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NCP official admits likelihood of South Sudan’s secession, downplays its economic impact


December 16, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – A senior member of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) has conceded that the secession of South Sudan in the upcoming referendum vote is "probable".

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NCP’s deputy chairman Nafi Ali Nafi (FILE)

Less than 20 days separates citizens of the semi-autonomous region of South Sudan from going to the polls in January 2011 to decide whether they wish for their region to remain united with the north or break away to form the world’s newest nation.

The referendum is a key plank of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which was signed in 2005 by the NCP and the former southern rebels Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) to end ended decades of north-south civil war.

Most observers say that southerners, who feel aggrieved by years of civil war and perceived exploitation of successive governments in the north, are likely to choose secession.

The NCP’s deputy chairman Nafi Ali Nafi, whose party has been ostensibly campaigning for unity, admitted on Thursday that the south is bound to secede.

According to Sudan’s official news agency SUNA, Nafi told a gathering of party supporters that all ongoing efforts to retain Sudan’s unity had failed, explaining that the secession of the south is probable because it represents the SPLM’s direction which is supported by the entire Western world.

"No matter what we do we will reach this conclusion which will be recognized by the entire world… we must not deceive ourselves or cling to wishful thinking, we must resign to facts and realities," Nafi said.

However, the hard-line NCP official has sought to assuage fears of a possible economic downturn in the oil-dependent north due to the possible secession of the south.

Sudan derives nearly 80 percent of its proven daily output of 500,000 oil barrels a day from oilfields in the south, but the pipeline that carries the oil to export terminals and refineries runs through the north. The two former foes need each other’s cooperation to sustain their oil-dependent economies.

Nafi said that those who spread rumors that the economy in the north would collapse due to the south’s secession were "greatly deluded," adding that the secession would have "no impact" on the economy of the north which has "many alternatives in agriculture and minerals."

Meanwhile, President Omer Hassan Al-Bashir has said that the north would only recognize the referendum outcome if it genuinely reflected the will of southern Sudanese.

Al-Bashir made these remarks during a meeting held on Thursday in Khartoum with a delegation of the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC).

According to the state minister for foreign affairs, Kamal Hassan Ali, President Al-Bashir assured the AUPSC delegation that the government in the north would cooperate with southern officials to sustain stability and shore up social and economic ties if the south decided to secede.

The Constitutional Court asked today the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission to respond to the six legal petitions against the process presented by a group of lawyers seeking a ruling on alleged violations related to the voter registration in preparation for the South Sudan vote on independence next month.


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  • 17 December 2010 07:07, by Chanson

    Nafi Ali Nafi.Its good for you to give up like that because secession of the South is must.whether Khartoum government like it or not.It will happen in coming january 9.11.
    South let go!
    Peace to all Southerners....
    Bye bye to Khartoumest.


    repondre message

    • 17 December 2010 07:34, by Victory


      you said it nafi,that you guys tries to make unity but you fail,& it good that you know now ,that this réferndum is probale & unstopable,my advice to you is train your people to learn how to farm & to do hard jobs in order to surviv sinc your economic is about to collaps after jan,2011 ,& we the southernas will be watching you from a far to see those countries who used to call them self you friends sinc u wont be having any more money.haha

      repondre message

    • 17 December 2010 09:21, by landlord



      repondre message

      • 17 December 2010 19:05, by Omoni Atari

        Ya jackass nigga called Landlord.

        ARE you sure you are parents alive now or they kissed their asses down on ground long time?
        ya ugly idiot ,you cant talk me or ompare my family and yours.your famliy suffer from problems,one is hunger,2nd diseases like kwashikor ,criket that bent their damn legs.
        Mother fucker, am not hinding in any damn computer.
        If you are really son of a bitch as i can see,just come and see me,here,Torit.my phone is 249-771-121539.
        Ya dumb ass,call me and bring your mother fucken ugly ass over.
        Omondi Atari.
        New cush sudan.

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    • 17 December 2010 10:19, by Timsah

      Ya Afin al Ma Nafa,

      You and other thugs are responsible for the break up of the country.It is too late to salvage the economy of the North.Remember,Southerners used to work in your factories and they are now leaving,where do you thing you will get man power to sustain your cripled economy?,You know most of your Arabs don’t even know where the milk comes from,Osman Ismail was one day asked,which part of the cow’s body do we get milk?.His answer was that,we get milk from the cow’s horn.This applies to all the lazy Arabs,they will never sustain the economy.


      repondre message

    • 17 December 2010 18:59, by doctor nuong

      Nafi Ali Nafi you could have wisely realise early before you talk rudely and bark for unity of Sudan, southerners of today are not like Janub of 1947 where some southerners were bribe for unity to accept it without understanding your character.shut up your mouth and prepare bed for gay husband Omer Hassan whom you soon be widom ghostor dead hero who have been kill inocent.please sit and decide how you jalaba will survive, if the richest nation parted from your sharia law and i hope you die like bird in desert as you seem to be.please if you can not adjust your atitude hence cooperation will be off.thank propherity president H.E Salva Kiir who have been sleepless for welfare of southern sudanese,long live president Salva, long live SPLA hero

      supernature citizen Mr:Aguacnuong

      repondre message

  • 17 December 2010 07:20, by $iong mayom

    Hell yeah this is more like it. The Lioness has finally run out of energy after a long Gazelle chase and is now wondering where to find food for the cubs. I can see those cubs starving to death real soon. No more denying that the South is
    Goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee For Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    repondre message

  • 17 December 2010 07:29, by Young Nation

    South Sudan Nation Oyee!

    No matter what kind of drugs or tins the North has been beating since 2005 in relation to our destiny, the South is bound to separates. This is a reality that all Northern Sudanese and all those who have been rallying behind them shoud genuinely recognize and accept as a glaring political fact. But what on earth, if I may ask, do Northerners take Southern Sudanese for? Expect them to vote for unity whith all the previous evils deeds they have been practicing perpetrating on our very innocent people? I still vividly remember when we used to evacute Torit Town to stay in the vicinity of the town under the mango trees in the 1990-91 due to massive antinov bombardment. I was 8 years old by then. I still remember, the Khartoum warplane used to come several times in single day.

    No normal human being can stay within a nation where he/she is being discriminated to the level where the government decare JAHID on his/her very own existence. The existence of North and South Sudan within a single nation state would in a matter of less than three weeks remain a relci of the past and therefore history to be told by Southern Historians.

    SPLM Oyee!
    SPLA Oyee!
    South Sudan Nation Oyee!

    Young Nation is a Student of BA (International Relations at The University of Queensland, Australia

    repondre message

  • 17 December 2010 07:40, by Monye Jur

    Infect this is what we have been longing to hear; truth is a truth, even if covered still its smock will be smell.

    NCP must and has to recognize the separation of south Sudan and better for them to start planning for good cooperation and relation with south Sudan or otherwise they will end up in dilemma.

    If NCP hardliners like Nafi Ali Nafi is mentioning such remarks, then he is well convinced and has seen some dangers ahead. It’s really a credit to us for such remarks.

    repondre message

    • 17 December 2010 08:10, by Biar-awumbeny

      Indeed, it makes sense to accept live realities than to go around forging things that won’t deliver. The time has come for Sudanese politicians and people to speak out realities as the country is entering into unusual situatation. Those of the above big man in the article are the masterminders of Sudanese mess. Anyway, let not be fury over the poured miik. Our failure to keep ourselves coherent caused the segmentation of the Africa’s vast country to more than one. Even in the very nature of mankind when plan "A" failed one has to shift to plan "B".

      repondre message

  • 17 December 2010 08:15, by Nhomlawda

    Nafi Ali Nafi should not deceive the world that they had tried to make unity attractive. Since the CPA was signed and the governments were formed. NCP retreated to their old ways of inciting Southerners against each other. Many of our people lost their lives in this tactic during peace time. Instead of concentrating on development of Southern Sudan and channeling property investments to Juba and other towns in South Sudan, they continued to invest all oil revenues and foreign investments in Khartoum and Shindi - Bashir homeland. They had continued to support rebels including Gen. Athor against the South establishment.
    They had refused to implement border and Abiei clauses of CPA. NCP also fails to fully honor weath sharing and security arrangement. Is that how you had tried unity to be attractive? Shame on you and your NCP that usually take South for granted.
    It is clear that South is going but if NCP does not implement Abiei protocol and respect border ruling, than NCP must be sure their days are numbered in Khartoum.

    repondre message

  • 17 December 2010 09:08, by Dmangau

    Nafi Ali Nafi, our interest is not Economy of Southern Sudan but .......... it is really surprising if you are talking about Economy which is not our concern . if I ask you where is the economy of Southern Sudan. South will start her own Economy and North as well.
    Nafi!!!!!! can you tell you own Arabs brother that we have no common things that we share. And on the top,you have been using our own resources not only oil, it is enough this time whether you ne or not enough is enough.

    repondre message

    • 17 December 2010 13:18, by Genuine Leader

      hi dr Nafie you remind me what our uncle father Joseph Lago said, if you fight with your wife in your own house, Arab say,its Israel cause that.
      Now you accept you fouls and your fail, why you blame west?
      failure all the time try to run around looking for nonsense excuses.
      Genuine leader,the future leader war without border with jalaba if’’ unity expose onto spla.

      repondre message

      • 17 December 2010 15:00, by Jada Lotole

        Hey my brothers! Nafi was " Really dead in ignorance" of the highest decree! he never had a sense of recognition, visualistion, humanity,and even the simplest sense of nkowing that Southerners are more capable of raising a serious thickest and heaviest dust that Khartoum occupants will not be able to see even the obejects near them ! Nafi is now a born again ! Amen ! we can now commission Nafi to go out to all the corners of the north and preach that "South Sudan is now an autonomous Nation in the continent of Africa and the world indeed . Some words of Wisdom for NCP : " Thoes Who Close Thier Eyes With An Intention Of Not Seeing The Bad Things , The Good Ones Will By Pass Them !" Haaaaaaaaa ! The Good New Nation is at hand ! So you better open your eyes and see it !

        repondre message

  • 17 December 2010 15:02, by Ujil

    Nafi,we are not after oil, we are after freeeeeeeeedoooooooooooooom we want to be freeeeee, free at last free at last.
    there is nothing like free-dom.
    Thanks to Almighty God free at last.

    repondre message

  • 17 December 2010 15:32, by James Garang

    I thanks God for is helping us.True is true I see the four fingers of devil call Nafi Ali Nafi who kills many Southern Sudanese people in all those years with his friend Omer but now is really tired and he accussing the entirely western people. Nafi Ali do you think that western world are foolish? let me tell you those nation are very wish enough they are not foolish they know what you are doing in sudan.
    Please if you want friendship with southerners just tell your friend Omer and other northern politicians to keep quite and let our Referendum goes peacfully, fair and free that is a only way we can stay peacefully as a neighbour friend country without war between South and North Sudan. Nafi Ali tell your gangs lawyers to stop that attitude of attempting to stop Referendum. and if there is southern sudanese lawyers among those gangs who blinfold by you please tell them also to eat the money you have gave them quitely without interfering to destroy the right of southern sudanese people who are hoping to vote in January date 9 for their independent. now I am assuring you that we Southern Sudanese we need our independent that is all

    repondre message

  • 17 December 2010 17:03, by Both Diew Tap

    Dear NCP,
    Brilliant Al-Nafi to say that South Sudan secession is inevitable/must regardless of what NCP will do! It really sound good for a senior official like you to said some things accurate which can satisfy the entire world.

    It’s written in the bible that" say truth and truth can set you free" Please NCP don’t be stubborn to let people of Southern Sudan go for their secession,otherwise you will be destroyed completely in to dust,the lord has spoken. God gift can not be denied!

    The blessed land of South Sudan " God has said!" Go people of the blessed land for secession. God is behind us!!

    God bless South Sudan!

    James the brother of all!

    repondre message

  • 17 December 2010 19:59, by kaci-banno

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nafi,really your name is determining the way you behave. Even though seems like you come to understand your wrong wishes about South Sudan, stop blaming west. speak the realities because it is true the NCP fear about economic situations after secession. There is no agriculture’s fertilizer lands in North unless you are going to use Blue Nile land.

    By; Kaci-Mabanno

    repondre message

  • 18 December 2010 07:52, by Marco A. Wek

    Yes Now you get it Nafie Ali Nafie and keep telling those of your party who are still not realizing the South Sudan break away. All Northern politicians are supposed to learn from the breaking away of Southern Sudan by changing the ways they are marginalizing the rest of the country which forced us to break away.

    We are still going to be neighbors and as it was said by Dr. Riek Machar no one needs bad neighbor. It is time for those of you to try to change your bad old ways since 1955 so that you will have peace once we are gone. Holding Abyei hostage for oil and grazing for your Miseriah stoogies will cause you war that you will not win and it will also cause you a neighbor who is not friendly to you. Both Miseriah and all Northern politicians know Abyei belongs to Dinka Ngok and that Miseriah like Fullani of West Africa go to Abyei, Aweil areas as well as Panreng just for grazing and under any circumstance can Fullani, Miseriah or Rezagats claim any of those Southern areas they go to for grazing as their land.

    Let Abyei and it’s people go with their sisters and brothers in peace. Dinka Gnok are 100 percent Southerners and in my tire life first in Southern kordufan and latter on in Khartoum have I heard one day any Northern Sudanese calling anyone from Abyei a Northern or Kordufanians. Avoid the war by letting our people go and as for Miseriah, they have to as for forgiveness from Dinka Ngok and Dinka Malual Giirngang for still their cattle and children during the 21 years of war. NCP used them than to fight their dirty war but now is the pay back for their miss calculation.

    repondre message

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