiir is afraid to face Al-Bashir who is poor Malik Aggar to be crucified in order to cover up a political coward who is shivering from election fever?

    If Kiir thinks he want to destroy the aspiration of Dr. Riek Machar in the South, then he is looking for more political troubles to add to the ones he has created already. If he is afraid of democracy and confidence of the people, let him go home peacefully and honorably and allow Dr. Riek Machar to contest for the Presidency of the GoSS.

    Let those who are traumatized by Dr. Machar political aspiration accept the fact that he is there to be and practice his right to become the President of the GoSS until proven wrong by democracy and the confidence of the people of Southern Sudan. This is politics and successful politics needs courage, not cowardice and conspiracies.

    If Kiir is serious on his speech in Damazin and Kurmuk that there is no divorce of partnership with the NCP, then the logical conclusion is that he is supporting Al-Bashir for the Presidency in 2010 elections (if they took place). Let him come out clearly because there is no more time left for silence when only few months remains for the scheduled elections. Let us not accommodate contradictions and nonsense by now because they will take us nowhere.

    repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 01:24, by Luk K Dak

      Dr. Okuk,
      I am very sorry. But you have been very personal here.

      repondre message

      • 22 August 2009 03:32, by James Okuk Solomon

        And so what Mr. Luk K Dak? I am soryy that you are sorry but this is the fact that must be told even if personal.

        repondre message

        • 22 August 2009 04:21, by Kim Deng

          Africano & James Okuk,

          You’re right, but only those who have hidden agenda against Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon will not agree with you on your concepts. Let the former Marxist-Leninist SPLM as a party come up with someone like Mr. Salva Kiir, Mr. Pagan Amum, Mr. Nhial Deng or Mrs. Nyandeng Garang who believes in damn "United Secular/New Sudan" vision and contest for presidency of the country rather than running around the bush.

          For how long will the fake unionists (Salva, Papan, Nhial, Nyandeng & likes) keep misleading the Nuba Mnts and Blue Nile with their poor vision known as "New Sudan?" Mr Malik Agar and his group plus Nuba Mnts are aware of SPLM shallow tricks of betrayals and cowardice activities since 1983.

          Let Mr. Salva be a man and face Mr. Omar when elections come instead of pushing for someone else.

          repondre message

          • 22 August 2009 05:56, by Freedom Fighter

            Kim Deng,

            Don’t be fooled for the second time by Lam Akol. Him and his supporters are working on bringing rip in the SPLM/A, and create a situation similar to the situation followed Nasir Cou d’etat in 1991. It is in the interest of Dr. Riek and his supporters to stay away from these Jallabs puppets (SPLM-DC). No body in the SPLM/A or in the South is working against Dr. Riek machar other than his own records. We’re (freedom fighters) watching him closely and we think he is making progress in repairing his credit. Lam Akol had has chance to come right with the Southerners, but he decided to come right with Omer Albashir instead. Please be smart and don’t be cheated for the second time.

            repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 07:17, by Akol Liai Mager

      It’s regretable to see UMMA, NIF, DUP, Arab Ba`ath and their Military/Police officers’ culture of this or that group is good or bad being adopted already in South Sudan.

      The groups listed above have a culture of divide and rule similar to that described by George Orwel as Animal Farm’s Constitution which says; "All Animals are equal, but some Animals are more equal than others".

      Very few people in the South have copied the same principles of that mentioned groups and wonder how would you prove to be different from the one whom you thought have done great mistakes against others for centuries.

      Life to the very few people who copy here and there has been addicted to opposing for the sake of opposing. why don’t we look beyond ourselves, families, tribes, ethnicities, our regions and so forth to prove we belong to Nationalists’ Club

      Some people say; Yasir Arman, Abdul-Aziz Adam Al-Hillu, Mansour Khaled and Malik Agar are northerners and should not be in the SPLM despite the fact that these people are allies with the National Islamic Front (NIF).

      SPLM, means SPLM it does not meant SSLM, therefore the point to start at should be talking to the SPLM to change its name to SSLM and not opposing what SPLM supporters suggest which fall in the National Boundaries as well as for the SPLM and nation interest.

      It nationalises you when you think beyond yourself. It democratise your party when you think inclusively. Al-Turabi has brought all evils to Sudan, but I support his advices to the leaders of NIF/NCP faction to select a Muslim Southern Sudanese person as their Presidential candidate if they want an attractive unity.

      That’s true; no one can be a true national in Old or New Sudan without us thinking beyond ourselves.

      Once again, it is nationalistic to make changes within, in contrast it makes you a betrayal when you defect from the group you belongs.

      Its fits you in sectarianism club when you do not see better people other than your own.

      There was no point for those who opposed Mansour Khaled nomination for the foreign ministry fortfolio, there are no excuses to underestimate the contribution made by Mr Yasir in the struggle led by SPLM against Arab and Islamic sectarian regimes in the north and dismissal of Mr Agar and Al-Hillu popularities in the SPLM and in New Sudan is unjustifyable and that posses a real threat to the SPLM national agenda than defection of betrayalists.

      Therefore, SPLM will gain lasting momentum toward total change in Sudan should its leaders listen to Yong Deng advices and nominate Mr Agar for presidency.

      Why should you care about who SPLM wants as its presidential candidate since you are a SPLM-DC member (which is actually NIF-DC)?

      repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 07:23, by murlescrewed

      What is this idiot blabbering about? The man is not even a doctoral student and yet he keeps fooling us. History cannot forget the atrocities committed by liar like Riek Machar. He is one of the most corrupt politicians in South today and probably planted in the government to eventually take power from the Dinka tribe. He shouldn’t get this chance because he has a design to destroy South.

      repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 07:23, by Northsudanes

    hey guys look mailk agar it would be the best candidate for upcoming election in sudan and of course splem will win if they do that trust because i think people now tire of bashire and plus he will win the vote from south and west and east plus from blue nile and south kordfan and think thats enough for him to win without the north vote but still there is some north people will vote for him. and lets say splm oyeeee splm oyeeee and new sudan oyeeeeeeee.

    repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 08:30, by junub

      First, I would likes to thank Mr. Yong Deng for his greatest time he spent to research what and who the SPLM party wants if it deserves to regain it momentum back as it had during struggling times. I just wants to assured Yong Deng that your suggestion that the SPLM dupity chairman, Malik Agar should be let runs for Sudan presidency with Omar El Bashir, is very strategic and heart touching to every SPLM members. The SPLM leaders in Juba need not to take Yong Deng’s article for granted if they really wants the party to stands on it feed again as usual. Keep it up Mr. Yong for you have shined light on our party for suggesting Malik agar for the presidencial race.

      repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 10:40, by thieleling

    People thought Yong Deng spent any time researching this piece. What is there to research on a tribal conspiracy? It was simply forwarded by the tribal leadership in Juba for diaspora media consumption since the political Bureau do not agree on ways forward. This is an old smart news. Yong is well connected with the tribal leadership in Juba. This piece confirms his inner-circle connection. This is true that is what the tribal leadership tries to do in Juba.

    It is a simple mindless tribal strategy to hijack the democratic process in the south. This may be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back though. The SPLM 2nd National Convention failed because of evil conspiracies. Does the democractic process of nominating a candidate has to fail with in the SPLM cadres too for the same reason? Do we blame Jallaba for this too?

    G-d helps South sudanese. The Rwanda-like, Somalia-like hell is just breaking loose slowly. And for sure, the south will be worse than Somalia & Rwanda combined soon.

    No old-trick is going to work. It is Bashir in the North & Kiir in the South for Sudan national presidency. Let the election begins. Any other way is purely tribalism & panic-driven conspiracy to deny democratic election of Dr. Machar, Mr. Wani, Pagan or other capable candres in the South.

    Tribalism is destroying the Junubin, pure & simple!!

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2009 02:04, by Abuk D- Nhial

      My people,
      Five important things are learnt in our mother wombs but leadership is not.

      One thing we learn is how to fight,the baby cries and cratch his head or his mother’s chest because he is not happy and he knows how to fight.

      two,baby knows how to sex because a two weeks baby boy’s penis gets errected and ejaculate firmly.

      Three,the baby knows how to eat as he/she suck the mother immediately without having been taught.

      Four happiness is known to every baby because they smile in dream but LEADERSHIP IS NOT KNOWN IN THE MOTHER WOMB nor isit prophesised these days.
      Why I said that is,Kiir is really new though he has four years and I think he is learnig but this claim of nominating Agar is not bad but bad if it causes any splitting among us to reult in to collapse again !
      People never let Northerners get luck of our right chances !. Anyway,God may help in suggestion because I am not worthy enough to suggest the right decision but God can.

      repondre message

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