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Heavy fighting reported between Lou-Nuer and Murle communities


By James Gatdet Dak

March 10, 2009 (JUBA) – Authorities of Jonglei State on Tuesday reported deadly clashes between the Lou-Nuer clan and Murle tribe in the state.

Jonglei state governor, Kuol Manyang Juuk briefed the President of the Government of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit on Tuesday in Juba on the deadly incidence involving the two communities.

In a press statement, Manyang said a group of armed Lou-Nuer civilians organized a retaliatory attack on the Murle community, prompting him to come to Juba requesting for urgent intervention by the Government of Southern Sudan to arrest the situation.

He said the attack by the Lou-Nuer clan against the Murle tribe was in retaliation to previous attacks against the community by the heavily armed Murle community since January this year.

Governor Manyang said the fighting resulted to Lou-Nuer community capturing the Murle town of Kwangala - the second largest Murle community’s administrative headquarters after Pibor town.

The fighting was still continuing into other Murle areas.

Last month Lou-Nuer community leaders blamed the security forces in the state for failing to protect its citizens from the Murle attacks which left about 30 people dead and warned that the community would be left with no option but to defend itself against such attacks.

Governor Manyang said he discussed with President Salva Kiir the need to urgently deploy SPLA forces to stop the escalating fighting.

No casualties were yet reported as a result of the fighting.


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  • 11 March 2009 04:14, by miss JOOK

    thanks governor Kuol for asking for intervention, the situation in jonglei needs military action.

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    • 11 March 2009 17:38, by Garjiek Chii

      Thanks, but no thanks to governor Kuol for asking the SPLA to intervene. Where were SPLA when Murle attacked Lou Nuer? Not only did Murle attacked Lou Nuer, they have been attacking Dinka Bor and Equotorian as well in the region, abducted children, killing innocent women and men, and rustled cows. Where were the SPLA? I objected to this intervention; therefore, let this two community deal with this issue alone. After all, no body in the region who is going to stop Murle from disturbing people even the SPLA itself except the great Lou Nuer, a superior Boor Char tribe in the region. Lou Nuer, OO... Yee... go for that we’re behind you.

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      • 12 March 2009 10:26, by mathem jech amer


        You’re right man. Murle had been causing deservances to the whole region.Equatorians and Dinka Bor failed to put an end to Murle attack.

        Let Lou-Nuer deal with them at least one full month. Please teach them good lesson, these are people who don’t understand.

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      • 14 March 2009 05:55, by J Baba

        Iam very suprise,regret and shock to see some of you guys supporting that onslaught carried out by Nuer in Murle land.I wonder when it said Nuer were disarm before,Now where did they get these arms and life bullets? Iam sure the Nuer leaders from both south and north Sudan have contributed to this armament and action orders for Nuer to go to war against Murle.

        Something being planned beforehand when they became active in engaging and focusing on Murle disarmament about two years ago,which some of them demanded it to be forceful instead of peaceful one.But only UN and some other good leaders within the government of South Sudan had prevented that from happening. Therefore,We as an educated people,always we have to be perfect when we come to this moment of truth.We have to contribute and write something constructive and sensible rahter than posting such idiotic words that can not help the suitation on the ground.

        If not that tactical disarmament intended by your neo-con leaders within that tribal government in south Sudan,Nuer would have not been succeeded in that fighting as they tried sometime back and failed as a result of Murle bravery.

        Let’s seek peace but not destruction becuase if Murle stand up now and go to war against Nuer,I believe it is going to be something wost and wost and that will complicate politcal and security suitation in Southern Sudan, which some of us don’t like it except you guys who run after tribal lines.

        Don’t talk of being brave and superior today but yesterday you were coward and less superior, it doesn’t make sense at all and so you need to corect your languages. It is upon the Murle now to take any necessary measure against those perpetrators who killed their women, children and own some of them as their property.Stop igniting fire otherwise Akobo will be in the hand of Murle by all cost.


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  • 11 March 2009 04:23, by Lil Jiok by laws

    There is no need to stop Lou Nuer action against Murle.

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    • 11 March 2009 04:36, by Wiyual

      I’m really sorry for those lives been lost, although no figure has been reported yet. But I know those families in Murle community have been devastated by this retaliation action against them for what they have chosen instead of peace.
      The question need to be ask is why now Mr. Governor Kuol is appealing for SPLA forces, but when they (Murle) attacked Lou-Nuer many times since January and he did nothing?
      Peace needs to be a two Streets Crossing!

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      • 11 March 2009 04:50, by Jesus Christ

        An intervention by SPLA will only stop the escalation of the clashes and we don’t want to end there.

        We need to get into the root causes of the conflict and address them. Murles have been devastating communities in Jonglei state.

        They need to be punish this time so that they stop their barbaric actions. Stupid people. They are only fighting with one clan but not the whole Nuer. I thank Luo Nuer for their braveness.

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        • 12 March 2009 10:30, by mathem jech amer

          Jesus Christ,

          Wrong name to wrong person. How can you call yourself Jesus? What type of Jesus descriminating one group from other?

          You are wrong Jesus, please re-name yourself.

          Mathem Jech Amer.

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      • 19 March 2009 17:18, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

        oh! wiyual many Dinka leaders are not thinking for Nuer problems eventhough they are under their administration,that is what the silence of mr governor mean.now murle have faced the revange,of their wrong actions let them be rescueby the government.

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  • 11 March 2009 04:53, by mamero


    This is a good news to every ears of all people in jonglei state when the Lou Nuer made an oppensive attack on Primate Murle who are victim of CPA,Disunity in Jonglei state and howeever,Murle tribe/or so called clan are the right people to have actually deserve ethenic-cleansing of which i believe this could be doawn to Murle and moreafter, Lou-Nuer would not be blame for an act to grind with Murle, Moreever,if anyone may try to accussed the Lou-Nuer community for their action,then,He/she would be naive becoz we do not know the tribe values of Murle whether politically,socially,economically or in term of physical structure Murle are last people around the world after the Aboriginals of present day Australia.Furthermore, i do not see why his excellency Kuol Manyang look like he is panicing? And afterall,violences in Jonglei is not the first time,hour or first day as people were assumming that everyting will be o.k when mr Kuol takeover,thus,What does mr Kuol expect to do if there are still fightings in Jonglei state? Hence, why don,t Spla/m summoning back their formerly manifesto as this may reduce rate of voilences regardless on what could be comment by human right.Therefore, i encourage Lou community to do their tasks thricing it capacity and nevertheless,who are murle compare to you people of Lou? Jonglei can do without Murle and we can,t recognise their existence,wipe them out they are unclassfied tribe,LOU OYEEE.LOU OYEEEEEEEEEEEE;


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    • 11 March 2009 05:27, by MANKIND


      It is with great sadness that the coward Lounuer have taken the laws into their own hands against the Murle.
      The cattle rustling case could have simply been solved by inciting the peace meeting between the two communities but not resort into war as the lawless Nuer decided.
      One Murle life is 100 times worst than the life of 1000 Nuers because murle are law abiding community leave alone the few criminals who cause problems in Jonglei.
      I have a keen respect for murle since they were the heros during the 22 years of civil war which the coward and lawless Nuer almost throw into the dustbin.
      Therefore, the SouthSudanese must strongly condemn the Lounuer for causing havoc to humanity in Jonglei.

      The current fighting may include Arabs militia taking side with Lou nuer to foment disorder in the South as evidenced by their merge with Sudan’s government troops during the 22 years of war.
      Nuers are cowards and can not think of attacking murle without support from other arabised militias.
      For instant where do they get the ammunition and weapons to attack murle yet they were disarmed recently?
      According to trusted sources they Lounuer are getting weapon from their brothers like Tangi nye who recently cause insecurity in malakal.

      The Jonglei government must take measure steps to re-disarm the Lounuer with argency.
      An armed Nuer is like an armed child who do not care how to manage the deadly weapon.
      Hence the government must swiftly disarm them or else they will terrorise the whole Jonglei including themselves.
      The Jallaba will continue to arm them but the southsudan must take it as a routine to disarm them.
      It is they against murle today and tomorrow it will be nuer against the CPA. Lest we forget the backstabbing they did to SPLA during the war.


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      • 11 March 2009 06:50, by GatNaath


        First of all, my hearfelt condolences to devastrated Murle Community, though they are the perpertrators.

        Case in point, Mankind, who will buy into your seemingly weak and desperate provocation against the Lou-Nuer, let alone the Great Naath Nation of South Sudan. History is the witness here. Which group in South Sudan had enslaved other nationalities in 18th, 19th and 20th century if not only Naath the great. Naath braveness is generates in their DNA. During 18th and 19th century of Nuer expansion Eastward from Western homeland, present day Bentiu, took a heavy toll on the Jaang slaves by Nuer through force of power spear and not through machine gun.
        I know you are a little Dinka coward trying to ignite another internet war between Naath the great against Coward Jaang.

        You Dinka assholes try to politicizing this unfortuante incident. I do personally don’t condone our civilians devastrating and killing themsleves. But, I don’t accept a coward dinka injecting their sorry asses in this matter. Just keep stealings and lootings Southern National Wealtth, untill your assess ceased corrupted South Sudan prosperity.

        You wish people of South going back to laws of jungle as if you Dinka coward would stand against the might of Naath the great.

        You better appreciate the today’s modern thinking which not encourage invasion of one tribe against other, othewise you would not be enjoyed incited violent act against the Naath.

        Who in the South, not ware of corrupt, cowardic nature of you Dinka?
        Nuer had managed to enslaved and assimilated you Dinka by the thousands in 1800s and 1900s, through force of spear and they still continues today, but only law of modern world prohibited such practices.

        You can run but cannot hide. Keep corrupting the South Sudan nation, but your sorry asses will badly regret your greedy, cowardic behaviors you have inflicted on people of South.

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        • 11 March 2009 21:59, by Aduol Liet

          MR, Gat Naath OR whatever name is. I do n’t see what brought Dinka at this point, are you guys having bad dream about Dinka always that, make any one from Dinkas to rethinks twice this is real would come to our attention now because this is out of control when a certain Tribe talking about other Tribe with no any concern at all. As we hear it the conflict was between Nuer Lou and Murle community, the question is what brought Dinka to this Article of yours? Think about Dinkas people do not like to talk about hating a certain Tribes why because we knew that, our enemies is only Arab of Northern Sudan who denying our rights for 60 years since started from independence in 1956, even though there are some conflicts between Dinka and Nuer we do n’t take seriously because we are all brothers who came from one roots and face same situations in Southern Sudan we were one brothers and now is known two Tribes that is fine too. I would remind any one hate Dinka people within Sudan leave a part Southern Sudan probably you will not sit in your House if do n’t like Dinkas people in the Sudan. You will be worry about hating Dinkas people throughout your life until you die with no freedom mean.

          Also in Southern Sudan, there will be no one Tribe to be call Nation I have seen some people written Naath Nation in the Articles every time and that brought up your question mark or under your education Degree and so be aware that, all Dinkas are silent for making unfairly Articles against any individual nor a certain Tribes within Southern Sudan. As I already mention above, we Dinkas people have specify goals we can talk about rather than spent every time talking nonesense that, will lead us nothere in the Sudan. I like all people in Southern Sudan because there will be no one Tribe to be call Nation while we have 50 different speakers within Southern Sudan alone. I can tell that, your minds maybe is norrow otherwise there is no need to abuse Dinka people since the problem was between Murle community and Nuer Lou community, there is no need absolutely to talk about Dinka and there is no conncetion what so ever with Dinka.

          By Aduol Liet

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        • 12 March 2009 04:26, by james

          first of all I apologize to every family that must have lost someone in that war. and as you sudanese mostly from the south you who are actually racist or have something against their brothers especially dinka n nuer if you guys dont change your attitude toward one another you all are a shame to south and abusing the education which they call power but not a power to kill your brother but to impower them....... Iam sudanese but every time I hear these words of yours I wish i was born a different kind.

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        • 13 March 2009 12:16, by francis mike


          thanks for all the words that you have said but remember whenever you want to comments on any article then take time to understand what the article is talk about i will not abuse because you have not understand the article therefore you end up wrinting wrong information.

          futhermore the article is aboutlou-nuer and murle therfore i don’t see the reason as why you abuse Dinka there or what brought Dinka in that topic?

          Lastely but not least i can advice you that life is too short so be awere of that it will give time to hatre Dinkas rite..!!!

          BY METHOD

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        • 13 March 2009 17:38, by Lomong Deng

          Listen to the Clueless Nuer,

          It would have been fine enough to hear from other Southerners knowing Nuers liberated Sudan from Whites,enslaved other nationalities and ethnicities!!!!!!!! But No No way it’s just another kai loor(Liar)repeating deft songs learned before becoming deft. Jalabas plus few Junubins my uncle was among them,Darfurians soldiers were led by Mahdi but didn’t take Sudan back from Whiteman by Gun barels(anyway Nuers didn’t even know guns) but only through negotiation treaties which eventually led to Sudan Independent. More ignorance: If you really claims Nuers attacks against British then why you forget to mentioned Dinka. Dinkas revolved against slavery centers along the Nile between Bor to Juba destroying all posts. Although Monydebai didn’t have competence weapons than spears they manage to brutally captured and killed invaders(Kitcheners) and that claimed was not effective and not for pride to Real-man because is none of the concerns here. In most recent years, alot of Nuers the educated and illiterate ones alike are claiming the unfounded to brush- off shames of unconsciousness that makes them kill each other instead of Arabs,or against Dinka whom are wiser and they can’t win over. Naath Remember, we have the same DNA and I got nothing to add or remove with the exceptions of lies I can support achievements if they did but No no no not this way.

          Murle is in fact disturbances but no particular tribe should be allowed by the SPLA to make retaliations.Kuol Manyang is right to intervene without favoring any tribes. Nuers are repeating what Dinka Bor did but those people to resolve to retaliatory were brought to justice so Nuers must be brought to justice too by counter attacking them as what SPLA did to BOR.


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      • 11 March 2009 09:45, by Toney Toney Matot

        to all internet huckers,please be advised that your personal conflict with other person from certain tribe shpuld not generalise the whole community.when are we going to learn from the past mistake.those of kim Deng and the likes should refrain from supporting inter clan fighting which indeed has severe effect to the people of south sudan.why don,t we educate unity into ourselves and fight the common enemy instead of making useless comments on this website.mouth talks does not solve anything. the jalaba is more brave than any one here who pretend to be brave. where were you when NIF manged to extract oil from Bentiu and abyei and you could do nothing to prevent it.arabs Missiryea and razigat had been raiding your cows in bentiu and bhar egazhal and none of you had followed them to their villages. it means that all of us are coward but only jalaba is very brave to use them money for buying some of us to fight their brothers in the south.however where in the world politics that criticism is base on trnbal line and clans bases. i think we are commpletely lost and we do not know where are we heading to.therefore i wish every one who is the member of this website ton abstain from tribalism and napotism.
        Long live unity of south sudan hoping that internet tribal war will stop forth with.
        Toney Toney-South sudan

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    • 11 March 2009 10:41, by Simon Puok Nyang Tutjiek

      Dear Kuol Manyang.
      It has been a challenges to the Government of Southern Sudan that the 2006 disarmament was not well orgaonised, because if it was planned why shouldn’t you disarmed Murlie who are supposed to be the first people to be disarmed when Lou Nuerwere Disarmed? or
      Was it the political killing of Lou Nuer? To me even if You Kuol Manyang Juk is concern about the massive killing in Jonglei, Will those who planned the Disarmament of some community and leaved the harmful community accept?
      The attacked of Murlie to Lou Nuer commuity was not only this year it has been there, raiding of cattle , looting of properties abducting of children as also they killed people and abducted children last three in Tangnyang payam of Akobo[i.e on 8th March 2009] by some group of Murlie.
      Therefore Governor, may himselves as the Governor look for strategic way of solving problem between Murlie and innocent LOU NUER who prevent only an offense any their Vulnerable group [Children and Elders]by the Murlie.
      Kuol for your concern God bless you a lot.

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    • 11 March 2009 14:20, by biarawieu

      Hi mamero
      you are right, but i don,t know which way we will be enable to help this community, i don,t think whether there is an alternative unless Lou community will go head with their opensive war agaist this primitive community who are the cause of insecurity in this state since 01 centuries upto date.

      i urge the Governor to let the opensive go head for more days because this community don,t listen a word of mouth, and i wish people of Bor community will start from Gumruu town until you come to the main root of ismail kony in jebel-pibor.

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    • 12 March 2009 18:04, by Peter Aarai

      Very interesting for those who supporting the war between clans, I dont know what u will benefit on it if nuer lou could whipped off the Murle clans, let us not fueling the fighting between communities, for me this is a governor mistake who didnot reported to Salva when murle attacked lou. kuol knows very well what behind the fighting,

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  • 11 March 2009 05:18, by John Garang alias Johnsalt

    I do believe justice is a noble cause that anybody cherishes. However, doing it in a retaliatory manner end up like an eye for an eye, which eventually bring no good to either party. The murle have been rattling other communities and maybe ought to be bitten. Personally, they need a lesson that they can carry down through generation that war among neighbours is a curse and should be avoided by all mean.

    How I wish, the attach was carried out unanimously by all the Jonglei communities so that they can see that their thuggery habit has reach the elastic limit.

    Tit for tat isnt cool, but at times, it worth doing

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    • 11 March 2009 06:06, by Tong-Tong

      The an eye-for-an eye act can only be justified by two different nations. LouNuer and Murle are all belong to Jonglei community, and let’s not forget that all the victims from both sides, the orphans, the widows and the widowers will be taken care of by the Jonglei community as whole. The agressiveness in this state has been victimizing its citizens for a long period of time. The now conflict between LouNuer and Murle is different from the previous ones because there seems to be a political interest in it. For goodness sake, when a political interest puels neighbouring communities’ conflict whom are residents of the same state, there is always a regret in the long run. Remember the conflict between Dinka-Bor and LouNuer. It does not show a good sight at all because all the orphans and the widows are taking care of by the Jonglei, and the Jonglei citizens must learn a lesson from that.

      This motion by the governor of Jonglei is the right move, and Mr. Kuol Manyang should go a head and stop the fighting as soon as possible. Remember! Gai Tut’s orphans are Jonglei’s, Lokurnyang Lado’s orphans are Jonglei’s, William Nyuon’s orphans are Jonglei’s, Kim Aluong’s orphans are Jonglei’s and many more, and they are all victims of Jonglei’s communities acts. Jonglei killed its people and later pay the price. Let Jonglei citizens see themselve geographically not by the tribes they belong. If they continue seeing themselves as enemy, they will be seen as stupid by other south Sudan’s states

      Tong-Tong Tiang Goal

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      • 11 March 2009 10:40, by Gatwech


        You are right that this fighting does not need to continue despite its justification as an action of self-defense against a tribe (Murle) which acts like Arab Palestinians that carries out provocative attacks against Israelis in their territories. The Murle should know that their Gaza strip (Kwangala) will not be spared by the Nuer unless they don’t carry out such attacks.

        But the fighting should stop and the Lou-Nuer should not continue conquering or occupying Murle lands, town after town. They should stop the fighting and withdraw. The SPLA forces should now create a buffer zone between Murle and the rest of tribes in the state. But Jonglei governor Kuol Manyang is not clean in all these mess. I believe he has a long hand in it, lest knowing that this could backfire.

        Jonglei state is unfortunately like a cursed state despite leaders it produced but died. Take Samuel Gai Tut, Abdallah Chuol Deng, Dr. John Garang, Lokurnyang, William Nyuon, etc, etc., and to mention just a few. Will this state really come together. With its current administrators, I doubt it. I am even worried that the situation my escalate further and engulf the rest unless the governor stops politicking the situation.

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  • 11 March 2009 05:39, by Kim Deng


    When you attack the Mighty Naath ethnic group, don’t expect flowers, but Blood and Iron. And if you eliminate one person from Mighty Naath community be prepared for the worst because the dirty ugly retialation from Nuer community will not only take more than 10 lives from the coward communities, but some kids/young women can be taken as captives by the Mighty Naath community as well.

    The Mighty Naath community will never be stopped by the coward General/Governor Mr. Kuol Manyang Juuk nor will come back until they (Naath) burn down to ash all the villages arround Pibor and bring all the cows and youg lades, girls/boys as captives.

    The very tiny coward Murle ethnic group was very wrong on its judgement towards Naath community, as a matter of fact Mighty Naath community is not like coward Dinka communty who have been enslaved by the Murle community for years.

    After the Mighty Naath done with this tiny Murle community, the next retialation/invasion (Mut) will be cared out by Mighty Naath community against these coward Dinka community within Jonglei State for their last month ruthless killing in Duk county against officials/traders who appeared to be from Nuer community.

    The very tiny Murle community and coward Dinka community don’t deserve to have cattle, but it is Mighty Naath will to let them have them all. At this time, Mighty Naath as a community is comming for raid/destruction against Murle, but next time it will be occupation from Pibor to Buma unless the very dirty ugly Murle stop their cowardic acts instead of facing Nuer Warriors in warfield. Nuer raid/occupation (invation) has been beyond confrontation since 1800s and other coward Jurs (Jentiles) have to know that.

    Only someone with Lion heart like Lt. General Lion Peter Gatdet Yak, Lt. General Tiger Bol Koang can stop the mighty Naath community from warfield, but not cowards Generals like Lt. General Kuol Manyang Juuk and likes.

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  • 11 March 2009 05:49, by Mr Network

    useless to fight rather look for permantly solution for that matter,do you think by revenge you finalise the issue yah,Murle will do thesame even if it take’s time as you

    Leave room for the peace by addressing your common issue using reasonable tactic.If you are doing why not Madi to apply thesame for those Jonglie who are occupying their land shit!

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    • 11 March 2009 05:58, by Jesus Christ

      This is a good example to all cowards in southern Sudan that if you attack the naath. They will come after you and punish you so that you don’t repeat your mistake.

      Damn Murles are paying for their barbaric actions. Now, they are crying asking for Salva to help.

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  • 11 March 2009 06:04, by Joseph

    I don’t blame Murle or Lou-Nuer, I blame the advisor of president for peace and reconciliation Ismail Konyi this is his work and they are his people fighting. if he deos not wannt to make peace and people should reconcile then his people shall pay consequence.

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    • 11 March 2009 18:28, by Yual John Nguth


      Good comment my dear first my Condolence goes to those family who lost their love one.

      This is not good newses when our people are killing themselves like animal it let us (Southern)carries and our enemy is laughing at us.

      Brother Joseph I really love your comment this problem will not end soon unless the Government of South Sudan take action against Ismail Konyi. Because he say last time that he disarmed Murle, where is the reality now? Things are upside down due to his false reports.

      Goss must do something before Riek Gai Kok and others Arabs get involve in this show.

      May God be with South Sudan and let their leaders take quick actions.

      repondre message

  • 11 March 2009 07:40, by Lual Garang De Lual

    To my fellow citizens of Jonglei state

    I am appalle by the Lou Nuer and Murle crisis in the Jonglei state. The people who will bear the brunt are the same citizens of the vast, large and magnificent state. I would concurre with the above commentator that it is not in the interest of Jonglei to have division among its citizens like it happens. The main people occupying this vast of land are NUER, DINKA, MURLE, ANYUAK and JIE but problem lies with the first big three tribes inspired by cattle rustling between them and sometimes child abduction.

    Murle is not that large to the extent of both NAATH communities ranging from GAWEER, LOU, GAJAAK and GAJOOK of Jonglei. It is the duty of Governor to protect the Murle though Murle can’t hear any person even their own son Ismail Kony, the advisor on peace and reconciliation of GOSS.

    My advise to Murle is to appologise to the communities neighbouring them like Naath, Dinka AND Anyuak because they have tolerated you for so long as if you are their God.
    I mean, I didn’t say that Murle is to be wiped out of Jonglei but there is a sense of desperation among your neighbours in the state. If you doubt believe me one’s can tour the state to gather information concerning Murle reputation. This is very bad to me because a small tribe or a section to call it, is absolutely hated in the state by the large tribes like Naath and Dinka. My pledge to Murle is to understand the situation between what was during the war when they were used by Arabs as militias against their brothers in the South and the aftermath of war whereby everyone is now free from the struggle against the Arabs and the main focus will be what to do with the Murle atrocities committed during and after the war. This is likely to cause revenge attacks against the Murle at the scale we just witness now. Murle must know that there is no more Arabs in the South as to that their turn of revenge attacks by the other communities is imminent.
    They could have taken heed from their Sultan and advisor to GOSS MR. ISMAIL KONY to narrate to them the feeling among different communities in the Jonglei towards Murle before making another aggressive attacks against their neighbours. Know that What goes around comes around.

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2009 08:27, by Chameleon Chameleon

      Looks those ugliest vultures and waring loving some Nuer outlaws. You Kim Deng, Gatwech, Gatnath plus your DNA Mr. big illegic boy are sick in minds. When did Mighty Naath defeated Dinkas in term of braveness. Why don’t you Come to Bhar El Ghazal and do the same shit you did on a tiny Murlei community. Keep adding fuel instead of prevailing peace between those communities and you guys will pay the price of those victims. About governor Kuol, thanks for asking the fedreal government to intervene.

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2009 10:03, by Sudan

        Mad Guy. Chameleon Chameleon,you big sick in mind. Let me tell you or Advices you that Naath are brave in Southern Sudan cmpare to others tribs. Do you remeber what happen to Bor in 1991? they all went to foreing country. In Bahe El ghazal do you remeber what Bentiu are did to Aweil last year, Man don’t joke with Nuer. N a gain how was the convention?

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    • 11 March 2009 08:55, by Gatwech

      Oh, my God!

      First of all, my condonlences to the families of lost ones in this unfortunate fighting.

      Second, a correction to you Mr. Lual Garang. I believe you don’t know the sub-tribes (clans) of Nuer. Gaajaak and Gaajiok are not among the Nuer clans in Jonglei state. They are in Upper Nile state with their four counties of Nasir, Ulang, Maiwut and Longechuk. They don’t participate in whatever that takes place in Jonglei state because they are not citizens of that state. Besides, their distance is very far from where the fighting takes place. Lou-Nuer is just one of more than ten major Nuer sub-tribes. The Nuer major sub-tribes in Jonglei state include Gaawar, Laak, Thiang and Lou. But it is only the Lou that is fighting the Murle tribe, and no other sub-tribe from Gaawar, Laak and Thiang have joined the fighting. And most of the other Nuer sub-tribes are in Unity state (West bank of the River Nile).

      Coming to this unfortunate situation, I blame first the Jonglei state governor. Mr. Kuol Manyang did not heed to the warning of Lou-Nuer against the criminal activities by the Murle. The Murle also did not want to embrace the peace and reconciliation initiatives to resolve such incidences. If you follow the news, I read from this website last year that the Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar celebrated Christmas holiday withs the Murle in the hope of building confidence between the Murle and other communities. Yet, Murle armed groups went ahead and attacked Lou-Nuer areas including Dinka Bor area where they killed and abducted people. In February, Lou-Nuer community appealed to the government to send forces to protect their citizens from the Murle attacks, but Kuol Manyang never went to Juba to raise the issue with SAlva Kiir. May be he knew that the Lou-Nuer were disarmed and so he wanted the Murle to kill them. What a governor! Now that the Lou-Nuer have retaliated and inflicted devastation on the troubling Murle tribe, the governor has rushed to Juba, because now he understands that some of the Lou-Nuer have re-armed.

      My advice to Mr. Governor Kuol Manyang is that please don’t politicize the situation of your citizens in Jonglei state because this can backfire on your community (Bor). We all know what is happening in your office and should you play it ugly, your community will only blame you and no body else. Where were the SPLA forces that you now want to deploy when the Lou-Nuer were asking you for such forces to protect them from the Murle since December 2008(not just since January 2009 as the reporter put it)?

      What was the governor doing when he was supposed to conduct peace and reconciliation meetings with rival communities in his state? Insecurity in Jonglei state is fanned by the governor himself! Shame on some South Sudanese leaders!

      repondre message

      • 12 March 2009 15:18, by Awane

        Shame on all of you. If Lou nuers were disarmed truely where did they get the guns and the bullets now? The GOSS government should redisarm all of you again to see Jongeli state peaceful. Otherwise the two disturberr(Murle and Nuer) will continue disturbing the state from the guns and bulled they gain from Arab as they are the people who will be decived for food.

        repondre message

  • 11 March 2009 14:12, by Patriotic Bull

    Hey Mr Sudan and Kim,

    Why are you boosting about 1991 incident when you were defeated till you end up surrendering to your father El Bashir.
    I think the word coward is addited to your lips that`s why you don`t use it in the right way.
    I think all of you came back to residential areas after we have forgiven you.
    Ask Mr Riek to tell you in case you were not present, he can tell you how tough we are.
    But in case of any doubt try then if you will not end up in capture like Sadam Husein.
    Monyjang are more than conqueror.

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2009 16:31, by Wiyual

      We don’t have to turn this war to be between Dinka and Nuer internet wars.
      War should be the last resort to solve thing out.
      Lou-Nuer had been appealing to the GOSS since that time in 2006 when they guns were disarmed to disarm Murle and Bor Communities. But no one, neither from Jonglei state nor from GOSS officials lister to their requests. Murle and part of Dinka Bor, especially Nyarweng took an advantages of Lou-Nuer disarmament; they loot county properties, killed enough number of people, looted cattle, and disturbed the entire peace in Lou-Nuer areas. Jonglei authories and GOSS lead government kept quite when all those brutalities took places against Lou. Now Lou-Nuer are retilating, people on this web are blaming Lou for their act of protecting their interests. I beieve Lou deserve to be in peace like the rest of communities who are enjoying the fruits of the CPA.
      When replying to this topic, please first find the root cause of this incident before putting your blames on Lou-Nuer.
      Lou-Nuer obeyed the order by laid down their guns in 2006, but does not mean that they don’t know how to fight, or defy the laws. Mr. Kuol Manyang needs to first, disarm Murle, and Nyarweng before attempting to disarm Lou-Nuer if the real peace is needed in Jonglei state. I know Lou-Nuer will lay down their arms when those two communitie are disarmed first because they are really after peace, not war at this crucial time.



      repondre message

      • 11 March 2009 18:07, by junub

        After all justices have to roll down to perpetrators of this massacring of innocent civilians of Jonglei and to those who are trying to ethinic clean other tribe in Jonglei. When we talks about killing in Jonglei it because is bad and enemy to our peace in the entire State, but to to denounce it here and love it there. Those lou-Nuer perpetrators who now genociding women and children should be brought to book if peace is needed to prevail in the State.

        repondre message

        • 11 March 2009 20:16, by King Tut


          My condolences to the victims of this confrontation between the Lou-Nuer and Murle tribes.It’s an unfortunate thing that ought to be avoid next time.And the effort exerted by the Governor,I think is a great and worthwhile initiative,although other people may not agree with this due to previous incidents like this one which never attracted such attention from the State government.It could be a beginning of what we all want,a condemnation of internal war among Jonglei citizens.Good isn’t it?

          But people like Junub,Chameleon and Patriotic Bull are not concern with the lives lose during this tribal confrontation,they are easily swayed away from the truth and condemn using the judegement of an hungery hyena,the side they feel have got grudges with them.
          I couldn’t answer each one of them,however,they have this to hear as a warning,or you can take it for anything you analysed it to be.You guys should learn to be responsible Jongleans,that’s if you are from the troubled State and if not,be aware of the implications of your words,they carry no good,meaningful or constructive idea to the resolution of what could be best known as ’Junglei war fronts’ which always centre around tribal differences rather than genuine cause for action.Otherwise,your words and the meaning they contain or at least the hidden intention,would backfire on you one day.Bear in mind that the conception you held is pretty much the same as the other people’s.Imagine that situation where there are no good guys,the only one around are people filled with murderous feelings toward each other.Where would the final say come from in an effort to bridge the gap? Well,that is answer best by my fears of a region [South Sudan] plunged into multiples of wars scenes.Lets pray that nothing happen and the words we say to each other here are just but mere ’talking’ and not threats as such.

          repondre message

          • 11 March 2009 23:05, by junub


            If I wasn’t much concerned of life lost in Jonglei I wouldn’t be calling for the justices to take lead to bring all perpetrators of massacre of innocent women and children in the State to face law. The Murle civilians the Nuer Lou are currently genociding has nothing to do with those thugs hailed from Murle community, so why prejudging them all as criminals? It doesn’t make any sense nor will justices stand with the Lou Nuer at the end since the entire world is now watching Lou Nuer are killing civilians in Pibor. If you don’t denounce the killing which is going on now, then will you tomorrow when the Murle revenge back? If no or yes then where is the peace and stability of the State we were calling for? Just because you from Lou Nuer shouldn’t deceived you not to see the justices and call it upon perpetrators on any side. GoSS has to bring to book those who now killing its civilians no matter what if South needed to be stable for its people.

            repondre message

      • 11 March 2009 18:35, by Rem Minyiel Kulangdit

        This IS good news for murle communities let them felt they pains and sorrow, let nuerlou make theirs retaliation against such murle successfully, they kill innocent people every now and then knipping children from evry part of southern sudan,murle you must to think properly, because we do not like it, But if they communities of murle making some disorder then you must face such below from nuer AND FROM EVERYBODY. if you are been use against the south,it will be very difficulty for you to be rescue by your master in khartoum, It too let for you people see the distance from pibor to khartoum, who is exactly to help you.instead to live peacefully with others communities now YOU are increaseing security in the state and others nearest neighbourhood.what are you fighting FOR with your brothers? Do murle communities want to libereted pibor from who? Now they consequences on murle side your childer are living now in the bush around pibor that is what you need to happen? YOU MURLE YOU CAN NOT MAKES DEVELOPMENT WHEN YOU ARE INVOLVED IN LOOTING OF OTHERS PEOPLE PROPERTIES WHO TAUGHT YOU IN THAT WAY?

        repondre message

  • 11 March 2009 18:36, by Yual John Nguth

    Good comment my dear

    First my Condolence goes to those family who lost their love one.

    This is not good newses when our people are killing themselves like animal it let us (Southern)carries and our enemy is laughing at us.

    Brother I really love some of your comment this problem will not end soon unless the Government of South Sudan take action against Ismail Konyi.

    Because he say last time that he disarmed Murle, where is the reality now? Things are upside down due to his false reports.

    Goss must do something before Riek Gai Kok and others Arabs get involve in this show.

    May God be with South Sudan and let the leaders take quick actions.

    repondre message

  • 13 March 2009 03:11, by Akuei

    Dear Southern Brothers,

    Thank you for all your comments. Besides, beware of Omer Al-Bashir’s National Islamic Front (NIF) old say, which is as follows:”It is all our gun if a southern Sudanese is killed by a snake bit, drown, or kill by other Southern Sudanese.” So, if you encourage or kill any Southern Sudanese, know that it counts as a winning toward al-Bashir’s (NIF) government. Al-Bashir’s government is working hard day—night to reduce the population of South Sudan. See, he is intentionally delaying the results of the census done about a year ago.

    Anyway, I cannot blame those of you who had commented negatively against other clans/tribes in this Murle—Nuer incident, but people like Riek Machar Teny who seem to be highly educated but still think as uneducated. Why? Want not to mention here.

    repondre message

    • 13 March 2009 06:59, by big logic boy

      Equatorians are like Arabs, even, Arabs are nicer than them.
      - they are less intelligent
      - Too ugly, to estimate, about 95% of them are short and look half animal and half human
      - So greedy
      - Too fearful to liberate themselves, they need other man power like Dinka and Nuer to liberate them.
      They do not fight for their own rights
      - Feel so easy that their land is going to be occupies.
      Equatorians are like Arabs, even, Arabs are nicer than them.
      - they are less intelligent
      - Too ugly, to estimate, about 95% of them are short and look half animal and half human
      - So greedy
      - Too fearful to liberate themselves, they need other man power like Dinka and Nuer to liberate them.
      They do not fight for their own rights
      - Feel so easy that their land is going to be occupies.

      Are equatorian realistics about their country? I do not think so; they can not be given any position in any roll in South because they are traders.

      Mr famous Big_Logic_Boy

      repondre message

      • 13 March 2009 14:05, by mutesa

        I don’t always have time to write to people who are visionless and not focus like small logic man.Did he bothered to sit with his uncles, william Nyon,Garang,Kual Manyang,Kerebino,Riek Machar,and what great shield of protection they had enjoyed from Equatoria fierce men during the war.Do you still remember where your uncle have been in hiding till his death? You Nuer and Dinka always have nothing to share with us Equatorians, we have ignored you long time ago.WE don’t look at you as part of us anymore.We are more independent than your.

        repondre message

      • 13 March 2009 17:27, by Akuei

        Mr. Logic,

        I don’t understand your arguement here. What point are you trying to make? And who are you by the way? You must be a member of the National Islamic Front (NIF) of Omer Bashir.

        You always like to cause split among Southerners, the same way NIF does. I believe this will turn back to you someday.

        repondre message

        • 14 March 2009 09:20, by mutesa



          repondre message

  • 13 March 2009 09:17, by celso agole

    HE Manyang in fact you are trying your level best to bring together the cursed community by God who at all don’t listen to whoever, thank for the way forward for your requsted for SPLA to intervince.
    But to me the intervention of the SPLA is not the solution because it is just a force kind of problem solving.
    To me the key leaders of these two communities should think twice together with their grassroot on the modelity on how to delve such protrating violent in the state.
    Please Konyi, Riak and Matip what are you doing in the GOSS?
    whose tick brought you to GOSS? if it is for those killing themselves and you are not after all these, then you are to rash there to cool down such malicious act made by your people.

    repondre message

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