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Court hearings begin for 24 murder cases in Yirol West County


By Manyang Mayom

June 14, 2009 (YIROL) — Yirol West County court began hearing over 24 cases of murder, including one in which the circumstances of death were in dispute because of the involvement of a hyena.

In a controversial court hearing begun on Saturday between the Pan-Mayen and Pan-Ateng groups, which both come from one tribe of Yirol West County belonging to the Apeer sub-clan, a youth member of Pan-Mayen beat one youth member of Pan-Ateng and left him injured lying on the ground in the forest.

Allegedly, then a hyena came at night and ended the man’s life. The Pan-Mayen are denying killing of this man, who belonged to Pan-Ateny and Pan-Ateng.

At issue for the judge is what caused the death of the person. The court has now spent some days debating on who killed the person, whether the hyena was a part of the murder. Furthermore, the judge is holding the case on the table until both sides agree on one track.

County Commissioner Agok Manyiel Dhieu said that the court must make sure to decide this case in a wise manner, otherwise the hyena too must be summoned or the director of wildlife come to answer the case levelled against the animal.

The Pan-Ateng insisted that it was not the hyena that was responsible for killing their man.
But the Pan-Mayen denied the murder charge.

"Don’t deny your mistake while you both came from one village as well you are all one clan; accept your mistake and God will forgive you," said the county commissioner

This is the second time Pan-Mayen and Pan-Ateng fought in Yirol West county. They first fought in 1998 in a dispute over a handpump-operated water point. That fight left one dead and other injured survivors, said a police officer, Colonel Joseph Mading.


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  • 15 June 2009 04:25, by black

    This kind of case is little bit complicated but it can be easy to solve because the Pan-Mayen groups are the one who causes the death of the victim, why because if they didn’t beaten the person to the stage that lefe him helpless the victim should have protected himself from hyena attack’s. According to my judgment Pan-Mayen are first degree of mudering Pan-Ateng while the hyena has the second degree of finishinf off the person.Anyways hyena is not a person he/she would have defense him/herself,so according to my consideration is not gulity because maybe he/she got the person dies already.Pan-Mayen are they killers one of them who has clashes or any one of them who started hitting the victim first should face charges.

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    • 15 June 2009 04:55, by Maruon Ayiei

      The probable cause of death is whether it was a intended or negligent. If Pan Mayen can denied that the cause of death was not because of beating but because of Hyena and prove that the time the hyena pry on the victim, the victim was still live. They can also be replicated of negligent, beating the man and left him in the forest unconcious. This case is not complicated because Pan Mayen seem to be the source of this man demise. This is my take and the way I see the system should work.

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      • 15 June 2009 05:47, by junub

        This case is not complicated unless it is needed to be. Truth is as everyone knows of hyena is that it doesn’t eat a person when she or he is alife. So with no any excuses, the Pan Mayen should be accounted for the death of the decease since hyena wouldn’t have eat him if he wasn’t beaten unconcious. But the question is: What chose the man was still alife after he was beaten unconcious? I think the man was beaten dead not unconcious to let the hyena eat him.

        And to county commissioner, please stop joking or politicking at the case which have taken the life that the commissioner of the wildlife could be summoned to stands trail instead of hyena. It sound teasing and insulting for responsible as you to comment as that.

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        • 15 June 2009 06:05, by makur

          This is very clear that Pan Mayen has killed the person, Do I have to blame myself that why do i have to be born into these of communities of Yirol. 24 murder cases in one county. Is it a joke?

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    • 15 June 2009 06:51, by makur

      To end a creature’s life, usually through violence. Depending on who or what you kill, it may or may not be a crime. It’s a crime to kill most human beings (unless you killed them to keep them from killing you or another person — that’s what self-defense is all about), but it is not a crime to kill an insect. Some people become killers on purpose, some by negligence, some by accident.

      Also, to destroy the effectiveness of a group, organization, event, or object. You can kill a program, legislation, an advertisement, a keg party, and many other things. You can even kill love, but there’s far too little of that in the world, so I don’t recommend it.

      I’d sorta like to tell you what it feels like to kill someone, but I can’t, because I haven’t. I’d like to tell you what other people say it’s like to kill someone, but I won’t because it’s irrelevant. Everyone who kills someone feels something different — some people enjoy it; some people seek out the opportunity to kill again; some people hate it; some people laugh; some people weep; some people swear off violence; some people become religious; some people give up religion; some people keep it a secret; some people confess; some people commit suicide. There are as many different reactions as there are killers on the planet.

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  • 15 June 2009 06:41, by Axan

    Very funny, did the commissioner mean what he was saying that hyenas are going to be summoned in the court through the ministry of wildlife when this reaches the stickest point beyond quick resolution? The commissioner’s considerations may quite be hypothetical, but common sense has it that hyena are not going to come to that court nor will the minster of wildlife would have hands on them for that deliberations.

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  • 15 June 2009 06:43, by makur

    Why do people killed one an other?

    People kill each other because they hate one another. Is there anybody out who doesn’t have a shortlist who they really hate and like to see them expunge? Will everyone kept to kill his own bro? What will we get from killing each other? To kill your bro/sister, uncles friend, Is that development?

    People kill for numerous amounts of reasons. One motive may be revenge. Usually, when someone kills out of vengeance, they do not think clearly, resulting in the instant decision to kill based on anger. Though most vengeful killings are not thought through or premeditated, some killings are. Certain vengeful killers filled with jealousy, anger, hatred, or a hunger for revenge may plan the definitive killing of a person or group of people using an intricate plan thought out for days, months, or even years. Although revenge may be one of the main reasons people kill, it is not the only one.

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    • 15 June 2009 07:28, by Michael Malual Mawien

      These people of lake state are the crazy people i hope they will finished themselves in tribal war. The issue of these guys of lake state was been there since the war between South with the North Sudan had not brokeout it is some thing that has addicted to them i think the government cannot manage to control it just people were blaming the government of not interfere to intervene the situation, but the issue is out of hand to be controlled now. Let just keep quite and watch them in their competition which side is going to be the loser and which one will be winer of the game. Those like Machiek Akuc, majok citikthong, Matur Chut, Marial Cinuang, Rent Tueny, marial Nuor and Daniel Awet Akot are big senior officres in SPLA why they don’t sitdown with their elders to resort the issue out. they are the very people whom were been giving out the arms to their people to go and used it for their own people. The diarmment was made many times in Rumbek, Yirol and Cueibet all the arms which were with Gelweng were taken away, so where do those civilians get the arms?.

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      • 15 June 2009 07:59, by Ajuscommando

        I blame the Judge of Yirol County for the delayed of final decision in the court. It seems to be clear that, pan-Mayen Youths have torture the person and left him in the bush until animal come and completed life at night. The fact is that, pan-Mayen Youths have murder the man of pan-Ateng because whom do the think to provide protection to person in the bush while they were aware of wild animals in the forest. I can advice the judge not to hit the fact since the case of murder is clear and pan-Mayen should not denied the death of pan-Ateng person due to the torture done to person by their Youths. I concur with those who blame the judges of this regional for the poor judgments and this is the main reason of increasing of problems in state because poor decision made in the court as apart of court.

        repondre message

        • 15 June 2009 09:28, by KingJared

          How many people did Hyena eat in Yirol? And How many people have died in tribal clashes in Yirol? In any court, people look at the causes of incident, and foreseasibility to determine the case. According some laws papers I did them, Pan Mayen youths are guilty in any circumstance. And they shuold be plead guilty because the hyena cannot eat living person.

          Hyena eats the dead animal. So he was died and then Hyena ate him


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        • 15 June 2009 09:47, by william wol

          First of all I will blame the GOSS who brought all these unqalified judges most of them were trained from Khartuom where justice has covered with injustice, and sent to the southern sudan objectively to alienate our fellow southerners by delaying slight case to become bigger. Believe me or not, it lack of proper jursdication that brought about all these deaths we are experiencing uless the GOSS set a theif to catch a thief.In fact it so historic to hear that the hyena had finished off the human being un believeable!!!! If I were a judge or if these judges being brought from the north sudan are not fuelling tense among southereners I would have ruled on the case in ten minutes, because hyena is known of eating cows, goat,sheep to mention those categories but human being.Indeed, war is a part of human life which we can not avoid but when solved justicely,they clashed parties can reconcille and back to nornmal coexistence.The judiciary should takes note.

          My condelence goes to relatives of all lates at both side, may Almight God gives them the spirit of forgiveness and reconcilliation so much so we lead the peaceful southern sudan.

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        • 15 June 2009 10:15, by Takpiny

          Commissioner Agok don’t play of words be wise , wildlife ministry is there to protect the animals not to get kill by human but ministry not responsible for person killed by animal , therefore , you have no right to claim wildlife director to stand trial behave of Hyena .

          Now back to point, the killer is pan-mayen because no justification or evidence shown that the man was still alive when hyena came to finished up his body, county judge should not complicated this case due to evidence clear.

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        • 15 June 2009 18:28, by magang chol

          The hyena have no longer eating people like before.this is very false. this young man would have to accept of his murder to the person.this is how the conflict will be become bigger and bigger if the problem is not solve.the people of the person can take revenge`and this lead to the casualty of the people if problems are not solve in the good way.anyway let us wait and see what will be outcome if judge know the other party are quilty.

          repondre message

  • 15 June 2009 10:07, by Akolde Nhiak Jinub

    Pan - Mayen,

    Please, accept this murder case. Had it not been of your man beating Pan-Ateng youngman, hyena wouldn’t have not eaten him alive. Hyena eats what has been left to rot.

    To my friend Michael Malual Mawien all the way from Aweil, brother, the issue of killing that has usurped our South Sudan today, isn’t Lakes state making. It is South Sudan nation issue that should be looked at a wider view. It isn’t one state question!

    All corners of South Sudan are fightings, mostly cattle issue. Look at what happened in Jonglei state, over 1,000 persons are confirmed dead within two months of April and May 2009 alone. Was that Lakes state? Our petty and traditional politicians are all behind these atrocities and when citizens like you and me, call on President Kiir to check his damn appointees in states, he gives deaf ears!

    God will judge between President and the dead, plus those who took their lives!

    repondre message

    • 15 June 2009 12:12, by mathem jech amer

      Hi Yirol West County members

      Please dismiss this judge with immediate effect and employ new experience judge. Why are you employing unknowledgeable judges?

      People are saying complicated, in what sense? How do you know that the person was left alive before he was eaten by a hyena? Probably, he was dead; otherwise, hyena wouldn’t attempt to eat. Hyena is a fearful animal, with only a person sound or groan, it can run away. I believe, the young man was beaten to death. Give the case to the Chief rather than incompetent judge.

      repondre message

  • 15 June 2009 12:48, by raanaguachraan

    Dear my countrymen, sample don’t jumping up and down because
    of this case. it’s not complicated, just investigated as who are those people who attacked the person and left him unconscionable without any help as results of being bitten? if pan-mayen haven’t bitten him to that stage of unknowing himself,
    he would saved himself from any sources of attacking. please my judge come forward and take your job. this case is already judge it’s self. and thank you all people who contributes their suggestions to ward this matter of Yirol west county of murder cases.

    repondre message

    • 15 June 2009 14:51, by Akoon

      don’t call your self that bro...

      repondre message

      • 15 June 2009 18:06, by magang chol

        This case is very simple to be identify the cause of death of the person. First of all if i were the judge i should have to decision immediately there are a lot of evident that show the person was been beaten by his mate.the man was denying that he was not responsible for the death of man and he said that the hyena was the cause of the death.if this guy was not been beaten the hyena wouldn,t find the way to eat the man.this is very pure lie. the judges need more professional training and to know the rules of law and the duty of care.this case is very clearly understandable. who bring this unqualify judges .don,t assume your self you are a lawyer and you know nothing about lawyer now you have broke breaching of the confidentiality. being a lawyer is not something joke

        repondre message

        • 16 June 2009 00:20, by MADIT MAJAK CHOL

          hey guys, do you people think that the Hyenas eat this person? I myself I don’t think so because this people are acting smart because they are trying to blame this person dead on Hyenas, but that is a lying because they kill him. The Judge need to bring this killer to the criminal Justice and Charges them as first degree mudering.My dear yirolist people ya need to stop such violence because this 24 people you just kill will not come back to life. leave in peace, and love one other is greatest than anything on earth. What i am try to say is that put the bad evil thinking behind us, and let us open the new chapter. The new chapter is to united each other, but not believe in tribal issue,but come together as one community. Peace be with you my people.
          Abraham Madit Majak

          repondre message

          • 16 June 2009 02:11, by magang chol

            I don,t think the hyena was the cause of death. i don,t blame the commissioner for his statement he stated during the time in the court he don,t know who will be responsible for the death . these people was beating around the bush instead to accepted their false and they are just wasting the time until the people of the person will decide to revenge. If the people of person who was killed to change their mind to revenge who will be accountable for. please you judges make decision before the things get worse.this case it will cause more death.

            repondre message

  • 16 June 2009 17:12, by 13012 Shepherd

    This judge must be a dumb one unless he want to conspire or having been bribed by Pan-Mayen, this case is not a difficult one at all given the fact hyena is a coward carnivore who can not attempt to attact an healthy man be it in the middle of the jungle or wherever.

    Pan-Mayen should compensate Pan-Ateng according to Dinka manifesto.

    This is according to 13012 Shepherd

    repondre message

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