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Tigray Party urges solidarity with opposition forces to strengthen Ethiopia’s unity


Tigray for Unity and Democracy Party (TUDP)

Press release

Ethiopia: no more Ethiopian sacrifice for her enemy

July 1, 2007 — The latest unsuccessful attempt by Meles Zenawi to divert the attention of the Ethiopian people from the injustice in Kaliti prison, using an alleged Eritrean invasion plot, also should not be rewarded with our neglect of Meles Zenawi’s documented anti-Ethiopia actions during the last war in 2000.

It was only seven years ago that our defense forces broke down the invading Eritrean regime forces by repelling it out of Badme and chasing it away until yet another embarrassing fall at Barentu made the Eritrean regime virtually powerless and at the mercy of Ethiopian forces. But in one of the most infamous mercenary moves in world history, Meles Zenawi not only abandoned the people & let go of the land that our forefathers fought for, but also gave up more lands to the enemy we decisively defeated. Since that year, all Ethiopians have been questioning whether or not Meles Zenawi & his Menelik Palace TPLF faction truly stand for Ethiopia’s national interests.

In addition to the billions in ETB that has been robbed from the poor people of Ethiopia & given to the Eritrean regime, the Sebhat Nega TPLF mercenary group once again publicly reminded the people of Tigray on the increasingly anti-Ethiopia status of the TPLF faction in the Palace. Since the days when most Tigrean TPLF soldiers were demobilized and the TPLF got increasingly seized by pro-Eritrea secession mercenaries, the anti-Ethiopia declarations by Sebhat Nega’s TPLF faction have never been as bold, as clear and as offensive as they are becoming today.

Our patriotic Tigrean TPLF fighters led all of us Ethiopians to liberate ourselves from the genocidal Derg regime of Mengistu. Our fallen TPLF heroes did not sacrifice themselves so that Ethiopians would later fight a meaningless war to secure the national interests of another province-turned-country. Sebhat Nega’s statements vowing to fight and to preserve Eritrean "independence" has been one of the most notorious mercenary statements of our era and TUDP sends an urgent warning to all the misled people of Tigray that any future wars against the Eritrean regime is useless and futile. Under the leadership of Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Nega, Ethiopian military victory unfortunately translates to Ethiopian loss of land & more abuse of our territorial integrity. All Ethiopians know this. The world knows this. Every major newspaper and media outlet in the world has reported the events and the anti-Ethiopia decisions of Meles Zenawi after the last war. However none of the pro-Eritrea central committee members of the TPLF faction have ever apologized for their anti-Ethiopia statements and actions through out the years, particularly during the last war with the Eritrean dictatorial regime. The outcries of the people of Tigray (particularly the people of Badme & the families of the Ayder school children massacred) have been completely ignored by the current TPLF faction that has already publicly declared that it is working for Eritrea’s sovereignty – previously in collaboration with EPLF, but now with EPLF dissidents, ELF and Co. It is becoming clear to more people of Tigray that the TPLF we knew does not exist.

Tigray for Unity and Democracy Party (TUDP) also acknowledges that the possible release of Siye Abraha & Co from prison is only symbolic and the people of Tigray should not expect the TPLF faction in Menelik palace to become any less pro-Eritrea any time soon. Any wars (imminent or not) against the Eritrean regime are pointless for all Ethiopians and for Ethiopian territorial integrity unless the Meles Zenawi TPLF faction somehow changes its nature or gets thrown out of the palace. The peaceful national struggle for unity, democracy and Ethiopia’s territorial integrity should be strengthened with steadfast solidarity of the people of Tigray with the rest of Ethiopia.

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The Sudan Tribune editorial team.
  • 3 July 2007 00:02, by Hana

    absolutely trashy article. the sad news is that every ethiopian party urgues that they are there to do good for the poor and innocent ethiopians, however in reality they torture and kill them. And history has proved that.the other funny part is that all ethiopian parties claim that Eritrea an independent country whom has been accepted by UN, AU, IGAD belongs to ethiopia.if we read some history Eritrea was never part of ethiopia to begin with, in 1952 Eritrea was federated with ethiopia against the free will of its people and in 1962 emperior haileselassie invaded and turned it in to a province. so eritrea was forcefuly made part of ethipia, but thanks to its heroic children it was liberated from the brutality of ethiopian regimes. Also in the referrundum, 99.8% eritreans has voted for SEPARATION and INDEPENDENT STATE OF ERITREA. However, this sort of reality check among ethiopians is rare., they still claim it is their teritory and are willing to wage another war instead of fighting their poverty and famine.TPLF was in no position to garantee eritrean independence or not, but it was the choice of eritrean people and EPLF. the other thing is that why cry over a country that left you 16yrs ago, try to keeps whats left of ethiopia togthere, because it looks like it is collapsing and will fracture in to a dozen pieces.

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    • 5 July 2007 15:20, by serke mamare

      Dear Hana,
      I’m very sorry to read another trash .
      Just tell me , whether the esistance of Ethiopia is before the colonial separation of Eritrea as a province from Ethiopia ?

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      • 6 July 2007 10:53, by serke mamare

        My dear lady Hana !

        Read more because Eritreans are our brothers and personally , I don’t agree and believe our divisions due to Meles and Afeworki, the two guerrilla groups’ agreement to play on us.


        "You do not find treaties signed by local Hamassen, Serie, Kunama leaders in any of the occupied territories with the Italians because none has the authority or the right of claim as a sovereign of any such local territory; they were all subjects of the Emporer or the King of Ethiopia to whom they paid taxes or tributes just like the Amharas or the Oromos et cetera. You do not give away something you do not own in the first place. That is why Italy found it necessary through deceit, intimidation, or bribe to have the Ethiopian Emperor, the rightful sovereign of all the territories Italy occupied by force to sign formal agreements ceding territories to the Italian government. Italy did not sign any agreement with Egypt or the Sudan or anybody else on maters dealing with territories it occupied, which it named Eritrea in 1890. " (Ph.D Tecola Hagos)


        Best greeting

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        • 6 July 2007 18:04, by Hana

          i won’t turn sudan tribune into a discussion forum about Eritrea and ethiopia bloody history, since we are only supposed to make a short comment on an article.But i’m willing to discuss this like a civilized person via e-mail, peace04_05@hotmail.com. you said" you don’t find treaties signed by local hamassen,serie or kunama leaders in any occupied terrotories with italians...". When Italians came to Eritrea in 1869, Eritreans were not under any sort of united organization or didn’t have a political leaders whom controlled the region except various religious and tribal leaders.And that’s why it only took them about a month to put eritrean under their control. but if it was like what you are indicating,(eritrea being part of ethiopian terrotories ), ethiopian emperior would have reacted then. but since ethiopian emperior didn’t recognized eritrea as his terrotory, they didn’t bother to. then Italians wanted to ensure that whatever town, region, and river they controlled was theirs. So they drew a map and named it Eritrea in 1891.Italians made ethiopian emperior to sign the treaties since he was forcing the people on the border to pay terrif and Italians didn’t want any interference by ethiopians in building their manefesto east african empire (eritrea).if ethiopian emperior believed that it was his terrotry being invaded, he would have ofcouse not signed the agreement. ethiopian emperiors would have fought for eritrea like they fought for adwa.the only reason to why eritrean were paying taxes or teriff to ethiopian emperiors were, because they were forced to pay otherwise face excutions.

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          • 10 July 2007 14:39, by serke mamare

            I agree your first above line but I don’t see the necessity to discuss in private ( personal E-mail) . You see Madam the truth hurt always too much and all invented 100 years stories created by western countries and their " Bandas" following them may looks very colourful.The reality is another one .
            However , we are very luck to get ride of Eritrea but kindly ask you to stay where you are. Leave Ethiopia alone.

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            • 10 July 2007 21:17, by Hana

              yup, now that the truth is hurting you and many other ethiopians perphas you should get used to the reality.if you think getting rid of Eritrea was the best thing that happened to Ethiopia, then why do you even bother trying to convince me that Eritrea was part of ethiopia. you should just give up on this idea, because ERITREA WAS NEVER PART OF ETHIOPIA BY CHOICE. YES UNITED NATION AND USA FORCED ERITREANS TO UNITE WITH ETHIOPIA. and again it isn’t eritreans claming that ethiopia belongs to them , but ethiopians claming eritrea belongs to them, so stop waging war after another war to get it back. feed your starving people and STAY OFF ERITREA.

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              • 11 July 2007 12:36, by serke mamare

                Thank you and that is what I’m doing.

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  • 31 July 2007 04:58, by Tedros

    The Abyssinia king minilik with the help and with guns supplied by Italian created the nation called Ethiopia. while the Itlains created the nation called Eritrea at the same time. So Ethiopia and Eritrea where born at the same time. At list for the Eritrean they have managed to free themselves from both the colonizing regime of Italy and Abyssinians.. While many groups in the Ethiopia empire are still being colonized today by the Abyssinia race..

    View online : wrong

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