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South Sudan flag finally raised before 192 nations at UN in New York


July 15, 2011 (JUBA) – The flag of the newly born Republic of South Sudan was officially raised at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Thursday before the 192 exisiting member states of the world body.

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The flag of South Sudan flies after the United Nations General Assembly voted on South Sudan’s membership to the United Nations at UN headquarters in New York July 14, 2011 (Reuters)

South Sudan was officially declared independent last Saturday, July 9, and was recognised by the United Nations on Thursday, July 15, as the 193rd member state following two separate unanimous votes on Wednesday and Thursday by the Security Council and the General Assembly recognising the new state, respectively.

Ambassadors from 192 nations gathered around the South Sudanese flag as it was being raised high among the other flags of the world nations in the presence of the South Sudanese vice president, Riek Machar Teny, the president of the UN General Assembly, Joseph Deiss and the Secretary-General of the Security Council, Ban Ki Moon.

The scene was joyous as representatives of the world nations shouted slogans
welcoming South Sudan into being and congratulating Vice President Machar
for finally joining the world nations as an independent country.

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South Sudan’s flag, centre, shortly after it was raised in New York in the presence of 192 representatives of member states. At the center of the picture is South Sudan’s Vice President Riek Machar, on his right is President of General Assembly, Joseph Deiss while on his left is UN Security Council SG, Ban Ki Moon. (Republic of South Sudan)

Hundreds of South Sudanese witnessing the ceremony at the UN headquarters cried tears of joy as the Head of the Mission of the Republic of South Sudan to the United States, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, performed traditional dances around the flag in front of the UN officials as the flag was being raised with the South Sudan national anthem.

Following the vote to recognise South Sudan, the president of the UN General
Assembly, Joseph Deiss, said the world has finally welcomed South Sudan into the community of nations, adding that the new nation from Thursday would enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as other member states.

The Security Council’s Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, told the gathering that
world had gathered at that moment and place with one voice welcoming South

Vice President Riek Machar expressed his gratitude to the world body, saying South Sudan has finally reached the destiny its people had longed for over a century and hoped to reach.

Machar told the gathering that the people of the new nation remember the fallen
martyrs among which is the founder of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), John Garang de Mabior.

The late founder died in a helicopter crash in South Sudan near the Ugandan border only 21 days after taking office as the first vice president of Sudan and president of semi-autonomous Southern Sudan after leading 21 years of liberation struggle against Khartoum’s successive regimes.

Garang negotiated the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which granted South Sudan the right to secede from the North in a referendum held in January this year.

The South voted by 98 percent to separate but the next task, Machar said, is to build the new nation, which is severely underdeveloped after almost continuous conflict since independence from British and Egyptian rule in 1956.


Audio of James Wani Igga, Speaker of South Sudan’s Parliament declaring the region an independent Republic in Juba on July 9, 2011.

South Sudan is declared independent by the speaker of the new country"s parliament James Wani Igga in Juba on July 9, 2011 (mp3)
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  • 16 July 2011 08:30, by Nhomlawda

    The backward supporters of Ngundeng prophesies will now be happy because Riek Machar had finally raised Republic of South Sudan flag. Pathetic!

    Mi Diit
    Below is an explanation to your request for further explanation on SPLA/M vision under 14/07/2011 posting - UNSC Recommends to General Assembly Recognition of South Sudan.
    Self determination/separation was tried by Anyanya I and II but failed to mobilize people within Sudan who were marginalized by Khartoum but not part of South Sudan. The Anyanya I and II civil wars were largely confined to South Sudan territory due to their separatist vision, therefore, making waging wars against Islamic Fundamentalists’ injustices exclusively a South Sudan versus North Sudan affair. With South Sudan tiny population and ill equipped rebel movements (Anyanya I and II), a third war that pitted South Sudan versus North Sudan was not helping South Sudan cause at all, and could not be repeated by SPLA/M wise leadership. In addition, self determination /separation leaning vision during Anyanya I and II also failed to gain popular support from neighboring countries that saw it as a bad precedent for Africa.
    When John Garang started SPLA/M, the first group to be destroyed was Anyanya II staunch champions of South Sudan separation who did not want a sugarcoated vision to achieve popular support for South Sudan cause.
    SPLA/M as envisioned at formation managed to gain popular support which Anyanya I and II failed to gain through their narrow vision plainly put as separation of South Sudan from rest of the Sudan.
    In simple term, SPLA/M vision of united secular democratic Sudan was meant to get support both within and outside Sudan to bring military and political pressures close to the centre of power in Khartoum to force them to accept comprehensively negotiated settlement to the civil war in Sudan. SPLA/M knew at the negotiation table issues that could have scared away SPLA/M groups in the north and supporters in the diaspora but benefits the south could be tabled for consideration. That is where self determination idea was to be brought up and agreed upon.
    Idea of self determination was not a new thing to South Sudan during SPLA/M liberation struggle but it was unwise request to make without strong political and military standing for South Sudan to force that interest through as the best way of settling civil wars between South and North Sudan.
    Anyanya I asked for self determination but it was refused because they had no serious power to force it through.
    SSIM of Riek Machar asked for self determination but it was denied because there was no strong political and military standing to force it through.
    SPLA /M asked for self determination and got it because SPLA/M had both the political backing and military standing to force self determination for South Sudan through.
    In conclusion, self determination for separation was known to be the best option of settling none ending civil wars between South and North Sudan but the modality of reaching it had to be changed since two attempts were made for that goal but failed to achieve significant results.
    Separatist movements hardly get support globally; examples are the Cabinda movement in Angola, Bakassi Peninsula group in Cameroon, Katanga group in DR Congo and many others in Africa and the world over. These groups had fought for several generations and now still fighting for independence from their mother countries but they are not getting their demands, at least in a foreseeable future.
    If SPLA/M had changed its vision to fight exclusively for self determination of South Sudan as Riek Machar wanted, South Sudanese would have not gotten independence by now.
    Just ask yourself why Riek Machar failed to get bullets for the guns he took from SPLA/M main stream, leave alone securing new guns; it was because no one wanted to be seen supporting separatist movement in another country while suppressing their own diversities that require greater autonomy or independence from their central governments.
    You did also ask me to explain exit strategy for SPLA/M liberation struggle under united secular democratic Sudan. The exit strategy was to carefully apply military and political pressures to force Islamic Fundamentalists in Khartoum into serious and meaningful political negotiation and settlement of the civil war. The success of and how long to reach the exit strategy depended on SPLA/M military and political strength to force NIF/NCP to the negotiating table. SPLA/M military and political strengths finally forced NIF/ NCP into meaningful political negotiation and settlement of the civil war in August 2002 to January 2005.
    John Garang de Mabior, Martin Majier Gai, Karubino Kuanyin Bol, Williams Nyuon Bany, Salva Kiir Mayardit, Arok Thon Arok, and Joseph Oduho were wise when they agreed to launch SPLA/M liberation struggle under United Secular Democratic Sudan vision.
    Always think big, narrow worldview always achieve none or little success in complex issues such as dividing nations’ territories.
    Learn from Nasir gangsters’ failure in achieving their vision of independent South Sudan through the easy way of concluding shallowly thought-through agreements.

    repondre message

    • 16 July 2011 08:38, by Mi diit

      excellent!!! it was very wonderful celebration by all those 192 world nations in new york city when riek machar teny dhurgon was raising the south sudan flag higher and higher among the top of those mountains (world great nations).

      i was following it live on tv it was very wonderful. ezekiel lol gatkuoth did a very good nuer traditional dance in front of the flag that impressed all the world nations gathered in new york witnessing the hoisting of the flag among world nations. sorry that it was the only south sudanese traditional dance he knew how to dance very well. the 192 world nations vividly understood how south sudanese felt very special on that day, 14th july, following 9th july independence celebrations in juba.

      yes the next biggest challenge is building the new nation after the successful independence through self determination. as uncle luk kuth dak said in his wonderful article, every woman can give birth to a baby child, but not every woman that knows how to bring up that baby. i hope south sudan will not end up like a street child or locked up in prison. may the almighty lord bless his people with good leadership with vision this time.


      A united sudan vision without a facilitating strategy to indpenedence of south sudan can only end up in united sudan on new basis.

      splm/a was hijacked by unionists from other marginalized areas until self determination came along to save south sudanese.

      it was the vision of self determination as introduced and championed in 1991 as twin vision that made it possible for the referendum and facilitation to independence.

      i hope you know how to analyse issues well.

      repondre message

      • 16 July 2011 08:58, by Mi diit

        any nya one and two did not call for right of self determination as a facilitating vision to enable the people of south sudan democratically choose between unity and separation.

        they only called for separation or independence as such. but riek machar in 1991 called for self determination, not separation, so that the exercise in referendum would determine which destiny to achieve between separation and unity. this was accepted by the world as shown on the referendum day and on july 9 independence.

        you cannot just mobilize people on united sudan and hope to end up in separation of south sudan. that is a big lie.

        without self determination to facilitate the choice of separation, no body would achieve independenc as a result. you would have ended up in a united sudan may be on new basis. and that was the true path of the splm/a before self determination championed and introduced as a twin vision, which of course, has today surpassed all the other visions.

        repondre message

        • 16 July 2011 09:13, by Nhomlawda

          Mi Diit
          Self determination was unwise vision to champion because SPLA/M would have been branded a separatist movement. This would have denied support the Ethiopian government gave to SPLA/M. Remember Ethiopia was fighting its own separatist movements at the time; Uganda was at war too, DR Congo was not stable either, Kenya was reluctant to be seen supporting a rebel movement in another country.
          Where do you think support for self determination would have come from when neighboring countries were not happy to support such causes as self determination for minor groups in any African country?
          Remember South Sudan did not have factory for guns and ammunitions to fight its own war at the time. Therefore, external support was critical for SPLA/M success.

          repondre message

          • 16 July 2011 10:21, by Mi diit


            you said yesterday that you are working as independent national expert in south sudan yet you lack information.

            self determination was accepted by pan africa meeting in kampala in 1993 when presented by dr. riek machar teny dhurgon. several african and world nations accepted it since 1991. and this was manifested in the recent referendum and recognition. do you know that from 1991 riek machar enjoyed more support from british, united states of america and israel than john garang?

            his differences with those nations was that they wanted the war to continue against khartoum to achieve self determination while dr. riek wanted peaceful process through referendum. that was the only difference.

            john garang did not like the idea of independent south sudan from the beginning but he fooled people like you that you would reach independence while traveling the path of keeping sudan united. that is funny and betrayal at the same time.

            riek did not want guns because he believed that it would be peaceful process that would end the war not shooting of guns every day. yes, the war ended in 2002 when john garang joined his self determination while bashir’s forces were still controlling torit town where the war started in 1955. so it was not war but peaceful strategies that brought the cpa on the basis of self determination which has now finally brought you lasting freedom in your own country.

            john garang was after leadership in khartoum and not independence of south sudan. let us make things straight please. and he was the most inconsistent politicians the south had ever known when it came to the destiny of his people. first in 1983 he was for socialist system in united sudan. then he changed it to secular democratic system in 1993. then he joined self determination in 2002. his main aim was to stay in power and in leadership no matter which path he took.

            as for the other northen commentators in disguise as south sudanese below, i will not take them serious because their aim is just to make comments that want to divide us. they are using south sudanese names when they are not.

            and nhomlawda, don’t worry about riek machar raising the flag in new york. that is not his first time. if you know the 32 meters longest flag raised on independence day in juba at the john garang’s grave, he raised it with a remote control while the spla soldiers was diverting the attention of the people by raising the other short flag near the leaders. so it is not the first time. he did it very well in new york before the 192 nations.

            please don’t waste time cricizing this man whose vision and hard work has made it possible for all of us to cross the river. baby president salva kiir as you know it does not know how to swim and would have drown in the middle of the river if the chief architect of the vision to independence did not cross him to the other side of the shore.

            repondre message

            • 16 July 2011 11:36, by Marco A. Wek

              Mi Diit people like you are the ones who let Riek be insulted although Southerners forgave him when he realized he made a mistake and came back to Dr. John Garang’s leadership. Bashir wouldn’t make Riek vice president no matter. He gives that position to some one who has power.

              When brother came back to the SPLA/ SPLM, he left alone. I have great respect to late Kerbino Kuanyin Bol and William Nuyon Bany with their battalions 104 and 105 and despite the fact that, they like Riek join our enemy, yet, they left the enemy the way they did in 1983.

              repondre message

              • 16 July 2011 11:57, by Mi diit

                marco a. wek,

                i think you are not a south sudanese that is why you don’t know who brought you self determination. let me inform you that it is dr. riek machar who brought it to you in golden plate. he baptized john garang in self determination. garang sign self determination as the first protocol of the cpa in july 2002 just six months after he converted to the vision. riek machar then implemented the self determination from 2005 to 2011. please ask the true south sudanese who know the history well.

                repondre message

                • 16 July 2011 18:27, by Bush

                  @Mi diit

                  I think it was not Dr.Riek alone who brought this independence but all those who voted in the referendum and all those who fought and died for it.

                  It’s foolish to say that Dr.Riek brought this independence, let me tell you this, your Riek will never become a president of the Republic of South Sudan if the people doesn’t voted for him.

                  The struggle for independence started long time a go, even before most of us were born,it didn’t started in 1983, 1991 or 1993. I don’t know why people like you can’t reform from the deformity of tribalism, even your name or alias looks new for me, when did you registered on this forum to bring up this nonsense topic?

                  repondre message

                  • 17 July 2011 02:13, by choldit


                    I agreed with you that Dr. Riek Machar alone couldn’t bring South Sudan but needed others to implement his idea of Self determiination as he did wisely by convencing Dr. Garang that Self-dettermination was the best way to go about liberating this nation rather than "United new sudan".

                    However, I think you are not barking at the right person (mi diit)bcoz I think Nhomlawda started behaviour of falsifying our history so that certain figures will get pressed while others will get character assissination.

                    NONE of our politicians can bring this freedom on his own. Ngundeng and his son Guak Ngundeng from Nuer tribe of South Sudan fought British and Arab for the independence of South Sudanese in 1900s but they didn’t bring it because other tribes were either cooperating with Arab and British or were incapable of conception of the idea of independence.

                    Together we stand people!!!

                    repondre message

                    • 17 July 2011 06:07, by bior angeth

                      I do not know why some keep bringing up the useless war of 1991 which killed thousands of civilians and looted their belongings in Bor. I do not know whether Riek love to hear that being repeated.

                      repondre message

      • 16 July 2011 09:12, by Marco A. Wek

        Yes Mi Diit, Luk is right and I appreciate that you agree with him not because he is called Luk Dak but it is because he said the truth and similarly, anyone can claim leadership and at the same time, leadership without wise mind to support it is meaningless.

        Nhomlada said it all and I hope like you agreed to wise saying Luk Dak will you agree to wise and facts from your wise brother Nhomlada otherwise, you will be beating the bush like our sister supporter of Naath/ SSLA which is turned into a mad dog after July 9th.

        repondre message

    • 16 July 2011 10:50, by Land-of-Cush


      You are very danger person in south Sudan that wills never every bear any fruits in this country. If Dr. Riek Machar rise up ROSS flag in New York before 192 Nations Salva Kiir did the same too because Riek is a Salva’s Vic president.
      It wouldn’t make sense for ROSS president to attend that world body for the recognition of new state in the same time while he signing the incoming currency, S. Sudan Bank, Stamp etc which are very importance too.
      Nhomlawda we know that you hate Salva leadership because he failed to accommodate your Uncle George Athor Deng.
      The Ngundeng that you mention in your highlighted comment is the same Ngundeng that first warns South Sudanese people through Lou Nuer community, that you will finished until you become fitted in my one hand. I think and everyone know that we vote with Ngundeng one hand till we fitted in it and have 98% to achieve independent. Second Ngundeng mention about Dr Garang leadership to lead us in wilderness and he will lost like ears ring. Unacceptably we miss our hero or SPLM/A founder within 21 days after he signed CPA with NCP. He is the same Ngundeng that predicted Salva Kiir leadership that he will finished all requirements need between us with North Sudan and also his Nation’s smoke will be seen over the world that meant he will be the first president to build our nation. Nhomlawda be inform that our problem with north Government haven’t yet finished, Ngundeng said Kiir Nyielthiang Bi mach de luuk (that meant Kiir is fire will thunders) but we don’t know what that meant yet. Therefore the best educator person must learn about these as our destiny histories instead to hate them because of tribalism

      repondre message

    • 16 July 2011 11:48, by SSLA supporter


      Although I am not a supporter of that self-centered puppet called. Reik Machar of Dok Nuer clan, that I believe he and the late William Nyoun Bang might have come from dinka tribe, I genuinely believe that any southern Sudanese who voted for separation of this country, has a constitutional right to lift or rise the flag of the Republic of South Sudan, be it Reik or you or Kiir all the have legitimate right to do so.

      But one thing I really know for sure, is the fact that there will more flags to rise because southern Sudan under this naive leadership of the SPLM syndicate will collapse into numerous nations just like what had happend to the former soviet union and sooner you, Mr. Nhomlawda will have a chance to lift your own flag in the United Nations Security Council if you gain it’s recognition!!

      My friend Nhomlawda, do not be jealous for nothing, don’t let the dirty past hold hostage or scapegoat, in another words, let our dirty past not to dictate our bright future( when SPLM is gone otherwise there is hope for any future neither dull northwest bright ) Who do you want to lift that pathetic SPLM flag given that till this moment of time RoSS has no flag of its own as well as the army of its own?? don’t let 1991 split reduce you to tribals because things happen for the reason, if you are a separatist who voted for the separation of Southern Sudan, and not a unionist like myself who voted for unity of the greater Sudan, then Reik satisfied your desires and aspirations to form your own country through his idea of self-determination that let the CPA which gave you the right to decide your fate via referendum!! so, you should be in his camp, as he was derailled the cause of the SPLA/M movement that was fighting the unity of unity of Sudan!! in the favour of separation!! and if you are a unionist like me then, democratically we are ought to appreciate the opinion of the majority who wanted to create their own independent nation in southern Sudan and thus we only to accept the bitter reality and put up with it! My fight with SPLM including Reik himself is because they neglect our poor masses who have been victims of their wars since the independent of Sudan in the 1950s till today, I hate their corrupt mentally or mind-set, they are ruthless and self-centered that don’t care about the whole population of the ROSS only them and their families!! I don’t problem who is the leader, which tribe s/he comes from and what is her/his level of education as long as s/he does what is right for our suffering people of RoSS!

      If SPLMers give up looting or embezzlement of the public money and start to focus only on the building of the infrastructure of RoSS and delivery of services to our poor people, I believe everyone will be proud of them and the RoSS will be save from disintegration!!

      repondre message

      • 16 July 2011 12:02, by Mi diit

        ssla (jellaba in disguise),

        please mind your own business as security agent in khartoum. don’t bring your mindless brain pretending to be nuer or south sudanese. i know you are one of those paid security agents who are confusing us on the net here. a nuer does not reason in that shallow mind you have. do you think that by knowing the clan of dr. riek machar then you qualify to be from south sudan? shame on you and mind your own dirty business. leave south sudan alone.

        repondre message

        • 16 July 2011 17:02, by SSLA supporter


          If my reasoning is shallow simply because I didn’t defense your tribal leader called Reik Machar, and if I am not Nuer because of my being not a fan or supporter of your dwarf and self-centered uncle Reik Machar Tany Thorgone of Dok Nuer!! or because I said that he might have originated from dinka tribes then let me be!!

          My friend I from LatjourDingyang that sheltered your uncle during his nonsense and unsuccessful coup attempt!! without us your uncle. would have been captured and hang by Garang!

          Going as too far as saying that I am not from Nuer tribe that also telling how naive and ignorant person you are!! tell me me what make you think that I not from Nuer tribe other than things I mentioned above!!

          repondre message

          • 16 July 2011 17:13, by Mi diit

            SSLA Supporter (stupid northerner),

            Mi Diit is right. Why waste time with you son of Jellaba pretending to be Nuer. Look you don’t even know how the spell the name ’Mi Diit’ and you called it ’Midiid. Is that how your shallow minded dudes call it?

            Look also you don’t even know how to spell the name of Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon. See how you have spelt his name. Can Nuer do it? You are just a Jellaba born in South Sudan out of wedlock.

            No body will take you serious because you don’t belong here. You just want to confuse readers with your mentally sick brain.

            repondre message

            • 16 July 2011 23:47, by Marco A. Wek

              Thank you brother Mi Diit, at least I have my cousin from Nuer tribe who could agreed with me a 100 % that the so calling himself Supporter of Naath/ SSLA is a northern Sudanese or a son or a daughter of northern Sudanese that have been born in South Sudan.

              I said many times and I will say it again, no tribe and I say no tribe in South Sudan that hates Arabs or jalahb more than our cousins Nuer and anyone who might have followed the self calling supporter of Naath/ SSLA would conclude that their is nothing Nuer whatsoever about this guy.

              This Jalaby pretending to be one of us always supports what is bad for south Sudan and he or she has the true Jalaby tactics of dividing our people in tribes and clans so that we would always be on each other nerves. Who apart from jalabas can benefit from our division if you ask me? The answer is no one but jalab.

              Did you guys realized since July 9th how he or she turned into insulting machine? He or she knows it is over for them, they failed to dragged us into all out war during the six years of CPA, a plan B they hoping for to derail our independence. Now he or she is reduced to insulting people as if he or she is a street boy or girl. What a pity?

              repondre message

      • 16 July 2011 12:47, by Nhomlawda

        SSLA Supporter

        I am not against Riek Machar raising flag of his country. Riek Machar is a citizen of ROSS like you and I and has all rights to work for his country in any capacity.

        My problems are those who associate everything Riek Machar does to Ngundeng prophesies. That association is misleading and dangerous to our Nuer brothers whose majority only use their eyes to think other than their minds and hearts.

        Yes, you are right, Riek Machar and Williams Nyuon are descendants of Dinka families who were chased to Nuer land in 20th century for their ungently behaviors among Dinka people. Many ungentle Dinka people from Bor and all other parts of Dinka land were chased to Nuer land throughout 20th century or even earlier to stay with their ungentle cousins (the Nuer) but unfortunately or fortunately, they went and became leaders in Nuer land. Now their children like Riek Machar and many others in GOSS and SPLA are still the leaders of Nuer people.

        That is why I usually tell you and other hostile Nuer to utilize their bonds with Dinka people other than dwelling on traditional cultural rivalries.

        Now prisons are available and Dinka had stopped sending their ungentle and unruly sons and their families to Nuer land, I wonder where you will get leaders if those few Dinka descendants still active now in Nuer leadership becomes fully absorbed into Nuer culture of extreme hostility with unreasoning approach.

        repondre message

        • 16 July 2011 14:59, by dakin

          Ngundeng prophecies can be worrying or pleasing to anyone. They are good for you, they are good for me.
          They are bad for you, they are bad for me.
          That itself is interesting!!
          If the Nuer had control over them then they could have stopped the devastating clan wars against themselves.

          Nobody can explain them better either until they happen or don’t happen

          repondre message

          • 17 July 2011 10:59, by Madut Tong

            What is prophecy? and who send Ngundeng?

            repondre message

          • 17 July 2011 11:11, by Madut Tong

            I congratulate the Republic of South Sudan for being accepted into the world’s largest community. We are now a free country and the challenge is to show the world that we are capable of solving our internal problems, and able to contribute into the wider community from which we are part.

            My advice to my people is that now we are a recognized persona, so let’s stop attacking or depending individuals, because this is the work of fable minded and shortsighted, let’s address the problems, their causes and possible solutions. The act which will contribute into the unity, development, and progress in this least country. Let’s love it and sacrifice for its welfare. Long live south Sudan, long live the unity of our people.

            repondre message

        • 16 July 2011 16:49, by Mr. Truthteller

          Ah, Nhomlawda, the national expert, has lost logical argument on visions to Mi Diit and has reduced himself to the usual Dinka culture of talking nonesense and telling lies.

          So you are saying Dr. Riek Machar is from Dinka Bor? May be James Wani Igga is from Dinka warrap and Pagan Amum Okech from Dinka Aweil?

          Can I add more? May be John Garang is from Latuka, Salva Kiir from Darfur and God from Nuer tribe?

          Oh, Nhomlawda, the loser. Welcome to the fruits of self-determination and may God bless its champion.

          If all the Nuer leaders come from the descendants of Dinka slaves, then God must be a Nuer.

          repondre message

          • 16 July 2011 16:58, by Mi diit


            mr. truthteller has said it all. if riek machar teny dhurgon can come from dinka slaves taken by nuer in the 20th century, then god is from nuer tribe.

            i hope you have lost to your misguided argument on so called united sudan vision?

            repondre message

            • 16 July 2011 17:52, by Nhomlawda

              Mi Diit and Truthteller

              I have not lost that argument but stopped because you have blocked your minds to understand truth because the truth leaves you with nothing to be proud of in South Sudan liberation struggle.

              Mi Diit is telling me about support from America, UK and Israel for Riek Machar faction during the split. Apart from having a British whore and a few white opportunists in Nasir, we did not see major effect of that support in what Riek Machar did after his coup d’état proclamation.

              Riek Machar thought John Garang would hear the announcement of coup d’état at the time and simply relinquished SPLA/M chairmanship for him to takeover but when it was not so, he declared to his forces to annihilate Dinka Bor civilians to hit John Garang where it hurts most. Copy of that order to wipe out Dinka Bor civilians is included in his friend book ‘SPLM/SPLA Nasir Declaration’ by Lam Akol; read that book and you will know who were the masterminds of Nasir declaration, their foreign friends and their intentions and how they failed to overthrow John Garang and surrendered to Arabs. Read that book and others on the matter before arguing blindly with experts in the area.

              After destroying Dinka Bor, he surrendered to Arabs.

              Where was that support you are talking about for his self determination vision? That support was not evidenced in his action against innocent people of Bor who were supporting South Sudan liberation cause.

              KPA Riek Machar signed with Khartoum was a formal surrender of all former SPLA liberated areas in Upper Nile to Arabs. It had nothing to do with South Sudan self determination. All of you know how KPA ended up in trash bin, so never be proud of it.

              I cannot blame you because you have already messed up your liberation record and just trying to steal history here and there for your glory but you cannot change anything now. Everything is already documented.

              repondre message

    • 16 July 2011 13:13, by Ayuen deng

      My friend that is not the point, that are here for ,we are still celebrating the born of our new country.It doesn’t matter who rise the flag or who doesn’t.Dr Riek went there to represent republic of south sudan not because nguondeng says and if so what is wrong with that.What about that simple sodier who rise the flag in juba did nguondeng talk of him,if you are the believer of those prophetcy.then you are backward,i warn every writer here not write something that divid us.So stop cretic of ethinicity.This is time to forget the past and continue with ppresent which is the issue of Abyei,Nuba mountains,Blue Nile and Angesina. How can we achieve freedom there.

      repondre message

  • 16 July 2011 08:49, by Naath

    I feel good! I feel good, I got you. This is a song from garfield movie if you ever watch it. But, now i am using it in my position. Honesty, I feel good to see our flag haging over New York city for the first time in history. I don’t think there will be any more complains from those who still do not believe the fact. let us move to the next level.

    repondre message

    • 16 July 2011 09:13, by AdierCien

      In The Name Of The Trinity God Amen

      It is not a surprise for the South to be among its brothers and sisters of the international body because it was what they and has finally come in their hands.

      Long live South Sudan

      However, those who find themselves praising VP Dr Riek Machar are wasting their time- in most cases, Riek is doing is Job under instructions.

      Yes indeed, he has to do it for us coz we want it to be done accordingly [our will as South Sudanese].

      We Ask You Lord To Guard Our Leaders In The Process To Build Strong Nation.

      repondre message

      • 16 July 2011 09:28, by Akibon


        It was impressive and embarrassing to Nuer seeing Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth performing their traditional dances at the UN despite the fact that they had been flip-flopping in struggle of SPLM/A.
        No hard feeling though, it is good to let our brothers reap their happiness amidst those zigzag maneuvres during the 21 year struggle.
        The greatest pain in life is to embarrass a person with his right by thrusting it right into his throat.
        This day was a shame to Riek and was done by Kiir intentionally to make him be the first Southsudanese to raise South flag at the United Nations.


        repondre message

        • 16 July 2011 10:50, by Mi diit

          akibon the jellaba in disguise,

          why would it be embarrassing for us to show our brave traditional dances to all the 192 nations of the world in that great city, new york. those are the top of the mountains the bible said our flag would be raised on. you missed it dude.

          repondre message

      • 16 July 2011 11:28, by Land-of-Cush

        Adier Cien

        You must be careful when using God’s name in this website.
        In the BIBLE: Read (Exodus:20:7). The Third Commandment Statement
        Our love to God is to honoring and obeying Him. We should respect and worship Him to the greatest of our abilities. One of the most important ways to respect God is found in the Third Commandment. The Third Commandment concerns the sanctity of God’s name. We are commanded by God to honor and respect His name: "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain" (Exodus:20:7). "Vain" means empty, useless, false, unreal, and worthless. In short, taking God’s name in vain refers to the abuse, misuse, blasphemy, cursing, or manipulation of the Lord’s name. So, use of God’s name in vain involves trying to use it to advance negative purposes.

        repondre message

        • 16 July 2011 12:30, by AdierCien

          In The Name Of The Trinity God Amen

          land of kush

          God gave me life to live without interference of someone to kill me. My problem is with my VP Dr Riek Machar who has educated from that community who always kills and make destructions to my people. Secondly, he himself did it so to sabotage Jang and Jieng. Which leader kills and be allowed to leads those who he like to disappears in his sight again.

          I do what God had promised be done without discrimination and with the Guardian of Lord God.

          We shall forgive Riek when he has turn out to seek for it.

          Almighty Father Bless South Sudan.

          May Your Will Be Done, Amen - said Bishop Paulino Lukudu Laro.

          repondre message

          • 17 July 2011 03:44, by Land-of-Cush

            Adier Cien

            I don’t tell you to stop talking about Dr Riek Machar NO.
            My advice to you is not to use God’s name in this website because this site has full with sins; using God’s name her is misuse unless if you using his name wisely in which you can bring these commentators together through preaching by using God’s words in the good manner or in understandable ways as the man of God. I think I have already directed you to Exodus: 20:7.
            If you are really a man of God then you want to seek advice from other.

            repondre message

      • 16 July 2011 20:18, by dakin

        This should not worry you, Dr. Riek is winning praise from us in his capacity as vice president for the good work he is doing to you and me.
        Your make up stories are just irrelevance.
        I wish president Kiir must fight corruption head long and bring better governance to the citizens,that is what matters and nobody will dare criticise him.
        Corruption is not just affecting the Nuer or the Equatorians but the dinka too

        repondre message

    • 16 July 2011 09:21, by Cibaipiath Junub Sudan

      Dear brothers;
      I must say that our Flag was not new but it was only lacking the recognition. Riasing the flag in New York is that something New and we who had been carrying this flag on our shoulders for the 27 years are proud of it.

      Riek should raise it in New York to show to the world that this was the same flag who was against it in the year 1991 but thank God that the predigol son has made it sucessfully to come back to his father. The 14th July in New York is not so important but we have our important days in history and here some of the days:
      18th August 1955- Torit Mutiny;
      13th-16 May 1983- Bor Mutiny that resulted to SPLA/M
      9th January 2005-Signing the CPA;
      9th July 2005- Swearing in the 1st Vice President Late John Garang;
      30th July 2005- Death of Hero Dr. John through Plane crush;
      9th January 2011- The referendum Voting day for sucession;
      9th July 2011- The Independent Day for the Republic of South Sudan.

      Among these important days the Republic of South Sudan shall only pick commomeration of the three important days:
      16th May as a Revolutionary day;
      30th July as martyres day;
      9th July Independent day
      These are three national holidays in the Republic of South Sudan. No one will celeberate the 14th July as a day South Sudan Flag was raised in New York. Whoever dances in New York is the last dance for him/her.

      repondre message

      • 16 July 2011 11:04, by Mi diit


        you missed it brother. god gave the flag to dr. riek machar teny dhurgon to raise it himself among the top of the mountains (192 world nations) as prophesied in the bible in isaiah 18. god knows that it is through dr. riek’s vision that the nation has been born. and remember that the flag was prophesied by prophet ngundeng when he told the nuer to welcome the coming ’star’. and ngundeng said ’my flag will not be mixed with the flag of jellaba’. that is the flag itself. dr. riek was fighting against the flag but was fighting against the wrong vision of united sudan which was denying the coming of the flag itself. the flag was brought and raised by the independence of south sudan through riek machar’s self determination which he toiled in championing.

        repondre message

      • 17 July 2011 12:32, by Ayuen deng

        Thank you, tell them brother for they don’t know what they are writing in this forum.because its was not meant for ethinitic critism but to compainge for peace, humony for people of south sudan.I hope they will shut it down if this is what we will be writing

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  • 16 July 2011 10:12, by James Okuk Solomon

    I would like to take this occasion to congratulate the Republic of South Sudan for being admitted today on 14th July 2011 to the membership of the United Nations. This day completes my happiness of the 9th July as I see the beautiful flag of my beloved Motherland hoisted high amongst other flags of nations in the UN compound at New York.

    Congratulations to President Salva Kiir Mayardit for being recognized worldwide today as the First President of the Republic of South Sudan. Congratulations to the Vice-President Dr. Riek Machar too for making history at the UN building in New York as the first South Sudanese highest authority to address the U.N General Assembly.

    Nonetheless, the speech read by VP Dr. Riek was poorly drafted. Shame to the Ethiopian Nuer called Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth who represent temporary and informally the Republic of South Sudan at UN for such an amateurish work full of must, must, must and without any touch of diplomatic language.

    Shame to Mr. Ezekiel too to dance in a Nuer style in front of the holistic South Sudanese flag as if it is a tribal celebration in New York. This shows how incompetent he is!!!

    It is high time for real Southerners to represent their country. Let Mr. Ezekiel go back to Gambela in Ethiopia or remain in U.S where he is naturalized. His term is just over and it must be ended in order to avoid South Sudanese being perceived as incompetent in future, especially at dignified gathering like in the UN Headquarters.

    Dr. James Okuk

    repondre message

    • 16 July 2011 11:14, by Mi diit

      dr. james okuk,

      i do admire your level of education but i however wonder whether it matches your true mentality.

      why can someone like you want to describe a south sudanese representative in the united states as ethiopian nuer. can you be happy if i call you indisciplined shilluk?

      there is nothing wrong with using the word ’must.’ it is being used by many greet speech writers because it clearly signifies the great commitment attached to the issue. the speech was very good and that was why the 192 nations represented were clapping every now and then. so don’t complain unless you don’t know how to write a speech for the un. they are always after strong worded commitments.

      please leave ezekiel lol alone because i don’t think you will ever replace him in his job. dr. lam akol can but i doubt you.

      repondre message

    • 16 July 2011 11:53, by Land-of-Cush


      We read this comment yester day from Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      and to day from you again. Did you drink the water in the same cup? Being inform that we understand about your name, qualification and tribe Shilluk.

      15 July 13:19, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      Congratulations to South Sudan for UN Membership But Shame to Ezekiel Lol: I would like to take this occasion to congratulate the Republic of South Sudan for being admitted today on 14th July 2011 to the membership of the United Nations. This day completes my happiness of the 9th July as I see the beautiful flag of my beloved Motherland hoisted high amongst other flags of nations in the UN compound at New York. Congratulations to President Salva Kiir Mayardit for being recognized worldwide today as the First President of the Republic of South Sudan. Congratulations to the Vice-President Dr. Riek Machar too for making history at the UN building in New York as the first South Sudanese highest authority to address the U.N General Assembly. Nonetheless, the speech read by VP Dr. Riek was poorly drafted. Shame to the Ethiopian Nuer called Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth who represent temporary and informally the Republic of South Sudan at UN for such an amateurish work full of must, must, must and without any touch of diplomatic language.
      Shame to Mr. Ezekiel too to dance in a Nuer style in front of the holistic South Sudanese flag as if it is a tribal celebration in New York. This shows how incompetent he is!! It is high time for real Southerners to represent their country. Let Mr. Ezekiel go back to Gumbela in Ethiopia or remain in U.S where he is naturalized. His term is just over and it must be ended in order to avoid South Sudanese being perceived as incompetent in future, especially at dignified gathering like in the UN Headquarters

      repondre message

      • 16 July 2011 12:22, by Mr. Truthteller


        Thank you for the great discovery!

        So, the so-called Dr. James Okuk Solomon is the one using the tribal name, ’Dinka Dominated SPLA/M’.

        The Dinka will cut off part of his elephant ears in Nairobi for spoiling their name while the Nuer will cut his tongue for insulting them.

        I know the Shilluk Dr. is always emotional and childish.

        repondre message

        • 16 July 2011 18:16, by Abyei Soil

          You [Nuer] or any name you called it - this kind of arguments claiming self determination to come from Vice President Dr Riek Machar will not help you at all.

          SPLA/M was not formed for a simple visions. Evidences are; such as recognition from the international body, winning full support from southern communities - if those things were not won by the movement then by now we would have got nothing from struggling.

          Yes John Garang and his group did it to the promise objectives while Drs of Lam & Riek are in Khartoum sleeping in well ventilated building and now you making headache of what I don’t understand.

          Riek was a man just to do his own things against the movement and that’s explained in and out style of leadership of Nuer star Dr Riek.

          Let’s work together, this is our own govt with our absolute decisions in our hands.

          There is no differences. If any one among this people Riek, Lam Akol, the list is infinity become next president he/she will be honored regardless of their dark history.

          repondre message

  • 16 July 2011 19:38, by Mi diit

    shame, shame, and shame on history thieves. when did salva kiir go to new york during the hoisting of south sudan flag by the un.

    a dinka burglar broke into south sudan tv on saturday and messed up the news clip about the raising of flag in new york. during the news broadcast about the un hoisting of flag, instead of showing dr. riek machar and his delegation and the process of hoisting the flag, the burglar inserted clips of salva kiir in juba, mixing it with that of new york ceremony to confuse the viewers that salva kiir was also in new york with riek machar during the raising of flag.

    it is shame that these people of tv do not hold back their emotions as professionals. they were jealous to show dr.. riek machar alone without salva kiir. shame on you tv staff. south sudan tv will lose its credibility if corruption hits some of its staff who do not provide news as they are. when did salva kiir go to new york. shame on south sudan tv’s dinka burglar on saturday. i hope somebody else will do it better next time.

    repondre message

    • 16 July 2011 21:06, by Madingthith

      Dear Nuers, Dinkas and Shilluk/chollo,

      I would like to give my special thanks to ALL equatorian intellectuals who really maintain the spirit of true nationalists and avoided all these unlawful comments being posted every now and then by some of arrogant Nuers, Dinkas and Chollo about ethnicity point of view.

      In my own perspectives I don,t see the reason of allowing the main article which was about South Sudan finally raised before 192 nations at UN in New York and jump to talk about our newly leaders of Republic of South Sudan that is President Salva Kiir and VP-Dr. Riek Machar, this shows that we all have also contributed to the corruption of South Sudan instead of giving Dr. Riek some special Credits on how he represented newly Republic of South Sudan in present of the whole world smoothly.

      To those who usually talked about ethnicity in South Sudan ,you are likely to cause communities hatred instead of creating a culture of peace amongst the different communities in South Sudan as a intiative being launch by educated youth that promote togetherness and cohesion among the communities.

      Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth is not to be blame because he was overexcited about that wonderful day in New York. I thanks him alot.

      South Sudan is a nation for all not for Dinkas, Nuer, Shilluk and Murle, these four tribes are the worse tribes which always causes some chaos inside South Sudan states. My good community of Equatorians are very peaceful trying to bring peace and made themselves as examplary to you all the warmongers and yet you do not cope with them. Keep up with that spirit and leave them alone meadre with some tribalists acts in whatever they may be.

      Lastly, I repeat myself once more that do not brings all your tribal conflicts to public website, go and create your own website like that one of Yien Tot Lam and you are free to challenge and abuse any tribes you donot wanted to exist in South Sudan. Life example is with Yien Tot Lam with www. ssnrm.com, its only dealt with Dinkas tribes specifically.
      There you will be free to write to the top and bottom of your heart.

      Thanks once more.

      Madingthith a man of transparency,justice and accountability. Should be reached at madingthith@yahoo.com

      repondre message

  • 17 July 2011 03:13, by Kim Deng

    The "New Sudan," vision and its effects on Southern Sudanese unification

    By: Kim Deng, Bilpam, South Sudan

    The 1955 Torit mutiny marked the beginning of the 17 year old war that was ended by the defunct Anya-Nya I and by the Anya-Nya II insurgencise from 1975-1983, were fought on the priciples of the right of self-determination-meaning the establishment of an independent and sovereign State in the South. When the Addis Ababa Accord of 1972 was signed as an attempt to bring the country its first civil war [1955-1972] between the government and the rebels’ movement to an end, there were a pocket of Any-Nya I elements who doubted about the implementation of the Accord due to lack of commitment and seriousness from the government side. Those few separatists remained in the bush despite the Accord until many other rebelious soldiers of the Sudanes Army rejoined them after Akobo mutiny in 1975 spearheaded by CDR. Vincent Kuany Latjor, eight years before Bor and Ayod mutinies erupted in 1983 respectively. They became a unified force and carried the name SSLM/A or Anya Nya II, the only well-known name for many people under CDR. Vincent Kuany Latjor’s command, whereas the greater Bilpam became their Headquarters. There were over 7,000 troops behind SSLM/A [Anya-Nya II] and the objective of their movement was for total separation of the South from the rest of the country unlike SPLA/M with its "New Sudan," vision.

    After the arrival of "Newcomers," in 1983 as Anya-Nya II call them, two camps were formed within "New-arrivals/Newcomers," Camp A, was under the leadership of Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut Yang, Mr. Kuot Atem and CDR. Abdalla William Chuol Deng. Meanwhile, Camp B, led by Col. Dr. John Garang, CDR. Kerubino Kwanyin Bol and CDR. William Nyuon Bany. It is noteworthy mentioned the factious between the two camps and it was due to critical following factors: 1) What should be the sole objective of the movement and its principles, and 2) Who shall lead the movement [SPLA/M?] Camp A, proposed that the objective of the movement shall be "self-determination for South Sudan which mean total separation for South Sudan from the rest of the country, and it shall be led by Mr. Kuot Atem follows by Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut Yang," instead camp B, did not only reject that proposal, but came up with its own ideology, an ideology of "’United Socialist Secular/New Sudan,’ and the leader of the movement shall be Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut Yang follows by Col. Dr. John Garang."

    It took the two camps few months before camp B rushed to use force against camp A due to fact that, the Ethiopian government which sealed a conspiracy and surreptitious deal with Garang against the separatists was acting behind the scene rather than being a mediator between the two rivals. From their last meeting, CDR. Rhino William Nyuon Bany who doesn’t care about the human life pulled out his pistol and hold it with his right hand while pointing it at Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut Yang and CDR. Cobra Abdalla William Chuol Deng, and said "from today onwards, anyone who appears to oppose Dr. Garang’s leadership and the objective of the movement must not be silenced by talks, but bullet." Thus, Camp A, took technical withdrawal from the area (Itang) without a fight to avoid casualties which may result within the town and to give camp B more time to resverse its dead-end judgments toward South Sudan issues.

    To make the matter worse, after Col. Dr. John Garang’s group secured its position against Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s group, the seizure of Lt. Col. Samuel’s group by Mr. Marxist-Leninist Garang’s group did not satisfy Garang’s appetite, but went further and channeled his plan to annihilate the SSLM/A [Anya Nya II] in Bilpam by force due to fact that this seccessionists’ movement shared the same objectives and principles with Camp A. Therefore, to secure the "New Sudan," vision fully, the "Any-Nya II HQTRs, Bilpam must be destroyed and/or dislodged from its foundation," Garang declared. And on other hand, Mr. Mengistu Hailemariam of Ehiopia, a man who got separatist rebels’ movements [Woyane & Shabiah] in his own backyard , decided to impose his socialist ideology on southern Sudanese, and that mission must be fulfilled by someone who believes in that vision; "Dr. Garang must be the right person," according to calculation of Dergue regime base on its interests and bipartisan issues between the two allies.

    With no regret, the Ethiopian armed forces along with few elements from Garang’s group launched an asault against the Anya-Nya II position in October 1983 which caught them by surprise. The Anya-Nya II Headquarters, Bilpam was not only smashed down to ground, but also many of its separatists’ fighters were eliminated and those who caught alive were ordered to dig out their own graves before excuted them by firing-squad if they repudiate joining the former Marxist-Leninist SPLA/M. Of cours, many deserters from SSLM/A [Anya Nya II] joined Garang’s group conditionally, amongst them; CDR. John Kulang and CDR. Kuach Kang.

    There exist relationship between the Anya-Nya II and Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s group came in exsistence before and after Garang’s group failed to engage Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s group in dialogues, but in confrontations in Warfield as he [Garang] declared from his under ground rally. Thereafter, Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s group merged with SSLM/A [Anya-Nya II] under his leadership since Vincent Kuany Latjor, the Anya-Nya II first leader was caught alive and put into very isolated World (prison) after his Headquarters, Bilpam was burned down to ash by the two Marxists [Mengistu & Garang.] Without Ethiopian armed forces back-up, can Garang’s group alone be attempted to annihilate Anya-Nya II forces in Bilpam?

    In war, the skin of Fox is at times necessary as that of a Lion, for cunning may succeed when force fails. Speaking from his undergound rally as mentioned so far, in a message to his disciples, he declared that "the first bullet must be fired against the separatists [Anya-Nya II]," as an attempt to impose his self-claimed "New Sudan," vision on Southern Sudanese and hijacked the movement from its founders/separatists altogether, coincidence?

    A year later, Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s group, [SSLM/A /Anya-Nya II] who were expelled from Ethiopia came back to engage Garang’s group in dialogues because there exists, the great hope from the separatists’ side in the vision of reunification of unionists [SPLA/M] and separatists [SSLM/A/Anya- Nya II], as it had been the case against "Dergue" regime of Mengistu Hailemariam by two rebel factions [Woyane & Shabiah/separatists and unionists] from his own backyard who accomplished their mission in May 1991 when they waged a war agaisnt the tyranny regime under unified force. What if the Sudan’s rebels [Unionists and Separatists] put their differences aside since 1983 and confronted the common enemy, the Khartoum government[NIF/NCP] as a unified force? I leave the answer(s) for you.

    First, they [Anya-Nya II] camped at Mangok, Chatyier and other surrounding areas on their way toward Achua (Itang) where the talks should have been renegotiated. The SPLA/M was reluctant and not fain or serious to deal with SSLM/A [Anya-Nya II] in dialogues, but in warfare instead. While the Anya-Nya II was waiting for talks to resume once again after arrival at Itang, the SPLA/M and Ethiopian armed forces were planning to encircle the Anya-Nya II forces in order to capture their ringleaders alive and/or eliminate/imprison them. This left Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut with no other option, but to withdraw his troops from the town which they have surrounded for more than a week after he learned that, Ethiopian government and the SPLA/M were not interested in peace talks, but war.

    CDR. Cobra Abdallah William Chuol Deng, a man who fears no man on earth, the human toll was the least of his concerns rejected Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s order and wanted the whole town to be burned down to the ground, this prompted Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut to order some of his soldiers to tie-up CDR. Cobra Abdallah William Chuol Deng. Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut did that not only to avoid heavy casualties which may result mainly on innocent people [women and children] in the town, but also to give Col. Dr. John Garang’s group more time to relinquish its poor "New Sudan," vision for the movement. Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s last word to Col. Dr. John Garang and his subordinates after the talks failed in 1984. Mr. Samuel said, "Mr. Garang, you have not anchored South Sudan to your ’New Sudan,’ vision, but you have anchored your ’New Sudan,’ vision a unified Sudan to South Sudan. In the end, my friend(s) you’ll find it will not work. It will be ghastlier than you can even imagine."

    Mr. Marxist-Leninist Garang’s group viewed Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s group retreat as a defeat to Anya-Nya II, and as such; "the next step must be to chase them until their ringleaders are eliminated and/or caught alive." The second engagement between the Anya-Nya II and the SPLA/M at the battle of Thiajack (Adura) was not a big surprise to Anya-Nya II forces and as a result of that clash, the Any-Nya II forces did not only burned down the town which was under the control of SPLA forces at the time, but inflicted heavy loses on unionists’ side, killed many, scattered and pursued those who could run for their safety until they reached Mangok-Chatyier unknowingly. Yet even though, the victory was on separatists’ side, from the battle of Thiajack, a man who loves and value all human being from all walks of life regardless of ethnicities; a man whose vision has been for South Sudan independence; a man who qualified both in politics and military and above all, a SSLM/A [Anya-Nya II] leader, Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s life was cut short in that ruthless, aimless and epic conflicts between the separatists and unionists just simply because he opposed Mr. Marxist-Leninist Garang’s self-claimed "New Sudan," vision. This shameful death will never be forgotten for generations to come.

    After receiving the bad news, regarding Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut’s death, CDR. Cobra Abdallah William Chuol Deng became wild and ordered the Anya-Nya II troops to "fight like mad dogs against the unionists to the last man." As a result, many lives were wasted from both sides in many engagements, counterattack after another. The SPLA/M activities were blocked by the Anya-Nya II forces across the greater Upper Nile until Lt. Gen. Gordon Koang Chuol declared that, "there is no need for Mr. Garang’s "New Sudan," vision to keep South Sudan hostage, but to reconcile with unionists and challenge Garang’s "New Sudan," vision within."

    DK. Koat Matthew played a crucial role in that strategic move, but a man of his words and fearless man, Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip Nhial declined the move and said, "I’ll never united the Anya-Nya II with Marxist-Leninist SPLA/M under Mr.Garang’s leadership with his "New Sudan," vision. If I do which I doubt, that will be the day when I walk with my feet upside down." Which mean, over 80% of Anya-Nya II forces under the command of Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip crossed the great Nile from East Bank to the West side, whereas Mayom became their Headquarters, meanwhile, the remaining 20% under the command of Lt. Gen. Rhino Gordon Koang merged with SPLA/M, which gave Garang’s group wide-gauge windows to capture many towns and garrisons from the common enemy [NIF/NCP] including Nasir town itself. Then, what if the whole Anya-Nya II [Separatists] merged with SPLA/M [Unionists] and confronted the common enemy as a unified force regardless of their differences? With no doubt, Mr. Marxist-Leninist Garang’s "New Sudan," vision was a setback to Southern Sudanese unification since 1983 and its brings many advantages to the main enemy beyond unioinsts’ imagination.

    repondre message

  • 17 July 2011 03:17, by Kim Deng

    The 2nd split between the Separatists and Unionists within SPLA/M in 1991

    There have been many Separatists within SPLA/M since 1983 who believed that Garang’s "New Sudan," vision must be challenged within until their strategy yielded signal towards Garang’s "New Sudan," vision in 1991 due to what we call "Nasir move," the very blessing day for Southern Sudanese, the Nasir Declaration of August 28, 1991 which gave birth to "self-determination for South Sudan. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article27738 It divided the movement [SPLA/M] into two factions once again; the SPLA/M-Torit faction under the command of Mr. Marxist-Leninist Garang with his self-claimed "United Socialist Secular/New Sudan," vision and the SPLM/A-Nasir faction under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon with his "self-determination for South Sudan." http://www.africa.upenn.edu.hornet/sd_machar.html

    Dr. Riek was compelled to declare Nasir move, not only because Mr. Garang was running the movement like his own property which was acknowledged by Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir after it was already too late in 2004 when he find himself openly at odds with his superior, but due to lack of clear directions, objectives, principles and human rights for/in the movement. Therefore, if the Naath (Nuer) as a community has been hungry for leadership as Jaang (Dinka) always shamelessly claim it, why would Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut select Mr. Akuot Atem who is a Dinka by tribe to be the leader of the movement in 1983 if not only because the selection was rejected by Mr. Marxist-Leninist Garang? Why would CDR. William Nyuon Bany aim his Pistol at Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut, CDR. Cobra Abdalla William Chuol Deng and their supporters just to secure another Dinkaman, Mr. Garang’s leadership?

    In the Garangist mental scheme, all the "anti-New Sudan," who still believe in Anya-Nya II vision of secession must be eliminated. As far as Garang knew, the SPLA forces of Torit faction under his command had every reason to believe that they had upper hand and that they could make it all the way to Nasir. Garang thought that the SPLM/A-Nasir faction under the command of Dr. Riek was very weak, demoralized and incapable of defending its Headquarters, Nasir let alone taking offensive operations. Shortly after the Nasir Declaration of August 28, 1991 was announced, Garang declared, "the Gang of two Drs," as he prefers to call them (Dr. Riek & Dr. Lam) "must be given their last blow." He went further, "we will break them down soon, and it is a question of time before we bring the separatists to the vision of no-return." After Garang’s statements were intercepted by SPLM/A-Nasir faction, Lt. Gen. Tiger Bol Koang declared that " the very existence of the SPLM/A-Nasir fation is in danger," and demanded that "all soldiers stand firm and fight to last drop of blood."

    Not surprisingly, the SPLA-Torit faction forces under the command of CDR. Rhino William Nyuon Bany launched an assault which routed almost instantly against the Anya-Nya II position along with few soldiers who appeared to be from SPLA-Nasir faction forces, burned down some villages from Nuer Genesis homeland Bentiu [Liech/Unity State] including Leer, Dr. Riek Machar’s hometown. What CDR. William Nyuon and his forces didn’t realize at first was that in the second half of September, Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip already redeploying many of his troops [Anya-Nya II] to prepare for "Operation Typhoon." Instead of accepting their fate, the Any-Nya II fought back with a ferocity that stunned the ill-prepared Torit-faction. Most of Torit-faction troops were ground-up by the Anya-Nya II forces. The Any-Nya II forces under the command of Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip did not only inflicted heavy losses on Torit-faction, but pushed back William’s forces and penetrated deep inside BEG. This campaign against CDR. William’s forces, compelled them to retreat from the area just after Lt. Gen. Lion Paulino Matip sent in more reinforcements.

    But the SPLA-Torit faction forces under the command of Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir and Lt. Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk who were deployed from the direction of Kongoor and Pochalla respectively to wipe out Dr. Riek Machar’s forces as ordered and predicted by Mr. Garang, failed miserably from their suicide attempt, instead encircled and pursued like hunting dogs chase rabbits or deer by Dr. Riek’s forces under the command of Lt. Gen. Tiger Bol Koang and CDR. Tiger Koang Banypiny. As a result, almost all the surrounding garrison-posts under the control of SPLA/M-Torit faction: Duk Padiet, Panyagor, Kongoor, Twic East, Mading Bor ... plus some part of BEG were burned down to ash when the "Operation Typhoon," was launched as the two Heroes (Bol Koang & Koang Banypiny) call it. Garang understimated the SPLM/A-Nasir faction military strength, but his commanders on the ground knew they were often paying a heavier price of them than expected in terms of casualties-and that, in many areas, the Torit faction advance wasn’t moving as swiftly as they had hoped. Garang’s commanders were preoccupied with the more immediate goal: ensuring that their troops would maintain their progress as they prepared to strike Nasir faction from all directions.

    Dr. Riek ordered his troops to withdraw after reaching Jumeza in greater Equartoria. The SPLA forces under Torit faction suffered tremendous losses and their mission to bring "the Gang of two alive or dead and trash the self-determination for Southern Sudanese into garbage bin for good," as Garang declared earlier before the war widespread like a wildfire beyond his imagination, failed miserably rather than vice-versa. A straggering pace that reflected the disarray of Garang’s subordinates encountered in most of the areas under attack. Torit, Kapoeta, Yei ... were on the verge of cowardice and panic-mongering evacuation until the common enemy overan almost all the liberated areas without any resistance from Garang’s SPLA/M-Torit faction. Why did the SPLA/M-Torit faction fail to withstand its ground?

    Many areas including major towns: Torit, Kapoeta, Mading Bor ... were recaptured and/or surrendered to the common enemy without a fight as a result of split. The remaining few garrisons/towns under the control of Torit faction were on the verge of panic of evacuation either to Uganda or Kenya refugees’ camps as well. Garang was blinded by his burning conviction that Torit faction has to depeat and subjugates the Nasir faction, a movement that he contemptuously dismissed as "a Gang of two." Garang himself suffered a near psychological collapse as his faction looked as though it might implode. Garang’s forces should have been crushed/break down and/or chased up to Kenya/Uganda-Sudan borders if Dr. Riek was for military option rather than reconcilation through peaceful dialogues. Garang’s "New Sudan," vision did not accomplish anything, but setbacks, chaos, death, subjugation by terror and epic conflics between the separatists and unionists. It was Garang’s ambition in war that compelled Nasir faction to take immediate retaliatory-military countermeasures. The burning questions are: What prompted Garang to be the first to ignite the fire which he could not extinguish? Did Garang’s SPLA/M have the political will and muscles to confront both the main enemy (NIF/NCP) and the separatists at the same time?

    There is no connection between the Nuer vs. Dinka and Separatists vs. Unioinsts. Of course, the armed civilians from subject tribes intervened during confrontations between the unioinsts and separatists in those dark days, and their intervention should not justify that the war was between the two big tribes rather than reasons suitable to their own interests. There have been ups and downs between these two big rival tribes since 1800s and it still functioning as we speak. Duk Padiet which was burned down to ash twice by Mighty Nuer Warriors/Jech-in-Bor at the presence of GoSS and its army (SSAF/SPLA), proved beyond the reasonable doubt that Nuer vs. Dinka still exists.

    The Nuer ethnic group has never been thirsty for leadership/power as some folks may believe especially the Dinka, as a matter of fact the movement [SPLA/M] from its first two years, it was mainly dominated by Nuer ethnic group. The first two battalions [104 & 105] or Jamus & Tumsah almost all the troops were from Nuer tribe and if in doubts, don’t hesitate to consult someone like Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir, Lt. Gen. James Gathoth Mai, Lt. Gen. Oyiey Deng Ajack, Mr. Governor, Taban Deng Gai, S.G. Pagan Amum, Mrs. Nyandeng Mabior, but just for your information.

    Many elements from Anya-Nya II who deserted conditionally joined the SPLA/M within 1983. CDR. Rhino William Nyuon Bany who is believed to be the one to bring Garang to power is a Nuer by tribe. Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut and his group wanted another Dinkaman, Mr. Kuot Atem to be the leader of the movement, but Garang and his group did not only rejected the offer, intead wanted Garang to lead the movement after the Dergue regime of Mr. Mengistu Haile Mariam secured the "New Sudan," vision for them. The blessing day for Southern Sudanese, the August 28, 1991 of Nasir Declaration was not a mean to hijack the leadership from Dinka as many people may assume, but a strategic move to force Garang and his disciples to make a U-turn from "United Socialist Sercular/New Sudan," vision to self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan. Therefore, base on all the above mentioned factors, it demonstrated that, the Nuer as a community has never been hungry for leadership/power and this must refute Dinkas’ claims.

    And of course, as a result of Nasir move, Garang divorced and abandoned the alliance, called the SPLA/M 1st National Convention at Chukudum in 1994 and the self-determination for South Sudan was the first agenda in that Convention. The movement changed from its former name, SPLA/M as it was wel-known back then to SPLM/A. Garang put self-determination for South Sudan to be the first agenda/priority whenever there is a peace talks with Khartoum government and Garang himself eventually signed for it [self-determination for Southern Sudanese] in CPA. Garang gave up his "New Sudan," vision, a vision he always refers as a "vision of no-return." This raised too many unsettling questions from his allies especially the inner circle of NDA, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile who were not only oblivious, but also betrayed by his self-observed "New Sudan," vision thereafter they realized that Garang shamelessly made a U-turn which left them in illusion.

    The right of self-determination has been eloquently championed and ariculated nationally and internationally by the Anya-Nya II and SSIM/A since 1975. The Nasir Declaration on August 28, 1991 has a democratic and an inalienable right to all people as well as conflict resolutions. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) an umbrella of the traditional Northern political parties, the former Marxist-Leninist SPLA/M and the National Islamic Fundamentalist (NIF/NCP) regime in Khartoum were all asthmatic to cencept of the right of self-determination. Thus, no matter what the so called traditional parties do, they do not have the trust and confident of the South for their deception and unilateral abrogation and dishonored of many agreements. The SPLA/M alliance with NDA was a repeat of the past, which SPLA/M should have not fail to understand its future implications for the South once the so called NDA gets the wheels of the power in Khartoun.

    Then, why remain separated if the former Marxist-Leninist SPLA/M led by Garang relinquished its "New Sudan," vision after it was forced by Nasir move to adopt the only sole objective for the movement, the self-determination for South Sudan? Leadership has never been a big concern from separatists’ political point of view since 1983 as some people may blindly believe, but directions, objectives, principles and human rights for/in the movement. The SPLA/M division between the separatists and unioinsts should not justify the merits to classify the SPLM/A and/or GoSS as a Dinka movement/gov’t just simply because the two leaders; Col. Dr. Garang and Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir hail from that ethnic group. If this is the case, as some folks claim it, Lt. Col. Samuel Gai Tut, Col. Dr. John Garang, should have not joined the Anya-Nya I [SSLM/A] under the leadership of Mr. Joseph Lagu, but viewed it as Baria’s movement.

    Kim Dng is a military Historian, SSAF officer from Headquaters, Bilpam and he can be reached at kdeng75@yahoo.com

    repondre message

    • 17 July 2011 05:21, by Akibon

      Kim Deng,

      Who can waste his time debating with you when you acutely lack sense and intellectual assertion rather than collecting and pasting articles written by someone else.
      You should acknowledge and thank the owner of the article whom you stole it from.

      Hey, John Garang’s picture is on the South sudan currency unlike your clanic fellows. What is your thought, would you refuse taking the pounds with Garang on them?

      repondre message

      • 17 July 2011 08:30, by dakin

        Kim Deng has not made any reference to the portray of Garang in the currency but rather the conflict between the Separatists and Unionists within the SPLM. And who is going to fight over a portray!!?? Even Salva Kiir can insert his portray there to glorify himself should he wish! There are too many Northerners traumatised by the Separatist Vision on this Web anyway

        repondre message

    • 17 July 2011 06:36, by Marco A. Wek

      What a liar Kimberly Deng you are, I did not think you wasted your time writing your trash history to convince the readers but they are way wisest then you think. History has been already written and any sugar coated history would sound like a cry of hyena in the ears of Southerners.

      repondre message

    • 17 July 2011 11:17, by Nhomlawda

      John Garang knew self determination was good right from the beginning of Anyanya 1 and that is why he joined Anyanya 1 but the support (both internal and external) that could make self determination be realized was not there.

      If Riek Machar was not a fool, he could have not forced people to seek self determination at a wrong time, where support for self determination was not there. Self determination was to be used in a negotiating table but not a principle aim for liberation struggle.

      The principle aim of SPLA/M liberation struggle was to stop injustices against black people especially those who do not believe in Islam. If stopping those injustices meant dividing the country, then let be so. Therefore, self determination was implicitly intertwined in SPLA/M vision.

      Anyanya II from 1975 to 1983 did not even launch a single attack against Jallaba apart from attacking and looting civilians e.g. the great attack and lootings of Bor South in 1979 and 1980 by Anyanya 2. Why did Anyanya 2 failed to get external support for their cause? It was because of their vision of self determination.

      Riek Machar was fooled to believe that he could easily get SPLA/M leadership but after misusing Nuer youths in foolish quest for SPLA/M leadership which failed to materialize; his hope for leadership of SPLA/M was dashed and the only option remaining was to surrender to Jallaba for food rewards, which he finally did.

      Do you think Jallabas are unpatriotic people who could just give part of their country to an idiot (Riek Machar) while fighting a nationalist (John Garang) who wanted fundamental changes in the country’s system that could benefit everybody in the country?
      You guys have pig brains to apprehend complex issues.

      repondre message

      • 17 July 2011 13:09, by Mi diit


        john garang himself apologized to riek machar for chasing a wrong vision of keeping sudan united at the expense of south sudanese. garang was illiterate in arabic and did not understand the mentality of arabs in sudan. he thought that by singing the socialism and secularism, sudan would remain united and treat the south equal.

        if you were not fools with your late uncle, then how could you achieve independence when you did not have a mechanism like the self determination in place to facilitate it. you talked of democracy while self determination is an exercise of choice for sudan to either remain one or separate which you did not realize since 1983 until the wise riek machar deisigned it for you from 1991.

        john garang got confused by dr. mansour khalid, the former minister of foreign affairs, whose john garang depended on for advices. you would have just ended up united with the north if riek machar did not come up with wise vision of self determination. you were pursuing a lost vision.

        repondre message

    • 17 July 2011 12:31, by Marco A. Wek

      Kim you forgot to mention why the mighty Nasir faction surrenders to Khartoum government instead of fighting both unionists, that is SPLA/SPLM and Sudan government with which Riek’s and Lam’s factions wanted separation,

      And why did Lam divorced Riek?

      Why did Riek left Omar Bashir that promised him self determination instead of waiting to be the first president of the KPA and Dr. Lam Akol his vice president?

      Do you think Al Bashir thought these two Drs. Riek and Lam were of no threats and that is why he refused to give them self determination after the end of KPA?

      And why did he go back to unionists Garang? Was it because he likes to move in between unionists, that is Garang to Bashir and back Garang at last? Does that not make him a boy who moves between the unionists?

      repondre message

  • 17 July 2011 10:18, by Ayuen deng

    Stop all those trash of those days ,this is anew begining.what ever happen long a go will not help us now rather it will divide us.So what did we gain those days of division anthing.So if you people love this country then lets build concensus toward peace of our nine days old country.

    repondre message

    • 17 July 2011 11:12, by Land-of-Cush



      repondre message

      • 17 July 2011 13:15, by Mi diit

        land of cush,

        i love that new picture of riek machar, un president and un sg after riek raised the flag in new york. i think it was just added to the article above to fresh your debates about what actually happened in new york.

        please see the new picture from the main article itself.

        it looks nice as the flag flies among other flags near the un tall building in new york. god bless south sudan.

        repondre message

        • 17 July 2011 23:04, by Michael Angelo

          Dear Readers,

          I thought we’ll put aside our differences after July 9 and work together in order to build our beloved country. I think it won’t be a good idea this time to bring up past events that will drive us backward instead of forward to develop our country.

          To our Nuer brothers and sisters worldwide who always cheered and give credit of self-determination to Dr. Riak only while others were played an extraordinary role unlike him should stop that kind of thinking because its will intensify or cause divisions amongst ourselves. In addition, our Nuer brothers and sisters shouldn’t cover up their leaders when they do wrong things. Also to some arrogance Dinkas, we should give respect to other tribes and treat them fairly.

          Needless to say, no any leader in this world who can never make a mistake. "It’s a human nature to err" I never see anyone from our Nuer brothers condemning or criticizing Dr. Riak or those militias who are causing insecurity and killed innocent civillians. When Kerubino Kuanyin Bol rebel against Dr. Garang and came to Bahr El Ghazal and targetted his own people, so the entire people of Bahr el Ghazal especially citizens of Gogrial told him point blank that what he did was wrong and that he should stop fighting and return back to SPLA to help fighting the really enemy.

          To those who think that what Ezeikel Lol did was a wonderful idea are wrong. I think it’s immature and naive idea to perform such dance amongst other world nations who are not interested or want to know that kind of dance anyway. I mean that dance should be performed by Nuer Youths if that was compulsory and only chosen culture.

          In fact, I won’t be happy either to see any unorganized dance performed by any tribes in such a respectful place.
          To comment about the raising of Flag at UN New in New York City. As you all know, Dr Riak was assigned by president Kiir to do so as vice president of the Republic of South Sudan, but not because he championed self-determination to the people of South Sudan. Those who accused president Kiir of tribalism should easily understand now why he did that. President Kiir alloted historical equally to ease chronic complains.

          In 2004 Rumbek meeting, James Wani Igga raised a complained and I completely agreed with him. He said that CPA was signed by individuals from particular tribes and other major tribes were excluded while it’s something going to a history. For that reason, Kiir raised the flag of the Republic of South Sudan, gave Declaration of Indepenedence to James Wani Igga and finally tasked Dr. Riak to go and raise the Flag of the Republic of South Sudan at UN in New York city as member.

          repondre message

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