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Vice President of S. Sudan in fight over Prophet Ngundeng’s rod


May 18, 2009 (JUBA) – Certain members of South Sudan’s Nuer tribe claiming descent from the Prophet Ngundeng Bong held a press conference in Juba today challenging southern figure Riek Machar Teny just days after the arrival of the historic rod of the Nuer Prophet Ngundeng Bong.

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A crowd looks up to see the rod (dang) of the Nuer Prophet Ngundeng Bong as Riek Machar holds it up on, Juba, May 16, 2009 (ST)

Prophet Ngundeng’s stick or "dang" was looted from the religious figure’s home town of Bieh by British troops in about 1929, after they assassinated his son, Guek Ngundeng. A scholar of Sudanese history, Douglas Johnson, returned the rod after buying it at an auction in Britain in 1999 from the family of a British colonial official.

Johnson, the author of a history of prophecy from the Upper Nile in the 19th and 20th centuries, says he bought the rod with the intention of returning it to the family of Ngundeng and the Lou Nuer.

But today Machar, the vice president of South Sudan’s interim government, telephoned the regional capital from Unity State at 11:00 am to halt the press conference, which was being held by James Lony Thiciot together with other grandchildren of the prophet Ngundeng about the return of the stolen rod from London.

The grandsons and granddaughters of the prophet demanded to have custody of the rod rather than Machar and his family, whom they accused of having politicized Nuer culture, promising to reveal more in written information to media centres.

Gordon Buay, a Nuer-speaking politician based in Canada, in a written statement called on the southern government to return the divine rod “to its rightful place in Bieh,” saying this is the decision required by the prophecies of Ngundeng himself.

Though Machar on Saturday said the dang would be taken to Bieh, which is the prophet’s headquarters in a place called Wec Deang in Waat of Jonglei state, his opponents also object to Machar’s role in the ceremonial events surrounding the return of the object.

Machar, who led a coup within the SPLA rebel command in 1991, has presented himself as part of the fulfilment of Ngundeng’s prophecies. He received the rod at the airstrip Saturday, leading a jubilant procession before a white bull was slaughtered in the airport parking lot.

However, today the grandson Thiciot emphasized that Nuer culture does not allow Machar, whom he labelled as still a minor (unscarified), to spear a traditional cow brought for clenching the return of Ngundeng’s rod. Machar, who as SPLA zonal commander in Western Upper Nile in 1987 had decreed a ban on scarification and on the practice of removing children’s incisors, does not bear the traditional tribal cuttings.

Hence Thiciot pointed out that, according to Nuer culture, the Vice President is not yet initiated to manhood by facial cuttings done in front of elders and young girls.

But according to Machar, Thiciot is an SPLA officer who has no right to interfere in political affairs that concern the whole people of southern Sudan to whom the returned rod belongs, and it must be kept in the national archive that will soon be constructed. The archive’s director, Professor Sevenino Mati, died a few days before the return of the historic rod.


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  • 19 May 2009 05:00, by Kim Deng

    Dr. Riak,

    I think someone put the word on your mouth by saying that "Dang must be kept in National archive" instead of taking it to Holy land/Bieh in Nuerland where it used to be before it was looted in 1800s.

    The Naath as a whole, expect this Dang to be in Bieh as soon as they get ready for the celebration where many countless cows/bulls are going to be slaughtered across the Nuerland.

    Naath community let alone Prophet NgunDeng’s family members will never allow that Dang to be kept in any other place rather than Holy land kown as Bieh.

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    • 19 May 2009 09:58, by Mr.Victim

      Fuck this rod,what the hell you want to say who put the word in Riek mouth since you know NUER people have lack of understanding.Infact i don’t even see any reason you Nuer are trying so hard,DEVIL NGUNDENG will do nothing to you at all.

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      • 19 May 2009 11:17, by Rambang

        Mr. Victim, tribal hatred will do you no good. You must act civilize and learn to respect other tribes if you want them to respect yours.

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    • 19 May 2009 11:34, by mathem jech amer

      I don’t understand what these people are talking about! How powerful was Ngundeng? What type of spiritual powers did he possess? If he was a spiritual leader, why not killing the invaders rather than his son killed?

      Ngundeng shouldn’t foretell the return of his rod ’Dang’, but he should have killed the British soldiers who took his stick. How poor are your statements claiming Ngundeng as prophet. Think wise guys.

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      • 19 May 2009 12:24, by Rambang

        Mathern jech amer. I think you are not even aware of the human history in General. Having spiritual powers don’t prevent you from death or torture. You must have realized even Jesus, the one Christians pronounced as son of God was crucified. The same happened to most prophets and Jesus apostles.

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    • 19 May 2009 22:31, by Aduol Liet

      DR, Riek Machar Teny has got no other things to do in GOSS just he seem to be inovleving in everything even evilness like this thing. That thing is belong to the people blievers traditional rather than a vice president to overtaking the job for the people of tradition.
      A shame to vice of GOSS.

      Aduol Liet.

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  • 19 May 2009 05:02, by Nal Dit Kum

    What is this reporting? This is not a reliable article after all since there is no author or a reporter. It is just another Dinka propaganda who want to cause internal-conflict among the Nuer.

    The family of the so call Ngundeng rod did not play any role in bringing back the rod. They should have gone to England to bring it if that they had that power.

    The bringing back of the rod is based on mandatory understanding between Douglas Johnson and the people of southern Sudan in general through the Vice-President of southern Sudan who probably convinced Douglas to return the rod to where it belongs. On the other hand, the rod just arrived two days ago. Is the family arguing that the plane should have landed in Waat? This family is really crazy.

    Ngundeng did not prophecy about his family but southern Sudan future in general. Therefore, for a single family to come up making claims like this in this report are just baseless. I hope the writer is just playing some propaganda role in the process.

    A lot of questions need to be ask; did the family pay for the plane that brought the rod? Have they been involved in negotiating the return? It is just a bizzare that a single family is wining like that.

    This is the same problem Muslims had in the history of Islam.

    In the early days of Islam, Shite Muslims argued that only those related to Prophet Muhammad would have become the leaders of Islam. Sunnis were arguing that, a person don’t have to be from the prophet’s family to lead in Islam. This brought religious and power struggle war among these two opposing arguments.

    Today, we see Sunnis and Shiite Muslims the same way we see Catholicism and Protestantism in Christianity. This family need to shut up. This is not their family prophet. Ngundeng belong to all southern Sudan.

    However, the family do need to be recognize for the fact the prophet was born into their family, but they cannot make this nonsense argument. Leave the Vice-President alone. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 19 May 2009 05:27, by NyegatismBeerFucker

      No nyegatism son, magician ngundeng belong to confuse brainless nuers not south sudanese! Brainless nyegatism magician fucker. hahahahahah!!!!!!

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      • 19 May 2009 05:34, by Nal Dit Kum

        Not south Sudanese since we are not a state of our own yet. Southern Sudan is still part of Sudan therefore, we are southern Sudanese for your information dumb Dinka bor.

        Ngundeng for all southern Sudanese. We should all celebrate in every corner of southern Sudan including your ghost town of ’Bor dang/rod. Bor dang will be the center for the celebration soon since Jonglei is the state where the prophet is from.

        In fact, some money from the state of Jonglei need to be allocated to the building of Ngundeng museum in Bieh. All southern Sudanese should go out and celebrate this important time.

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        • 19 May 2009 05:39, by NyegatismBeerFucker

          First of all, we are not brainless magician worshippers nyegatisms. You will have to use money if you have any, to build your magician house. Fucking brainless nyegatisms!

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      • 19 May 2009 13:10, by Rambang

        Nyegatism I think you are mad. Every man have a brain but I am not surprise that you don’t know this. I don’t know where you are from but you are such a disgrace to your community and the Sudanese in general.

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    • 19 May 2009 05:43, by Joseph lago

      Mr Kim and Nal, i must agree with the people who call Nuer community a jungle minded, empty minded wicks and evil practice community whose their actions are base on what they see, her without gathering accurate eveidents and make an informed decision base on the facts provided.

      if Ngundeng was a prophet, why he didn’t write a book, scriptures that would be use as eveidents. is there is anything shows what religion did Nguendeng come from? did he mentioned about state of christiant revolution,islam, hinduism Buddhism etc.

      if Nuer community believe that Nguendeng was a prophet, we just need evidents to be provided to the public instead using own personal thinking and believes to descibe him he should descibe himself by any sort of prove eg sculpture writing during those earliest days 18th centures and that was why moses and other prohets were proven to be in their status.


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    • 19 May 2009 06:04, by politica

      To Naldit

      (LIEL TOH eme) wure bahyi ngoth e jang yen chaw moor ni Riek Machar.

      what a hell are you trying to speak again. Thiciot is right , traitor Riek Machar wanted to politcies the rod and he is claiming to be the one foretold by Ngundeng to take people of south sudan out of the enemy territories.
      know this, unless this generaion is over yet, Riek Machar will never see the thrown in south sudan if Dinka is ther. taking Ngundeng properties will not help bringing him into power.
      Riek is a traitor who has recently armed the LRA to kill our people in Equatoria after he failed the negotiation he first claimed from the southern sudan government with tears. he is sooo much hungary of power but i assure you
      mr (Nyiguol) Nal dit , your uncle will never get what he is looking for if he continue against dinka. Dinka can bring any Nuer Man if at all Nuer is needed to rule the south .

      see now how stupid he is, he is now relooting the Ngundeng property and wanted himeslf to be another Ngundeng. that is why the true sons of Ngundeng challenged him of politicing the issue and asked him to take back the rod as soon as possible. where will he get support if he is challenged by grandsons and daughters of Ngundeng in public as happened yesterday? (cha chuuc gaare).

      jumping here and there will not help him.
      he is now exposed to the people and he has no right to say that Thiciot is an spla officer who has no right to talk on the political issues. if he said this, believe me or not your Riek proofs once more that he is very polish and will face lot of problem with lou Nuer . why is he politicing the rod ? see the way he is accused, he has no clean hand to slauther the bull according to the grandsons and daughters of ngundeng. so let him immediately give up the thing please.
      tell him this or Dinka will intervine on this issue.

      repondre message

      • 19 May 2009 06:23, by Nal Dit Kum

        I’m proposing to the government of southern Sudan that the Bor town should be rename ’Bor dang’ because of this historic movement that a prophet’s dang is brought back to the state where Bor is the capital. To honor the prophet, I propose that Bor town becomes ’Bor dang.’ I think that will bring unity among the greater naath community and their coward Dinkas.

        Dinkas should not see renaming of the city Bor as ’Bor Dang’ that is is a surrender,cowardice, or rewarding Nuer for thier bravery. They should see it as an honor to the greater prophet of all southern Sudanese particularly the Dinkas.

        Now, some suggested that why didn’t the prophet write any book to remember his prophecies? A question that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Did your Jesus write any book? Mohammad? Why Kuoth Ngundeng? In fact, prophets for told prophecies which are then written down for the next generations.

        But, the problem at the time of Ngundeng was that, stories were told orally and passed down generations without any texts. I have no more to say then to propose that Bor be change to ’Bor dang’ to honor the historic time of the prophet.

        Bor Dang wayee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        repondre message

        • 19 May 2009 07:12, by Joseph lago

          Nal, how you answered me is proving you are empty minded and lack world knowledge or with the sorroundings, go back a read bible again and you will find that those propets of the earlier fortold events and they writen down on sculpures what God had told them.

          do you know whose God was Nguondeng was communicating to? if no then you are wrong. when moses was given ten commandments by God was he fortold the commandments or was he given written oders?

          i guest Nguondeng was like other magicians who could perform miracles, for example Manyang Jook, Aguer Adel, Makuer Gol etc.

          repondre message

      • 19 May 2009 06:23, by manthok loda

        This rod is going to let Nuer people go crzay and increase their brainless and brainless people in the world. South Sudan holy land will clear all eveil people away very soon.

        SPLA/M Oyee.... Dr Riak and Margadit Oyee....

        repondre message

      • 19 May 2009 07:59, by badeit dak wie

        Good morning readers,
        actually i have known that some of us as southern sudanese will never learn and unndersand untill Jesus comes, the words that POLOTICA wrote absolutely rubish, nonsens doesn’t make sense .
        When some educated people describe you as ajoungle dinka minded carring a chicken brain you shout am not the one, now you have improve yourself you are the one not so? i hate people who are not learn specailly you and your friend call himself BEER FUCKER he must be one of your relatives or brothre even.
        why don’t you go back to school, you both are such rigids,both of you do not come back here to write unconstractive sentences and meaningless words.I am not abusing but telling you the truth, life is not to force things by force as you are doing now trying to write but you dont know what to put in writing, thatwhy you crack your head
        and bring back the traditional a buses and put it here in writing it’s not that way they can’t match.
        I am sorry to mention all that, but am advising you please do not come back to try to write, this not a place for trying how to write.
        have a good day.

        repondre message

        • 19 May 2009 15:09, by politica

          To Badit

          you must be a traior who don;t understand how things work in the world of politics .
          i have nothing to tell but a word of congrate to you because of your understanding . congratulation for your good understanding. i wrote those painfull words just to match your understanding because creature like you never understand how and when to write. a fool must be treated as per his standard, i hope iam clear.

          (Nyiguol mi thiel pek)

          repondre message

    • 19 May 2009 12:10, by Rambang

      Nal Dit Kum. This is nothing to do with Dinka. We should learn to attack individuals not communities. The person who negotiated with Douglas Johnson for the Dang’s return back was Gabriel Gai Riam and not Riek Machar. Riek Machar has a right as a leader to welcome the Rod but not to performe the ceremony as there are dedicated people to do that. The Dang belong to Ngundeng and the first or closes people to claim it are his family. That doesn’t mean the Sudanese can’t claim it. Riek machar is just a leader but not an elder to perform rituals.

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  • 19 May 2009 06:17, by kush

    Hey ALL Idiots!!
    I am a Dinka and i want no one to belittle Ng’undeng divinity.Just a day before(I was four or five then and plaing with my cuz!!??) that fateful Nuer invasion of Dinka land I overheard Mom and Aunt reciting His prophecies one of which of which later saw the Nuer and Dinka mindlessly massacring each other a day or two after their conversation.I was just confused in fear and anxiety as my childish mind visualized the "destruction of the land" as a Universal catastrophe.Not knowing it was to be between the sisterly Nuer and Dinka.It came to pass.The signing of the CPA happened in Kenya(where the sun rises) too.More...and more have come to pass too.And now the return of the "ROD".I believe i have and still living His prophecies.It just matches up with Isaiah too.Ng’undeng is not just a messenger to be dismissed unless we are too ignorant to relate the present state of things with his prophecies.Indeed He’s the reincarnation of Jesus in the Upper Nile.Suffice to call Him the Black Jesus of the Upper Nile.

    repondre message

    • 19 May 2009 07:03, by Ahmed Mohamad Omar

      i wonder why should the public funds go at waste buying the rod , paying for it transportation , ceremony etc at the expenses of hundreds hungry mouths all over south Sudan , needless to mention our junubi slaves in Khartoum who rarely afford a meal!!
      if u guys r fed up with Christianity why not embrace Islam instead of the baseless Prophet Deng.

      repondre message

      • 19 May 2009 07:24, by Kim Deng


        No blaming, it is a choice of individuals to follow any religion and prophet of his/her choice rather than correcting who is right or wrong.

        There is no difference between Moses, Jesus, NgunDeng and Muhammed. Yet don’t forget that we all believe in God the creator who had/has many prophets across the World regardless of religion you may follow. But some of you don’t see it that way and that’s fine too.

        For your info, there are Judism, Muslims, Christians, those who believe in NgunDeng as a prophet and others. Therefore, come all and celebrated the coming of Dang to where it belongs to gether with Naath community.

        repondre message

      • 19 May 2009 07:25, by Joseph lago

        i also wonder why do arab waste their money about terrorism and sucide bombing of innocent civilians in the world?
        is that the commandments given to you by mohamed to acts inhumanity all over the world?

        repondre message

        • 19 May 2009 09:13, by ngwerajak

          Hallo everyone
          I always pointed finger at the Traitor of the South Sudan, the man who was against our freedom when he collaborating with Islamic regime in Khartoum, Dr. Riek. His days are numbered and that is why the true Nuer from Ngundeng family challenged him of making political out of the Rod, the devil. Machar is really hungry of leadership and he is looking at all mains of getting it.
          I got question to ask those who called Dinka coward. When did Dinka become coward? Is it after the CPA that make them coward or is it because they did not joined or collaborate with Khartoum during the war like what Riek Machar did, after misleading Nuer community leaving Gen James Holt alone and Lam Akot leaving Pagan and the rests in the movement. Is that what making Dinka coward today?
          I think you should know how to use wards appropriately Dinka remained in the movement until CPA. To many friends, major of Nuer used their eyes to thinks not mind, am sorry to say because their are good Nuer people like Gen. James Holt is respected because is not traitor like Riek. You people should see the future and make difference between God and Satan. You are always being deceived by devils acts like in 1991 massacre of Bor, Nuer Prophet by the name WUNNYANG asked Nuer under the leadership of Riek to leave SPLA/SPLM and attacked Bor by telling them when you died from Bor you will raise from nuer, the fools accepted like what Riek is doing today by dancing over the devil rod. Those who were killed in Bor when the sons of soil and strongmen of the Lt Gen. Kuol and LT Gen. Kiir defeated the Riek troops sent them back to Nasir after massacre, no one among those killed has risen and Nuer as community should learn from false prophet who are always bring disaster to them. I think you should make me a president because I fought with Khartoum without collaborating than this stupid traitor Riek who is alway at the wrong of Victory. By Ngwerajak

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        • 19 May 2009 09:14, by Joseph Chol De Makuei

          The writter of this page has given us good points that i will comment on.

          First of all i will give thanks and word of appreciation to Douglas Johnson for his great effort he has done to south Sudan history. i will not respond to those who commented positively because i agreed with them, but i will reply to some who talked on negative sides.

          It is good that NUER and and their brothers Dinka has received the Dang togather with HE.Dr riek Machar the Vice president of South Sudan and some GoSS keys representators as i can see here in the photo.

          To the point: the name Ngundeng means given by by Deng, and Deng is dinka name refer to Dengdit or Deng Arak the gods (satan) of dinka, and dengarak it self does not means God nor Dengdit in Dinka Language but it has some thing to do with dinka satan not "God" that we call "Nhialic"

          As we know, Jesus,moses, and etc. was sent by God (Nhialic) and and was not by gods like deng arak Ngundeng.
          therefore, how can Ngundeng be prophet while he was sent by Deng Arak of Dinka? i am not against Ngundeng, but i am against the one who sent him. Nuer may decide to make him a prophet,if they like him to be. rather than this deng arak of ours.


          we must agree in two things:

          1/ to be good historian of Nuer south Sudan.

          2/ or to be god of Nuer because he was sent by Dinka satan.

          repondre message

          • 19 May 2009 15:02, by Rambang

            Mr Joseph Lago assuming you are from Equatoria, I know you are saying Nuer as Jungle minded because they don’t beat you, they don’t move into your houses as tenders and claim the house later, they don’t chase you always from your plot otherwise they beat you. In that case they Nuer don’t have that heart and they will never do that.

            About the Dang, it part of history. I know you don’t understand the importance of culture and history though. The prophets you mentioned didn’t write their books. Many were written by people who find information from those who claim to know. Taking example of Moses, who many claim to have written the first five Books. In the last part of Exodus, the book talked about Moses’ death and burial, how did Moses know about this death and burial and how did he include them in the book he was writing yet he is already dead. All the books or Holy Books were several years after the religious founder died. By the way you must not have known that these religions were spread by sword, like in the case of Islam. Africans and most of the world never heard of Christianity till they were colonized. All these religions were imposed on people against their culture and tradition. The Bible for example was sampled by few individuals according to their interest and what they believe was good for the early church. That is why several books and gospel were left out, like the gospel of Judas e.t.c and the four books of the Catholic Church.

            The writing system came with the white man and Arab and we the African didn’t have any. Ours was oral tradition which was use long before Ngundeng and after. I know this is waste of time though, because I don’t think you will understand anything.

            repondre message

  • 19 May 2009 08:44, by AUGUSTINO DENG

    Dear fellow brothers and Sisters,

    I know that some of you are very delighted indeed for the rod in which other people believe that it will bring independence to Southern Sudan. I don’t really understand how this rod will bring freedom to Southern Sudan. By the way,will the rod carried it campeign during an Election with the Northern Sudan or will the rod take up the arms in order to wage the war against the Khartoum Government for the seek of independence? If we always voiced our thoughts on what is sarcastic and merely not going to happen, then what is the different between STUPID and FOOLISH?

    First of all, who send the rod of Ngundeng Bong to British and where did Ngundeng Bong was burried when he decease? Was Ngundeng Bong burried in British or in Nuerland? What people don’t know is that, Ngundeng Bong was one of the spiritual leader of Nuer people. So, if you compared prophet and spiritual people, there is a very great different between these two words. Prophet is a God messager who predicated things that God want to happens to people or on the earth, while spiritual leaders are leaders with Satan power. When God send Jesus Christ to the world in order to redeem humankinds from sins, did anyone saw Jesus Christ carrying a rod with which he will waived away the sins of the humankinds? Or, if you are a christain or whatever religion you belief in, have you ever heard in Bible that God has a rod? In this world, human being can not created anything without God power. So, whoever believe that Ngundeng Bong’s rod will bring independence to Southern Sudan, please keep it with you and don’t make it to be a big drama to the people. If Ngundeng Bong’s rod bring independence to Southern Sudan, that is fine and majestic to me since I’m longing for freedom, but I believe it is just matter of name nor it is not realistic to be more precisely true.

    Second, according to Ngundeng Bong predication, he said that "THERE WILL BE A LEFT HANDED MAN WHO WILL FREE SOUTHERN SUDAN AND LEAD THEM TO FREEDOM". In 1992, Dr Riak Machar Teny, assumed in his own wish that he is going to bring freedom to Southern Sudanese because he is a left handed man. After all, his attempt was a disastrous to the whole Southern Sudan which jeopardized the life of the insane people especially the civillians. Is that a kind of prediction which Ngundeng Bong’s rod want to be? What happens to Dr Riak Machar Teny, when he tried and fight with the SPLM/SPLA in 1992? Did he wins the war? Let us tried to define Ngundeng Bong’s rod with different samples which is not associated with the independence of our Southern Sudan. There are many people in Southern Sudan carry spiritual rods like Ajiingdit of Twic Adiang and Muut Turaa of Nuer-Bull and many other spiritual leaders in Southern Sudan. Did there rods bring independence in Southern Sudan? They carried those rods for their own use, but not freedom like the way other people think that the rod of Ngundeng Bong will manicipate the people of Southern Sudan. That is totally unrealistic and naive to the sense of human believe.

    Lastly, Douglas Johnson, was a carpenter man in British and he is not even associate with Ngundeng predictions. Who know maybe he wants to advertise his products so that the Southerner Sudanese people should buy his products? If one of the person who believe about this rod go to Masaai Market in Nairobi, Kenya, he will find that many of these kind of rods sculptured are produced by the artist in Masaai Market for business purpose. So in this point, did anyone heard that Kenyan get their independence through those rods sculpture being sold in Masaai Market? I have never heard in my life that people get freedom by the power of stick or rod. How come that the rod bring independence and it doesn’t shed the blood? Wrong Ideology which I have never heard in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    repondre message

    • 19 May 2009 09:32, by badeit dak wie

      I dont really know how do you people can get things right to be honest i don’t have time to read long comments which some times has no meaning,AGUSTINO you are not reasonable atall in your own perception how could you say Arod can campaign or fight, for God seak, do you realy know what you are writing or just trying like other guys , don’t ashmae you self please be reasonable, you can go back to school if you are still strugaling to write or put sense .

      repondre message

      • 19 May 2009 09:48, by loding

        This Rod, those items belong to murle. The grandson of Ngundeng who is the former abductee requested these items must be taken to Pibor without a feilure!

        Looding(born wild

        repondre message

      • 19 May 2009 10:00, by politica

        To badit


        why are you concern about a small piece grass in someones;s eyes when you have big tree in your eye?
        have you completed your school? if yes , then your cmmunity of origin is in danger and may need your Ngundeng to help them.

        repondre message

        • 19 May 2009 10:45, by badeit dak wie

          By the way am not that type of people whom you know, or beleive on any thing, don’t be so proud because i comment on your words you might think it’s because you know something!, am corecting you and any body who write nonsens on this site, am so sorry to reply again, correct your condects when you jiont school am not joking am very serious to you don’t think am despying you i really like you to learn so when you come back you can make difference to the whole south you and FUCKER BEER both are good people, go back to school to help South Sudan.

          repondre message

          • 19 May 2009 15:19, by politica

            To badiet

            aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu gaare cie gaak en let mi thiel jual.

            useless creatures of your type are the very people creating confusion to southern communities because of the little knowledge backgroud you have. complete it first and then go and talk politics, politics are ever there and will not run away from you idiot. give it a break man. you are nothing compare to anybody who is writing here in this website. that is why iam writing some words in your dielect so that you understand them properly as you understood Ngundeng vision.


            repondre message

        • 19 May 2009 11:14, by Boy

          To everyone who is expressing his/her freedom, when you are expressing be carefully about fallacies and your worf of selection. You may use word that may be destructive ot others. Please let us use our freedom for building our nation South Sudan. Let us do away with tribalism because it will not take us to anywhere. Struggle to get independence us not an easy task. But things may happened during struggle but to whom would you blame? The bible says in Isaoa capter 18 that God will punish Sudan. And he says in the Gospel of Mattew that a brother will turn against brother and a nation against nation. So all those prophecies of God were fulfilled and came true in the history of Southern Sudan. If you are true belivers, why fo you criticize? Nobody is responsible about thses events that happened in Southern Sudan.

          The beginning of SPLA/SPLM formation was started badly because it was started by coup. The leaders of Anyanya two who were fighting with Arabs for Indipendence of South Sudan were killed by H.E Dr. John Garang. A heavy war was waged against the innocent civilians in 1985 by the SPLA against Gajaak community in which a hundred thousand of people diedm those are children, women, old people. Properties were looted and the whole Gajaak community were wiped and displaced in Southern Sudan to Ethiopia. Can we condemn John Garang for this crimes against humanity? Within the SPLA/SPLM leadership under H.E Dr. John Garang a lot of crimes against humanity were commited by Dr. Garang and other senior officers within the SPLA, fOR INSTANCE, THE KILLING OF THE FIRST JUDGE WHO MADE THE MANIFISTO OF THE SPLA/SPLM Judge Martin Majier Gai, Lokurnyang and many other leaders which I do not want to mention was a clear evident that the South Sudanse were not fighting for libration of people. If they were fighting for the libration of people, why would the leader of the SPLA killed his own brother who were with him in the same liberation struggling? So if we continue asking those type of questions, we will get that everyone in Southern Sudan especially the leaders committed crimes against their fellow brothers. So those were the onws being decribed in the Bible that would happen to our nation. Neither John Garan who is responsible about the killing of Gai Tut, the genocide against Gajaak, the violation of human rights aganist Mrtin Majier Gai nor Riek Machar who is reponsible for Bor Masacre in 1992. Those were the fortold prophecies said by God. Do not balme your leaders. The time of those things has passed; let us use the pramatic theory of thinking as let by gone be by gone. Let us stary with a new beginning as Southern Sudanse to fight our common enemy.

          Then for the Prophet Ngundeng, there should be no much conroversy about this issue. Anything which is not for God the Almighty does not last long. If Ng’undeng is not for God he will definitely last long. Do not trouble your mind about that. For your advice, do not ever judge or question about the things of God. The Almighty God is the one to judge or to condemn. So leave Ng’undeng and God will be the one to distinguish otherwise you will end up with curse if you criticise everything for the sake of criticism.

          Finally Mr. Augustino, you said that in the Bible God never gave any rod to the prophet, plse try to read the EXODUS of ISREAL FROM eGYPT TO THE PROMISED LAND. yOU WILL DIND THAT gOD GAVE FOURTEENTH SIGNS to Moses which he could use to terrorise the King of Egypt in order to free the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Among those signs, one was a ROD which was given to Moses by the Almighty God. That rod turnede into snake which swallowed all the snakes produced by the magicians of Egypt. The same rod, Moses stroke the water of red sea and the water divided and the people passed of ISRAEL passed and crossed the river to the promised land. So you never know, this ROD of Ng’undeng could be like that one of Moses and it may lead the people of Southern Sudan to the promised land. Do not ctiticise it. it is not aganist anyone as we know very well that anything which is for the real Almighty God does not against any community. If Ng’undeng is a real prophet of God sent by God to save the people of Southern Sudan, therfore he is not against anyone.

          Thank you.

          repondre message

          • 19 May 2009 12:56, by John K

            I don’t no why nuer people cerebrate ngundeng’s rod while ngudeng had cast them .Ngundeng said that no nuer person will lead southern sudan untill the end of the world, he even predicted stupidity of Riek machar that he will move way from SPLM the real movement and form his stupid party that will never success. So in my point of view nuer should cry specially Riek, instead of cerebrating because everything said by ngudeng became true.

            repondre message

            • 19 May 2009 15:48, by mack waweru

              One thing people should know is that, "Ngundeng" was a prophet as there have been many hundreds of them in human history all over the world. But one sure thing, there aut to be many different (kinds/false) of prophets as Jesus Christ said.
              There is no need here to argue whether Ngundeng was a prophet or not, but we have to evaluate the events he prophesied about, regarding South Sudan. Have/are his prophesies being fulfilled or not. One event people say he spoke about, was that, in the "future Nuer people" will decrease to the degree of filling my hand. In this case, brothers who want now fight over the "Dang" must to heed this prophecy well and not creat chaos among Nuer people who should have the ownership of the rod. Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar recieved the "Dang" in his capacity as Vice president of GoSS. Surely, the will go back to its right place in Nuerland, and if need be to keep as a nation’s heritage, it can be kept in government achive in Juba, Bor, Nasir or Malakal.
              Mack Awer

              repondre message

            • 20 May 2009 20:45, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

              Oh!! mr john k.you are loss some way,Nuer are bless to rule over the southern sudan or sudan as whole,not only by Ngundeng but also by the almighty God.i do agreed with you that Ngundeng is not forcasting Riek MACHAR to be president.not at all.

              repondre message

          • 19 May 2009 15:27, by politica

            who is this boy ?
            are you another new traitor or just a small boy who need training? do you understand the word liberation really ? my dear boy , in southern culture, boys are not allow to comment on big matured people issues as you are doing , you really need descipline . don’t question why Majer was kill because it was the manifesto who killed him and not the leadership . it was just an implementation to that document which was signed by all the spla/m leadership including Majer and others whom you thing were killed inocently. grow first my boy and then comment okk.

            i hope iam clear. thanks

            repondre message

            • 19 May 2009 17:35, by Boy


              what you should understand is that the world has been changed nowadays including the culture. There is nothing in this millennium world that pervents boys from commenting. For your information, Aristotle, a great Greek philosopher after Socrates defined man or boy as political animal. Therefore human beings naturally are politicians. Politics or policy deals with relations between two people, between nations and so on. So, it is not limited to men or elder people as you are assuming.

              You committed a logical fallacy which I was advising everyone to be careful to use. You called me traitor without giving good logical premises that can convince people that your statements are correct and valid. You just made invalid conclusion that, I am a traitor, what do you mean exactly? I am not a traitor as you mentioned. I was telling the truth. The killing of Majer Gai is totally bad; and the one who killed him is condemned badly by the South Sudan community. Majer Gai is highly educated and should not be killed by the community of Southern Sudan to whom he belonged. Garang killed Majer because he thought that he would be overthrown by him. He did not like people who are highly educated and the people who talked about Independence of Southern Sudan. For that reason, that is why he disagreed with the leaders of Anyanya two including his own fellow comrades in the movement,SPLA/SPLM. I am not against H.E Dr. John. I respect him as my FATHER AND leader and most importantly he did his best to negotiate with the Arabs until he signed peace that grants self determination to the people of Southern Sudan. We must give credits to H.E Dr. John Garang de Mabior Atem for this great efforts he made. One thing I did not agree with him is that, he encouraged killng within the SPLA/SPLM of whom he was leading. Documents were created by people and they can be destroyed also by the people. So if the SPLA commanders signed a document that permits killing, that document should be stopped. What if the leader like John Garang sinned, could he be killed or what, and who would kill him just as he did to Majer? So liberation according to my knowledge is to free people from bondage or mistreatment or margineralisation. So if the SPLA kill the people of whom they are supposed to liberate, what would be their difference with the Jallaba? Then why do we cheat ourselves that we are liberating when we are killing our own dear fellow brothers?

              Thank you.

              repondre message

          • 20 May 2009 11:23, by AUGUSTINO DENG

            Hey Mr Boy,

            First of all, I want to thank you for spending time in responding my comment. In fact, I’m not against anything whether Ngundeng Bong was appointed by God in order to free the Southern Sudan as a whole. What I want is peace and freedom, but I have to know like for example, if people said that Ngundeng Bong is going to bring independence to Southern Sudan, then how is he going to bring independence?

            Well, you has mentioned that Moses was given some signs by God according to the book of Exdous. That makes it clear to me and it is true that Moses was given some signs by Almighty God. Again, you said that in book of Isaiah chaper 18, God will punish Sudan. That is very realistic and absolutely true. Now, which book of the Bible did God give Ngundeng some signs? And what book in the Bible did God talk about Ngundeng Bong of Nuer? What I want is the facts like for example, God give Moses a rod and that rod tended into a snake in front of the King Phoarch of Eygpt. So, with this example, it should be better like when someone said that Ngundeng Bong’s rod will tended into a stone in front Omar Bashir, Mohammed Taha and Nafi Ali Nafi or when an Election come, then Salva Kiir and Dr Riak Machar Teny will win because of the rod being tended by Ngundeng Bong into a stone. Those are kind of examples that I wants. So, Mr Boy, you are not wrong by the way, but the only person who was completely wrong was Mr BADEIT DAK WIE who only give no respond about my comment and pretended that he did answer my question.

            If Ngundeng Bong’s rod is not mentioned in the Bible, then how is this going to happen according to your own wish Mr Boy? Then again, if Ngundeng Bong’s rod is not mentioned in the Bible, but is written in other non-Nuer Bible, then let me know it or you can let other people know about it. So, let us not crack our mind on giving wrong information which is not accurately realistic to the people. I don’t care whoever Ngundeng want to bring freedom whether himself, Gordon Kong, Paulino Matiip Nhial, Dr Riak Machar Teny, Tanginya, Changson and Peter Gadet as well as other people like Salva Kiir. My point is how am I going to get independence through Ngundeng Bong’s power? SPLM/SPLA fought since 1983 and Ngundeng Bong’s power never emerged until peace was signed on 01/09/2005. Where is Ngundeng Bong by that time?

            Second, you has mentioned about how John Garang killed his people. That one is non of my business nor is non of your business too. John Garang died and if there is anyone who want to know why John Garang killed his people, then let him follow John Garang in the resting place. Why the killing of the people by John Garang is become so much a topic to the other people and the killing of the people by Dr Riak Machar Teny is become a minor problem? To tell you the facts Mr Boy, everytimes you comment my friend, don’t give example of those who died. That one makes other people to recalled those who where been killed by Nuer people and that cause a big edema of the heart. So, I want to stop you from saying that again to someone else and let it end from me.

            Our people were not died because that we should give examples about them. They died for the purpose to liberate our country Sudan. I know that some people are happy about that, but let them enjoy the happiness. Anyway, I will stop here and don’t feel hesitated. I encouraged you to comment and bring some more ideas.

            repondre message

      • 20 May 2009 09:53, by AUGUSTINO DENG

        Hey Mr Badeit Dak Wie,

        I’m very please about your comment. But, in fact as I went through reading it, it serves no meaningful to me nor I can’t find even the peripheral clues about what you are supporting. What I want from you to tell me is how Ngundeng Bong’s Rod will bring independence to Southern Sudan. I’m a kind of a person who is seeking for freedom and when I heard that there is something that is going to bring freedom, then I deserved it to know the way it will happen, but not a way that make no sense to people. Second, you didn’t defined well the way how Ngundeng Bong’s rod will bring independence to Southern Sudan. That is one point.

        More importantly, if you fail to explain to me more about Ngundeng Bong’s rod, then that is why I want you to differentiate the different between a STUPID and a FOOLISH.
        Badeit Dak Wie, I’m not a kind of a person who just only run on a wrong figure. I want to be sure of how Ngundeng Bong’s rod will bring independence because independence is not something very easy to be said by mouth without doing it practically. So, that is why I said that" will the rod makes campaign with Khartoum Government during the time of an Election or will the rod carried up arms in order to wage the war against the Khartoum Government? So on these two questions including the different between a STUPID and a FOOLISH, you didn’t answer one of the question at all. So, in this way, I understand that your mind is not capturing what I mean when asking you those questions, but anyway, if you can’t figure out what I mean, then don’t bother yourself, but you need to leave them to a professional person who can figure out what I mean about these questions. That is another second point.

        After all, you end up by saying that "you need to go back to school if you are struggling to know how to write or put sense". First of all, what do you mean by saying put sense? Do you mean to say "make a reasonable sense" in another meaning? Second to that, what do you mean by the word "strugaling"? Do you mean struggling or am I wrong? My friend you really need a tutoring person who can help you how to spell the word correctly otherwise your mind is completely thick and that is why you don’t really understand people properly. A student from 1 grade can not even mispelled the word struggling in way you write it as "strugaling". Can you spared yourself and check that word in a dictionary sometime please?. Such kind of people like you are kind of people who confused people on this website and that is why there is a lot of tribalism so far on this website. Therefore, you tended down the professional people on this website in order not to comment when they read your boring comment which make no sense.

        Lastly, don’t forget to answer those questions above and remember that don’t forget to differentiate the different between a STUPID and a FOOLISH if you fail to answer the rest of the other questions. I thought that you go to school in order to learn the facts, but not just to rely on lies. If you are really an openminded person who can reason like a human being, then you couldn’t end up by saying Ngundeng Bong will bring independence. Where is Ngundeng Bong since 1983 when SPLM/SPLA was struggling to fought for independence until when peace was been signed 2005? Could you tell me in what way do you think rod will bring independence to Southern Sudan? If not, then take Ngundeng Bong’s to where you are so that you can go and enjoy your own independence and leave those who don’t want it if you fail to give good example.

        Stay calm and look for someoene to coach you properly so that you can know how to write a good proposal comment. But, anyway, I’m glad because you merely seem to grabs so words in order to sharpen your brain. Thanks and I wish you the best optimistic success in your learning anyway.

        repondre message

  • 20 May 2009 03:18, by bior angeth

    I wonder, should we quit beliving in Christ and put our hope in Ngundeng? No, we should not, Christ is our only hope, despite the difficulties our people are going through. Be careful! Don’t let yourself be carried away from the way of salvation. Reminder the history of Isrealities in the time of Mosses. What did they do? Do not think it was an easy time for Isrealities. Now it is a difficult time for you. Do not get confused, stick on to Christ till the end. Thanks to all who can listen.

    repondre message

  • 20 May 2009 05:04, by J.James

    Hi guys

    Can somebody tell me how to get Ngundeng book?

    Please let me know because I think it worth reading.

    God bless

    The writer is always peace activist.

    repondre message

    • 20 May 2009 12:09, by atmospheric

      hey J.James

      If your are interested in prophet Ngundeng’s book, go to amazon.ca
      Search tribal and ethnic and from there you will fine the Nuer prophets.

      repondre message

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