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Jonglei State: cattle issues disturb peace


By Philip Thon Aleu

March 14, 2009 (BOR TOWN) – The blessing of cattle has also become a curse in Jonglei state, as conflict over the prized resource has caused bloodshed and social problems, residents observe.

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Cattle dominate socio-economic life in Jonglei State yet are unfortunately central in brutal killings and patterns of child abduction (photo USAID)

Dinka Bor, Nuer, Jieng, Anyuak, Kachipo and Murle communities in Jonglei State are pastoralists. During the south-north conflict that reached a climax between 1983 and 2005, inter-tribal conflicts were low but went unreported.

After the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), all communities rose against each other as if the next civil war had been planned prior to 2005. Thousands of people are being killed in South Sudan villages yearly despite this accord reached in Kenya on January 9, 2005.

An elderly man in his 70s, Maluk Mach, resting before his dusty kraal attributed the upsurge in raiding to a poverty gap created immediately after the CPA.

“What can a strong man do?” he asked and rejoined “he has to think ‘where will I get riches?’ – and our wealth as pastoralists is cattle. Everything we do needs them.” He explained that the CPA resulted in the gap because “Others are rich because they receive a lot of money from the government and buy cattle.”

Bonds between pastoralists and cattle develop as early as at weaning. Children are fed on milk and spend most of their pre-teen years at the cattle camp looking after goats and sheep as well as calves.

Many elders, rural and urban youths and the community leaders share how cattle dominate socio-economic life in Jonglei State yet are unfortunately central in brutal killings and patterns of child abduction.

“We must convince our people that they are not poor… and that there are better ways of getting wealth,” said Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk. “Not only cattle raiding. Preach this message to end insecurity. We need peace and that is why we fought for 21 years,” he told a two-day conference for commissioners in Bor Town last year.

Kuai Deng, a young man in his mid-twenties, explained one social aspect of cattle ownership which he says is a summary that holds among elite and leaders of the people: “To purchase a woman of your choice – that is the most thing cattle can do.”

Criticizing the practice, journalist Manyang David Mayar singled out expensive dowries as the “foundation of Dinka Bor poverty.”

Mayar, who writes for a journalist for the Juba Post Newspaper in Bor Town, said “Shops owned by Dinka men in Bor Town close after marrying expensively. This so bad and is the foundation of Dinka poverty.”

A minimum bride price in Dinka Bor culture is 30 cattle (variable), 35 for Nuer, 45 for Murle as Anyuak, Jieng and Kachipo bride prices are arbitrarily close to these figures. Yet the dowries math was unset when some Dinka Bor settled a marriage at 200 cattle in one case registered in 2008.

Even Bor marriages settled at 30 cattle are not, however, expensive when compared with other Dinka cultures in Lakes, Northern Bar-el Ghaza and Warap States of Southern Sudan. In each case, competition for a girl disturbs the bride price. A father has to fold his arms and say “my daughter is on market” and hence he who raises more cattle is the bridegroom.

Love for cattle could hold in Jonglei towns and villages as long as marriage is an obligation.

“Cattle are the bank of an uneducated man…. and if you do not have enough, you will not marry a beautiful woman,” remarked Nhial Malet, a resident in Bor town. Dhieu Mayen, a student at Dr. John Garang Institute, disagrees with Nhial while prioritizing steps to end conflicts in Jonglei State at conference conducted here in February, 2008. “Unless we stop expensive marriages, insecurity will not end till Jesus comes,” he said winning laughter from participants among them cowherd men who view his approach as impossible.

Cowherd Deng Apar cleans his handsome ox for the early hours of dusk after taking off dung earlier. “This is the ox that I am keeping,” he says scratching his right hand at the back of the ox adding “There is nothing better than staying near it.”

Asked to what extent he would fight before losing this ox he replied “I will fight till I die before it is forcefully taken.” Deng cannot really imagine another way of life but agreed that perhaps he could be a farmer after getting a wife.

Elderly people also view milk as part of treatment forcing their children to obtain one by any means. “This sickness would never have stopped if I never came to cattle camp,” an elderly woman identified as Mary Achol said.


Former child abductees who prefer anonymity claim that children are sold to rich barren women. A man now in his early thirties was abducted in 1992 to Murle where he was sold to a mother of three daughters. He escaped in 1997 after marrying and is being there by a daughter and spouse. Several of these abduction cases are common but Murle argue that they also buy some children.

Jonglei State Legislative Assembly chairperson of Legal Affairs Maker Kur told Sudan Tribune that abduction attempts can be penalized with 5-7 years imprisonment. But lack of clear legislation, weak courts and insufficient lawyers mean that there is often no recourse to justice for wrongs done. Thus, the law is in the hand of the people.


The wish of chief cattle keepers here is that neighboring communities are disarmed to avoid any losses. “Some [people] took their cattle to Central Equatoria thinking they are escaping raiders but we must remain here and protect ourselves,” said a man preferring anonymity.

Such conflicts have made news in South Sudan. Efforts made by South Sudan’s government to collect illegal arms are said to be fruitless as civilians overpower organized forces. Rather than forming part of the solution, the south’s security forces including a weak police and the former rebel army often abuse its power, claimed a recent report by the US-based Human Rights Watch.

"Soldiers and other security forces that commit human rights violations and other crimes against civilians are rarely brought to account," noted the report, which described killings, torture, ex-judicial executions and arbitrary detentions by soldiers.

The road to safety for these rural communities is long, and potentially an obstacle to achieving the peace envisioned by Sudan’s 2005 north-south agreement.


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  • 15 March 2009 04:01, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    Junglese remian as jungle creatures with their barbaric behaviours and ugly appearance. Some idiots call Equatorians coward, but we are nor coward, we do do our best to defeat LRA in our land, we exchange arrows with bullets because we lack guns. They kill us and still we never abandon our own land and look for secure place, like how the cruel bor had left their huts to murle and nuer. Claiming that, you have being killed by other tribes. If your hbeen targeted it is of your barbaric act.
    Stealing, cattle riding, sexually abusing of girls which is part of your culture, poor hygiene which cause cholera like last year and madness of being idol, selfish and cruel about someone’s property, your the valueless people in this World see yourselves with the last amount of dowery, even i can pay you 50 chickens or 40 goats/sheep and get a skinny dinkas girl. But we are not interested to make any cross breading with the types of people like dinkas and jungle creatures in particular.

    You sell your girls to murle and nuer just to get 35-40 heads of cattles, but as a lost tribe and jungle community you turn this into an attack, making fake complain that you have been attacked by murle and nuer, and your kids where abducted.
    Please junlge people, stop being liers it doesnot help anyone accept yourselves as mad and wild creatures. Because you deserve money in your lives, this is why some of you who have no any other source of getting money or having cattle are now roaming in Equatoria, looking for left over foods to survive and stealing of crops at night. One day i would like a journalsit to take picture of dinkas man when he got catch in my trape because my garden is now surrounded with trapes to catch the tall, ugly and skinny fox from jungle state. Your number criminals in Sudan, anyway we can just leave you, because this culture of yours, is a very hard thing to change but there is a solution to it.

    repondre message

  • 15 March 2009 04:02, by AGUELMOOTH

    Let the Bor keep on the exceedingly expensive marriage and anyone like me would marry a white lady here abroad.
    What is the need for wasting my money when i could get a girl for free just wedding dollars and it is over.
    This could give me a chance to pursue my education without any burden of skyrocketing dowries.

    The government must see into the case of expensive marriages otherwise we the Buor/Dinka would be the most affected by poverty and huge unmarriage girls.


    repondre message

  • 15 March 2009 05:41, by Wad Juba

    To be civillised is to "cust out the animal" within you and to "reach deep for the human" in you. When will you Jenglese learn to behave like human beings and cease to kill each other like animals? Yet you people (Dinkas) claim to be civillised. Why not learn something from the civillised people of Greater Equatoria, where differences and issues are handled in a democractic and civillised manner. Thus, to avoid bloody and barbaric confrontations as seen in Jonglei State.

    repondre message

    • 15 March 2009 07:20, by Ben-Fu

      You are wrong Wad Juba,

      Every civilized nation has not cast out animals, they has improved their animals healths condition which contribute to the civilization. If Dinkas didn’t kept all these animals during the war to give milk and meat to their people instead, millions would have starved to death especially during the famine and drought time. I know you didn’t have these but that was the path your grannies took.
      You got to plan for your offsprings and grand children investment before you die. Our Dinka forefathers were smart and we will be smarter.

      keeping animals teach you responsibility and management.
      You are grieving because you do not do have neither.

      junglese my A*S*S!

      JUNGLESE are those who hunt for the roots of wild plants, like to be enslaved and submit to be ruled by a stranger.

      repondre message

      • 16 March 2009 01:55, by Wad Juba

        Mr. Ben-Fu! First of all, i think your dumb. Because, your reasoning and understanding is so poor. Secondly, Mr. Stupid! what i meant by "civillisation- is to cust out the animal within you and to reach deep for the human in you" does not mean that you Jenglese have to give up your cows. So please do not open your teethless mouth without knowing what your "yaping" about. Lastly, " to cust out the animal within you and to reach deep for the human in you" means that- civillised people do not fight and kill each other like wild (beasts) animals, but they resolve their issues democratically, therefore, reflecting the humanity that is in all of us, as humanbeings. I hope i have made it simple enough for you to understand, otherwise, seek for an "interpretor".

        repondre message

        • 17 March 2009 14:02, by Jasmin

          Hey Mr. Wad Juba, could it be that you may have to do some casting out of the ’animal within you’ yourself? It strikes me that way, when I read how you write to your fellow Sudanese brother. Just remember that we are all human beings made by God, so let’s treat each other with love and respect and not call each other toothless or dumb and the like. Might be something worth thinking about.

          repondre message

          • 18 March 2009 03:33, by Wad Juba

            Hey Jasmin! Sorry, but i could not figure out if your a miss or mrs, so forgive me for addressing you by your first name. I also want you to know that its not my thing to diss ladies unless provoked. As for my writing and calling people names, i think it is natural and human for one to express his feelings. My question is, have you ever thought that i might be responding back to someone who has called me names? (even much worse than the ones i used) Anyway, i love the idea of respecting each, but it has to be a " two way street" thing (if you know what i mean) Lastly, i do belive that "i casted the animal within me" since the day i knew that "good will always overcome evil" no matter what. Cheers!!!

            repondre message

  • 15 March 2009 08:21, by Mr Network

    Logic & wada Juba,

    Allow me to tell you something which is subsequently refusing those Jonglei guy’s not to do right thing and remain as if they are still in back ward age of 40s and 50s centuries!

    1-In the first place they don’t have God and their God is Cattle and they belief in them.

    2-Secondly the marriage in their area are very expensive and not all of them have access to marriage if he doesn’t have cattle and that some time give some of them to sleep with cattle .

    3-They have not potential to cultivate and have food from agriculture products except cow’s milk which put them only to have (V&A) minus C,.

    4- killing is major principle and power struggling whereby they are going sometime to abducte Anyauk’s and Murle’s childrens plus women so that they have to marriage them since they have being taken by force.

    5-They have premitive though that they have being born to rule which made them to unluck choice of social-economic tactics of fundalemental human being and put them to behaviors like monkey and chepazee.

    Therefore they have so many things which have lead them to downfall but I have mention only few for that matter,they will never,never and never change till jesus come because their mind for reasing has being fill with milking for drink not meat and cow for sexually!

    let them remain as fool as they are we careless because they have being though several time to follow others way of living but consistently dyling

    repondre message

    • 15 March 2009 09:01, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

      Mr Network, your straight to the point. This lost and jungle comunity of dinkas will never recover from their madness of wondering after food and money. See they are now roaming in Equatoria just because we have alot of left over foods for them to survive, in upper nile the nuer people does not allow them to eat the leftover pieces of kisira and milk thesame to the murle, now they are adopting our home as their best place ever, because we just ignored them like our puppies who roam in butcheries, licking the drops of bloods to survive. They always struggle to create an arguement, but they have no chance winning, because there is no evidence to prove their fake ideas. We fight with Arabs and LRA but still we exist in Equatoria, never ran any where except sending our wivies and kids to Uganda, but for them coward and arrgances, get sexually abused by arabs.

      Now they inviting the murle and nuer to buy their skinny and ugly girls, but still complaining that, it was an attack and they are ranning to Equatoria for protection. We are your master, this is why we’re ignoring you from stealing foods, just for your own surivval. You depend on foreign knowledge (guns) but for us, we used our own knoweldge, which is 100 arrows with 1 bullts, and this is why the LRA rebels were attacking unprotected villages, because they knew who we are at the moment. One day when we turn those arrows, to protect with our crops and land from ugly, skinny and stupid mongrel foxes, you will see whether any of your will get any of leftover to eat. "if dinkas/junglese is a kind of seed, i could have request the international community to get ride of it, like how Al bashir had tried to do in Darfur". Certainly we will see, life is a long journey.

      repondre message

    • 15 March 2009 09:08, by Chameleon Chameleon

      You disgust yourself Mr. weak ass. Lecture your wives a with made up history and I don’t think they’re going to listen to you or even appreciate your fake history. Jonglei state is blessing State where a true movement started that brought your assese to Juba you would never dream of seeing it.

      repondre message

    • 15 March 2009 12:36, by mathem jech amer

      Mr. Network,

      First, I have to say sorry for not knowing the meaning of network which you are misusing.

      Second, you are abusing yourself of saying Dinkas are using cows are their wives. Whom do you know with sexual relationship with cattle? Do you know the guy who was forced in Juba in 2007 from Bari tribe to marry a goat and paid dowry to the owner? This is an example of abusing yourselves rather than keeping quite with your bad things and bad behaviour in Equatoria.

      In Pajolu, around the houses you find full with faeces and smelly when sitting outside the house. I asked why should people sit near the house rather than going to the far forest. I was told that the community members want to see how big man’s waste products are. This shows that woman is taking good care for her husband.

      In Lotuha, Buoya and Taposa people believe in killing, cattle rustling and children kipnaping. a clan kill itself because of cattle, goats and sheep. Most of them are killed by Korimajong in Uganda and Turkana in Kenya when they go stealing their animals.

      In Acholi and Taposa dancing, girls breasts are caught while people are dancing and it’s consider to be legal and you don’t really know that you are teaching young people crime and prostitution.

      All these I saw them with my own eyes. Are these done by Dinkas? Can Big-logic-boy claims distributing pants and underwears to Dinkas while his mothers, sisters and wives are going naked in Eastern Equatoria wearing only skins? I think you should learn the proverb, "charity begins at home".

      repondre message

      • 15 March 2009 13:17, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

        You can create any dream of your own about the beauiful people in Equatoria, but nothing can prove this to be a true history. You as sick man in your mind, i think your having some problems inside your rought face, about the tribes your have used in your comment. Let me tell you mr idiot, the people you talk about have never been sexually abused by arabs or anyone, but for you as entire community of dinkas, your second hands from arabs. Girls of any age, ladies and mothers of all ages, have been sexually absued infront of their husband and family as whole. Drsssing a skin is apart of cultural performace during any celebration, not anything to do with daily dressing or lifesyle. How would you really be proud of your wife,if you married a dinkas skinny girl, who is a second hand from arabs. It is true that we don’t have dinkas prostitutes in Juba, only dinkas thevies, this is because no body will waste even 1 pound on her, wasting your pound on her, is just like having sex with a gariffi. this is why the dinkas had abadndon them and now they chasing Ugandan and Congolese fake brown ladies. If you go to bor, you will find that the prostitution is not connected with money only food (milk), means that if you have alot of cows, you have alot of mother, girls and skinny ladies roaming infront of your doors. Because no food in dinkaland this is why are skinny and looks fake. Now both mand and ladies are turning to be thevies in Equatorian, because it is hard to get money/food, even the girls have no customers because their mans are turing to foreign ladies.

        repondre message

        • 15 March 2009 20:13, by Taban Johnson Wau.

          People let us take Logic his problem as the simple case as some body called Wilson Wutchok Dhal mentioned last week that Logic is one of Esmail Konyi’s group but failed to get deployed that why he turn against south not Dinka alone

          Then i have to take serious issue before he took us back make sure i will kill him from the effect of tomorrow. no worry. mother fuckin Ilogic boy everyday. the first lightening will head you either.

          repondre message

    • 16 March 2009 03:40, by Wad Juba

      Mr.Network! Thank you for " highlighting us " on the facts about those naked and filty jungle creatures. My problem, my brother, is that these Jenglese are not civillised and will never be. Because everywhere you go (be it in the U.S, Canada, Australia or even African countries) the Dinkas are an embarasement to all Sudanese. Their boys walking around with their pants below their asses, trying to look cool, which is alright, but the problem is when a skinny figure with "pin legs" puts on buggy clothes they turn out to look like "clowns" and that is just one of the reasons that Dinka girls chase us (Equatorians) as if we are "endangered spices". The other and most important reason is sex, because as we all know, Juba boys are romantic, sexy and civillised. I had a Jenglese bitch who used to suck my dick dry as if she got diabetes and my dick was the last source of insulin. These jungle animals know deep down in their black hearts that Equatorians are more sophisticated and civillised then them, but they just would not admit it openly.

      repondre message

  • 16 March 2009 02:18, by don dinka

    When i walk among sudanese as a dinka, i always have strategies to tackle any problem that may face us, this is simply because i am dinka from jonglei and it is in everybodies interest for me to do as they are fully aware even though it is hard to swallow that dinkas are born to rule all these zombies especially the equatorians. sometime it is very hard to beleive that there are people out there that can dare challenge how we carry out our things, we are equivallent of jews as we are wise and always ready to face any enemy.
    the reason why we don’t always respond to such attack from these prehistoric tribes like muerlie and the rest is just because we have to be father figure to them and not always revenge their attacks coz things can just turn nusty.
    finally as a don it very important that this brat call logic boy should know that there are no other people that share his views from his tribes coz they know how we helped them during the 21 years of war and i guess that mr logic boy was calling himself a Ugandan back then and i will not be shocked to find out that he might be a pathetic jobless thug who cann’t be employed in junub coz he came back to sudan with bogus certificates.
    finally just make peace with us and i can find job as housekeeper in james wani’s house in juba.

    repondre message

    • 16 March 2009 04:05, by WARLORD

      TO logic boy or logic ass, u talk abt defeat LRA when u hide in uganda , who u think gonna do dat .Go there and figth lra , dont juss sit n run ur mouth talkin abt dinka . what ur problem wit dinka people ?

      repondre message

      • 16 March 2009 04:16, by WARLORD

        To dis ugly guy call himself wad juba or pice of shit, lets me tell u sumthangs we pull our pants down wen we ready to fuck ur mom and sister at same time, coz we dont want our pant get dirty fro ur mom ass, u feel me faken, second u talkin abt dinka gal chase u [who u] equatoria mean nothin to us, u i;ll bee lucky if dinka gal say hi to u

        repondre message

        • 16 March 2009 04:40, by maluach madit

          Dear every body,

          I am personally from Rumbek, yet I would like TO persuade you to be less anger against other Eduacated Equatoria like Wniga and the rest but the best knowlegeless is mr. big logic who opposed the intellegent dinka tribe !! I pretend dinka to be intellegent because they,protect their land,properties as well as you logic and treat them as Sudanese.Mr. Iga among you is Educated and knows how valua dinka and Jonglei are.

          repondre message

          • 16 March 2009 06:51, by makino

            To Mr. Logic and those observing his attacks on this site including administrators. I am warning Mr. Logic that I will use any of my scientific knowledge through authorisation from the South Sudan Security forces as it has already been allowed. I will be tracking down Logics computer number wether he owns it or not and where he writes through cooperation with various manufacturers, interpol IT security systems monitors and South Sudan and Logic will be located and apprehended to come and answer his terroristic slogans, chain of attacks to other groups, non compliance with rules of fair discussion and instigation of fights and violence.

            If charged ( I am not a lawyer here but saying a clue from a contacted lawyer)Logic could be imprisoned for a minimum of 15 years. I don’t know what others thinks about this development but unfortunately I am already pursueing this just to bring tangible information to authorities that will lead to the arrest of Logic and others who may be derailing or instigating violence in the future will be tracked down through the same system. It’s a bit expensive but have to be done to maintain peace and harmony. Good luck with your discussion for those contributing helpful stuff in one way or another.


            repondre message

            • 16 March 2009 10:27, by Julia Anok

              wacthabble, wad-juba

              For your information on western world dinka lady, please talk reasonable they diapora dinkas are family who got married to their tribemen.Moreover you said that dinka girls are chasing equatorians men which is rediculous it never happen plus those girls even though she reach 18 years old as a age of westerner for whoever a child to have his/her own house,than they don’t accept to separate from their parents.This girls have dinka boys as their teenage how do they leave them and look equatorian men, sorry don’t lie.If Mamur married dinka woman from Rumbek it doesn’t mean dinkas lady married equatorians because mamur is a freedom fighter that may be the reason those of Rumbek accept him there.For you all you should have respect on women, women are mother of nations.

              repondre message

              • 16 March 2009 14:16, by Toney Toney Matot

                Dear all,
                in regards to all the insults and misbehaviours of some individuals on the this web, it is realy very shocking and it has send the signal to the whole world that we are wasting our time by pretending that we are educated. what type of intellectuality are you guys? in my own opinion, i thought this website was created for sharing ideas and seek the possible solution for any problem we encountered during this dangerous period till 2011 where south sudan will determine its fate but not for insulting ourselves.what shall we gain from all these?this is a barbaric shame on all of us.please stop all this and let educate unity within us.
                at this juncture we are not happy of what is taking place in southern sudan.why are our own people killing themselves and we are loughing at each other.no matter which tribe i belong to but the truth must be told.
                Toney-south sudan

                repondre message

                • 16 March 2009 14:41, by Toney Toney Matot

                  HI GUYS,
                  TONEY-SOUTH SUDAN

                  repondre message

                  • 16 March 2009 19:58, by black man world

                    Logic @ ur partners in crime all you guys doing is clear to anyone with sense of humor on this web all you guys are showing the sign of diffeat, Dinka as it stand is to large to even compete with you, alot of them are busy with their lifes tryin to live, but some dumb animals like you are here trying so hard to distroy their images. God knowth the truth even thou you out there hating for no reason at all God will be there to stand on your hate, but nothing as you planed will diffeat them even thou you hate with fire, the fire will go off with out Dinka intervention. To logic boy am here not to waste my time hating on some one for rest of my life, am working hard to be happy so i will just pass your hate and move on it will not kill me as far as i know so late wind blew with ur dumb words, ETHIC is a law of life!!!!!!!!

                    repondre message

              • 16 March 2009 23:17, by Wad Juba

                To all Jenglese! I am "sick and tired" of trying to understand what you folks are writing. All your comments are senseles and useless. I advice you guys not to please write in " Jenglish " as i can not understand what your trying to say. Where on earth did you fellows go to school? Or is it the fact, that the " good blood was cut out of your brains" . Because seriously, i am fed up with your " broken English " or in other words " Jenglish ".

                repondre message

        • 16 March 2009 23:44, by Wad Juba

          Warmonger! you are a loser, that is why your uneducated. So shut up your teethless mouth and go look after cows or go and steal some money for "plastic surgery" on those scars in your forehead. Hence, you do not have to pull your cap "all over" your "shitface" like your uncle- Mr. President.

          repondre message

          • 17 March 2009 03:03, by cobra Bior

            look at him dumb wad juba,
            to me you sound stupid man. your english can tell that you still in high school in juba leave alone this Dinkas persueing their Degrees overseas man. your segergation against these southern sudanese community can tell that you never learn any thing or never see the real world man.

            repondre message

            • 17 March 2009 03:24, by cobra Bior

              mr. wad juba. Calling Dinkas any names in the book is not going to stop them from any thing they are doing man. your ass need to shut up and just follow the great Monyjang like you always do. talking shit is not gonna do you nothing but get your ass in to trouble or get kill if found. cuz this time Dinkas are not playing. we lost alot of our men so any thing we doing, all you need, is to shut the fuckup, and let the Monyjang leberate your asses.
              hit the real monyjang back and i will teach your ass more thing that you do not know. iwas born in this. join it. grew up in it and I know it all fucker, now say thing. tired of your ass talking shit about nothin.

              repondre message

              • 17 March 2009 04:22, by WARLORD

                To wad juba u not educated , think dis way wit out dinka, i dont u should bee sitting on dat computer. talk shit we open u way faken , coz we smart, second i kno u get hurt coz ur mom n sister are fucking dinka people but u can do nothin they love our dick, so better 4 u to juss shut up . And if the rest of families wanna get fuck too juss call dis # 911- 000000000-sum1 bee there 4 u

                repondre message

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