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Bor County officials threaten boycott to Sudan’s census


By Philip Thon Aleu

April 11, 2008 (BOR, Jonglei) — Officials trained to carry out the fifth Sudan’s Population and Housing Census in Bor County, scares Jonglei state director Friday April 11 that they will not go to the fields (counting sites) till contract forms are filled at the County’s headquarters Bor town.

State director promised complete solution to the crisis in 14 hours and “all shall be done by 8:00 am tomorrow (Saturday April 12).”

The group of enumerators- and the majority, claims the state census officials are creating room to cheat them “despite the fact that this exercise is fully financed by Sudan government” and internationally valued.

“You can’t start work without knowing what to sleep on? What to eat? How much to get at the end of the exercise?” Thon Nhial, the head of 216 enumerators for Bor County demanded the State director to explain the circumstances surrounding these processes. “Time to serve the nation free of charge has ended,” he added. “Unless these issues are correctly dealt with, we shall not go to the fields,” the shouted in murmurs supporting their representatives.

Bor County enumerators accused the high ranking at County level of under paying them during last week’s training that surged lost of confidence. The officials in question include field officers, coordinators and field supervisors who controlled monetary issues and senior in the ranks.

They denied any wrong doing.

“Who was not given his or her daily allowances?” Ayuen David, a coordinator, posed a defending to the enumerators but his argument fall on deaf hears. Jonglei State director for statistical commission Thiong Akuei eased tension when he connected the group (enumerators) to the headquarters in Juba. “I can’t tell you much to get at the end of the census but be sure that a plane is landing tomorrow at 8:00 am in Bor,” Southern Sudan coordinator for census commission in Juba, Philip Dau reportedly told chief enumerator Thon Nhial through phone.

This crisis tension is a mere beginning of problems, the director says. “There are many challenges like lack of tents, rains, roads inaccessibility, mosquitoes and distance,” Akuei told reporters at his office shortly after the tension was eased. Jonglei and government of southern Sudan are about to be defeated by these challenges, he says but maintained that all is still within their power ability.

Meanwhile, Pibor County (part of Jonglei state) census officials successfully reached to the fields Wednesday April 10 after their materials and man power was availed from Central Equatoria State (ECS). The county’s census is boasted by South Sudan government, Director Akuei says. “It is the only county with eleven cars. Other Jonglei counties have one each and others like KorKulos have none at all,” he said.

256 enumerators, 53 supervisors, 5 field officers and 1 coordinator; all ECS citizens are due to start census in the most nomadic - and feared volatile area in Jonglei in three days time.

The Eastern Equartorains will face language problem and food equipments, analysts predict. Pibor authorities refused census from Jonglei state claiming being “enemies on the line.” The November 2007 mobs in Bor town, where four Murle tribesmen are said to have perished stealthily distance Pibor County from Jonglei administration.

However, members of Jonglei state assembly and state ministers – born from Murle, resumed government positions after the exit of former governor Philip Thon Leek and receiving assurance of safety from Governor Kuol Manyang in December 2007.

All has not completely smoothened relationships between Murle and Bor where the state headquarters is based. Pibor authorities forth trained census officials in Yei (ECS). Bor county census says Jonglei or government of southern Sudan doubt standardized Pibor and less attentive to their equipments, a tool used to cause today’s boycott threats.


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  • 12 April 2008 04:48, by Michael Madit Magot

    Dear Philip Thon Aleu,
    First i appreciate your good journalism in our community Bor and SouthSudan at large.
    It is a good idea to be informing the SouthSudan masses in the diaspora and at home about what is going on.
    However, i personally want to advice you on what and where you post our community activities.
    Because not every message in the community could be dessiminated onto the South public and in the unauthentic websites.
    When i say websites i do not mean Sudantribune which has credibility but webs like SouthSudan.net.
    You posted over there a topic that " Sudan’s Bor disagree on Bortown ownership".
    That is a private community issue which make no sense to the South public.
    The SouthSudan.net itself has lost its’ credibilty due to it jeopardy of informations through rewriting and retitling.
    Remember last year they coined up and post an article that " Bor community reject SPLM’s Unity call.
    As evidenced by the above example you need to be careful where you post our community matters to protect our dignity as a community.
    Inaddition you must first analyse your messages on what need to be expose to the public as well as what has to remain a community privacy.

    Coming to the topic of Bor Census boycott which you displayed here, i have no question on that as far as its’ contain is concerned.
    Your idea to have contact with SouthSudan.net has infuriated many Bor people here.
    Learn alittle bit of politics if you took that career because it can help.

    Lastly take it easy if you are offended but understand what i mean here.
    I tried to get your email to pass this message across to you like other concerned Bor community individuals but i couldn’t get it.

    Michael Madit Magot,
    Victoria Australia.

    repondre message

  • 12 April 2008 05:48, by James James

    Mr. Micheal Magot:

    Jumping to the job that you have little or no knowledge about it at all, bring nothing rather than confusion and chaos.Journalism is a career that is bound by a lot of rules and regulations, that is the reason as to why journalists got to be protectd anywhere they go regardless of any situation. These people are entitle to report fair and balance news just as a doctor is advise to treat every patient fairly without discriminatory acts generated from racial, ethnic or religious source.

    As far as I know, Philip Aleu is the best journalist south Sudan have never had.

    Therefore, Bor community need to take their hands off from philip Aleiu when it comes to the journalism. Remember Micheal, Dr. John Garang was the best leader sudan had never had, but, some elements from Bor had managed to cause him some weaknesses politically. Bor need to stop the habit of trying to lower all those good leaders to the level of becoming village chiefs.

    People like Philip, Kual Manyang, Garang before and others are national figures and should not be hold acountable when they carry out national duties. Please advice your sick group to stop such kind of fallacies against Philip and others.

    I hope you agree.

    God bless.

    repondre message

    • 12 April 2008 09:33, by Madut Mou

      James James or webs spam/junkmail,
      You have nothing so important in your mind like any other people of your kind to offer in Bor issues.
      Jumping into family private issues where you are not invited is foolish and chaotic.
      Mr Michael Madit was just advising his brother and expect a reply from him instead of any web spam.
      As Dinka like both of them, we know how we handle our issues and that is why we are not like other chaotic tribes.
      According to your manners herein the message you are one of those enemies of peace and rule of laws.
      Dinka like some South tribes have a respect for any issue which you are not invited as an intruder.

      Your narrow mentality has been shown by your irrelevant connection of late DR Garang and Kuol Manyang as being let down by Bor people.
      What a naive comparison?
      Dinka has been exceling in Sudan politics because of the natural capability which is reinforced by solid community background not like the inept way you perceive it.
      Please advice those sick people like you who misquote and not appreciate Dinka’s great contrbutions in the SouthSudan.

      Madit you are right to advice your brother.

      Madut Mou Atak,

      repondre message

      • 12 April 2008 09:56, by Michael Madit Magot

        Brothers,James and Madut Mou,
        Thank you all for your ideas.
        I just want to tell James that i will not waste time answering your unfounded allegations and advice.
        Everything has been said right by brother Madut Mou.
        I did not meant this topic for a debate but just a warm advice to my brother Philip pertaining what i experienced myself.

        If anyone is doubting my advice he has to prove it wrong with evidences.
        SouthSudan.net has been wrongly named because it entirely deal with Nuer issues and as a result mismanaged.
        Just go its’ discussion board and you will see Nuer webmaster using Dinka’s discussionmates names to insult others.
        What a SILLY BUSINESS.
        I wonder how they will rule SouthSudan

        repondre message

  • 12 April 2008 21:13, by James James

    Madut Mou:

    Though I have difficulty of understanding some of your sentences here,such as the sentences below: (copied), According to your manners herein the message you are one of those enemies of peace and rule of laws.

    I disparately need further explanation for that sentence for me to understand what you are trying to say there cousin.

    Apart from that however, I still want to know where and how the political debate turn in your world to become a family issue, according to me Garang, Aleu and Koul Manyak are all national politicians,and that is true story. In addition, what we are talking about here is not wedding or traditional dance ceremony, but national events.

    Madit, you need to do what is called self-creening, for you to know wheter you are good politically or rotten political stooge in human physique. Well, In your self-proclaim wisdom which I doubt it 250%, tell me how can I become an enemy of peace and rule of law? Is it against rule of law for calling Philip Aleu to report fair and balance news, and I am pro peace when I ask him to report false news?

    Is it against the rule of law when I want those good politicians to act as national politicians than tribal agent?

    I think tiny-minded people like you with a huge misconception of Dinka being better than other’s song, are the real poison of peace, unity, and democracy in south Sudan.

    Mr. Madut, Your writings are very funnier any to be in political room, you better sent them to comic theatres where everybody is ready to laugh.

    Please correct both your writing errors and thinking deformity because you need them corrected deadly.

    I hope you are happy to hear that.

    God bless.

    repondre message

  • 12 April 2008 22:25, by Ladu Ladu

    Here we go again fighting among ourselves! I am sure we have heard what many analysts think of South Sudan. That we are too divided to even stand a chance of living in peace. They say that the only thing uniting us now is the fight against Beshir and his Arabs. Left to ourselves we will go back to war. We must prove them wrong. We have seen what tribal animosity has done to many African countries. It is true that we all have differences. But, we must resolve them in a peaceful manner not like animals in the jungle. South Sudan Unite. And those posting comments here must set precedence, not stoke hatred among ourselves. South Sudan Oyeee SPLM Oyeee!!

    repondre message

    • 13 April 2008 06:26, by Michael Madit Magot

      Mr James James or Ladu Ladu,
      Iam not going to answer your nonesenses but i just want to point out two things:
      1)That your fake names which you are not even ashamed to repeat tell me that you are just a rubbish.
      2) Another thing which i release is that this guy called Philip Thon Aleu might be a fake Nuer Guy disguising himself under those Dinka names to report the rumours he heard from Bor community.
      Many Bor people do not know him nor his journalism capability.
      SHut up please.


      repondre message

      • 13 April 2008 13:36, by Okello De John

        You guys I don’t discern in point of fact what is erroneous with you. The most people creating a lot of problem in southern Sudan are those sullied tribes,

        At these epoch we are still skirmishing Arabs, once we detach ourselves from Arabs. Afterward for a second time we have to scrap to split from those tribes the awfully snags in southern Sudan

        Hoping this is Ok with you

        Okello De John

        View online : see online :Southern Sudan

        repondre message

      • 14 April 2008 14:50, by BIAR PETER AYUEN AGUEK


        In a debate you need not to be so harsh to your opponents; the journalist is innocent and you are insisting insulting him, see how you are mingling things by even abusing Nuers who are not related in any way in this debate. First, you failed to answer the questions asked to you by James whom you disagreed with him and still you are jumping from one point to an other. Do not pretend to be from Bor, we are good in debate and self-defence, if you don’t know Mr Aleu then you are an academician and herein, i will refer you as birds of the same feathers with to Logic who always rambles articles. Consult the nearby helper who will direct you how people react/response.

        Meanwhile James, you have to view the comment properly so that you know/analyse wether it was writen by a sensible person or not rathar than emerging by generalization of the majority. this make no contrast between you and the poor writer. You never said any thing wrong this time, may be God is doing a great job over you and therefore, He deserve a thanks.

        repondre message

        • 15 April 2008 02:56, by Michael Madit Magot

          Dear brOther Biar,
          Thanks for your intellectual and responsible correction.
          That is indeed our image as Bor.
          We do not always take side but instead cut right into the heart of issues.
          When anyone from Bor speak i automatically realise from his words and actions.

          You are right mr James deserve a thank especially in his first respond to my message but he missed his thank by insulting me and Bor in his last sentence that " we are sick group".
          When you want people to understand and appreciate your work you must avoid insult. This apply to everybody.

          Iam good at debate as many Bor people do but that capability is usaually spoiled by emotion when somebody insult me or my background.
          Also James is using two names to insult and another to debate.
          That is wrong and illegal.

          I apologise to anybody who innocently get affected.
          Thanks dear brother Biar for rescuing the situation.
          I dO NOT KNOW Philip Thon but you now let me know.
          It is good to have wonderful journalists like him in our community Bor.


          repondre message

        • 15 April 2008 05:16, by Marial Mabior

          You learn to debate or correct anybody with manners.
          Your comment to mr Madit that " Mr james should have first view the message whether it came from a sensible person before generalising the community was so foolish and stupid.
          Everybody is entitled to his view not a community issue. Afterall your reply make no different.
          Please learn and stop being stupid.

          repondre message

          • 15 April 2008 13:53, by BIAR PETER AYUEN AGUEK


            you are driving me away, could you please mind your business? That is how an intellectaul debates;so for you if you don’t know that is how it is done.
            While Mr Madit, iam sorry for that but i was trying to cut your filthy debate with James because you did not insulted Murle rathar than him (James) and he insulted you including us (Bor). Iam his first enemy in this web and by this time we are reconciling. So i will not condemn you again but let’s encourage our fellow journalists who are feeding us news daily, it is a great job and that is where i disagreed with you. Thanks for your diplomatic reaction.

            repondre message

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