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South Sudan close relations with Ethiopia triggered Afwerki criticism - report


May 26, 2009 (LONDON) — The Eritrean President criticized the southern Sudan ruling party because it has opted to deal with its arch foe Ethiopia, an opposition website reported today.

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Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki (Reuters)

President Isayas Afewerki slammed corruption in southern Sudan and SPLM’s lack of clear vision on the future of the country. The statements made by the close friend of the late John Garang and former supporter of his movement were largely circulated but remained without reaction from Juba.

An opposition website, Awate.com, reported yesterday that Afewerki was angered by the close relations established by the semi-autonomous Southern Sudan government with Ethiopia.

"Isayas Afewerki believes that the Southern Sudanese elite - the academics, politicians and businessmen-have chosen Ethiopia over Eritrea as a better guarantor of their national and economic security and that this view is, at least for now, influencing Sudan at large."

Since June 2008, Ethiopia and south Sudan signed a series of agreements to develop joint projects in their neighboring states where tribes like Nuer and Anyuak are present on both sides of the border, in order to promote peaceful neighborhood.

The two governments also signed a number of economic agreements related to housing projects, fluvial transportation, aerial flights between Juba and Addis Ababa and this year the State-owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia opened a branch in Juba.

Barnaba Marial, Minister of Regional Cooperation in Southern Sudan, who visited Addis Ababa several times to discuss these agreements said the two sisterly governments have agreed to cooperate on a wide range of joint projects on social, economic, capacity building and security issues.

While Asmara was the headquarters of the Sudanese opposition alliance, the SPLA troops in eastern Sudan where supplied and received logistical support from Eritrea. At the time, Addis Ababa closed the offices of the Sudanese opposition parties and reduced to the strict minimum the presence and the movements of the SPLM office there.

Awate said Eritrea’s Red Sea Trading Corporation, (aka "09") was the first to set shop in Juba, South Sudan, but lost out to the Ethiopians.

There is sizable number of Eritrean expatriates in Southern Sudan many own restaurants, and hotel businesses in Juba.

The Eritrean community in Juba celebrated the independent day on May 24 at Juba Bridge Hotel several miles south of down town Juba.


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  • 27 May 2009 07:17, by AUGUSTINO DENG

    Hey dear President Isaiah Afwerki,

    Your critism on Southern Sudan’s corruption, is true. I really I agreed with you that there is no vision, but the problem is that even if you said that advise, no one of the Southern Sudan Minister will take that advise of yours and put it into consideration.

    The only thing that I know some Southern Sudanese Ministers will said about you is to challenged you and allienated you that you are not suppose to intervene into Southern Sudanese business affairs. So, you are absolutely right about that because your point is serving a very great purpose to the future of the Southern Sudanese people, but who will understand you?

    Thank you.

    repondre message

    • 28 May 2009 06:09, by Aduol Liet

      MR, Augustino Deng.

      You are so blind guy not knowing what to say about Southern Sudan. Which Country in Africa is not conrrupt? The whole Africa nations are more Idiots conrruption following by some of Middle East nations. To me I see this Eritrean president as a some one being given money by the Killer Omar Hassan al Bashir so that, he will speak up on behalf of stupid Omar al Bashir. I want to assure you that, Southern Sudan government is much more better than Eritrea government for example, the government in Eritrean control every things and its citizens have no any connection with many others nations in the world. MR, Isaiah Afwerki is a guy who made himself and her country isolated from the rest of the world, so how can you just jump to support his Idea of accusing the SPLM in the Sudan. Eritrean has no connection even within Africa nations because he has no Ideas about leadership and he has so many lacks inability to lead the Eritrea nation. I guess you can think about Eritrean president who inovlved in Sudan’s politics and he forgot that, he was a president of another nation and he was not supposed to have inovlvement in the Sudan.

      Aduol Liet.

      repondre message

      • 29 May 2009 09:54, by AUGUSTINO DENG

        Hey Mr Aduol Aliet,

        I can’t stand with you for the fact that your support on Southern Sudan’s corruption is useless and you are the only person who will faced it. First of all, the criticism on corruption being said by the president of Ethiopia Afwerki, is absolutely true and I supported it. Why is it true? Because our Southern Sudanese Ministers are not knowledgeable about what the can do to lessen the corruption since they are the people who generated the number of corruption in Southern Sudan.

        To prove that you are wrong, why did you compared Southern Sudan’s corruption with other countries corruption? Okay, I can understand that there are some countries with corruption in Africa such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and so many other countries just to mention fews. But, if you compared the corruption in Kenya and Southern Sudan’s corruption, then for Southern Sudan is very worse and worse to the maximum with the fact that Southern Sudan has a big problem a head of it. Can you imagined what is a head of Southern Sudan? If you don’t know it, then simply, it is the WAR with the Northern Sudan. In fact, it is not good for Southern Sudan people to fight for two things namely Corruption within Southern Sudan and the war with Khartoum Government. Which one should Southern Sudanese people have to do first?

        One thing you don’t know my friend ADUOL ALIET, Arabs people are not playing. What they wants is to look for the ways to tend down the Southern Sudanese party so call SPLM/SPLA in order to be weak and weak. Arabs people are happy this time because Southern Sudanese are not showing a good cooperation in which they are aiming for the long period of times. Second, I don’t see the point of comparing Southern Sudan corruption with other countries. Do you means that if other countries do corruption, then Southern Sudan should also followed the same thing? I judged you that you are completely wrong and wrong. Take example, Kenya is one of the corrupted country and is also independent country, however, do Kenya has a country fighting with it like Southern Sudan with Khartoum Government? Kenya is fighting only with corruption and Southern Sudan is fighting with corruption within the South and Khartoum Government in the Northern Sudan. Can Southern Sudanese people wins the game from Khartoum Government in this dirty tactic which they are doing in Southern Sudan?

        Mr ADuol ALIET, be curious when judging things. Don’t just thrushed yourself if you are not competent about what you can jugde and what you can’t judge. Southern Sudan is for the future of everybody including you Mr ADUOL ALIET and I AUGUSTINO DENG plus our beloved fellows brothers, sisters and so forth. So, therefore, don’t takes things in form of "diagonal shape" and think that maybe other people don’t like Southern Sudan. I do loves Southern Sudan as I loves myself because that is the place where I was originated and at the same time, my ancestors also belong to that place. So in this point, I should not have a kind of fear in my heart if something is not in the right shape, therefore, I have to comment and criticize it without fear and intimidation from anyone. So my friend ADUOL ALIET, I wants to advised you that before you comment, it is good for you first to "digest" the comment of someone else about what it means to you. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I APPRECIATED YOUR COMMENT. PLEASE FEEL FREE AND COMMENT ANY TIME YOU WANTS TO.


        repondre message

  • 27 May 2009 07:29, by William Okuch

    We do not much care about saying more than the reality on the ground. I as southerner know the pain not anyone eles.
    In court, judge listens to plaintiff and defendant, likewise Dr. listens to patience.
    Southerners are the victims of SPLM/GOSS. Therefore, we know areas of pain very well than ourters.

    President Afawiki did not said from nothing. The situation in South witnesses his sayings.
    Eritrean president Afewerki deserve sincere appreciation from all Sudanese for his comment about SPLM/GOSS.
    However, many who benefit from corruption, nepotism, dictatorship and tribalism being practice by SPLM/GOSS becuase they are blind to the meaning of CPA will disagree with Afewerki.

    No human mind and heart can forget that Eritria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and other friend countires have been financially, militarily and empathetically supporting SPLM. Kenyan foreign minister said during celebration of CPA in Juba that, "we will not let you down, but we will continue to support you till you work as baby."

    Why is military, financial and empathetical supports from those countries plausible during liberation period and now their constructive criticisms is unacceptable? Is it not like an issue of cut and run? Is it that we are already in conditionary offices that we do not need them anymore?

    The real problem to SPLM/GOSS is lack of administrative and intellectual capabilities to cope with management mechanism.
    Due to the president, SPLM has lost vision after the death of Dr. John Garang. I can correct the president in this saying that Dr. John Garang was a cheater and cheater always has stolen information on paper not in mind. If student use other student work, it is therefore cheating or plagiarism. SPLM was initiated with stolen ideas being inspired by enemy. The president of Libya Mammar Al Gadafi and Northern opposition played potential role by sending Dr. John Garang to replace SSIM notion with vision of New Sudan. Dr. Mansour Khalid who was personal advisor to Dr. John Garang admitted that during his interview with Al-Jazeera tv last year.
    So since there is no more northern opposition in SPLM and GOSS now and Dr. Khalid is not advisor to Kiir, the so called vision of the NEW SUDAN is gone with Dr. Khild and opposition not with Dr. John Garang, the cheater. That is the disadvantage of plagiarism or cheating because they only remain on paper rather than mind.
    I urge all Southerners to accept constructive criticisms from our friends because they are still too concern about our peace, stability and unity. That is second support which will enable us to emancipate ourselves from current situation.

    repondre message

    • 27 May 2009 21:08, by Dengcol malual

      William Okuch,

      have you taken some few minutes to look at the Eritrean socio-economic and corruption rate in that little country? word without action is nothing. He has to curb down corruption in his country before he can give advise. look 523 Eritrean troops deserted to Ethiopian in Feb 2009 because of bad system and he has been running that country since independent. corrup-government can’t advise other corrupt-government. He is just making a political statement. he has done nothing valuable since Eritrea got independent that will make him an example and nobody want Southern Sudan to be like Eritrea where one man run a country like his farm. we want Southern Sudan to be run under multi-parties where people will have the will to choose the leader.

      repondre message

      • 27 May 2009 23:04, by William Okuch

        I know very well how president Afawrki is misleading his country. However,the issue here is not returning the same blame, but to check ourselves if such accusations occur. Again, let me repeat what Nelson Mandela said that, "brave man is not a man who does not fear, but brave man is a man who conquer that fear."
        Fear in human life is about peace and security of any community. That why many residential candidates promise during compegns that they will bring prosperity, freedom, justice if they are elected. So people have to choose who they think will honor such promises.
        SPLM had promised such values. So to keep our popularity, we must remain cleaned by honoring our vision. So we do not care about who say what and why, but we care about the availability of such accusation in our offices. Problems are there in Juba not from NCP or any one eles. So our cameras must fix toward ourselves first.

        repondre message

  • 27 May 2009 20:03, by Lokang

    Hahaha sympathy!!!

    Wounded lion always roar to scare predator from coming near. As for you Mr. PREZ, your criticism on South leadership won’t help ease the looming situation Eritrean and Ethiopian might be having. It’s good that you direct that sharp outcry to the right people and the right nation.

    Yah, I may agree with you on some of your input. For sure, the Southerners has lost their visionary direction due to the gradual impact of corruption in the government. I belief foreigh critizim like yours may help shape that country’s Eco-Socio-political weakness, but it wasn’t ease your relationship with your opposition country like Ethiopia.

    repondre message

    • 27 May 2009 22:48, by Lual

      This is jeoulosy from President Afwerki, but at some point Afwerki is right, the bad man who run the movement and form relatinship with him has misled him on many occassion. now the Vice President of Sudan and President of South Sudan and his Vice Dr. Riek Machar are serious about what they are doing. they don’t want to misled any Leader of any country in order to have relation with his government. Fwerki your friend the Bad Guy is nolonger in South Sudan.


      repondre message

  • 4 June 2009 08:50, by afro kling

    Hi every body
    First of all we as eritrean do not feel jeaolous of the joit coopperation between southeren sudan government and ethiopia,the splm has aright aright to strengthen it is relation with any country for the beneifit of the southeren sudan.
    I am eritrean .i was born and grow up in sudan,i like sudan the some like eritrea,i have got alot of friends from S.sudan.Honestly all people of sudan are nice.
    all eritrean like DOCTOR GRANG and his policies which serving abig aim for the future of southern sudan and all other parts of sudan.i believe afwarki is not criticizing the SPLM of corruption ,but he is involving in the way that addressing issues which may implement the splm administration as aresult of the strong relation ship between eritrea and S.sudan to correct the current situation which seems to be corruption according to the evedence assumed by the facts on the ground coming up by the public openion of the southeren sudan .which lead to the lost of our father GRANG VISION and SPLM.
    We should not forget this words sudan union wyaya, sudan gadid wayaye,SPLM wayaye,and grang wayaye.


    repondre message

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