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ICC prosecutor accuses Sudan’s Bashir of war crimes


By Wasil Ali

July 14, 2008 (WASHINGTON) – The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo asked pre-trial judges to issue arrest warrants for Sudan president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir.

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The International Criminal Court’s prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo reacts during a press conference in The Hague, Netherlands, Tuesday Feb. 27, 2007 (AP)

The prosecutor said "forces and agents" under the control of Bashir had killed at least 35,000 civilians outright, and caused the "slow death" of 80,000 to 265,000 people, who were displaced from their homes by fighting.

"Bashir committed, through other persons, genocide against the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups in Darfur, the Sudan, by using the state apparatus, the armed forces and militia/Janjaweed," the document said.

Moreno-Ocampo filed 10 charges: three counts of genocide, five of crimes against humanity and two of murder. Judges are expected to take months to study the evidence before deciding whether to order Al-Bashir’s arrest.

In addition to seeking the arrest warrant, the prosecution asked the court to seize Bashir’s property and freeze his assets.

“Al-Bashir is the President. He is the Commander in Chief. Those are not just formal words. He used the whole state apparatus, he used the army, he enrolled the Militia/Janjaweed. They all report to him, they all obey him. His control is absolute.” added Prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo.

In London British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Monday at his monthly press conference at his Downing Street office moments before the formal announcement,
stressed that the ICC had British support.

Brown said it was too early to comment specifically but added: "We call on the government of Sudan to cooperate with the International Criminal Court.

"The International Criminal Court has our support for its activities.

"We have raised with the Sudanese government the need to cooperate with the International Criminal Court. The foreign secretary raised this with the Sudanese president on July 9."


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  • 14 July 2008 13:37, by Monye Jur

    To God be the glory.
    Justice and peace must go togather hand in hand.

    No one in this world is so supperior to the extend of committing genocide and not been trial.

    For NCP, where is the greater sadam now? and so is today Al Beshir.

    Bravo Ocampo, still go ahead until the judges issued a warrant arrest .

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    • 14 July 2008 15:48, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

      Beshir to hell everyone is sick of this terrorist man sadist go to hell,please don’t leave this him he will ran to his heaven saudi arabia heaven for African criminals like Mabutu,Iddi and many more.just hell is the way for beshir and we have to hunt the other two criminals.

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  • 14 July 2008 13:42, by Mr Point

    All reports of this action against Sudan should be fair. Sudan should not be victimised by the world press.

    The diplomats representing Sudan should be give every chance to put forward their expalnation of events in Darfur.

    They do say only 10,000 died there. Let them prove that. Let them show this man is lying.

    View online : Ex- Janjawid commander Arbab Idries links Khartoum to massacres

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    • 14 July 2008 14:51, by Mr.Big Eye

      Bustard you the so called Point

      you and your husband al-bashir have to leave the world and go to hell to join your mujakadin,janjawit,and all your terrorist brothers,enough is enough, the blood of innocent Sudanese is crying out with a great pain GOD has heard it, we need a free ground to live in, we need peace justice

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  • 14 July 2008 13:51, by Majak-da

    ICC needs not to worry about Sudanese response. Terrorist party – NCP, sponsored those 2,000 thugs who protested in Khartoum but there are 6.8 million inhabitants there.

    Indeed the tens charges brought against Al – Bashir are less than expected. Just come and take him. The charges are more than true.

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  • 14 July 2008 14:08, by Batali

    Dear Luis Moreno-Ocampo

    At last you have come into the conclusion of the incidents that were and continue happening in Darfur. President Omar Bashir’s indictment by the ICC should have happened earlier, now it took almost 3 years BUT the best thing is to push the warrant of arrest as soon as possible before Bashir could act because he has alot of options to use as "the militias and more others to destroy the people of Darfur.
    This time Omar must go to Hague and face all these charges.
    Now it is the turn of the judges to act on the five crimes committed by Bashir and the rest of the wanted criminal who have committed crimes in Darfur, the rest of the charges will appear when he is arrested like those he committed in southern Sudan during the 22years of civil war.

    Bravo ICC long live Luis Moreno-Ocampo.

    Away Omar Hassan El Basir

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  • 14 July 2008 14:24, by Daniel Kalaka

    Things are tafy in side of the president of Sudan Ummar Al- Bashir and that are evidennce collected so far.

    What we call genocide is crime under International Laws.Whether commited during period of war time or during peace time .
    Moreover,the person commite the following acts have to face trail

    (b)Conspiracy to commite genocide
    (c)Direct and public incitiment to commite Genocide
    (d)Complicity in Genocide

    thanks Ocampo the following had commited by Bashir taker him to Hage he is terrorist man causing live of innocent people deal away with him!!

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  • 14 July 2008 15:05, by Deng Akol Agut-tungdoun


    That is a work weldone!. But don’t let those judge wait for months as stated above. Killing over 265,000 people is not a joke so you better hurry otherwise Basheir is going to creats other ways of dodging you.


    The God of the marginalised citizens of Sudan is really Agreat God.

    Be bless.

    Deng Akol Agut-tungduon, a man far away from tribalism.

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  • 14 July 2008 15:26, by Andrew Malual

    The Good you are doing will rewarding you goodly and the bad you are doing will resulting badly. We are ready to celebrate the day of execution of our president Omar Al-Bashir by ICC.

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    • 14 July 2008 16:16, by CHOLTHEGREAT

      Well done Mr. Luis and the whole team of the ICC.Just do what you did to Charles Taylor.Let Bashir dance the music he composed himself because the tone of the melody is exactly his own making. There is no peace with out Justice.So justice has to be done for peace to come to Darfur.And that is bringing Bashir and his gangs to justice.

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  • 14 July 2008 15:53, by AramanaCaani junuba

    Your EXcellency Luis Moreno,

    AlBashir has committed more and all fatal crimes than you stated above,you could as well multiply those 10 charges by four to get 40 charges for he has committed crimes against humanity and Genocide in southern sudan,Eastern sudan and Central sudan.He is now accusing ICC of ’’PLAYING WITH FIRE’’and Mobiling incitment all over khartoum and arab Villages against international community.if arab countries will not comply with the order of ICC to arrest Omar Bashir whereever he will travel then international community should target the reform of leadership in arab world.the moderate countries like Egypt,jordan may comply with ICC Order.Now should Icc be weakened by criminal threats?

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  • 14 July 2008 17:00, by Uncle Louish

    Remember ‘jutice delayed is justice denied.’ So prompt ground for quicker actions against Al Bashir lest you prosecute the guilty and lose the innocents ( Darfurians)

    Let him (Bashir) reap from what he sows(ed)!

    Uncle Louish, the humble Gent.

    repondre message

    • 14 July 2008 18:27, by Wilson Wutchok Dhal

      In the first place i would like to congratulate the ICC chief prosecutor for the good job which he had shown to the world to point out the second criminal after Iddi Amin Dada; To begin with, i wanted to repeat what has been said by "UNCLE LOUIS" That if this prompt will not be issue as soon as possible then the fucking Arabs countries will intervene with dirty justice from Muhamed,


      repondre message

      • 14 July 2008 19:24, by Taban Wilson Wai

        There is time for evry thing therefore the time for Bashir to face the world has come thanks God for the ICC chief proscuter’s plan. Never for give him instead go ahead with your prosecution proses God is behind you otherwise we are tired of this evil man.

        repondre message

  • 14 July 2008 19:23, by David M. Kuol

    The ICC Court Rulling is indeed welcomed by all even the dead Sudanese who fought and die humble for the seek of prevention and protection for Genocide or homocide whatever the struggle.
    The NIF Militarily junta Goverment MUST exknowledge that suffeing of Sudanese unde thie is echo of BAd Governancrerr,

    Not only Bashir but other Senior figuein the NCP should peparred to comiitt Suicide o face the Law.

    Let Mr. President answer all his Deed in Alllah Faith.

    No WOnder Soon, You will be handle like your FRIEND Sadam Hussien, You murder today and You will be MUrder tomoorow.
    One World for one Action.

    repondre message

    • 15 July 2008 15:49, by mack waweru

      Yes, Sudan is not a member of ICC, but when it comes to crimes committed against humanity in Darfur that fall under the jurisdiction of the court, Bashir and his cronies have chance of being prosecuted by it. Why so? because Sudan is a memeber of the United Nations,and the ICC was ratified by it. Therefore,ICC has authority to indict and prosecute anybody that has committed crimes against humanity, whether his country is a member or not. Regarding the United States of America, it is not a member, but has legal system in how it can dealt with such cases fairly if they are committed by its citizens anywhere. Therefore, no contrast that can be made to US and countries in the third world where rulers intentionally kill their own people.
      Bashir and members of government deserve to face justice that they have denied to us in Sudan.


      repondre message

  • 14 July 2008 21:01, by Lago Gatjal Riaka

    Becareful people! You must not celebrate now. Most of you are missing the big picture of the point here which is the function of the International Criminal Court. It is important that you people who are now celebrating understand how the court work before coming to conclusion.

    International Criminal Court is an independent court that is made of 106 countries across the globe in which Sudan, United States, and some other countries are not members. According to court’s policy, any country that is not a member can not be judged by the court which put dictator Bashir to object to the court’s decision in any mean he might wants.

    In addition, United Nations has no any influence at all at the court’s decision. For instance, yesterday when the U.N. secratary general said someting concerning the indictment, some people thought he was going to stopped the prosecutor of the ICC from seeking an arrest warrant against the dictator of Sudan. It is important to understand that Ban-ki-Moon has no any power in stopping the court from the proceeding but can only give advice to the court only in the interest of the court.

    If the court decided to prosecute dictator Bashir, United Nations has no power to stop that from happening. But, the only problem is that if a country is not a member of the ICC, that country or citizens of that country can not be brought before the International Criminal Court. Sudan is not a member. This means that no any citizen of Sudan that can be judge or send to the court by any mean.

    United States for example who did not sign up to be the member of the court prohibited any action that can bring an American citizens before the ICC court in any case whether it is civil or criminal, whether it is crime committed by an American citizen abroad or at home. No American citizen can be brought before that court.

    The first thing that American did when the court was being formed was the fact that the U.S. governmnet went around the world asking countrie to sign up into a document that United States presented to countries to promise not to send any American citizen to the International Criminal Court. Countries were asked by the United States to sign up or their aids, mostly military aids were going to be cut and stop. Many countries sign that document promising not to send any American citizen to the ’Hague.’ Today, Ameircans live free knowing that their citizens will never be send to the Hague no matter what it takes.

    Alot of other countries across the globe are not members of the International Criminal Court. Any country that is not a member has no voice in the ICC on who they think should be brought before the court or how the court should work. Therefore, I find it interesting that United States department is having a say in the isssue that was presented today against Bashir since U.S. is not a member of the ICC.

    Therefore, Bashir can react anytime whether by dismissing the documents of the Compherensive Peace Agreement or continueing the proxy ethnic cleansing in Darfur. He can responded by doing any stupid act in the country as he knows that he got nothing to lose whether he is being taken to the court alive or dead. But, because of other experiences that Bashir has seen while still alive for instance, the death of Saddam Husien in public eyes and the death of the president of Serbia Milosevic, he will not be willing to comperate with the court in any format.

    Some people are thinking that prosecuting Bashir will bring more hope to the war in Darfur and the implementation of the Compherensive Peace Agreement which was signed by the National Congresss Party (NCP) and Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) in 2005. This is not true in my opinion. I’m predicting that actually things will get worse instead. Bashir will take the opposite side which will be dishononring to achieving justice, stability, and peace in the whole Sudan.

    After representing all these points above, I can now ask myself as a southern Sudanese what my interests are in Sudan. As a southern Sudanese, I do not care how dictator Bashir is toppled from his corrupt government that has been committing injustices against southern Sudanese for the last 20 years. Since he has done injustices in the country, it is also good that injustices must also be played on him so that he undertands how it feel to be injusticily treated.

    Although I understand the function of the court, I do not care. I would like the prosecutor to bring Bashir before the court no matter what it takes, even if Sudan is not a member of the International Criminal Court. It is injustice and let’s do injustice becuase the guy has been doing injustices; crime against humanity in Sudan for the last 20 years.

    I’m disappointed that the arrest warrant hasn’t been issued yet which might take us another several months. One thing that some of the individuals on this website fail to understand is that the prosecutor of the ICC only seek an arrest warrant against Bashir fron the three judges of the Internbational Criminal court by representing to them some evidences that shows genocide, crime against humanity, and rape murders have beeen committed in Darfur.

    These three judges will take time; could be weeeks, months, or a even years reviewing these evidences and then issue an arrest warrant against dictator Bashir in finding all the evidence to be true. Fron today, dictator Bashir hasn’t been charge yet although he is pricking out in his palace.

    Understanding of the language in the court system is very significant. This is something that all these individuals who commented have missed in their writings. For instance, most of these guys started their writings by saying ’good’ that finally Bashir is going to the court and justice done. No!!! justice hasn’t been done yet. The language is that the prosecutor of the International Crimninal Court ’seek’ an arrest warrant against the dictator of Sudan Omar Bashir by representing evidences agains him that shows genocide, crime against humanity, and rape murders have been committed against the Darfurian which are true.
    But, there is no where in the article that says an arrest warrant has beeen issued. That will come later on when the three judges issue the arresst against Bashir. Otherwise, as of now Bashir still a free man although he is pricking out in Khartoum.

    My advice goes to all marginalized Sudanese particularly my fellow people of southern Sudan that Bashir is not the core problem to our problem. Our problem in Sudan started before Bashir came to power. It is important that we understand the core issues in Sudan that made us go to war against all governments in Khartoum whether it was Nemeri’s government, Sadig’ government, and then Bashir’s government at last.

    We should not just pick point at Bashir and the National Congress Party as the core issue to our problem. Our problem is more than that. It is the ’systematic institutional structure’ in Sudan that have hold us back for half a century. If people don’t understand when I say system and institutional, I would like to elaborate little bit here because an individual can even write a book about it. The systematic and institutional marginalization that has hold us back and I see as the problem that need to be change in order for us to be free is the way education, public policies, economic policy, and social have been set up in Sudan where the Muslims and the Arabs have set up normality level for southern Sudanese to achieved in order to acquire the Sudanese treat. This is the problem that we need to change.

    Although Bashir is taken to the Hague today, our problem does not end there. Southern Sudanese must go more than that in changing the whole system in Sudan so that southern Sudanese enjoy in the system politically, economically, and socially. When I read some of the comments about this article, I laughed on the ignorances of some southern Sudanese people thinking that Bashir is the only problem to our cause forgeting the big picture of the systematic issue in Sudan. I’m going to stop here. Please keep your head up.

    repondre message

    • 14 July 2008 21:42, by Bol Madut

      These dictators in the So-called "African Union" club should be concern because the natural arm of justice is about to take it course and nobody immune from it, especially if you’re a criminal.

      The Indictment of Bashir was long overdue.

      The recent announcement by International Criminal Court’s (ICC) chief prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo to indict the so-called “Sudanese President” Bashir was long overdue. CRIMINAL Al-bashir should have been indicted long ago for the crimes he committed against the people of South Sudan and Nuba Mountain as well.

      Even though the ICC don’t succeed in apprehending this CRIMINAL Al-bashir (as I understand that China and Russia are tirelessly working day and night to block his indictment), it should be a clear message to many other African dictators who are living comfortably sucking on the blood of the African people.

      POWER to the people and HELL to the dictators!!

      repondre message

    • 16 July 2008 12:58, by peace

      I’m a brother from up north. I completely agree to your views. We must all see the big picture here. All of us. The north and the south. We must work together. We should not care about the bastard government that we have, but it’s up to us people to work together, to ensure that our children are safe and happy - and their children also. it is high time we bring a smile to the faces that haven’t eaten in days. It is our duty not the dictators. it will be only then when we are in good hearts that we will enjoy a good leader.

      repondre message

  • 15 July 2008 01:43, by Hassan

    As a Sudanese I strongly believe that the ICC decision is a notorious example of Western double standards with respect to the application of international laws

    It should be remembered that (a) the United States is not a signatory of the Rome Statute which established the ICC. So does the Sudan.

    (B) The Israeli Anti-Palestinian policies of assassinations, torture, destruction, economic suffocation, forced eviction, etc represent war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    (C) the United Stats’ militray invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the continuous killing, torture, displacement and imprionment of civilians are also crimes against humanity and war crimes.

    The questions are:
    Could the ICC dare to accuse President Bush, his defence secretaries (former and present) and his CIA of crimes against humanity and war crimes?

    Could the ICC dare to indicate that the whole Israeli Government masterminds the siege, planned killings, impoversihment, and extermination of the Palestinian people and the confiscation of their lands?

    No one with a drop of rationality in his head could deny the significance of justice for peace and sustainable development. However,we should also agree to the fact that the ICC has been politicized in a way to serve the interests of the great powers. Accordingly, it is not a neutral arbitor in dealing with conflicts and the achievement of justice

    repondre message

  • 15 July 2008 03:02, by Garang Juac

    Based on the international law we find this the right time for Omar Hassan Al-Bashir to stand trial in the international criminal court for being accessory to voluntary genocide againast the Darfur. Also, Bashir must to be convicted for the separate crimes of accessory as follow, crimes against the poeple of Southern Sudan, he did crimes that involving moral turpitude against the people of Darfur, violation of human right and abuse human right in Sudan. Therefore, those crimes according to legal standing point are against Sudan community standard of justice.

    repondre message

  • 15 July 2008 15:38, by Zemen

    This will set a good precedent in the history of International Law and International Human Rights Law.Genocide and Crimes against Humanity are international issue.Therefore,dictatotrs can no more shield themselves behind the shield of ’Soveregnity’.The charge which brought against ruthless Al-beshir sets a perecedent in that, it prosecutes while the dictators are in power unlike in previous times where charges were brought after the the perpetrators removed from power in someway( to the knowledge of the athor).This old approach of bringing the tyrants to justice after they did all they wanted didn’t help much to cure the injury done to the family of the victims and the world community.Thus this is a good news for all who love peace and democracy.
    The Initiative of Ocampo will signal to other African dictators as well that the ICC is comming to front yard to pick them by hooks.The concept of sovereignity very much loved by African leaders( I think coined by them ) helped only to injure the people and protect the dictators.The people are currently are in nostalgia of their colonial masters.
    We hope that the next turn will be the Ethiopian prime minister Meles Zenawi who publicly took over the comand of the Addis Ababa Police Force and killed over 200 civilians during May 2005 post election peaceful demonstration.He furthermore,in a bid to impress Bush to get support and consolidate his power at home he went to Somalia and ordered the massacre of defenceless civilians and raping womens and other inhuman acts committed there.Similarly, he orderd the massacre of the Ethiopian poor somalis in Ogaden and arsoning their homes.He Expelled the International Red Cross from the area for reporting about the situation.
    Meles has got an other shield other than ’sovereinity’.A shield of ’Fighting Terrorism’.The USA should know that fighting terrorism together with democratically elected government is more effective.Becouse, dictators oly breed disconent and thereby another terrorism.So the USA should support the indictment of blood tainted Meles and The Ethiopian Election of 2010.
    Zemen can be contacted :negazemen@yahoo.com

    repondre message

    • 16 July 2008 09:57, by richard opele

      you have really broken your silence.....Long live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      repondre message

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