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Two major Nuer communities reconcile in Upper Nile state


By James Gatdet Dak

February 11, 2009 (ULANG, Upper Nile) - A two-day peace and reconciliation conference conducted in Ulang County of Upper Nile state between the Lou-Nuer and Jikany-Nuer communities concluded on Tuesday with the communities pledging to keep peace between them.

A number of clans or sections of the two major Nuer communities, who predominantly inhabit the two respective states of Jonglei and Upper Nile and share common borders, in the past used to experience deadly clashes as a result of competition over water points and grazing areas during the dry season.

Some population of the Lou-Nuer community, the largest single community in Jonglei state, used to cross northwards into the territories of Jikany-Nuer in Upper Nile state with their cattle in search of water points and pasture.

Some of the community pastoralists also used to move westwards into Duk County for the same reason which sometimes resulted in armed clashes with the Dinka community.

As the dry season is in sight, reducing the Lou-Nuer water points, commissioners of the neighboring counties of Akobo, Nyirol, Nasir, Ulang and Baliet in addition to some of their respective members of parliament, traditional chiefs and elders converged in the conference to resolve their differences ahead of the seasonal migrations.

The conference did not however include the other five Nuer-inhabited counties of Uror, Ayod, Pangak, Maiwut and Longechuk in both states because of distance and non-participation in the conflict.

The conference was attended by the Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan, Riek Machar Teny, accompanied by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Gabriel Changson Chang, SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Major General James Gathoth Mai, among other Juba-based officials.

In his remarks during the conference, Machar urged the two communities to abide by the administrative boundaries of 1956 which define their respective territories.

The conference resolved on the peaceful movement of some Lou-Nuer cattle herders, without guns, into Jikany-Nuer territories in search of water points and grazing lands during the dry season.

Machar also told the neighboring Nuer communities to live in peace and harmony with their neighboring non-Nuer communities in both states of Jonglei and Upper Nile.

He reiterated the Government of Southern Sudan’s policy to continue disarming the civilian population in order to significantly reduce inter-community armed clashes.

Government of Southern Sudan earlier passed a resolution recommending intensification of peace and reconciliation conferences and disarmament of civilian population in the region.

Also the highest executive organ of the ruling political party in the South — the Political Bureau of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) — in its recent meeting in Juba urged the government to step up efforts aimed at reconciling the warring communities and disarming them.

The Vice President also left Upper Nile state for Unity state on Tuesday to conduct similar peace and reconciliation conferences among various communities, making it the fourth state he has visited in the last two weeks of his peace and reconciliation missions across the region.

However, the war mentality inculcated in the minds of communities during the 21 years of armed conflict proves to be far from over. Violence continues in terms of raids, murders and abductions by various still armed communities, despite participation in previous peace and reconciliation conferences.


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  • 12 February 2009 04:48, by TRUEMAN

    Nuer or chaoes will not live in harmony with themselves and their neighbours as long as their primitive mentality and Ngundeng prophesies obsess their minds.
    This chaotic community will not wake up for modernization until their prophet Ngundeng resurrect to live to apologise and re-direct the Nuer community to the right path.
    Nuer who are well known for their chaotic manners are a curse to SouthSudan.

    God help them!

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    • 12 February 2009 05:51, by Wiyual


      Stop posting hypothetic al things. If Nuer problems were caused by NgunDeng prophecies, what about the massive killing in Lake State, which is nonstop able murdering among Agaar communities, did NgunDeng too, prophesied to them, I guess not. You claimed that Nuer is a one cause chaos in S. Sudan. What about Murle who have been abducting, raiding, and killing people since the genesis period, did NgunDeng prophesied to them too? I guess not. If you cannot prove your claims, then you are just feeling jealous because Nuer know how to solve their differences like what is happening in Lou and Jikany Nuer communities.
      If some of respectful MPs could go to their perfective regions and solve their community issues hence like what Nuer officials did to these two communities of Nuer, I believe Central Government headache could be relieved easily.


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      • 12 February 2009 06:06, by Pandit

        My words to you Nuer brothers please let Riek make appology to those communities. He was the main figure who created that hatred among them and with other communities, such as Dinka.

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        • 12 February 2009 06:23, by Wiyual

          Good point Mr. Pandit,

          But an apology to civilians of S. Sudan deserves not only Riek alone, but also all the called High Commanders need to apology, including Salva Kiir, for murdering of 80 plus Nuer officers who were fighting alongside with SPLA, but he killed them simply because Riek, who is Nuer in origins, defected from the SPLA.
          Kuol Manyang did the same to his own clan of Bor. He himself Kuol, used to kill civilians by Fire Squad in Bor area simply because they defied his orders.

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          • 12 February 2009 08:40, by Gatwech

            God bless Dr. Riek Machar,

            This man is definitely doing the right thing others do not do. Get up stomach liberators from Juba and assist Dr. Riek Machar in bringing peace among communities. I also warn you not to sabbotage his efforts like you did when he went to burry late Dr. Justin Yaac Arop in Warrap state and to reconcile Dinka clans of Apuk and Aguok, some others plus Salva Kiir tried to work to remove him in the SPLM 2nd National Convention. Where is your morality here. Somebody saving your people when you were afraid to go to your own land and you want to pay him back by removing him. This is why I am very proud to be Nuer because of Nuer’s superiority in maintaining morality. Let the tribal thugs bark on this net because they will never stop this blessed man, Dr. Riek Machar, and the would-be father of independent South Sudan. Make peace among your people, Dr. Machar...Blessed are the peace-makers and death to warmongers...

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      • 12 February 2009 06:25, by DOOR!


        Murle are by far worth and rational than Nuer because they do not fight or confiscate cattles among themselves contrary to Nuer robbing and killing themselves.
        Murle are good neighbours than Nuer because they are conscious of their brotherhood .They ones you see abducting children and cattle are criminals supported and armed by Arabs for their concealled agenda.
        Do you believe Nuer who cause havoc among themselves are being trained and armed by Arabs?
        Ho! my God what should the Nuer become then?
        Believe me the murle you compare yourself with did participated in the SPLA struggle and unlike Nuer they did not backstabbed the liberation movement.

        What a shame to compare your community with others’ community criminals?
        Hear what? the Jonglei governor with his administration have proposed that the Murle will be convinced to migrate to the Bortown suburb to participate in the city development and thus reduce crime. They murle are better than Nuer because they have understanding.

        A Nuer can make an agreement with you today and tomorrow he will be NO less than a child to forget.

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        • 12 February 2009 06:47, by Wiyual


          Nuer are peaceful communities with sense of humor. Nuer had hosted and fed two guerilla moments, if you were not aware of their humanity, then you need to do more research about Nuer culture. If not because Anya Nyas (I & II), and SPLM/A were headquartered in NUERLANDS, I don’t think that peace, you are now caliming, could have been achieved.

          Nuer Capture towns, liberated innocence people. Look what had happened the time Nuer quitted tribalism moment of SPLA, to correct the system, all towns, which were once captured, have been reclaimed by the Arab. After finished their mission of correcting the failed system of socialists, by bringing the system of democracy, peace now have been enjoyed by all South Sudanese, including socialist like you.
          You need more prove of patriotic elements of Nuer, then reply again and I’m waiting to prove it to you more.

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          • 13 February 2009 09:23, by AUGUSTINO DENG

            Mr Wiyual,

            I do see here in your article that what you actually wrote are the disasters to Nuer community. When do Nuer people carried up arms and fought with the Arabs regimes? What I do see that Nuer people do, was surrendering to Arabs in order to be slaves and being used like donkeys. That is what I know so far from Nuer people. You should better praise Dinkas a lot for the show you a strong perseverance of the Dinkas’ heart. Look here Mr Wiyual, a lot of tribes including Arabs know Nuer very well that they are just only like a "paper being blown by a wind on the ground". "Their whole heart is very shallow and dull and therefore, full of longing other people needs". Your tribe so calls Nuer, has tend down the whole Southern Sudan in to a wrong shape at all. Mr Wiyual, why your tribe Nuer is easy to be tended like a car?

            You said Nuer people fight to liberated innocence people. By the way, who are they innocence people Nuer liberated about? Did you try to say Dinkas people liberated Nuer from Arabs? Is that what you mean? My friend Wiyual, stop from lying about pretending Nuer people to be the host of everything. In Sudan, whether or not, Dinkas should takes a full initiatives about the whole Sudan. Because in Sudan, there is no any tribe that can overcome Arabs, except only the Dinkas tribes are they only tribes in Sudan that can silent the voice of Arabs in the Northern Sudan.

            Mr Wiyual, I know that you are living in USA. But let me tell you something here and it will be true trust me. In the future coming, all Nuer people will be like Mexican people in USA and Dinkas will be like white people in Sudan. For Nuer to became a president of Sudan, it will takes 100 years for them to rules because the whole heart of Nuer is full of hatred and lack of thinking at all. Could you imagine Mr Wiyual, that without Dinkas in Southern Sudan, other tribe like your tribe Nuer could not raised it voice for claiming any freedom from the Dinkas people. A "blind person who doesn’t see, is better than Nuer because when you helped him finding the way, he can a appreciated and remember you as the most helpful person. But Nuer people don’t reason and appreciated the services being done to them by the Dinkas people.

            Mr Wiyual, you like Dinkas and that is the reason why you always raised complains all the time. Someone who is really incompetent like you Mr Wiyual, can’t know exactly the good service being done to him. Remember, for Nuer to ruled in Sudan, unless Dinkas people agree with the specific Nuer personel who is competent and follow the Dinkas foot-steps, otherwise Nuer jobs will be looting, stealing cows and surrendering to Arabs for survivals.

            Shame on you Mr Wiyual, because you thick-minded and you don’t know your master Dinkas who restored your life for all these times.

            repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 06:35, by GatNaath


      Please, give South Sudan A break!! Your response is greatly disappointed. Various communities across wider South committed violent act against each other due to the effects of 21-year civil war.
      Ones would surely understood commmunities across South Sudan were not that violent prior to civil war when there was law and order.
      Needless to say, availability of violent weapons today is not atributed to one particular community. It’s no one ethnic group’s making, but a systematic challege in the broader South. That’s why there is ongoing comprehesive dialogue and reconciliation among various communities in South to ceased the killings.
      While you should be praying and hope for the peace and hormany among our communities in the South, nevertheless you are rooted for contrary.
      Therefore, one would reflects in such a way that your tongue is more dangerious than that of Sudan.

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      • 12 February 2009 06:44, by Pandit

        Gatnaath (Mathnuer) you get a brain bro. That is a good is respond. Not nuer alone is violence nowday.

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2009 07:07, by Wiyual


          Nowadays, people need peace and more stability in order to build this war-toned land, but some people here on this web haven’t gotten it yet. They are felt with jealousies toward other communities. The war of Sudan had touched ones’ lives in some ways or the opposite. People have to referred it to the Biblical verse: that said, Sudan could be punished and yet, they will rejoice it at last

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      • 12 February 2009 07:27, by John Boy

        Please, Mr Door you would know have what to says Nuer are the best in South Sudan I myself as citezen of unity state we are still respecting the Wunlit peace conference which took place in march 1999 between Nuer of western upper nile and Dinkas of Barhgazal surely we still asking our selves why the Dinkas voilate the peace as Nuer we consider what is past is aready past ,please make sure we are tire in this websit of your being repeating the same thing which is already gone.

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  • 12 February 2009 07:07, by Nuer

    All these idiots dumb ass Dinkas do not know what they are talking about. Nyadeng running around in southern Sudan after Kuol Manyang got tired of fucking here. You guys should find Nyadeng a man before going after the greater naath nation.

    Stealing money of southerners and land grabbing in the Equatoria should not be tolerated anywhere in southern Sudan. All Dinkas Bor should move back to their jungle bor where they belong. They cannot occupy other people land by force and think that they will be forgiven. Dinkas Bor!! Move back to your land. Gatmachar will never apologize for nonsense.

    Why uncle Garang is decaying in the tomb as he serve his 99 years sentence in the underground prison. I’m happy that he dies that bastard for committing genocide in the Gatjaack nation in 1985. He will not come back alive. Let him decay. I think Nyadeng will follow soon as well.

    repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 07:16, by Wiyual


      Could you please reply professionally while conveying your points? People like Mrs. Nyadeng are mature enough to be insulted. Plus, that is not a culture of Nuer to insult others, rather to point out the issues.

      Just a brotherly revoking.

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 07:39, by Nuer

        You’re are a traitor if you are Nuer. I’m not representing Nuer here I’m just depending thier interest. There is a different between representing and depending. In representation, you might be appointed or elected to represent a group which I’m here for since no group appointed or elected me. In that sense, if you do any mistake you might be held accountable for it.

        But, in this case I took my own defense of the greater naath community which give me leverage to use any term or concept that I feel comfortable with in responding to all these bastards Dinkas. You mention why I attack Nyadeng. You should ask those who insult Gatmachar and the whole greater naath nation. If you don’t analyze that let me know.

        I do not like this defense strategy. Therefore, because I appointed myself to defense the greater naath nation in anyway I feel like, I do not have any constraints or restrictions in what I’m suppose to say or who to attack. I got the leverage.

        I hope I answer you my friend. Leave me alone. Until the Dinkas stop portraying the greater naath nation negatively, I’ll never stop saying that bastard asshole Nyadeng.

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2009 08:55, by Gatwech

          Mr. Nuer,

          What Wiyual is trying to tell you is to please don’t act with too much disrespect like the Dinka. You know that you cannot compare Nuer to Dinka when it comes to their culture because the Dinka have no culture at all. They don’t know what the word ’respect’ means in African cultures. This is why they insult Dr. Riek Machar in that primitive and uncultured manner. Rebecca Nyandeng is our mother because she is like your mother. Please, don’t insult her like that, otherwise, others who appreciate Nuer for their mature reasoning and responses on the net will think that the Nuer are fools like the Dinka. Use a dissent language when dealing with people like Nyandeng and late Garang.

          repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 07:29, by Axan

      Mr. Nuer,

      Don’t spoil Nuer comunity’s name by using it as yours.

      This is the point I wanted to make: When you die, which will happen soon, you will be buried face down, with your body in no coffin...Or else, your body will be fed to birds like a dead dog...which you are.

      repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 07:35, by Pandit

      Mr. Nuer; you are very idiot, stupid, foolish and dumb dumb ass than your master bashir and your father who get birth of you. you use nuer name as somebody say last week to betray nuer community with that kind of primitive mind. I’m tire of you alittle illogic soon of mart man. All citizens of Southern Sudan are having right to live whereever. You better to do soming for yourself than posting damned commen. You depend riek because he is nuer not a southerner. Be like an educated person than being old minded primitive thinker.

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 07:47, by Nuer

        Pandit or Nyadeng

        Why you crying my friend? Can you take time to explain yourself? This is the behavior of stupid ass Dinkas who do not see outside the box. Your uncle Garang serving 99 years in the tomb decaying. I’m happy that he die that bastard and suprise that Nyadeng is running around here in southern Sudan without underwear.

        Also Dinkas must stop grabbing Equatorian land and must go back to their land since peace has come to southern Sudan. I’m happy that your uncle die. Now, respect your Vice-president and start portraying the greater naath nation positively and I’ll leave you guys alone. Until you start portraying the greater Nuer positively, I’ll never stop saying that bastard Nyadeng.

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2009 08:10, by Pandit

          Mr. Nuer I get you fool. Servant never know right and wrong doing by his master. Please free yourself from Riak family and work for your own benefit than cleaning his home. Garang life will be hanging around your neck if you are one of who those who murdered him.

          repondre message

          • 12 February 2009 08:12, by Pandit

            Mr. Nuer I get you fool. Servant never know right and wrong doing by his master. Please free yourself from Riak family and work for your own benefit than cleaning his home. Garang life will be hanging around your neck if you are one of those who murdered him.

            repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 15:06, by biarawieu

      iam sorry to responded these stupid comment, i was really upset when i heard the last week comment from one of the contributor saying that, Nuer are the most primitive society all over the entired world, there is no different between educated and uneducated.
      Hi mr wani you are right, these community was totally misleaded somewhere by those progandas, ngundeng and mr wurnyang who was the shameless witchcraft and big lies to the whole community. prove me wrong if there is anyone in these community rised from the death to live like jesus christ.

      i shouldn,t of whole community, for my advice to those guy on the internet you need to have a very reasonable minded and you have learn how to responded to the acticles.

      repondre message

  • 12 February 2009 07:43, by Mounyjang

    Dear brothers
    I don’t agree with anybody who calls Nuer a curse in South Sudan. No, Nuer is a great community and with its strength and weaknesses like any other community.
    THe only weakness Nuer has and any intellectual and diplomat like Wiyual should know is that they lack the phrase "hold-on" which is "Kon chuong" in Nuer and "kon kooch" in Dinka.
    Dinkas have another weakness, which is that they rarely change their minds when they have agreed to something.
    Both have disadvantages and advantages as traits.
    The fact that Nuers are easily agreeable to something makes them the best fighters but at the same time makes them undependable because they can be changed anytime(It might not be all Nuers but majority). This is not good for someone in the position of leadership.
    On the other hand, inflexibility of Dinkas has an advantage in the sense that they weigh the outcome of their deeds before they implement them. This results in ignoring some issues out of a higher agenda which helps a lot especially when in a position of leadership.
    But this is disadvantageous in the sense that when a compromise has to be reached after some painful bruises, it will take a dinka a generation to accept it while it only takes Nuer a month or even less to forget the past.This may end up causing more pains or so. Am a dinka and I have a lot of Nuer relatives both in Upper Nile, Jonglei and Unity state snd I respect them.
    But as a dinka who takes time to forget the past issues, it may take me the whole of my lifetime to forgive Riek Machar for what he did in 1991.
    Maybe because am a dinka but the difference between Garang and Riek because most of my colleagues on this site have always compared them is that, Garang used an institutional slogan and mechanisms to kill Nuer.In that sense, those who participated in killing Ka-jaaks included/ or mostly led by Nuer officers.
    It is like when Riek killed all Dinka officers in Nasir who refused to pay him allegiance to his movement. Those guys died at the opposition of institution but not an individual.
    But Riek used tribal rhetorics(cha jang lai) to kill civilians in Bor: this is a genocide or tribal cleansing.
    That same logic explains why Darfur case even only 300,000 pple died is classified as genocide but not that of South SUdan where more than a million have died. In the SOuth, El Bashiir used institutions and even a lot of Southerners were on his side of the line while that of Darfur uses tribal identification as guilt.
    I know it may not make sense to someone who absolutely believes in Riek, but the best compromise intelligent Nuers should strike if Nuer needs leadership is to bring someone who can be a uniting figure other than Riek who stands no chance of even forming a Southern government leave alone managing it. There is a very high population of people who believe that they will rather die than to see Riek ruling South Sudan.THose people have mechanisms and ability to bring South down to its knees as Riek did in 1991. His current position is being viewed as a compromise to bring about the unity of people of the South but not that he deserves it. This is a genuine advice from a dinka who has the peace at heart and has a concern of both side.I actually lost a cousin(Deng Paul Door) in 1991 who was an SPLA officer but just be because he was a nuer. I mourn him upto date because we grew up together as kids and he was a gentleman. So, no one gains in the event of division.

    repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 08:09, by Mounyjang

      Hey Wiyual
      This Wiyual online here sounds diplomatic like my friend Paul O.
      Hope you are fine bro.

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 09:09, by Gatwech


        The leadership of Dr. Riek Machar can never be determined by few Dinkas who hate him and carry out hate campaign against him. It is already determined by the majority of the people of South Sudan. Whatever you do is a waste of time and energy. He is the Vice President and may soon be the President. Those who want to commit suicide because they don’t like a Nuer in the person of Dr. Machar should go a head to die. As you said, the killings during the war were non-stop and institutionalized as you confessed that Garang also killed Gaajaak in that way. But you run short of condemning Garang but rushed in the so-called unforgettable Dinka memory of the past. No, I believe you will have no choice but to forget whatever hate you have for Dr. Riek. Again, don’t add more lies as I have seen in your message. Point of correct: The Nuer called patience ’pal loai piny’, not ’kon whatever’ you wrote. Please, don’t waste your time, either accept Dr. Machar or commit suicide...

        repondre message

        • 16 February 2009 16:49, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

          Thanks to Dr machar if he will solve this problem between lou-Nuer and jikany-Nuer.let him bring peace among Nuer themselves and other neibour tribes like Dinka,shilluk,anuak etc.because since the beginning of sudan,Lou did not claim jikany land except his regime in Nasir faction.God will help Dr Machar in bringing peace among the two big Nuer communities and take lou from wanding,barmach and others places that they took by force back to patoch,nyirol,langken,ladok and others places that have water like these to stay there in peace.
          By W.wech Puk.

          repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 08:23, by Big Head

      Oh God!

      Thanks be to God for making our brothers from Nuer reconciled, its takes nothing to live in peace, hormony, joy, respect for oneself, than killings onself always for unknown reason.

      Since creation there never been peace in Nuer area and with thier neighbours because of individual self interest like Riek Machar who had been slaughtering people there and here in search for leadership. so I felt really great that our brothers have now known that "there is time for everythings" let Riek or so called Dr. Riek who learn nothing and forgot nothing from the past and present not let any life lost within you and your neighbours again.

      Peace belong to those who seek its. Therefore it is Nuer turn to remove a bad image of fighting, causing havoc to others, doing things in unexpected manners, claiming a legacy that does no belong to them.

      Vice president must learn that Nuer community need peace and he must know history will not forgive him for the suffering he had cause to his people in particlar Nuer.

      God bless our wonderful Nation
      God bless Nuer Community and the people of Southern Sudan

      May peace, unity and love for our nation prevail during our time

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 08:42, by Gatwech

        God bless Dr. Riek Machar,

        This man is definitely doing the right thing others do not do. Get up stomach liberators from Juba and assist Dr. Riek Machar in bringing peace among communities. I also warn you not to sabbotage his efforts like you did when he went to burry late Dr. Justin Yaac Arop in Warrap state and to reconcile Dinka clans of Apuk and Aguok, some others plus Salva Kiir tried to work to remove him in the SPLM 2nd National Convention. Where is your morality here. Somebody saving your people when you were afraid to go to your own land and you want to pay him back by removing him. This is why I am very proud to be Nuer because of Nuer’s superiority in maintaining morality. Let the tribal thugs bark on this net because they will never stop this blessed man, Dr. Riek Machar, and the would-be father of independent South Sudan. Make peace among your people, Dr. Machar...Blessed are the peace-makers and death to warmongers...

        repondre message

      • 16 February 2009 17:22, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

        oh!! people,Dr Riek commit genocide in Bor,if that is so what a bout others SPLA commenders who did the same like killing of certain Nuers commenders by SPLA commender KuoL manyang when Dr Riek defect? to me,we can forget all these things and any one will take risk of his\her wrong doers.

        repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 08:42, by Wiyual


      I like to debate with person like you who sometimes tells the partial truth even though parts of your comments are bias. The first people, who rescued displaced Bor civilians in 1991, were my taskforce men. I fought alongside the SPLM/A Movement all my life in the army.
      But our leaders had misled us in many ways without telling the truths.
      Point by point, I would like to touch some of your claims here. Firstly, all High commanders had committed crimes against humanity during the war whether in SPLA or in other sub factions. But to sort mistakes committed by them, one need not to favor one side if you are a true liberator. Dr. Garang was first, and most corrupted High Ranked Commander before they: like Riek, Kuol, Nyuon, and Kerubino followed. Second to your point, Nuer is a normal and democratic society known all over the Sudan in general. To prove that, ask any Nubian, Furian individual who is not in South section part of the country. They will tell you that Nuer, before civil war broke out, used to rescue oppressed person of colors in Khartoum from the Arab oppressor without asking any causes of their arguments.
      Why Nuer became so suspicious? Well, the answer is very simple. In Itang I, Dinka were holding all government and civilian position in that camp, Nuer became the victim of Dinka simply because they were defenseless due to the fact that, the ones who were oppressing them were Dinka soldiers that refused to go to frontlines rather were assigned to the camps with their guns. Raping, killing, and torturing by those armed Dinka soldier who had refused to go to war became unhealed wounds to Nuer, in turn was the revenges that was felt by Dinka Bor after the fall of Ethiopian socialist. Not Riek Machar that organized the so called White Army, but were armed Nuer civilians who did the revenge.
      Another unproved claim you stated is not true neither. We the Nuer have sense of humor and harmony. Our people had been tortured for nearly seven yrs., from 1983 to 1990 without saying anything, while Dinka was attacked for only two weeks in Bor, now become the issues that you are teaching your generation for nearly a decade while we had endured Dinka hardships for that long and forget it simply for the sake of South Sudan Unity.
      Who hold the more humanity between Nuer and Dinka? I will leave the answer to other tribes who are viewing this sites.

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 09:37, by mr x

        hi Wiyual thank you for your good commment in this webside.

        and keep your family well because you are the only Nuer who has marrige Dinka girl let those anothers dogs fucking themself in this web.

        repondre message

        • 16 February 2009 17:28, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

          marry Dinka girl is not a big relation between Dinka and Nuer,except their being nilotic in southern sudan.no matter,what ever tribe you belong please make unity.

          repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 09:38, by Mounyjang

        There is no doubt Nuers are democratic. I absolutely agree. But what is entailed in leadership?
        A leader(by E. Mckenna) is someone who defines a direction, aligns people along that direction and motivates them to continue in that direction whenever a journey gets longer and exhaustion takes toll.
        Riek embodies none of these, his movement would not have turned into tribal vengeance syndicate.
        Democracy means consensus rather than our superficial understanding of it, as anarchy and disorder, which we are preaching. Whatever the system, people must be restrained by ranks and social order. The fact that Nuers can watch one of their own committing heinous crime at their watch and condones him/her makes them(if at all that’s how all Nuers are) unfit for leadership.
        Garang’s dictatorship was felt by everybody and in principle, Riek had alot of back-up at the beginning. But when he turned it into tribal massacre, which you call vengeance, he lost it and NEVER WILL HE EVER RULE; MARK IT.

        Riek is neither democratic nor a charismatic leader.
        His style of management is what is called Improvised leadership. This is where subjects are allowed to do what they like and get condoned; THAT IS NOT DEMOCRACY!! It is an APATHY and that is why Riek’s movement turned into splinter of groups. That is why 1,000 young men died between Jikany and Lou between 1994& ’95, that’s 5,000 civilians got killed in Bor, that’s why his doks were killed by Bull and that’s why most Nuer senior commanders were killed by tribal chiefs(Garang whatsoever, could not allow tribal cleansing though he was a dictator).

        You killed people for refusal to pay allegiance to you, that’s leadership(called Task-management leadership). Garang did that to his kins the likes of Arok and Majier-that is dictatorship, not apathy.
        Riek is not a leader leave alone being a democrat.
        That is why Wurnyang attacked Malakal without Riek’s consent. Brother, let’s me tell you one thing, I can entrust the South to Paulino Matip but not to Riek Machar if at all that SOuthern Leader has to come from Unity State(I know you are from Jonglei). Many of us think and strongly believe that way.
        For peace sake, vice-presidency is enough for Riek.
        I told you this position somewhere when we were seated if this is Paul O.(Wiyual).

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2009 11:29, by Gatwech


          Because Dr. Riek Machar has not stopped your Dinka people from grabbing people’s lands, stealing government money from his state, Unity and Upper Nile states, has not stopped you from corruption, tribalism, where you fill posts with fake certificates, etc. and you call it weakness or condoning your crimes. Well, let me remind you that the time is very near for you to answer for these crimes under the feet of Dr. Riek Machar. If that is the language you prefere, than you will not count twelve months from now. We will deal with your crimes before we resort to democracy! Just wait as you are tied down to the poles. Okay!

          repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 09:46, by Trueson of Southerner is Back


        you are a very great liar ever born in Sudan,not even in Nuer community.Is Taban Deng Gai a Dinka led Itang in his whole life he spent in the SPLM/A until the overthrown of Magistu goverment in 1991.Taban raped 10,000 young girls,women from all tribes and sent about 800 to Addis-Ababa to make induced abortion,there are tangible envidences with Ethiopia goverment.

        secondly,Nuer are not democratic,they should have not form twenty-one factions in Nuer areas with twenty one C-IN-C opposing each other because of leadership.what democracy are you telling us? even when the all South Sudan militias were intregrated Nuer is still holding Militias in thier areas different leaders such Gordon Kong Chol and Tanginyang that cause the choas in Malakal.where is your Democracy?

        Thirdly,did you know how Nuer defined the goverment,it is contrary with the world definition(siela wukuma)no goverment but few people organised themselves with mutual trust with forces to loots and defence themselves.is it democracy to loot peoples?

        Finally,am not saying that Nuer are bad but don’t singled out nuer among the vaious community who inhabitant the South as good people alone.each community has it own good people and bad people and we are all southerners.

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2009 11:33, by Gatwech


          How could one man called Taban Deng Gai rape 10,000 Dinka girls and sent 800 of them for abortion in Ethiopia. Unless the Dinka girls were just found with their legs spread wide, there is no way you can rape such a number. Tell us more about it, where did Taban rape ten thousand girls and how?

          repondre message

          • 16 February 2009 17:40, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

            Oh!! that is not true.i do agreed with Gatwech this could not happen.again nothing called rape in Nuer land,because Nuer Have a very respective culture that is fearing of doing wrong thing like such.please Dinka you have been taught with rape by arab because i have seen in some areas in Bor such as manydeng,pariak.panweil etc girls have been raped by those of aweil who were together with me during the fighting with arabs.again don’t attack the person personally with what he can not do and will not do at all.Taban is a big man instead of doing that.don’t lie.

            repondre message

  • 12 February 2009 09:38, by Gatwech

    History: Nuer and Dinka with one ancestor!!!

    People have been asking why is so much hatred between the Nuer and the Dinka who share their ancestor (Deng)?

    Here is a historical clue of the fact! Deng had two children (now represented by Nuer and Dinka). The Dinka was the elder child while the Nuer was the younger child of Deng (their common ancestor). The family had only one old cow and its small calf by the time their father, Deng, died. When Deng felt that he was near death, he called his two children Dinka and Nuer. He told them that he was dying. Dinka’s behaviour was reckless, cunning, weak but abusive and would bully the younger Nuer! Nuer was fair, strong, obedient and trustworthy in the eye of their father.

    Knowing the behaviour of the Dinka who would mistreat the young Nuer after his death, Deng decided to divide the old cow and the calf between the Dinka and the Nuer so that each of them can go his own way. He called them to his hut and told the Dinka to take the old cow and the Nuer to take the calf.

    Dinka was not happy with the arrangement because he knew that the old cow was soon going to die and could no longer produce another calf. He knew the calf given to Nuer was growing and would soon begin to produce more cows. When they finished talking with their father, the Dinka, in the cunning and lying style, called the Nuer again and told the Nuer that their father had changed his mind and given him to calf instead of the old cow. The Nuer could not believe the Dinka part of the story.

    The Nuer decided to inquire the cancellation of the previous arrangement from their father. When he told the story to their father (Deng), he was so angry and called in the Dinka immediately. He cursed the Dinka for disobeying his last breath arrangement with them. He told Dinka to remain cunning and lying, but when the Nuer finds out about the Dinka lies, the Nuer would punish the Dinka until the Dinka submits to Nuer authority. He told the Dinka that his old cow would produce him milk which the Dinka would enjoy for a short time, but the Nuer’s calf would grow up and produce more cows that would produce and provide endless milk to the Nuer.

    That wass the beginning of how the two tribes who happened to share their ancestor are hating themselves to the point no body would believe.

    repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 09:56, by Trueson of Southerner is Back


      you are another great liar than your cousin Wiyual.our acestor is called Deng and your accestor is called Dang that mean Thief and robberer.we are not related Gatwec.

      repondre message

      • 16 February 2009 17:48, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

        please trueson,
        you did not understand the history between Dinka and Nuer,they are one ancestor like what Gatwech said.but if you denied that,Nuer are not bothering to have relation with Dinka.what the relation with Dinka can do to Nuer? i know Nuer are not theives,they are the Dinka who theives AND Cowards.that is the word jiang means slave of Nuer.

        repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 10:02, by Mounyjang

      Hey Gatwech
      I don’t need to commit suicide to block Riek from taking power. I have every muscle and mind to do that.
      We admitted him voluntarily into SPLM in 2001 and allowed him to be a vice president because we wanted to rally Nuers behind CPA. We also admitted Matip( who is a better leader than Riek by the way).
      Remember what happened in May during convention was just a yellow card!!! Red Card is coming.
      What will Riek do if he gets removed???
      Using few bullets availed by SPLA to kill few soldiers and thereafter runs to Khartoum? Anything else??
      He is not where he is because he is strong, he is there because we want him there. Hope that rings a bell in your mind.
      Think deeper brother.

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 11:10, by Gatwech


        Don’t say "we" in your hiding place. Who are "we?". Who is now ruling South Sudan? The Nuer are giving you chance to hurry up in eating your ’ngat’ before the whistle is blown. You are out fool, just open your eyes, not ass. Let me tell you that the Dinka can never and never afford to remove Dr. Riek Machar. It is Dr. Riek Machar who can remove Salva Kiir if he wants. Because are a foolish refugee in foregin land, you don’t assess the situation. What happened during the Convention when your foolish advisors thought it was good idea to remove Dr. Riek. Did you not beg the Nuer not to remove Salva Kiir when things began to turn around? Again, you are lying. There are two ancestors called Deng and Dang unless you are not a true Dinka. The difference was that you are ever cursed as Dinka but the Nuer was blessed. Your cow’s milk is about to finish soon and the Nuer’s calf has grown up to provide ever ending milk to Nuer and you the thieves and beggers.

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2009 11:14, by Gatwech

          Correction: there are no two ancestors, Deng and Dang in our history. Only Deng who blessed the Nuer and cursed the Dinka. It is like the history of Isaac in Israel with his two sons, Esau (Dinka) and Jacob (Nuer).

          repondre message

          • 13 February 2009 15:08, by 13012 Shepherd

            Wed Juba.

            Shut up! You woman

            What do you know about Dinka and his cursed brother Nuer?.
            This is a fight of men and not a woman like you.
            You call your self proudly wed Juba, What do you have in your dirty Juba?. City minus hygiene?

            I remember very well in 2005 when we first entered Juba, I saw a young man defecating just one meter from the road and I could hear him screaming squeezing the hell of thing right from his large intestine to anus and lastly the thing came out with the sound similar to that of RPG and mobile mortar ( Ahon chiengkut)

            Nuer are better than you equatorians because when there is war now they can fights together with us unlike you people who will be causing jams in the borders of Kaya and Nimule running to Uganda leaving behind your Equatoria which you will later claim to be yours alone.

            However their (Nuers) only problem is that they don’t fight with empty stomach and that was the reason as to why their minds could easily be turned round

            repondre message

        • 13 February 2009 01:21, by Wad Juba

          Mr Mounyjang! With unmeasured shame, i have read all the "Dinka verses Nuer " comments, but my point here, is, why would you say - " We " - appointed Dr. R. Macher. And who is " we " . As a southerner, ( non Nuer nor Dinka ) i find it disturbing. These are the kind of ideologies, that fuel triblism and promote the intersts of a specific ethnic group. I would like to think that, it is the job of the GoSS government to make " appointments " not the "Dinka" as you seem to indirectly suggest. No wonder, you guys are being hated by all non Dinka tribes.

          repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 11:13, by mr x

        to all of you Trueson/ Mounyjang/Trueman.

        you guys are disapoint mr WIYUAL and Gatwech because i want those guy to teach another Nuer so that they can riche they Dinka level.and i have one question why when Dink fighting with none Nuer so they Nuer can came and fight also and saying that if we are not go to fight them now together they most get us later, you see when they came Nuer and Dinka they fight always.And that is why iwant those guys to help them to learn them because Nuer are fighting maker.let me go back to the point wiyual was born by mistake to be Anuer insted to be Adinka that why now he get Dinka girl,it like when Germany saying that John Garang was supose to be born here in Germany because Germany know good leadership,and that is why i want wiyual to came and teaching NUER they leadership,when the RIAK declear they war agast Garang leadership in 1991 the same group of NUER when out and killing civilian looting all ever things which RIAK MACHAR didn,t mean that it was the full down they leadership of RIAK,and people of southerns are not trust RIAK anymore

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2009 11:19, by Gatwech

          Mr. X,

          I found it difficult reading your Dinka English. I don’t care if Germany claimed John Garang to be their Hitler in South Sudan. Which community with sound mind would be proud to have a leadership of Germany under Adolf Hitler, the killer of Jews in millions. Go and learn from Germany, we the rest of other communities in the South do not want to practice Germany leadership in Nimule and other parts of South Sudan.

          repondre message

          • 12 February 2009 11:56, by mr x

            to Gawech can you tell me why they Riak machar full down with you and his leadership while he know that they Nuer will destory he plant killing innocent people distribute drity guns to they civilian and it became difficultics to him to bring them back with there white army

            repondre message

            • 12 February 2009 13:49, by Atungdiak

              Sounds great to have Lou and Jikany reconcilled.What about other communities along the Sobat (Baliet/Ngok)?If they are also involved, then writer made a mistake of narrowing the title ti Lou and Jikany

              Lou just attacked Abwong on 29/01/09. I will hold my breath till the next rainy season to wait if Lou will not attack The Ngok community and Jikany.

              What happens yearly between these communities is bitter to swallow especially for peaceful Jikany community and innocent Ngok (Baliet) community. There would be peace if Lou go to water points without guns. Jikany can’t raid/attack them

              Frankly; Jikany has been the most peaceful. As a neighbor to them, never have they attacked Ngok (Baliet) community except during 1991 confusion which had nothing to do with them. Its good to give credit where its due. Unity state is the most stable and peaceful state now. Their differences are just between clans not tribes

              Now Lou: You must stop attacking Jikany and Ngok along the Sobat river and you will have water and pasture peacefully !!!!!You Need Jikany and Ngok more than they need you and you need to wave a white flag (for peace)

              Why was it only Dr. Riek, Changson, and James Hoth attending. Reconciliation should involve outsiders.
              Nuer as a community must be fed up with Dr. Riek unless they are kiding themselves. I don’t think Dr. Riek is reconcilling them but rather using the ocassion to rebuild his character. He is a great man but, being pushed as the future leader of this nation,given his inconsistancy is tribal and dreamy. Yes, he can be but why can’t you thugs wait till that date. I have no grudge on any one to become ..... as long as he does not falter when the going gets tough. I am still waiting for a resilience character from this Dr. Riek


              promoting your tribe as this and that does not help. I seriously question Watwec’s patriotism.He sounds like some one who never smelled what Southerners when through during the struggle. All others including from my own Dinka tribe who lose their heads are also not helping. I am sick of reading articles that attack personalities and misfire the main article. When will we learn??

              Lets stop being emotional and point out facts no matter how bitter. Facts do not favor one’s tribe. Knowing how to read a write does not make you great, it opens minds and opened minds do not know about tribal;ism

              repondre message

          • 12 February 2009 13:19, by Tehjiek Nath

            Thank to GOSS effort of bringing peace to the people.Riek as a person taking this initiative of establishing ’peace within’ among various communities,I must say is a blessing.Peace be upon him as he continue the peace tour to my state of Unity.

            True Son of Southerner,we are not interested in the said relationship either.I think the myth of Nuer being related to the Dinka is a distortion of history dated in its millenia.What I mean is that,we may be related in a sense that our ancestors have been sharing and we continue to share many other things upto date e.g there are clear cultural resemblances and physical traits between the Nuer and the Dinka.These similarities has led to a notion among the anthropologists that the Nuer and the Dinka may actually be related as found in the traditions of both group,hence the name Dinka-Nuer to refer to the group in opposite to the Lou group,another Nilotic people with whom we have much shared culture.Meanwhile the assumption of similarities being the defining factor in assessing past and present shared culture and common ancestry or origin is very limited in its scope to be precise.That mean Nuer and Dinka may have much of a difference than speculated similarities in term of origin and cultural values.

            The proximity of neighbourliness is a factor that can distort history as it should be.For example,the Wagisu in Kenya a Bantu people,believe that they have the same origin with the Lou tribe and point as their homeland a place call Missiri.Making it sound like they and the Lou originated from Egypt.The fact that Lou migrated down the Nile river and according to their present geographical location might have been originally from the North,come closer to the word ’Missiri’ which is sometimes the name refered to Egypt.This (Missiri) actually which lies in the North of Lou present settlement.There is a sense in the direction of Missiri as a possible,one time home to the Lou.But what brought a Bantu speaking people to claim a common origin with the Lou and even with accuracy holds in its tradition the exact location Lou original home as being in the North? The answer could be found in the interactions of the Lou as a Nilotic tribe and most of it neighbours who speak Bantu language.The Lou during their migrations assimilated and were assimilated too in a certain degree.Thus,this led to exchange of cultural ideaologies and oral traditions among the affected communities.The Wagisu do not have any linguistic relation with the Lou and their possible common origin is out of sense to believe is real.But we may take it that,the elements among the Lou speakers who settled and were absorbed by Wagisu made the myth spread like it represent the tribe.

            The myth of Deng as a father to Nuer and Dinka,is just absurd.The assimilated Dinkas among the Nuers,like the Wagisu of Kenya made it up,that’s all.

            Gatwech,we have nobody call Deng or Dang who was our great grandfather,it’s a simple unrealistic myth.Our true origin is clear,we may not share it with Dinka as alleged.

            repondre message

    • 13 February 2009 03:09, by AUGUSTINO DENG

      Mr Gatwech,

      Please my dear you better tells the truth like Mr King Tut of Nuer Community. By the way, how old are you? Why are you not stabled yourself in one position, instead of roaming around?` Is that the way how you are going to consolidated all the people of Southern Sudan if you are selected sometime as a president? What connects that history with the reconciliation of the two communities of Nuer in Upper Nile State and it is only two communities of Nuer which united themselves nor Dinkas were not involved in this reconciliation?.

      My friend Gatwech, use your little education that you had procured on the right figure, otherwise you will be entitled as a most hatred person in this website.

      repondre message

  • 12 February 2009 15:55, by Joseph

    Congratilation to nuer leader and politicial for bring nuer togather to reconcile this will be axample to other tribes or communities.
    Guys, you are all out of the topic. non of you is leader, you just congratulate nuer for their reconcilation.

    repondre message

    • 12 February 2009 17:00, by Chameleon Chameleon

      Good point Mr.Joseph, let’s forget bullshiit comments that increase hatred among ours and give thanks and appreciation to Greater Nuer communities and their politicains who bring reconciliation to both said communities. I also wish the same system to be adopted by some states who never step up security in their state. About confunsed people like Gatwech and Nuer, leave them alone guys, those idiots don’t know what they are doing. If Dinkas were cursed by their said ancestor "Deng" why Dinkas are still a majorty if God doesn’t blessed them to multiplied as many times as they want to be because they are peace makers, sincere and brave tribes who taught Arabs a lesson that they will never forget. If was’t Dinkas mind and braveness, I think there shouldn’t be no CPA today that made Dr. Riak as a vice president which is a position that Nuers sons/daughters will never dream of achieving. If Dinkas were curse, why God makes everthing they tried possible? I hope Gatwech understand that.

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 19:59, by GatNaath

        That is an exaggeration, coinciding with tribal bais.
        To say, Dinka alone, taught a lesson to Arabs without acknowleded other ethnicities’contribution in the South Sudan, is quite off base.
        Also, the notion of " Dinka majory" turned to be a tire myths when observing the current outlook demographic of South Sudan.
        The possible new ethnic Majority is about to emerge, supported by facts and statistics.

        Hovever, it is not a matter of who is large or majorty, but rather it’s how to confront common enemy collectively.

        repondre message

      • 12 February 2009 20:17, by Wiyual


        I have heard so much on this discussion. Our brothers from Dinka would not be convinced because they are filled with an excessive prides which make them not to see outside the boxes.
        Divisions based on our ethnics’ backgrounds will never take us anywhere. But unity among Southerners would be a milestone toward our goals. Ethnics’ differences had taken us more than 22 yrs. With winner not yet been declared. This time is periods of forgetting past faults and aim our objectives to the main enemy, which we all know very well, Arab. Arabs know have taken their pillow and through the ball games unto us because they know how to play this game of dividing us very well.
        Unity is Strength!,


        repondre message

        • 13 February 2009 02:11, by Magos

          Dear Wiyual could you please open your eyes proparly because Dinka ’re n’t against any tribes in whole Sudan ,Indeed their problem ’s that Dinkas ’re discoverage people.They shouldn’t be convinced in negative ways or blindfool, just take an examples of Raik Machar.He have had meeting with two major Nuer communities to reconcile,Why n’t Dinkas Bor in Duk county and Nuer because Raik Machar has planning again to detory Dinkas like what happened in 1991. Risk or Riak did a secret meeting last year with Murile in pibor with out an information from Jonglei states Govenor Koul Mangang,so brother you don’t what ’s going on with Risk machar two major Nuer communities reconcile,meaning that n’t reconcillation between two Nuer groups, It should be a distrsase to others communities in Southern Sudan But let Raik playing his game, I know that the life of Raik should end very soon.

          repondre message

        • 13 February 2009 10:31, by Dongway Doorich

          it is so great to hear that peace started prevailing among our people .this act if it done with sincererity without any hidden agenda should not only stop with these two communnities but should be extended to some near by areas i mean burnig and forgotten areas like Atar and Khorfulus .even though they don’t belong to Nuer community but still they are southerners .
          riek might still be remembering the past in which the two communities of Atar and Korfulus blocked his movement in 1991.he may be encouring more death to occure in those two areas.i learned that those two areas are having a dangerou tension tothe extend of fighting among themselves which claims dozens of live between the two .iam saying this not because i belong to those two communiteies but for the sake of security to prevail in the whole south sudan because we have a challenge a head of us .Mr Nuer and his fellows tribal minded users of this websit should be realistic and should not be too Nuer if they want to get support from others .their claim of ruling south sudan without dinka is anaked dream because out of ten state , dinkas are in seven states tell me where will u rule without the spport from this large majority of people u are always accusing. form an allies with dinka so as to win the vote but don’t accuse the whole tribe for no reaseons.

          On corruption, it is found every where in sudan and not only in south sudan as u think that dinkas are the only corrupted people .
          ur remanants of Riek are now creating problem to innocent peace loving people of Padang by grabing their lands and collecting taxes which are not entering into the south sudan Ministry of finance chest.
          it is not a new thing to Padang people when they see u behaving like that cuz this has been ur habit .
          u fear no government and that is why u and ur tribemen don’t respect institutions and rule of law.some body gave a good definition of the govenment by u and your people.u always talk of the big dinka when some small tribes like murle are chaleenging ur lou nuer always.
          i know it is the directives given to u by ur small god (albashir and his fellow NIF).
          plz receive ur monney and be like Paulino Matib who has been since the creation aganst the government lead by dinka but when he knew that it is time to give south sudan its independant , he collected all his property in khartoum and joint his brothers with an apology letter even though it not exposed to the press and media.
          those are the better traitors then u guys are.ur people of lou nuer and Gawar during the census last year refused to go back to their homeland to be count and also refused to be count under the areas in which tey are currently residing .
          they refused to be count under Atar and Khorfulus and under upper nile giving excuse that we don’t belog to here and we are not going back to our places .
          now their names is not inlcuded in the whole census .should anything happen to the population of south sudan, your people are the cause .
          tell me which country u want to rule when ur people upto now do not know the instituions and not abit by the law?
          iam sorry to talk to u man cuz it is a waist yto my energy and time .i have a lot of information about u .i will let the whole south know at that time when u are ready to go for election.

          repondre message

          • 13 February 2009 11:06, by Gatwech

            Ya Pandit or Pantot,

            Don’t just throw comments with empty head as if readers do not know history or who was really fighting the war while Dinka military officers were hiding in refugee camps. Who captured most of the towns in South Sudan during the war, were they not Nuer officers? Even Juba, the capital itself if you could remember or stick to the truth, it was Commander Wang chiok (a Nuer) who surrounded the town after the present SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Maj. Gen. Bior Ajang was afraid to command the fierce fighting over Juba town. Good enough that Commander Thomas Cirilo (Equatorian) gave the enemy a blow too from within Juba town especially at the airport. If only that the Dinka soldiers among Wang Chiok forces around Juba began to run a way, the town was about to be captured. So, why are you feeding the readers with lies and pretense as if the Dinka were really fighting. Don’t cover yourselves under the fact that late John Garang who was the chairman was a Dinka and so every body would blindly believe that the Dinka were also fighting well. Even Salva Kiir himself was not a good fighter to tell the truth, and his soldiers used to disperse and leave him alone because of his incompetence in organizing logistics and planning the battle. He was a poor commander. The only Dinka commander who could fight a real fight was Commander Kerubino Kwanyin Bol. I could not talk of John Garang because he never in his own life shot a bullet at Jalaba face to face. You could see him carrying his Jamus rifle with two pistols just practicing at monkeys on the trees. He would just visit an already captured town after days. Some of his Bor refugee camp commanders in Itang would also come with him to see the town and later claim that they captured it over SPLA radio announcing their names. What a pretense!!! Look at the real fight of a Nuer commander in 1988 when Riek Machar with his forces clashed directly with the forces commanded by President Omar Al-Bashir in Mayom county of Unity state when Bashir was still Bridadier General and commanding the forces in Unity state. What happened. Bashir himself was wounded in the fight by Dr. Riek Machar’s forces of ’muor-muor. Let me tell you that Bashir knows only Riek Machar as the best fighter in the South. Tell me what have your refugee commanders done!

            The Nuer started the liberation struggle of south Sudan since 1800 against the British colony and were joined by the Azande of Western Equatoria while the Dinka were just collaborators who betrayed the Nuer to British. The British used to give the Dinka chiefs sweet things like sugar as they pay back for being collaborators. My friend, I reason with proofs and evidences. There are books written about the Nuer and how the Dinka used to behave. Just google them on the internet you will see that what I am telling you is fact, not like mouth lies out of your mind. The same occured in 1947 Juba conference when Both Diu and the rest were demanding self-determination if federation was not acceptable to Arabs. Again the Dinka chief were given sacks of sugar and salt and sided with the Arabs against self-determination or federation. Good enough that these things happened after 1991 ’Creeping Revolution’ engineered by Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol.

            Anya-nya I was there under Commander Joseph Lagu (Equatorian) after 1955 revolt in Torit town, followed by Anya-nya II under Commander Vincent Kwany Latjor (a Nuer). Anya-Nya II later became the SPLM/A.

            So, please, don’t just assume that the liberation struggle began in 1983, if it what you can remember or told by your elders. The fact that the recent movement of 1983 was led by a Dinka shouldn’t mean that every dinka who was hiding in refugee camps and IDP camps should claim to have fought a war. And also don’t forget that the real liberation war of independence is not yet over until we are independent. Prove that you can fight it next time!

            repondre message

            • 13 February 2009 15:27, by Dongway Doorich

              to Mr Gatwech,Nuer and Kim

              hello guys
              do not get surprise of hw come that this man has put our names all to gather. i have been following all your reply and comments to all who have contributed his/her ideas in this wonderful,advance website. iam told that you are all from Nuer lou . then i kept on reading more of your comment trying to see whether you guys are claiming for something or you are just angry by yourself.
              due to some my personal research and some information from close source from you , i desvcovered that you where the very people of the coordination council of Riek Gai Kok the Feet-kisser of the Most wanted man in 2008/2009 Amir Elmojahadeen Shiekh Omer Hassen Elbashir .
              i said is it really true , the source told yea it is true .
              listen to me here guys if the information is true, then (cha lach yen dial ) inluding your top terrorist who own nothing but distirbilising of south sudan .iam not a nuer by birth but have staying with some good guys from nuer tribe.
              my question to you is that ,why are you guys too Nuer when you are claiming to rule south sudan? there is no where in the south one tribe can rule with getting the support from other tribes irrespect of their weigh.
              you have been talking about the land grabed by some Dinka man in Equatoria, do you guys as a good emerging politician if iam not mistaken make survey so as to know the exact location of your people of your tribe ? do you know where they are residing now? if you don’t know, your people from Lou nuer and From Gawar are now residing in land they have grabed from Dinka Padang in both jonlei and Upperniole state s respectively. they are now in Wunlith (Kaldak) and canal ,Ashaab Elnil and Doleib hill in uppernile State .all areas i have mentioned are the Dinka Padang territories .to make it worst , your people have formed their own goernments in those places , they are collecting taxes from each and every body coming from Pangak to malakal and vise versa knowing that they are definitely not in their places .the local people are well known people all over the south in two things
              1- peace loving
              they are keeping quite because they know that it is not right time for them to retaliate because big challenge is waiting for south sudan untill 2011.do you guys really ask yourselves before talking of others about your currennt situation in the south sudan that you are dreaming to rule?
              let me tell u this , being an arrogans to others does not show your bravenes instead in the educated world like you are doing in the website, you will be proved more stupid and you will not get vote from the people you think that they are friend to you .don’t invit enemy to your community by being bitter with othetr tribe otherwise ,you will not see your man you are compaining for coming to power . you need me and others like Wani ,obech ,deng ohea and Mariano in all corners of south sudan to win the election. another piece of information is that , if your people are the very sample iam always seeing Kaldak and Doleib hill, forget about power please because it will take you another fifty years to bring them to the level of south sudan for you need them to help you reflecting good governern to other southrrners .last year in 2008 census, your people from the areas i have mentioned refused to be count for the reason that they don’t belong to areas they residing and they refused to go back to their places in ayot and Wuror counties. upto now their names are not included in the census. can you guys imagine how your people are letting south sudan? you din’t inform your people that south sudan because of population can be deny a dependent country?
              if that happen later , the history will not forgive you because you can not be cause of fallback of south sudan republic always starting from 1991 and upto the time when the whole south sudan people thought you guys have leaned a lot from your bad deeds .you better make an allies with fellow Dinka so as to grand a position like you guys are holding now in the government of south sudan .if you guys are employees of NIF in khartoum , then you guys should behave like Matib who one time was a strong opponent to any government lead by Dinka, nobody expected Matib to Be in south sudan wth his true brother salva kiir , when Matib realised that it is time to let south sudan get its independent, he dropped all the agreement with jalaba and came to south sudan peacefully.
              By the way Matib is the only former Malitia who rejected the policy of stamp in the ass as your man are now .e,g Dr Riek Gai kok who is your ring leader for next fall down of south sudan.organise your people and leave terrifying other communities. do it to other communitis but keep away from Dinka Padang , you can ask DR Riek Machar and he will tell you more about Dinka padang.they are like nuer in some cultural activies but in fighjting once declared, no going back plz.let us wait until 2011 then we will start what you are now preacing .

              repondre message

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