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Sudan’s elections to be held in April 2010 - Kiir


November 21, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — Sudanese First Vice-President and President of southern Sudan government Salva Kiir Mayardit reaffirmed Saturday that Sudan’s general election would be held in April 2010.

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Women register for Sudan’s first presidential and legislative elections in Khartoum November 1, 2009. (Reuters)

Kiir made his remarks following a meeting with the Sudanese President Omer Hassan Al-Bashir to brief him on the outcome of his European tour that included Netherlands, the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels and France.

"The elections will be held as scheduled in April next year, but regarding the referendum on self-determination for southern Sudan and its governing law, the matter is still under consultation between the two government partners, the National Congress Party (NCP) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)," said Kiir.

The electoral process is facing many difficulties related to the voter registration, the funding of the elections, the difference between the two peace partners over the results of census that are used to determine the electoral constituencies for the legislative elections.

Also donor countries question the significance of such electoral process if the southern Sudan remains resolved to opt for independence less than a year after the onerous and expensive general elections.

Some European countries and USA proposed to hold the election for the Sudanese and southern Sudan government presidencies and to postpone the legislative poll after the outcome of the referendum for southern Sudan.

However delay implies the agreement by the two partners to amend the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which initially conceived the referendum as a mean to reaffirm the adhesion of southerners to the Sudan.

The electoral process is organized by a law passed by the Sudanese parliament last July. The whole country will participate in the election of the President of the Republic; the ten Southern Sudan states will elect the President of Juba semi-autonomous government while every state will elect its Governor.

For the legislative election the law adopted a mixed electoral system. 60 per cent of the 450 MPs will be chosen through the majority elect in their geographical constituencies. It also guarantees 25% of the parliamentary seats to women who will be elected through the proportional representation with other 15% of the MPs.

Last month the opposition parties and the SPLM agreed following a political conference held in Juba to boycott the election if the Sudanese parliament does not pass before November 30, a number of laws aiming at creating an appropriate environment for the multi-party elections.

The declaration spoke precisely about the National Security Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, the Trade Unions Act, the law of immunities, the law of personal status, press and publications law, the laws of public order.

The conference asked to allow the national electoral board to control the media during the election period in order to ensure equal time to all the political forces.

However, the Sudanese parliament went into recess on November 18 till December 7th without adopting the draft laws in a session boycotted by the SPLM while the opposition parties said they would announce their final decision at the end of the month.

Observers agree that the NCP would be opposed to any delay in the electoral process as the opposition forces are not ready due to disorganization and lack of money after long twenty years of rule by the National Congress Party.

During a briefing he made in Paris, Salva Kiir said the two partners would reach an agreement on the referendum issue but did not spoke about the elections.


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  • 22 November 2009 05:19, by Gatwech

    Dear readers,

    This election means confirming Omer Al-Bashir as President of Sudan and installing Dr. Lam Akol as President of South Sudan.

    It is now very clear to any sound minded person that Dr. Lam Akol is like a sharp thorn in the ass of the SPLM in the South. By winning the political consensus with all the eight political parties in the South, Dr. Lam has proven that he is a smarter strategist and far more intelligent than 90% of the SPLM leadership. He has outwitted the party leadership!

    Now this leaves the SPLM with few painful choices to avoid being embarrassingly defeated in the coming elections by Dr. Lam Akol.

    1/ To boycott the elections all together. This will however have its consequences; resulting to boycott of the referendum and anger by Southerners who have been patiently waiting for elections to remove this incompetent leadership.

    2/ The SPLM will conduct and fail elections but will refuse to handover power to Dr. Lam Akol. This will cause outrage in the South and possible internal civil war. The international community will condemn the SPLM for violating the democratic transformation by refusing to handover power to the elected leader. NCP will side with the world to remove the illegal SPLM leadership after elections defeat.

    3/ Or SPLM has to nominate a competent leader that can really face Dr. Lam Akol and other eight political parties.This should be someone who can defuse the alliance Dr. Lam Akol has established and win back to SPLM alliance some if not all of these political parties. Salva Kiir’s nomination for South Sudan presidency may make things even worse than they currently stand.

    Guys, you can dismiss this political development but it is real! NCP has already in advance declared Dr. Lam Akol as the next President of the South. Believe me, in this confused state of affairs within the SPLM party, Dr. Lam will rise victorious! SPLM has no political guidance as we write and failed to make timely and wise nominations. And it has lost the eight political parties already to Dr. Lam Akol. This is a real situation!

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    • 22 November 2009 05:27, by Trueman


      Dr Lam Akol is wiser and therefore better to be the South president than the weak and incompetent Riek Machar.
      We shall support him to be the president replacing Kiir.

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      • 22 November 2009 07:51, by samuel_kur@yahoo.ca

        To all of Kakoma sons of tribalism.
        I should assure you that Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin will not ever win election in sudan by any means.
        Who are his supporters? Are they sons of tribalism Kakoma sons? if they are his supporters, they are just counted by fingers, they will not let him to win ever and ever he shall remain jumper from side to other looking for leadership until his death, he will never taste any kind of leadership in the south. There fore, he is just a confuser with out any value of leadership.
        I am saying that not because he is not a son of south, he is in deep of the south, but he is a betrayer he did it in 1991, when he confused Dr. Riek Machar, the man of faith, while he defected again from Dr. Riek during Khartoum accord 1997, naming his agreement as Fashoda agreement, he did that for a sake of leadership, and if you don’t want to believe me go and ask Dr. Riek Machar he will tell you a truth about this man, agai he did it when he accepted to be send by Omar Bashir to joint the movement again by purpose to get a high position in SPlM. that to be a Representative of NCP in SPLM.
        He defected again from SPLM for a sake of leadership, but this time he was almost to fail, if Dr. John Garang didn’t died he would completely failed, the only man who Dr. Lam scared to death as he was the only man who most of traitors of failure southern politicians fear, such as Bona Malwal and Abiel Alier, the man who sight the future, not like who are writing dirt words on this web site today.

        Dr. Lam is really an Educated man, but he doesn’t know how to use his Eduction properly.
        I wrote it you all shorted sights to let you jump up like your jumper Lam Akol Ajawin.

        I know you all but i will not mention your name now unless you will mention it by your self, and i am ready to fight you to teeth by all means i able to fight defense for my beloved party SPLM mother.
        S.N.K the man of straightly believe not a jumper one or a singer of tribalism.

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        • 22 November 2009 09:17, by Gatwech


          I don’t have any problem with any body supporting Dr. Lam Akol over Dr. Riek Machar. These are the two strategists you are safe to choose from.

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          • 24 November 2009 19:39, by Joseph Beckkacbaai

            Yes,it is true to support Dr.Lam Akol and Dr.Riek Machar when they are diong good to the community of Southern Sudan in General.What I know So far these Drs are working for personal purpose in Southern Sudan.

            I do not have problem with those who are supporting Dr.Lam and Dr.Riek.Myself I do not trust Lam and Machar for what they did in 1991.

            Lam is talking about corruption in the GOSS,if GOSS is corrupted he is among these people.When he was Foriegn Affairs Minister he was not talking about corruption but he was removed he talks about it.he is a great liar in Southern Sudan.

            Dr.Lam is chamelion he can change from black to red.He is not stable.If you follow him you can remain blck and he can change to red.This is for your information on him.

            The man far away from politics

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      • 23 November 2009 00:48, by Patrice Lumumba

        Dear Gatwech,

        Your true colours are re-appearing. The SPLM is one of the most powerful parties in the Sudan. Keep dreaming. How can Lam rule the South. The days when the North appoint leaders for the South has gone forever. We are not talking about Nemeri’s era when you have to be in the good books of the North in order to be "allowed" to rule the South.

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      • 24 November 2009 19:48, by Joseph Beckkacbaai

        If you are supporting Dr.lam Akol you nursing the young hyena and cub of the lion and the will finish your goat and cows.If you want Southern Sudan to be more corrupt support him you will see.

        Supporting lam is better to support somebody else like other who did involved in killing of People of S.Sudan

        The man far away from Politics

        repondre message

    • 22 November 2009 05:31, by wang

      Keep working hard Brother Gatwech on this board by telling the truth, SPLM has got no room in the South. No Search a gangs name so-called "SPLM" can lead the Country into real future.

      repondre message

      • 22 November 2009 05:52, by Aturjok

        There’s a clear difference between what is ideal vs. what is realistic. I hope you guys take time to analyst your opinions putting them out there. Saying that the SPLM has no room in the South is a plain senseless claim.

        repondre message

      • 22 November 2009 06:53, by Malakal

        You people have short memories when it comes to political matters. It was not too long ago that the SPLM delivers CPA in a mutual agreement with NIF. Where was Riak and Lam to begin with, even if the SPLM is terribly weak what they have done in 21 years can not be trashed into a garbage bin like some of you naive thinkers are suggesting. Lam is incompetent, and so is Riak by any possible mean, if they were not that, they could have perservered in the SPLM and find their way if what they did not like was Dr. Garang’s vision. There were two, and only John Garang and Garang win and sustained his vision in that movement that means Riak and Lam are not competent if what they both want is resisted and overcame by one individual like Garang.

        Also Dr. Garang’s vision of New Sudan is misunderstood and falsely analyzed by people motivated with their personal ambitions. Garang’s quest for a New Sudan were everyone is treated equal and recognized as a valuable asset by his/her government unlike the suppressive sharia law employed by the old Sudan government dominated by Islamists to rule the country with. Without Garang’s strategy of employing a New Sudan vision; Abyei, Blue Nile, and Nuba Mountain would have not particepated as part of Garang’s led SPLA/M mainly in the South. That is why SPLM is the only legimate party in South, any other party or individual can only be notice by their sacrifies they have made during the civil war to liberate Southerners plus Nuba Mountain, Abyei, and Blue Nlle State which are incorperated in South to make New Sudan.

        Any party formed after the CPA is looked onto as a betrayer of the Southerners; their liberators the SPLA/M and the three other states that put the word New Sudan vison into a reasonable perspective. The reasons for that are obvious to everyone involved in the liberation of the Sudan’s people. Look at Both Lam and Riak they are former rivals of the SPLA/M and momentarily they are the ones who are making everyone talking. Any sounded mind Southerners or from the other three states who particepated on the SPLM side during the struggle can easily comprehend that a great deal of cooperation among these self-aclaimed plus the SPLM politicians is needed at the moment for them all in achieving there short and long term personal goals. Otherwise sabotaging the SPLM will not work well with neither the SPLM, nor the interferers who wish the SPLM a failure in order to open door for their easy access to rule the South

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      • 22 November 2009 07:01, by Dinka Boy

        Mr Wang,

        Dreaming of 3/4 toops of your primitives in Great Bor territory is your nightmare.
        SPLM is not gang but your saviour.
        Anyway, all of you don,t know because you were will jallaba when your Nyagat Riek Machar and Lam defect in the SPLM.

        Let the sleep dog lie.

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    • 22 November 2009 05:44, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

      Getwech you touch the truth, I think Akol will even qualified to serve as a president of Sudan. Kiir will fit to be a governor of Bor. The pride of Kiir is separation that what he is dreaming of imagine he is willing to even to grab 49.9% from South but he coneal it to 55%.

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    • 22 November 2009 06:31, by Prophet Alexander

      Dear readers and commentators,

      I have found out that there are three groups of commentators. The first is Arab Muslims of the North Sudan, second is African Muslims of the South Sudan and the third is Christian Africans of the South Sudan. The first two groups are for the Unity of the Sudan while the third group are for the Independent of South Sudan.

      It is difficult to identify them because most of the writers use false titles, false names, and false tribal or traditional names of the other tribes, in order to say BAD or OFFENSIVE WORDS, to DISCOURAGE, DIVIDE the Southerners to HATE, FIGHT and KILL themselves so that they forget about their most important RIGHTS of their INDEPENDENT STATE. These ARAB and AFRICAN MUSLIMS of the North are attacking mostly the GOSS, SALVA KIIR, Dr.RIAK MACHAR and all the TRIBES OF SOUTH SUDAN. This is a cold war.

      The Northerners know very well that they deprive or deny the Southerners of EDUCATION as a result, they are still living in TRIBAL UNITS and they do not know what is to be a NATION, only what they know is their TRIBE PEOPLE (a group of families) and the map of their VILLAGES.

      It is painful to mention that about 60% of the South Sudanese do not enter into the CLASSROOMS, 30% acquire low level of education (primary-secondary level) and only 10% finished their College and university level and by the support from Church Institutions.

      These Northerners group are bitterly complaining against the GOSS denouncing it as a CORRUPT, TRIBALUISM STATE of one tribe DINKA. And they are creating TRIBAL CONFLICT throughout among the CATTLE’s KEEPERS TRIBES in South Sudan. And influence others tribes to HATE DINKA and see them as the SECOND ARABS IN SOUTH SUDAN. All these are done, so that in 2011 REFERENDUM South Sudanese will be DIVIDED with two opinions and will say that better I vote for ARABS than to DINKA. They are turning the MIND of SOUTHERNERS to see DINKA than to LOOK for their HOPE OF INDEPENDENT DAY.

      Since Southerners lack TWO IMPORTANT THINGS; such as KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING and LOVE and UNITY among themselves. Most of them are now running after POSITIONS, LEADERSHIP, and MONEY of GOSS rather than to RUN FIRST AFTER THEIR INDEPENDENT STATE. There is nothing very important and cannot be compared with anything in the South than the INDEPENDENT STATE for the people of south Sudan. It is the FUTURE of our CHILDRENS’ CHILDRENS’ GENERATIONS.

      Most Southerners do not yet UNDERSTAND that Salva Kiir is doing TWO GREATEST JOBS by leading you into INDEPENDENT, from SLAVERY to FREEDOM, from SECOND CLASS CITIZENS to FIRST CLASS and also leading the entire SUDAN to a NEW ERA of DEMOCRACY, in which the GOVERNMENT will be ELECTED by the PEOPLE. You can CHANGE the GOVERNMENT not by WAR or by FORCE but by your VOTES. Oh my God help Salva kiir.

      I am strongly APPEALING to entire SOUTH SUDAN PEOPLE to UNITE, RESPECT KIIR, LOVE YOURSELVES and VOTE for INDEPENDENT of South Sudan NOW!!! Paul says “I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you AGREE WITH ONE ANOTHER so that there may be no DIVISIONS among YOU and that you may be perfectly UNITED in MINDS and THOUGHTS (1Cor. 1:10).”
      Thank you for reading and JESUS LOVES YOU VERY MUCH and he DIED FOR YOU. AAAAAAAAAAAA MEN!!!.

      Prophet Alexander.

      repondre message

    • 22 November 2009 06:42, by Dinka Boy

      Mr Gatech,

      Dr Lam Akol presidency mean war in the South my friend.
      And the bullet on the assess.

      repondre message

    • 22 November 2009 06:46, by mayor


      Your analysis shows clearly the differnt between what you believe and what you don’t know SPLM/A is cooking Oh I can wait to smell it.

      Your hireling Lam Akol, will — Never ... Never ... Ever ... come to Juba and seat in the SPLM/A military headquater where Gen CMRD Salva Kiir seat and next to him your swinging leader Reick Machar as vice presedent and SPLA hiogh commands.

      hireling Lam Akol will remain in Khartoum for ever,
      and please can you try to follow Reick Machar way as long as he work for SPLM before he joint hireling Lam Akol not to derail.

      just take it simply SPLM is not sleeping.

      And here is a political Mathematic problem who can do it from the following.

      Hireling Lam Akol seating in Khartoum supporting 100% by NCP ( NCP it self + CPA).. X ... SPLM/A ...basic in South = 2010 ...going to
      2011 these are yiour answer but please find its steps

      repondre message

    • 22 November 2009 06:52, by Trueson of Southerner is Back

      Dr Gatwec

      Don’t our uncle would be the next president Dr Riek.

      repondre message

    • 22 November 2009 07:24, by Dinka Dominated SPLA

      your drem will never came true for lam akol to be a presiden. lom akol is just ajoke nad a juckass no Dinka will lat him become what ever he need because no Dinka no power. no Dinka there is doom

      repondre message

    • 22 November 2009 07:27, by braveheart

      And what’s wrong with Dr. Lam becoming the President of GOSS After you already acknowledge bad governance and incompetent leadership under Kiir?

      Or is it because that his tribe unqualify him for such high office?

      Southerners vote for Dr. Lam Akol the pioneer of self-determiniation now for President of GOSS.

      Matat lasu

      repondre message

      • 22 November 2009 08:52, by samuel_kur@yahoo.ca

        BraveHeart and Brave Heart really.

        I think you lack a kind of faith, who told you tribe has a value in the state? except only you think because you lack faith of meaning of a state, a state doesn’t matter to be one tribe, if it is that it is mean that its a tribe congregation not qualify to be a state.
        We are talking about a faith of believe in what some one is doing. But those things are not available in Lam position, Lam believe in his only food, means leadership to be him only, but he may get that if he stood firmly, he should get that.
        Look at Riek Machar what he did? Because he has a believe he returned to the SPLM by his Faith. See what happen with him? he became a vice president and tomrrow he will be a president if God will. You don’t know how much Riek is resisting from some of tribalism, but he doesn’t care about it, because they are confusers he doesn’t want to listen to them, while those primitives people are dreaming for defection of Riek from SPLM, that is obvious from many of those tribalism in their comments every day.
        Because Riek is Educted man he want to use his Educated mind to resist those primitives minds of tribalism.

        Lam would be qualify to be a leader in south if he uses his mind properly as Educated man.
        See how much majority Comrades Pagan Amum and Oyai Deng Ajak have in the wise southerners, if they came now in a place of Lam all southerners will stand beside them except you, because you don’t like them as you have a tribalism mind as limited mind.
        You don’t know about Lam Records in politic, even those politicians who are saying now to Lam to be their a nominated for a presidential they know his attitude well, but they want to push him ahead so he would know him self who is he?
        I am not trying to convince you, but history will repeat its self, you will see next year if your Lam will win.

        Do you know why Lam joint SPLM in 1985, because he didn’t win in his area for a seat in Upper Nle for election.
        He thought he will go and replace garang in his position, because he was a University teacher, but it didn’t happen because Garang also was an open eye to any evil man.

        He tried to deceive some strong men in SPLM/A, by telling them you are better than Garang, but when they defected from SPLM/A mother what happend again? He defected again of them naming his movement as Fashoda Movement, because his purpose was just to involve some people with him not because he want to be united with them.
        There are many things about Lam Records if i wrote them i will take a Hundred years in writing.
        Even Shiluk Money which were paid for killed people in jabelien between Arab and shiluk do you know where are they?
        Go ask your Mak he will tell you what Lam did with them.

        repondre message

    • 22 November 2009 10:01, by Mel mosa

      My friend, if the NCP party is the one elect the Southern Sudan president, then you are right by saying that Lam will be the president of South. But I am sure that Lam never win to be the president of shulluk. Leave alone Southern Sudan. Shulluk community is not poolish enough to elect Lam to be president. Lam is already messed up his credibility in the face of Southern Sudanese through his alliance with Southern Sudanese enemy.

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    • 22 November 2009 10:10, by Sunlight

      Brother Gatwech,

      Good analysis, you ’ve said it all.

      With the current SPLM incompetence and lack of vision, Dr.Lam Akol will surely win the election unless the SPLM rigge it.

      As for those who will vote for him; I can assure you millions of Southrners can do that simply because they have been cheated and deceived by ignorants like Salva Kiir. I personally wished Dr. Machar to distant himself from this mess and stand for GOSS presidency; however, he choosed to remain in order to change it from within, but can an old dog learn a new trick?! So the only option now to create changes is through Dr.Lam Akol.

      repondre message

      • 22 November 2009 11:33, by Liety Nyinna

        Dr lam Akol will win the eletion if all the minority tribes in South Sudan vote for him. He is educated, smart and fits to be the President of South Sudan or Sudan as a whole. The majority tribes should stop dreaming of ruling south sudan as the minority tribes are sick of them. The SPLM which has become a majority tribes government after signing the CPA in 2005 has become a land grabbing government in south sudan.

        repondre message

        • 22 November 2009 13:29, by Abuk D- Nhial

          what ever said is not whatever does/done.

          whatever proposed is not a given motion.

          whatever fake remain fake !

          Let cat be among the rabbits yet happened an outrageous remark with in ..........

          Never blame your self for not understanding my comment, for not every body is born wise but only few are born for further detection.

          Akol being the deterrent for Southern Sudanese’ tranquility will wash his finger with fly’s urine and be embarrassed with his decedents for centuries.

          Many thankz goes to Mr. Alexander the prophet who prophetically prophesied the the truth.

          All in all,I warn dinka to be untied and see how much they are hated by their brothers, therefore I want your permanent togetherness and never never let any party cheat you except SPLM.


          repondre message

          • 22 November 2009 18:21, by general Achinbenchien

            No body in Southern Sudan that doesn’t support SPLM. The problem is not the party, it the failed leadership of Salva Kirr. He failed miserably. I’m a Dinka, I wholeheartedly support SPLM, but I don’t support a failing leader. Riak and Salva are failing the party!

            General Achinbenchien.

            repondre message

            • 22 November 2009 21:33, by Wende Yongaptheeth

              Kiir is a failure and Riek is a disaster.

              Riek is a total disaster Mr. General. Kiir failed while he attempt to stick to principles, the movement, the party visions and objectives while Riek is on a pretty different course of plotting coups against Kiir and wishig Kiir death. THe party SPLM was and is a visionary one and is being led down by these two leaders and the most devil is Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon. He is so treacherous, disloyal, untrustworthy, uncommitted and flip-ploffy whishy washy.

              repondre message

              • 22 November 2009 22:32, by Pee-Funk

                warning to all Dr. Lam Akol’s supporter Lam Akol will never be a president of Southern Sudan because he is betrayer. I look at his supporter as traitor as well. you people have no place in southern Sudan’s politics. you and your dog Lam Akol are moral people we don’t need such a criminal people in our government.

                we don’t need an Arab to be our president, Dr. Lam Akol is an Arab we don’t want him. his heart is pure Arab.I know he has been pure money to you guys to run his campaign, but you will not achieve any dame thing in southern Sudan. so my advice to you is to chose a side before too late.

                by: Mr. P-Funk

                repondre message

                • 23 November 2009 01:00, by Liety Nyinna

                  Dr Lam Akol is a pure Sudanese black and his heart is darker that Abel Alier of Dinka Bor. Warning to Dinka who hate Dr Lam Akol for being from minority tribe in south sudan. Rememer all Dr lam supporters are SPLM/A. They are with you in the same army and they have the same weapons you have.Whether you like it or not. We will give him support to become the president of south sudan.

                  repondre message

                  • 23 November 2009 01:38, by Mohammad100

                    Dear all,

                    I m not a Sudanese, but an African who was educated in South, and Northern part of the Sudan. High School at Loka, and U of Khartoum. At the present, I am a proud American citizen.

                    Basically and categorically, right is right, wrong is wrong. Two wrongs do not make one right. When I was at University of Khartoum, one of my best friend was an Arabized Muslim from Nubian mountains, plus other Sudanese friends with great wisdoms from all corners, sections (tribes)of the real Sudan.

                    Having above average understanding of the problems in Sudan, I still support one Sudan if equality and a real democracy is achievable. But if the marginalization policies of the Sudanese central governments is not altered for empowering it’s citizens, continuing with an exploitative, non representative, and a government who’s promotion and protection is skewed for only the followers of one religion over the rest is unacceptable at it’s best, and encourages division of the country at it’s worse. Prime example of such a policy is executed by Omaer Bashir who gave the Sudanese a creepy reasons for division. What ever harsh languages, self serving talks, insults, insinuation and uncultured, non Sudanese mode of verbal and written exchanges we witness on this forum is the symptoms of the wrong policy practice since the Independence of the Republic of Sudan.

                    As for me, the solution for such kinds of problem with in a country is achievable only when all it’s citizens value and respect each other, listen to each other in African manners, agree to disagree, and work cohesively to reach a real solution. But trying to out smart each other, or ignoring each ones concerns are not a real road for reconciliations.

                    After all reconciliations of people within one Nation have produced a remarkable fruits in Rwanda, and South Africa.

                    May God help Sudan to be the other example for true reconciliation and end to marginalization.

                    Asalaam Aleikum,


                    repondre message

                    • 23 November 2009 04:19, by Dengtaath

                      Mohamed, Thank you for your true views in regard to sudan political genesis,Sudan had been long ruled by rigid governments who only served the interest of few groups in our diverse country. This is really sad when those governments employed religion in its worst to be the base of the country’s political doctrines.

                      Now sudan as a country has got more educated poeple than before,people are fully aware of their own rights, it would be hard again for the north to get away with its harsh political domination against the other geographical part of the country. And the reality is this, Islamic based dominant in sudan’s ruling governmentship will totally disintegrate the beloved nation since North is all interesting to call Sudan a Islamic state, but in fact though I am saying this, it doesn’t mean that division will make the country happy but no option as what to do in all these political disasters from 1955 to currrent situations.You see children in South walking just only skeletons and these years the Darfure, is completely sad Sudan must be divdided is clear no doubt
                      Thanks Mohamed

                      repondre message

  • 23 November 2009 13:17, by Ariec Path wol

    In leadership,there are quality to consider before you become a leader.If Dr Lam is nominaded to be a president of southern Sudan then southerners will sit and see the qualities of Dr Lam Akol toward struggle during the war and and peace time.

    Collaboration with the enemies during the war were recorded against the freedom fighters and southerners knows very well those collaborators even if they put on their what ever clothes they wear.

    Dr.Lam is qualified because of his higher educational back ground,then there are others more qualified then him like Dr.Raik Machar and others can lead the south Sudanese.

    Participation during the war is highly consider in south Sudan and even Sudan in general Beshir knows the weakiness of Dr.Lam and that is why the eight parties agreed to bring him as a president against Salva Kiir because they (ARAB)knows Dr Lam weakiness they can remove him out of power in a day light simply because he have weak heart toward leadership.

    For those who are supporting this weak leader becuase of his bad characters during the war then you will be regret when the SPLM you are ignoring will come to power.

    repondre message

    • 24 November 2009 17:40, by mack waweru

      Gatwech,Non Logic Baby and other deranged stooges of Lam Akol are daydreamers and wishful thinkers. Southerners are not you or Lam’s supporters. Dear lost brothers, do think an Arab appointee would be accepted by real Southerners to lead them? Unless he becomes the leader of his section and cronies who solely benefit from Arabs.
      SPLM/A was not formed by the enemy in Khartoum such that to fear of losing elections in the South. Southerners know their party and they would ultimately vote for her.
      Being a PhD holder doesn’t qualify betrayers to rule. There 3,700 Southern Sudanese who are PhD holders. Is your failed selfish man smarter than them?
      We are ready for Comprehensive War if Arabs err once more to aboragate CPA by trying to impose unwanted man on Southerners and cancel referendum.
      Advise your man to eat what is given to by the enemy of people in silence.


      repondre message

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