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Israel will recognize the new state of South Sudan: report


July 7, 2011 (WASHINGTON) – The Israeli government intends to recognise South Sudan as an independent state following the official declaration this weekend, a newspaper report said.

War between the Arab and Muslim-dominated north and the largely Christian and South left two million people dead until a 2005 peace agreement, which paved the way for a referendum and eventual secession.

The Ha’aretz daily quoted sources at the Israeli foreign ministry as saying that the Jewish state views positively the recognition of the new state.

This is expected to take place immediately after the United States and European Union countries do so.

The newspaper also revealed that Israel’s foreign ministry appointed a special coordinator to deal with South Sudan several months ago and that they have been exchanging secret messages with the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) for a long time.

It is not clear that Tel Aviv will move to establish full diplomatic relations with Juba following its recognition of South Sudan.

Officials in Southern Sudan in the past have expressed openness to the idea of forging ties with Israel.

North Sudan considers Israel an enemy but said it is up to the South to make a determination on whether it should establish ties with Tel Aviv.

There are about 8,500 asylum seekers from Sudan in Israel today. Nearly 2,000 of them are thought to be from South Sudan.


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  • 8 July 2011 10:13, by Bush

    Oh Yeah!
    Christians United for Israel.

    repondre message

    • 8 July 2011 10:34, by Boyone

      yes, Israel had right to chose who they need to be with interm of good relationship, and I don’t see any reason why you felt offended by thier commands.

      repondre message

      • 8 July 2011 14:05, by Covert

        Israelis are Southern Sudanese friends; South Sudan will have no any hesitation to have Tel Aviv full diplomatic relation with Juba, they’re highly welcome to open their embassy in Juba as soon as possible. Those with the common foes always stick together.

        repondre message

        • 9 July 2011 04:20, by Sam.Eto

          Covert we know you are Israeli !!

          repondre message

    • 8 July 2011 13:09, by Sam.Eto

      They killed your god !!

      repondre message

      • 8 July 2011 13:26, by DeltaBravo

        TO SAM

        Please stop nonsense. which God they had God if you talk about Jesus he was Crucifice under Country Constitution. Just because you don’t like Isreal and Jews doesnt not mean everyone else will do the same as you are. We lost more then two million people in Sudan. They were killed by Khartoum based Government,but not Jews,so please being pinhead. They will be there forever whether you want it or not.

        repondre message

        • 8 July 2011 15:00, by Sam.Eto

          look if you dont know what to say - dont say anything. Christians claim Jesus is god - Jews claim they killed jesus and he is not god. But this fool keeps repeating Christians for Israel - either he is a confused idiot who does not understand his own religion or he is just looking for a hnad out from Christians or Israel. What does 2 million people dying have to do with anything i said. Those 2 million were not Christians or Jews and they were not killed by the North - most of them died from you killing each other - go back to you history - they are the same people in your government now that did most of the killing. This government in Khartoum was not even in power when this happened - blame the previous governments in Khartoum - whom the SPLM are now friends with - even Turabi who called for jihad against Southerners - Your SPLM is friends with him ??

          All are hypocrites

          repondre message

          • 8 July 2011 15:25, by DeltaBravo

            To Sam

            Please step out in the box. During the Civilwar,SAF didnt keep POW,but we SPLA kept thousand of them are now in Khartoum. Sudan Government was there to kill. Where are the POW that where captured by SAF/NIF where are they. i think you got no answer to that question.

            repondre message

          • 8 July 2011 16:05, by Young

            Isreal is welcome to Suth-Sudan.to hell with whoever who is against that idea.no more restriction of movement again let the criminal see their own way..

            repondre message

          • 8 July 2011 19:20, by Bush


            If you consider Israel is your devil then Arabs are our devils too.

            I WARNED you last month that don’t mention religions here because this forum is not for discussing religious affairs.

            If start discussing religious affairs here then most you will start to campaign to bring this site down. No one is interested to talk about that dead man called Mohamed who is still lying in the grave in Mecca, OK!

            repondre message

      • 8 July 2011 16:25, by Madut Tong

        Sam. Eto,

        What do you mean by "they kill your God"? What do you mean by "God"? is what you are talk about not a blasphemy? Let’s avoid bringing religion into politics.

        repondre message

  • 8 July 2011 10:30, by Junior de maber

    No more secret between Al aviv and Juba, every thing will be in an open air.infact our new pastport will read,


    Until we capture it and cemented our African foundation of Nuba Zagawi, Masalit and furawi to rule their affairs.

    repondre message

    • 8 July 2011 11:16, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      Junior de maber
      Oh man that is very funny indeed’ move anywhere in the world accept Khartoum’
      How about Nuer militias? do you think they can move anywhere accept khartoum?
      Nuer themself will never end their relationship with evil khartoum since they are the same groups of enemies gang against the people of south sudan not long time ago.

      Isreal is welcame with their relationship with us in the south.

      repondre message

    • 8 July 2011 13:15, by Sam.Eto

      You iliterate, half naked savages wont drive anyone anywhere. Our land for 10000 years with civilization and culture when you were jumping on trees in the jungle. You go back to where you came from - uganda, kenya. South Sudan has nothing do with Zagawa, masalit or fur - they atleast were part of a culture and civilization. Why dont you parasites stop jumping on other peoples history.

      From slaves of arabs - now you will be slaves to the white man and the west. Good for you - inferiority complex. you will never be civilized !!

      repondre message

  • 8 July 2011 10:31, by Rev John Khamis Kamunde

    Well-done good news for such historic changes in our beloved new nation.May God be our devine protector.
    Please allow them to build their embassy in the republic of Southern Sudan.
    And please change the language in the old pass-port that says:you can go anywhere axcept Israel.

    We have a respect to the Jews because our Lord Jesus was brought out in the line of their descendent.
    Even my self,I wan’t to go to Israel so that I could see the historical places that God did in a praperation towards our redemption.

    repondre message

    • 8 July 2011 11:00, by Boyone

      you are right bother, in God will.

      repondre message

  • 8 July 2011 13:08, by Sam.Eto

    Who cares if the Zionist, racist state of israel recognises South sudan or not. Unless it has other agendas on its mind - like the nile. South Sudan should be careful unless its wants the wrath of egypt. The only country you people should be worried about recognising you North sudan - if that happens it does not matter if the rest of the world doesnt. But if israel the US and europe recognise the south and North Sudan doesnt then it is illegal.

    Go ask any international lawyer - So this propaganda of israel recognising the south only gives it ’israel’ more importance. lets see what they will do when the WORLD recognises the palestinian state and israel and america are the only ones that dont !!!

    repondre message

    • 8 July 2011 14:04, by Boyone

      Shame on you SAM,

      It sound like you are grieving for the Good news for the people of southern Sudan, please don’t cry, nothing they took away from you or the northern, the just claimed what it belong them and thanks God they got it. Please be happy for them it will be blessing for you to sheer up and recognize this historic.

      repondre message

      • 8 July 2011 14:53, by Sam.Eto

        Im not grieving - on the contrary i congratulate you in you independence and your new state. I do you wish you well. But those small minded individuals who call for my people to leave my home and insult my identity i will reply to them and reply with strength. Because they do not know my history or their own. They also do not know what games are being played on them. Do not mistake my replies to a hateful group of ignorant few to my respect to those who can debate in a civilized manner.

        repondre message

        • 8 July 2011 17:30, by Marco A. Wek

          Yes Sam Eto, we all know your history.

          Sam, who does not know the Entry of The Arabs In Sudan? It doesn’t mean if you pretend to forget or deny the facts or make up things out of anger, then that will make you feel better.

          Sam, do you know Mamaliks?

          repondre message

          • 8 July 2011 21:45, by Bush

            @Marco A. Wek

            Call it the entry of dogs and terrorists into the Sudan.
            Arabs are cursed people in this world, they don’t want to live peace in their countries and with neighboring countries.

            Just listen to what is happening in the Arab countries all over the world, I can compare their leaders with mad dogs, from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran to EL Beshir in Khartoum.

            Arabs don’t have respects to their lives and to the lives of their people too. Why did God created you? Just to disturb the world peace?

            repondre message

          • 9 July 2011 04:24, by Sam.Eto

            Marco you illiterate fool - Not all of North Sudanese are Arabs. But we do get along. The Nubian civilization existed for thousands of years - YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT - You Kenyan, Ugandan Parasite - look at you flag - its Kenyan Ugandan ! We had great kingdoms in the North. Nubian, Christian, Muslim, Arab. You have one tribe to dominate everyone in the South. I know my History as Northern Sudanese - You don’t know yours because you have none - so you use the excuse to be native Africans to claim the Norths history parasite !

            repondre message

    • 8 July 2011 17:21, by Marco A. Wek

      Sam Eto or Mohammed the suicide bomber whichever your name may be, I know you are worried about our relations with Israelis but there is nothing you can do about it. I will advice you to just swallow it and wait for your dooms days.

      My second advice to you is stop your lies about your claims to be Sudanese African when those of you were Mamaliks who run away from your internal slavery in Middle East and we welcomed you thinking you were humans but you turned out to be a curse for the Sudanese natives in Darfur, South Sudan, Nuba Mountain, Blue Nile and Beja but now that South Sudan has become an independent country, we will work hard to make sure our mentioned brothers and sisters claim back their land just like we did and hopefully unite with them in near future.

      repondre message

      • 9 July 2011 04:19, by Sam.Eto

        Marco - you and Bush are nothing more than islamophobic arab hating low lives !! You parasite refugees who live their whole life begging and not working do not deserve to talk here or anywhere - because your IQ’s know 3 things - steal, rape and kill. From now on - Mind your own business about the North. The Nuba Mountain, Blue Nile and Beja are our people and our land. You should worry about the killing between your Nuer, Shulluk and Dinka - go watch Al Jazeera English and find out what the world sees’ of your primitive corrupt people and government. The North will do great whether Israel recognises you or not. Your stupid government is already talking about a pipeline to Kenya - Ha Ha tell the transport Minister to leave that to the oil minister - it isnt his job. People told you its not going to happen HA HA . They say they want to live off credit !@ Ha ha ha ha - you dont have money and your already begging - i feel sorry for your children who will have to pay for all this - like Greece, Spain and Ireland are doing now. Stupid government going to fail. Send me an email when you want to come and work in Khartoum !!! HA HA HA HA - Oh that’s right you don’t want to work just live off benefits in the West.

        repondre message

        • 9 July 2011 06:42, by Marco A. Wek

          Sam Eto Mohammed Suider, keep on crying but you and the rest of your stupid Mamaliks should start packing your belongings now before it is too late. Stop changing stories, Nubas, Blue Nile people and Darfurians know who are their real brethren. Your stupid old politics of dividing Sudanese natives based on religion and tribes is gone.

          South Sudan will support their brothers take back what you stole from them for centuries just like we did as of today July the 9th. Keep on crying until you run out of breath.

          repondre message

  • 8 July 2011 13:53, by Junior de maber

    Mr. Sam or who ever you called your self, you are an Arab and a good Arab is a DEAD ONE you understand. You had been born in NCP eror and hope will die in the same regime if you guys donot wake up.

    Fur, Zagawi and Masalit were waken by Dr.John Garang, If you in Khortum donot listen to the call you die with out coffien. We are gone as you mention, if Jews could recongnized us who are the Arabs? shut up your ass.

    repondre message

  • 8 July 2011 14:06, by Wanibuluk Ciciliba

    Oh what a blessing to be in ties with our ancesters land Israel? But let them give us the atomic energy to sweep all these rubish around. Embassy for them is highly granted.

    repondre message

  • 8 July 2011 15:03, by Sam.Eto

    our ancestors land Israel - HA HA HA HA ! how?

    repondre message

    • 8 July 2011 15:30, by DeltaBravo

      TO SAM

      Ask him ask him SAM I dnt support this fool on that.

      repondre message

  • 9 July 2011 00:50, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

    Israel and African black suffer abuse around the world.
    but Israel must mistreate African people and treated them as human being.

    Israel must stopped their racial hatred toward black people. They treated Arab skins better than black skins.

    they treated Darfur Muslim better than souther sudan African. women are not allowed to have children in Israel and mean have no sex with their husband.

    can you see how bad these people Ideology are? that is a redicules country people to be with them. Those who went there accidently are in hell state like sudanese African.

    Israel should let southerners study and works in their country if they wanted future good relationship. People are working in harshly situation in Israel.

    3months premit got removed for sotherner Sudanese working there and renew to pay money every three month. and as heard from people there, they get dismissed at work suddenly every months with unknown reason.

    Israel to be good friend with Africa need to treaed African better. Otherwise Africa will categorize them with Arab together and Africa will considered them as enemy too. They mistreated Sudanese African badly than Arab African.

    Son of the Nile.


    repondre message

    • 9 July 2011 09:37, by DeltaBravo


      I will find out if it is true,because such mistreatment is what make us to separate from NorthSudan. i hate to hear such heartbreaking news brother.

      repondre message

  • 9 July 2011 06:16, by Gang-Bang

    we need atomic boooom and war plane from insrael to protect our nation and we will deal with hayena if they provoke us.

    repondre message

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