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Jonglei Governor sends Bor County out of capital


By Philip Thon Aleu

February 18, 2009 (BOR TOWN) — Lt. Gen., Jonglei Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk has ordered Bor County headquarters (HQs) to quit Bor Town for Werkok, about 12 miles east Bor Town, with immediate effect. Bor commissioner says he will comply since "it is an order."

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Governor of Jonglei State, Kuol Manyang Juuk (Photo Ph. T. Aleu)

Gov. Kuol told reporters here on Monday that the decision aims at reducing insecurity in deserted Bor villages and utilization of facilities left behind as the population seek refuge at better secured areas around Jonglei capital. The oral order has been repeatedly rejected by Bor Community leaders.

"The policy of the Government of Southern Sudan is taking towns to the people which has made it a necessity [for Bor County] to transfer [the HQs] to Werkok. This will encouraged the population in Bor Town to go back to use the abandoned permanently built schools, hospitals and clean water point," Gov. Kuol Manyang said.

When asked about the safety of the administrative units in Werkok given rampant raiding by Murle tribesmen there, Gov. Kuol Manyang says: "If our people are in the Countryside, what is wrong with the administration." Manyang, however, advised Bor community to stop scattered settlement. Gov. Kuol pledged that security situation in Jonglei State will improve within the next two months without elaborating.

Bor County commissioner Abraham Jok Ariing told the Sudan Tribune later on Monday that he will respect his community decision of not negotiating with Gov. Kuol Manyang since it is an order.

Bor community leaders rejected their County’s HQs relocation to Werkok twice (in 2006 and recently in December, 2008) on ground that it is very close to Bor Town to meet the said aims. Dividing Bor County into two and budget insufficiency are yet other reasons cited by Bor leaders to consider moving out of the long inhibited HQs since colonial period.

Ariing however observed moving to Werkok is not a complete success unless the government does more.

"We have to convince the community through services and therefore we need a lot to be done to meet the aim," he said referring to relocation to Werkok at the interest of attracting Bor community back to their villages. "Going to Werkok will not make security 100% perfect," he said adding "our departure from here is not at the interest of the community but if the government thinks it s good, then we shall go."

Ariing also seek compensations of buildings to be left behind in Bor town and increasing the 900 police composed of mainly elder persons and child bearing-age women.

Southern Sudan campaign of "Taking town to the people" has a lot of economically backed resistance from Counties hosting capitals including the seat of GoSS at Juba.

The host Counties benefits from revenue collection and employment opportunities making relocation to distance centers unthinkable, but Bor Commissioner Jok Ariing says his County will continue taking 60% local taxes collection.

But Bor County’s youths are divided over the issue with others claiming better prosperity at home.

"If our headquarters is taken to Werkok, our people will feel close to the government and comfortably remain at their ancestors’ house," Daniel Kou, a student at John Garang Institute told the Sudan Tribune here on Monday.

"The government of Jonglei State should respect community views and stop forcing people out of Bor Town," a man identified as Simon said.


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  • 20 February 2009 04:15, by Anyang

    Dear all.
    I personally loudly applaud Mr governor’s rhoteric to order the Hon.commissioner Ariing to relocate the HQof B.county as loyal citizen,to Werkok as permanent site for the county without doubt.
    Having say that, I hope my fellow citizen of the greater Bor will automatically relinquished some their stereotypes character for our good as a community as well as people,hoping that It will bring in the greater overhaul to our being as a people.And I certainly urge my fellows citizen to solemnly abide by the governor request.

    repondre message

    • 20 February 2009 04:33, by HONEY

      This is a crazy, people ran away from WerKok as a result of child abduction and insecurity. now you are sending them back without any security. am talking from experience and i urge everyone who love their lives not to go back unless you are protected.

      repondre message

      • 20 February 2009 05:39, by junub

        Strongly agree with Kuol’s initiative to send Bor County to Werkok since our people seem to run away from the town due to Murle insecurity. To having said this, this is my town and will always be my mother’s land whether Riak Killed innocent people in it and Murle is now. We can’t abandon it to Murle thugs if we haven’t when vice president of South Sudan, Riak Machar, genocide hendreds of people in 1991. What we should be asking Kuol is to make sure his government will grand security to those who will relocated there, and also the additional budget for relocation for the County government will be given to them. The idea is not bad if protection will be given to people as he pledge the improvement of insecurity in few month to come. Plus I thinks Jok have to presure Governer Kuol for enough budget if "taking towns to people" project is what they agreed in Juba to implement.

        repondre message

        • 20 February 2009 06:38, by Nuer

          What’s up dumbme? Look at your governor on the picture. He is so ugly not even compared to the ugliest Nyadeng who I don’t know where she is right now. She might be in Kenya at the movement. I really don’t know.

          Compare Riek to your governor My. Junub. Who has a beautiful face? Riek is even beautiful then Nyadeng. Nyadeng look like a guy. She has no hair. What you talking about Dinka.

          I told you that don’t bring the 1991 incidence up again if you want to live. Represent the greater naath nation positively otherwise this game gonna be on forever. Sick of Dinka thives. Genocide coming for your.

          repondre message

          • 20 February 2009 07:15, by junub

            One think you should have asked yourself prior to is and who are you to said you told me not to mention 1991. Hear it here, you nothing and so don’t I know you even. You’re just a mind lost slobber whom I shouldn’t and will not waste my time even to respond to you if you replied me back. Hope you not gay if you talks about another man’s beauty.

            repondre message

          • 20 February 2009 08:21, by Mr. Mabs

            Mr. Nuer and Nuer community as a whole.

            Ngom lien Nuer is back.

            What will change you dogs with out tails who are always barking on MUONY-JANG while working hard to ensure that Southern Sudan gets independent. You are sick of MUONY-JANG and you will be sick till you die and Muony-jang continue to rule you and rule till Jesus come. Mr. Nuer or Garkuoth the mark across your face made you mad on Muony-jang and I think you are a small son of my former wife from Nuer whom I have fucked badly during the time I was at Ayod and Mou-gook in 1996-7.

            What more do you want from Muony-jang Bor and I have brought you up with your mother then? Please stop insulting your uncles including a husband to your ugly mother. Wait my son, Mr. Ocampo will soon indict your useless and stupid uncle for the genocide and looting he has directed his tribal men to carry on against Mouny-jang Bor.

            There is a proverb which I would like you to know, the say goes ’the dog is barking while camel is going’ you bark behind Muony-jang and the Great Jieng is going ahead with National issues.

            Ci Nuer laac ke Bentiu, ci Nuer laac ke Nadau and Ayod


            repondre message

            • 20 February 2009 16:02, by son of black

              son of bitch why are you attacking your people. you are a real Dinka that have not seen the bitterness of fighting in your life. you want people retract to the skirmishes causing alot of displacementsyour people again because you have digressed from the headline.my friend leave that tribalism it will take you to hell one day.

              repondre message

            • 22 February 2009 10:56, by Thon Daakdit

              That’s rithgt whoever try to talking about MUONY-JANG is like a fucken dead Dod he’s don’t even knew his Father while his Father is a great MUONY-JANG who had been fought for his freedom. If the dead DOG is trying to defend his dead Monkey UNCLE Machar, hey, My friend you will be dead like your UNCLE Monkey Machar’s wife very soon!! unless you convene your Monkey Machar, to apologize to Great MUONY-JANG for what he did in 1991-1992! If not, your Uncle Machar, will be seen the Southern Sudan, top seat when there is no single tree left in Great MUONY-JANG period! If you wanted to say some, there will be no compromies to your uncle Monkey Machar, Sir, and that’s All!!!!!!!!!

              repondre message

          • 20 February 2009 09:15, by achiyiek

            You idoits do you appear in this forum because of Nyandeng or any other business,please if you are stupid in mine then you should repeat its and if you are normal human please try to adjust you status.Nyandeng is NOT dead like you fucken mother,why alway her story,you thinks we dont know that your mother is prostitute that is why she born stupids son like you?she is not your damn mother who is still wareing [cow]leather as her clothes.please look globally,thought she is ugly or beatifull all in all is non of your business,avoid talkimg on her behave.for she is not Aparty nor Goss,she normal wife like your FUCKEN mother,if you want dialoges let its be on other sides of parties like your fucken ssdf or how do you pronounce its,NCP AND to spla/m not Nyandeng.
            lost warning?
            or either Nyandeng and your mother gonna be the topic in this forum.if so.
            AMAN tiel

            repondre message

            • 20 February 2009 16:34, by Antiphas Wenyin Paul

              Hi the public is very near and as an intellectual don’t ever attempt to loss control to that extend,honsetly speaking the issue of relocating the HQs of Bor County to Werkok,is an idea from the Government and you people can’t go to the extend of insulting your mothers.

              May I kindly ask all of you to be patient when it comes to such issues whereby the Government is an actor,don’t ever insult yourselves people of Jonglei State,and relocation have nothing to tribalism or the ordeal of 1991,if it is a genocidal matter the ICC will wake up one day and follow the suspects whereever they are,whether in Nuer or Bor.

              Take my advice brothers and sisters,Iam not from Nuer or Bor,but all of us are South Sudanese,don’t create division within one State.

              With Best Compliments,
              In Jonglei Currently.

              repondre message

          • 20 February 2009 10:17, by Yual John Nguth

            To Nuer or whoever you are

            Whenever there is tranquility and unity among people there are those who give the impression of being for obliteration not constructiveness.

            What is going on with this man entitled himself/herself Nuer into this web? I become conscious that he may not even be familiar with Nuer or Nuer land. Nuer are people who have great admiration to all humanity and having democratic government at all elevation and they respected the ages people. Why this friend of mine nick named himself Nuer came to be the betrayer for good behavior of Nuer.

            The character of Nuer is not like what you are preaching on this web. Despite the fact that you are not Nuer stop your ideology of division in South Sudan between Nuer and Dinka for self interest; your tool is getting blunted. Better to rethink because there will be no South Sudan if Nuer and Dinka are not together.

            As a piece of an advice you are be quite or choose another name rather than this because we (Nuer) are not on the side of evil and hatred. My friend if you could do with your hatred on this web, the better name for who you to make use of is Mohammed Abu Talib or Al-Bashire because you are one of them.

            repondre message

          • 20 February 2009 12:08, by Concerned African

            Shame on all of you, is this the image you are painting for the world to see on national newspaper? do you have the slightest idea who reads these forums and what the outsiders see you insult ur selves.

            God help we have a long fuckin way to go.long long way you chased the enemy but you are proving to world that you can not handle anything by yourselves. am very disappointed on the insults you people are sparaying to the leaders and the communities. i dont care if you are dinka, Nuer or anything else, you are Southern Sudanese created with the strongest color in the universe "black skin", and have the same red blood. Why divide yourselves, can we really have confidence in you people to stand firm for the entire nation and preserve or should we just give back the country to the enemy and live under rules and regulations and directives given? since we can not be organized if we are divided

            please watch what you right and talk the world is watching.

            repondre message

          • 22 February 2009 01:01, by youngdinka

            fuck u and your husband Michar.

            We can bring 1991 its up to us. no faggars like you can tell us to stop bringing it. What the fuck are you by the way?

            Get a life.

            leave Hero Kuol and Nyandeng alone if you wana to live till end.they are freedom fighters. they liberated you from your step parents (arabs)

            Nuer i don’t naath are junbins because, major of them are in SAF or North sudan. cooking for arabs leaders or bosses.

            Greater Bor oyeeeeeeeeeeeee

            repondre message

      • 20 February 2009 19:47, by Kur

        You’re telling us nonsense. Who is supposed to protect the people of Bor other than the people of Bor themselves? They must go back to their villages and fight if necessary to maintain their land and security. Those Murle thugs causing insecurity in Bor will stop only when they are confronted. Don’t they bleed or don’t they die? They got to be stopped by doing to them what they do to others. To me, it is good the county HQS is asked to relocate.


        repondre message

  • 20 February 2009 04:54, by biarawieu

    Hi everyone in this community, this is the law we have to respect our Government of Jonglei State, Bortown is the HQ and the capital city of all Jonglei state counties not individual. please comply with whatever the Government said, this is another way of creating jobs to our community.

    repondre message

  • 20 February 2009 04:58, by mamero


    I wish to thank our governnor of Jonglei State for the fundamental decision he has stated forward to relocate the headquarter of Bor South sudanese at Werkok which could be adminstrative center to both Athiooc and Gok constuencies regardles of all shit insecurity operated by primate Murle who doesn,t know how vital the freedoms are? Moreever, i don,t see the reasons as to why the commissioner goes against this fruitful decision? Inaddition of this,Bor south county should have two counties instead of one to cater more opportunities rather than be confined under one commission,however,time will come to compheren and identify political lime light,thanks for the day.

    repondre message

    • 20 February 2009 06:02, by Dut Garang Anyuon

      I Strongly disagree with state governor because every land in this world is always belong to certain people. I believed the county within the state is always every where. There are many reasons that force me to disagree with governor Kuol. We begin to define land from own and means to be pride of the land from our own land. I don’t means to throw away the state government, however, our people of Bor south must be there as their county. The statute or regulation need to be differentiate beween the state powers and county powers. People of Werkok are ligible to maintain their own security while they are also supply if there is any need from state government. If it’s because of the security, what about the rest of Payams? For the county to be closer to River Nile means a lot to our people. Please Mr. governor I suggest you review such discision before you amended this into the law. Although, I’m from Bor North I still feel strong about such discision.

      repondre message

    • 20 February 2009 06:12, by Dongway Doorich

      i personally agree with the decision .
      this will help in giving services to our deserted villages in the entire south sudan.hoping the other governors will take the same step so as to accomply with vision of the new sudan which strongly recomment the service to reach the people in their different places but not the people to come to capitals for the service.
      Mr governor is a well known man in decision making.his personality is like that only.
      hoping that he will take another tough decision on the issue of Atar snd Khorfolus which has been hanging for almost four years without any consideration from the state government.

      repondre message

  • 20 February 2009 07:29, by Kwaje D

    The idea is good if at all done in good faith....

    There is nothing good in this semi-villages people call town. Collecting revenue eaten up by corrupt leaders should not keep our people in poor health in towns..

    Let’s go home for home is home!

    repondre message

    • 20 February 2009 08:01, by Magos

      Thank Hon Kuol Manyang

      This ’s good ideas to move the town to people as our late leaders John Garang said .Mr goveror do your work we ’re all happy for that planning wherever we’re .I hope you and preisdent Kiir have to followed the step of Dr Garang .You ’re bless to rule this land of Sudan.


      repondre message

      • 20 February 2009 09:55, by Big Head

        Go back to school Nuer

        beautiful is for female’s outlook description and handsome for male outlook description. that is its.

        However, there is no connection of what was being discuss with all those description of Riek, Nyandeng, Kuol.

        anyway Nuer or gaar believe through seeeing or physical outlook of the person but we see the inner part of the person.

        Riek is handsome yes and what had his handsomeness did to the people of Southern Sudan, Killings, rapping, inciting Nuer against their brothers, looting, and searching power throught unexpected manner.Kuol and those who have sinned will never forgive you all, you who like money, food, lawlessness

        stop being crazy.

        My sincely thanks goes to the governor Kuol Manyang taking Bor County to Werkok will bring development not because of fucker insecurity, Murles malious act is new thing. it had been in existent for three decade and we did leave our villages, now it is the need for urbanisation that make people to come to Town if urban are built outside Bor town many people will go back.

        Many God bless Kuol Manyang, God’s bless Dinka Bor and her enemies who dislike them for good work they did to they people of Southern Sudan

        repondre message

  • 20 February 2009 10:09, by Mounyjang

    It is a good idea that Bor county Hqs get transfered to Werkok. This will enhance security for the vulnerable citizens left at the countryside.

    Mr. Nuer, people forget the past when they have reconciled. And a beginning of any recouncilatory process is always an apology which Riek has refused to do.
    Anyhow, Riek’s apology is no longer important since his crimes are already under review by ICC.
    Don’t be surprised to learn of his arrest like Pierre Bemba.
    Have u ever asked yourself why Riek has never left Sudan for an oversee trip since the formation of GoSS?
    Note that; no one has a problem with Nuer as a community, but Riek’s leadership in South Sudan is the wildest and impossible dream you have ever had.

    repondre message

  • 20 February 2009 14:32, by Bior-raandu

    Dear all,

    Allow me to express my gratitudes to Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk for his hard work in Jonglei state. Hon. Governor, your decission is highly welcomed by those who sound for the development.We need to see development in our state and counties because there is no development if county and State develop one place. I never see new building built by Commissioner Abraham Jok of Bor County, where does the budget for his county for social development goes? Therefore; we need to watch him keenly to cooperate by your orders otherwise; time limit for those who develop their stomach than serve the poor people.Let’s see you starting your own Office in Werkok than to use the old buildings which are already existed.

    Dear Governor 60% that Bor county used to get for the other revenues in the county should continue getting them because the state is allocated in its terrotory

    repondre message

  • 20 February 2009 16:16, by Benywut

    Jonglei Governor sends Bor County out of capital

    Philip Thon,

    Thank you my brother for the good news. Infact, This move from Governor Kuol was long overdue to kick Mr.Aring out of Bor Town but late is better than never.I was against the decision to take the County headquarter to State Headquarter since the idea came up in 2005 but short sighted brothers could not see the other side of the coin.
    During the war in the face of combination of Arab, Junubeen, and natural calamities, Bor has not been diserted the way it is now.
    Mr. Aring need to take this positively if has has ever visited his Father grave during Christmas, the roads were pathetic from Bor to Padak, Mareng, Anyidi and Mareng -Chuikeer.
    To the rest of Sudan Tribune subscribers, please do start childish tribal wars on behalf of whichever community you are from. non of you has been authorize by any tribe according to my knowledge. Your comments on any topic should be mature and professional with national spirit at heart.

    Thank you for your understanding

    repondre message

    • 20 February 2009 17:34, by sudanman

      To all,

      Is this a place for playing or is it a place of changing ideas? I wonder with the language that has been used in this forum.I thought we may be the folks that will bring change into our country rather than execerbate tribalism rhetoric.


      repondre message

      • 20 February 2009 20:39, by black man world

        To u hommo-sexual name nuer son of (jong)son of (DOG)how could you tell that man iz pretty if u aint naturally born retard and handicap son of (GAY)look at you writing wasting white man black ink or some DUMB comment. you nigro u beta find your kind because you not african i really mean it you not african nor nuer if you are wow i will withraw my respect for this brothers nuer community. Because they be sending messup representative to outside world, damn juses forgive him for he is a fool he naturally born retarded. you i pray for you but still if you dont change from now on then you are cause and you will deserve it on ur way to hell next week, be ETHICAL son of DOG WEN DE JON HAHAHAHAH

        repondre message

        • 21 February 2009 00:16, by Nuer

          Nyadeng needs some lower teeth for sure. Her mouth is too wide open. I saw her in December in Juba. I was suprise. What a wide mouth?

          repondre message

  • 21 February 2009 01:16, by BORAnyidi

    Hi brothers, we are supposed to know that we wanted unity not separation in S-Sudan. you would have to understand that we still have got along way to reach our dream of freedom, but having such war of words on the public wed would disqualify us for gernemenance ourselve. Therefore,we have to forget about all the problems between Nuers and Dinka Bor. What happened in 1991 was a political issues, that most us would not understand or get it. I understand that there are people from diferent tribes that are using Dinkas and Nuers names on the wed. But there will be time where we will find their real names. I hope that we will work together to achieve our goals of fought for recent 21 years. Thanks our governor for doing the best he can.

    repondre message

    • 21 February 2009 01:52, by Anyang

      To all participant,
      I do urge you all to refrains from those toxic rhoteric and let’s embarked on the betterment of our country,county,payam as well as Bomas for our own future.By doing so, we shall all be setting an example to they generation to come, and our young nation will eventually emerged victorous.To any dissident who’s against governor’s proposal,I say to you that you’re on the wrong side,so therefore you should mind you business,and let the regard citizen deal with it,since its negativity as well as its postivity are something deem as inevitable.And Iam strong believer that, Hon. governor & commissioner will always be weary of citizen safety without doubt.

      repondre message

  • 21 February 2009 15:46, by mamero


    Let me remind you once more that mr Riek was born out of wedlock by his biological dad from western sudan commonly known as Darfur,however,mr Riek deserved to be Nuer because her mum was a social concubine to Machar Teny, hence, do not compare basted to Kuol manyang though, he is ugly.

    repondre message

    • 22 February 2009 09:30, by aguthon

      I really wonder! Who allowed these rough-faced people to bark at people like a dog. You should not waste your time by changing an insult with Nuer. Naath are loosing dogs. They went and fought on the Arab’s side during the war, simple because they are food-visioned people. What did they achieve in a particular history? Being it social or political agenda. Riek even never been succeeded in whatever he plans. What kind of person is he? Reconsider the mediation process between Ugandans, and weight the mess he did. Nuers, don’t mix a Ngudeng’s legacy or whatever you called him with contemporary issues in the community.

      Aguthon Arou.

      repondre message

      • 25 February 2009 00:02, by HONEY

        Mr Nuer, you are an embarrassment to the whole African community not only sudan. do you have any idea who reads this forums?

        a few days ago, your comments were about licking Nyandeng’s pussy, now you are turning gay and thinks your Uncle Riek is handsome? He is your uncle for god sake, you have SEXUAL PROBLEMS mr Nuer. see your doctor

        you are brain damaged. you only think three things. pussy, tribalism and your Uncle Riek. if you are seeking help, other educated southerners are always happy to provide help to their sick brothers so that we move forward as a country.

        repondre message

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